Yes, Detective: Chapter 2_(1)

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This is the new chapter to "Yes, Detective" series and I hope you enjoy it!

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Chapter 2

A phone notification makes Dana jump awake. She sees Abby's phone on the nightstand and blinks the sleep out of her eyes. Abby sleeps soundly behind Dana with her arms wrapped around her waist. Dana slips out of the blonde's grasp and grabs the phone. Focus Dana, you need to save your family's business, Dana tells herself. Dana grabs a t-shirt from a chair and slides it over herself before walking into the bathroom. Dana checks on Abby one last time before closing the door. Dana opens the text messages on Abby's phone.

> Jake: The Morgan family's location was just confirmed. We're moving in on them in three hours. Get your ass out of bed so we can bust these criminals.

Dana gulps and closes her eyes. Time to leave. Dana quietly opens the bathroom door and walks back into the bedroom. Her heart beats faster when Abby groans in her sleep. Abby remains asleep and Dana quickly collects her clothes before rushing out into the living room. She dresses quickly and almost runs out to the street, walking down the street a few blocks before calling a cab. Then she calls her mother.


Her mother asks in concern.

"Give the phone to Brandon, Mother. Right now. It's important."

Dana says quickly but trying not to panic her mother. It failed.

"Why? What's wrong? Are you okay? Are you in trouble Dana?"

Her mother asks quickly and in concern. Dana groans in frustration.

"Mother! Get Brandon! NOW!"

No one dares to yell at her mother. That's why her mother reacts so quickly to give Brandon the phone.

"What, Dana?"

Brandon asks over the phone. Dana gets into the cab she flags down.

"It's Abby. Her partner messaged her 10 minutes ago. They're going to bust in on one of the business's locations. I don't know which so you need to move everyone. You have three hours."

Dana says quickly, trying to keep her voice low.

"And how do you know this?"

Brandon asks in suspicion. Dana holds her breath and bites her lip before answering.

"I, uhit doesn't matter. Just trust me, Brandon. I promise you I'm right."

Dana insists. Bringing up the fact that she slept with Abby would only make the situation worse.

"How do you expect me to trust you?"

Brandon asks and Dana sighs.

"I swear the information is right Brandon. I swear on Father's grave."

Dana says softly. A long pause stretches between them as she pays the driver and gets out of the cab. Brandon sighs.

"I'll get on it, Dana. Mother wants you home. I'll have Roy pick you up. Where are you?"

Dana walks into the Four Seasons hotel and takes the elevator up to her floor.

"The Four Seasons on ninth street. Tell Roy to be quick. I'm not going to take long before I'm ready."

Dana tells her brother as she opens her hotel room.

"I willWe'll talk when everything is sorted out."

Dana smiles at Brandon's version of an apology.

"You're welcome, Brandon."

Dana says and Brandon hangs up. Dana grabs her bag and starts packing her clothes, ignoring the guilt building in her chest. Abby wakes up slowly to find only herself in bed. Abby frowns and sits up, grabbing her blouse off the floor. Abby walks through her apartment to find it completely empty. Maybe she had been too forward about Dana staying the night? Abby grabs her phone and immediately calls Dana's phone. Dana hears her ringtone and looks at the screen. Abby's phone number. Dana sighs and turns the phone around, taking out the battery and throwing the phone away. Abby frowns when Dana's phone gets cut off on the second ring. Abby checks her messages and gasps at the barrage of texts and phone calls she had gotten from Jake. Abby dresses quickly and runs out of her apartment building. She barely recognizes the man she'd bumped into before pain radiates through the back of her head and everything goes black.


"Oh, Dana, darling! I've missed you!"

Dana's mother squeals and pulls Dana into a tight hug. Dana smiles softly and gently pats her mother's back.

"I've missed you too mother."

