Seducing Servants II

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Well, Hi again. Since everybody said my story should have been longer, here's one.

This weekend, my parents went out, maybe to screw a little themselves! I remembered the last time my parents had gone out and the time I had with Raj. Since then we had sex two more times and were starting to look for something new. Now, this weekend was an opportune moment and we were so not going to miss out. We had a lot to catch up on. My other servant(call him Neil) is a black guy, but has never appealed to me. For those who don't know, I just can't resist black cocks but I could resist his(I wonder why). However, I was cured of this feeling as soon as my parents went.

Raj and I were making doe eyes at each other since my parents had announced their plans. Raj took their stuff out, put it in the car and as soon as they drove off, he came running inside and knocked me on my back on my bed. We had not just some time, BUT THE WHOLE WEEKEND! I couldn't hold back and wrapped my arms around him. Then suddenly Raj got up. He said, "Neil is gonna be a problem, though." We were seriously dispirited by this as we had wanted the whole weekend to ourselves. Now this. We could think of nothing for a long time. Then, briskly Raj said, "Well, all we can do is make the most of the time we've got. After all, he can't stick with us the whole weekend." I was not cheered up. He slowly stripped me and himself of clothes and then just when we had lain back on the bed, I had a brainwave. I said to him, "Why can't we invite Neil to join us?" Raj replied,"He is shy even to talk about sex, let alone take part in it, that too gay sex." Now I realized why I had never been attracted to him. Raj continued with a smile,"But that's not to say we can't seduce him into some." Well worth a try, I thought. "I'll just sit this one out, and leave it to you,"I said. We redressed and went our ways.

Three quarters of an hour later, Raj came in my room with a shining face. He said,"The cunning old fag! He's shy to talk at first but then he literally jumps on you." Wow! This was going to be a gooooooooooood weekend. I asked,"When's he gonna come?" Raj replied,"Well, he's gone to have a shower right now. He said he would be here at three." I looked at the clock. It was just 2:30. There was silence between us as we tried to kill the time. True to his word, Neil arrived at 3 sharp. He did not say much and was acting weird. He finally said,"When do we begin?" Raj and I said in a chorus,"Right now," and with that, I gave him a big slobbering kiss. He returned it enthusiastically. I was surprised. "Are you a gay too?" I asked. He replied in the affirmative. Raj piped up,"Then what are we waiting for?" I stripped and started stroking my rod. Raj did the same. Neil was a little hesitant but he gave in and stripped too. MAN! Was that a cock on Neil. It had to be at least 12 inches! Apparently, Raj was just as shocked. I was now getting horny and maybe so was Raj, coz he got down on his knees, grabbed my cock and took it inside his mouth. I could only moan in pleasure as he rolled my cock on his tongue. Spit dripped down from the corners of his mouth. Neil was watching all this with a shocked look on his face. I grabbed his hand, pulled him closer and kissed him. He pushed his tongue inside my mouth. Man, it was heaven - a hunk kissing me while another sucks me. Down below, Raj switched over to Neil's cock, while jerking me off with one hand. I could feel Neil getting horny. His hand strayed to my boner and as Raj removed his hand, he stroked my cock. As our lips touched, I thought,'How could I have ever not been attracted by him? He's about the sexiest guy I know!' We parted and I went down on the bed and watched Raj sucking Neil. My dick became rock hard and I started jacking of but not too fast. The last thing I wanted to do now was to cum and lose my lust. Maybe Raj felt bad abandoning me because he walked over to me and laid down beside me. I didn't feel Neil grab our dicks and suck on them. All I felt was something wet on my cock, I was too busy licking off Raj's nipples. And then was when the excitement truly began.

Raj got up, knelt on my bed and slowly brought his dick over my mouth. This was too much for me. I grabbed it and took it in my mouth, feeling evry vein with my tongue. He too was moaning in pleasure. Just then I felt something up my ass. Neil's tongue was rimming my ass and I loved it. I was now so hard that I pushed raj's cock away, spread my legs, gripped Neil's 12 incher and pushed it inside. I regretted it the moment I did so, because it felt like my ass was being torn apart, but Neil certainly had no regrets. He was now sliding his cock in and out of my ass. Raj had had enough waiting. He took hold of my hair, angled my head, and pushed his cock through my lips. Neil was pushing his cock in deeper and faster, but with the cock in my mouth, I could not scream. Neil also started to jerk me off. My ass was still painful but not as much. I could hear soft thuds as his thighs slapped my butt. Raj pulled his cock out of my mouth, got behind Neil and next minute, I heard a scream, this time from Neil. I stood up too. Now we were in a really cool sandwich. Neil was now enjoying his buttfucking to the utmost. I could hear him Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh-ing but only remotely. I was now feeling light-headed myself from the pounding I was getting. Neil was now doing supersonic speed, and judging by Raj's moans, so was he. Suddenly, snapping me out of my trance, Raj said,"I'm gonna cum soon guys." Neil was in the same condition. Then A loud and long moan came from Raj, "Aaaahhhhhhahhhhhhahaaahhhh". Before Raj's moan ended, I felt warm, hot jizz burst within my ass and Neil's groans followed. The pressure on my prostrate had been getting higher and I shot my load all over my bed. I was surprised at the load of cum I shot. We all knew that none of us was satisfied. By now it was 5:30 in the evening. We decided to call it a day and just stayed on my bed for some time and then got up and took a shower. Raj and I did it together. We invited Neil but he refused. The rest of the day passed as usual.

The next day was a Sunday, and my parents were due tomorrow. Raj came and woke me up with a kiss. Later as I entered the kitchen, Neil was there, but apparently with no memory of what had happened yesterday. I thought that he must be embarrased at what he did and that maybe he'll open up later. But I was wrong. It was 9:00 pm and nor Raj neither Neil showed any signs of wanting to do anything sexual. I thought that maybe they had enough yesterday. But at 10, they both came bursting in - COMPLETELY NAKED AND WITH HARD COCKS. Raj said,"I thought we could skip the blowjobs today." I totally agreed. I got lay Neil down on top of Raj, with his cock up Neil's ass. I pushed my finger up his ass, too alongside Raj's cock. 'Forget fingers, I thought, and with my cock rock hard, proceeded to double-plug Neil. Neil was already in some pain but when I pushed my cock in, he gave such a scream that I withsrew at once. I pushed in more slowly and then after about 10 minutes, when his pain ceased, proceeded to bang the daylights out of him. I could feel the soft wall of his ass rubbing against my cock and below, Raj's cock was scraping mine. Neil said, "Who would have thought I could take both your cocks on?" He was thoroughly enjoying himself and he even said that add a dildo to his already double-plugged hole. Raj showed concern that he would bleed. So we just fucked him - faster and faster until I could feel the cum building up. Then I pushed as deep in as I could and blew my load. it was a feeling I'd never felt before! It was soI can' describe it. It just felt like heaven. Seconds later, Raj spilled his load. All three of us were covered in sweat and when we laid down on the bed, all 3 of us fell asleep. We woke up at 6 in the morning, kissed each other good morning and hurriedly changed the sheets, took a shower(Neil joined Raj and me) and prepared for my parents' arrival.

They came back at 7 and asked me if I had been upto anything when they had been gone. I said no. They asked Neil and Raj if everything had been fine. They replied to that with a straight face. What my mum and Dad didn't notice was the way Neil was walking - with a hand on his ass. Raj came and whispered in my ear - 'Do you think we were a bit too rough on him?' I replied,"Rough? Me? Never!" Then smiling at each other, I left for school.

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