Dana mutters and looks over her mother's shoulder to her brother. Brandon nods his head and Dana nods her head back. A sign of mutual resignation on their sibling rivalry. Dana's mother pulls her into a conversation about her aunt and cousins while they sit in the study and eat lunch. Only when Dana hears yelling outside of the study does her and her mother stop talking to walk into the front room. Dana's eyes widen and she gasps. Abby stumbles into the house blindfolded and being dragged by two of Brandon's new men. Blood is clearly covering her shirt.

"Let go of me you assholes!"

Abby yells and struggles against their grips on her arms. Brandon rolls his eyes at the furious woman.

"Someone gag her for god's sake."

Brandon says in disinterest. Someone immediately gags Abby. It only makes the blonde struggle more.

"Put her in the room you set up George."

Brandon instructs his goon and the two men drag Abby down the hall. Dana walks over to Brandon furiously.

"What the fuck Brandon? Are you crazy? She'll have her whole precinct looking for her within hours!"

Dana yells at Brandon who smiles.

"I have a plan. You don't need to worry about it. I run this business."

Brandon growls and Dana's eyes flash with pure rage. She's dangerously close to exploding. Brandon turns and walks down the hall after Abby and his men. Dana groans and turns to her mother.

"Did you know about this?"

Dana asks angrily. Her mother simply smiles calmly.

"Someone needed to distract you, sweetheart. I've only done what's right for the business."

Her mother concludes. Dana steps closer to her mother, her shoulders squared and her chin high.

"What about your children, Mother? What about what's right for them?"

Dana says with venom. Her mother falters in her cool exterior and Dana shakes her head in disgust. Dana storms down the hall and checks each room for Abby. Dana finds them at the end of the hall from the sounds of someone being beaten. When had they gotten this room? Dana pushes the door open. Abby is dangling from the ceiling by her tied wrists, her toes barely touching the cold cement floor. There were no windows. Only one long mirror across the wall and another door next to it. To Dana's surprise, they had taken the blindfold and gag off. Abby's eyes widen in surprise and her eyebrows draw together in confusion.


Abby starts but a hard punch to her gut cuts her off. Abby groans and tries her best not to double over in pain. Dana tries not to wince at the hit. She looks at Sam, the business's employee that started working after Brandon became the owner.

"Sam, give us a few minutes."

Dana says softly. Sam eyes her suspiciously before giving in and walking out of the room by the doorway Dana just came through, shutting the door behind him. Abby looks back up to her, several emotions mixing and showing on her face.

"Wh-What are you doing here?"

Abby stumbles over her words, the headache ache from the blow she took to knock her out was becoming stronger. Dana swallows and looks at the floor. Abby sighs as she comes to the realization that Dana isn't just a random woman she met in a bar. Abby shakes her head and clenches her jaw painfully.

"You work for the Morgan family."

Abby states and looks to Dana for confirmation. Dana shakes her head.

"NoI am a Morgan."

Abby's eyes open wide in disbelief.

"No, that's not possible. I-I know everyone related to Harold Morgan."

Abby says confidently. Dana smiles sadly, still not looking at Abby.

"My father put a great deal of effort for me to not be discovered. My brother, Brandon Morgan, had already been exposed to the business and was being pursued by the press. My father didn't want that for me. He allowed me to work for the business but never in public."

Dana says softly. Abby gulps.

"You're his daughter."

Abby barely whispers. Dana nods her head.

"And your brother sent you to find me so you could spy on me."

Abby says softly and this time, Dana shakes her head.

"No. My brother wouldn't let me have any part in the business when he took over. This is all my doing- except for them taking you. I had no idea-"

Abby stops Dana, her lips pulled back into a snarl.

"You might as well have packaged me up in wrapping paper and sent me in the damn mail Dana!- Is that even your real name? Huh? Or does everyone call you princess oror baby girl around here?"

Abby takes a jibe at the brunette. Dana takes a deep breath and closes her eyes.

"My name is Dana."

Dana says and swallows hard to contain her anger. She has no right to be angry, only Abby does.

"Great. Only one thing is true about youYou lied to my face! You slept with me! I told you about my fucking family Dana! I trusted you!- LOOK AT ME, DAMN IT!"

Abby screams and yanks on the rope around her wrists, tears of rage sliding involuntarily down her cheeks. Dana opens her eyes and looks up at Abby. She holds herself together. As much as her body wants to, she doesn't let the tears show in her eyes or the sadness and guilt she feels towards the woman in front of her. Abby shakes with anger.

"If you lay one finger on my family I will kill you and everyone you love."

Abby threatens in a low growl. Dana knows it's more of a promise than a threat. The door by the mirror opens and Brandon strides in with a small, cocky smirk. It must be a two-way mirror. Abby glares at him and Dana sighs.

"Well isn't that a bold threat."

Brandon says as he looks to Abby.

"It's a fucking promise."

Abby says tightly, confirming Dana's thought, and Brandon chuckles. Dana tenses when Brandon inches closer.

"We've known where you and your whole family lives for three years now. If I wanted to hurt them I would've done it already."

Brandon says and Abby continues to glare. Brandon looks to Dana.

"You picked quite the fighter here, sis. I can't wait to break her."

Brandon says with an evil glint in his eyes. That's when Dana knew her brother wasn't going to stop here, torturing someone. No, this was just the beginning. Dana looks pleadingly at her brother.

"Let's talk about this first Brandon. This isn't how Father would run the business-"

Dana is cut off when Brandon rushes towards her and slams her into the cement wall. Dana gasps as the air knocks out of her and looks at her brother in fear and surprise. The snarl, the evil in his eye, and the way he's so quick to hurt her is how Dana knows Brandon is long past negotiating.

"This isn't Father's business anymore. It. Is. MineI will run it how I please."

Brandon clarifies with a tilt of his head. Dana gains her breath back.

"Mother won't-"

Dana starts but Brandon cuts her off again.

"Mother always thought Father was too careful with the business. She agrees with me, except she only had one condition before she let me start running the business how I likedshe made me promise not to hurt you, Father's favorite, the golden child, the only person who has ever done better than ME."

Brandon growls and brings his hand to squeeze around Dana's neck. Abby reflexively tugs against her bonds to help Dana but she can't help her, even if she wanted to. Dana chokes on a gasp and grabs Brandon's wrist, trying to pull him away, fear making her eyes wide. Brandon simply watches her struggle before releasing her.

"You're lucky I'm Mother's favorite."

Brandon snarls and moves away from her and back to Abby. Dana sucks air into her lungs greedily and looks at Brandon as he circles Abby. Brandon grazes his fingers over Abby's thigh and Abby clenches her teeth.

"Don't touch me."

Abby jerks away from him as much as she can. Brandon's hand is a blur when he pulls it back then punches Abby in the cheek. Abby groans in pain.

"I'll do whatever I want to do."

Brandon says when he gets closer to Abby. There is a long pause. Brandon and Abby stare hard at each other.

"Sam! Come in and get started again!"

Brandon yells and Sam comes into the room, cracking his knuckles. Brandon walks out of the room with a satisfied smirk on his face. Sam looks at Dana.

"Do you want to stay Dana?"

Sam asks her. Dana looks at Abby and Abby glares at her.

"Get out."

Abby whispers and Dana concedes. Dana takes one step outside of the room when she hears a punch and another groan from Abby. Dana shuts the door and closes her eyes. What had she done to the poor woman? Dana stalks off down the hallway. She did it to protect her family. She had too or her mother could have been hurt in the crossfire. But Brandonisn't Brandon anymore. The young boy Dana knew who ate dirt to make her laugh is now drunk on power and willing to hurt, maybe even kill someone in his way, including his own sister. Dana goes to her room, knowing she has to leave the house and starts to pack. Dana pauses when she thinks about Abby. Abby has a family. The family that she loves and cares for. Abby is priority one right now. Dana grabs her bags and sneaks downstairs.


Abby groans in pain when yet another blow from Sam's fist connects with her gut. The man, Sam, is kind enough to let her gather her breath back before swinging at her ribs. Abby clenches her jaw and holds in a scream. Dana walks past the door she originally used to get in and walks into the next room. Bingo. A door connects to the mirror room. Dana slides her gun out of her bag and opens the door, relieved that it is empty. Dana walks into the room where Abby is being held right when Sam punches her in the jaw. Abby looks over her shoulder at the new arrival. Dana clears her throat to stop Sam from hitting her again. Sam looks at Dana in confusion.

"I want to talk with her. Go get a drink or some food."

Same hesitates but nods his head and leaves through the door that connects with the hallway.

"I can't use my hands."

Abby says and Dana looks at her in confusion as she steps in front of Abby.


Dana asks and checks the door.

"I can't fuck you if that's what you're here for."

Abby clarifies with rage showing clearly in her voice. Dana looks her in the eyes.

"I'm getting out of here. I can untie you right now and bring you with me or you can stay here and have my brother's goons beat you to death. Which do you prefer?"

Dana asks and raises an eyebrow. Abby silently nods her head. Dana grabs the chair in the corner before standing on top of it to reach the rope around Abby's wrists.

"That's what I thought."

Dana mumbles and flips out her pocket knife. The rope is thin and easy to cut. Abby falls onto the flat of her feet but they're too numb from the rope tied around her ankles to feel anything. She stumbles before Dana catches her by the hips. Dana kneels down and quickly cuts the rope around Abby's ankles. Dana grabs her bag and closes the knife as Abby rubs her wrists. Dana hands Abby a handgun.

"I assume you know how to use it and I also expect you not to shoot me."

Dana says and Abby scoffs.

"I can't say the same for your brother."

Abby says and checks the handgun. Dana puts a hand on Abby's chest so she looks up at her.

"I will help you protect your family but not if you hurt mine."

Dana says with a tilt of her head. Abby nods her head. Dana nods her head back and walks out into the hallway with Abby following. She leads them through the house in the most abandoned hallways she used to hide in when playing hide and seek with her brother. They're halfway to the garage when an alarm sounds off.


Dana murmurs and grabs Abby's hand to pull her faster. Bullets hit the wall next to them and they both duck out of the way. Abby cries out in pain when a bullet hits her arm. Dana helps Abby up as the bullets chase them down the hall. Dana pushes Abby past the garage door and fires back into the bullets, hitting one or two of Brandon's men. She had always been a better shot than Brandon and most of the men her father and now Brandon had employed. Abby pulls Dana into the garage and shuts the door. Dana grabs the closest set of keys and unlocks the car. Abby slides into the passenger seat and holds her wound with clenched teeth. Dana buckles her own seat belt before starting the car.

"Buckle and hold on."

Abby buckles her seat belt as Dana speeds into the garage door and breaks through the wood. She pitches forward and grabs the dashboard to stop herself from hitting her head.

"Jesus, Dana!"

Abby yells. The tires of the car squeal as she turns out of the driveway. Dana shakes her head and makes another sharp turn.

"I warned you."

Dana whispers and looks in the rear view mirror. No one was following them, yet. Abby sighs when Dana slows down but winces at the biting pain in her arm.


Dana says when she glances to Abby to see her injured arm. Dana holds the wheel with one hand and pulls her t-shirt off with her other. Abby takes the offered t-shirt, slightly relieved that Dana had a tank top on underneath. Abby hisses in pain when she presses it to the wound.

"Hold it there, hard. I'll find us a motel."

Dana says gently and Abby simply looks out the window. The guilt flares back up in her chest. The silence is deafening as they drive. Abby occasionally glances at the road in front of them but never to Dana. Dana pulls into a motel and turns off the car.

"Stay here. I'll go check us inand don't run away."

Dana warns and takes the car keys. Abby rolls her eyes. Dana get's them a room with two beds, using the cash she took from the house. She comes back to Abby.

"Room 12."

Dana says and grabs her bags from the car. Abby gets out of the car and takes the motel key from Dana. Dana sighs at the silent treatment she's getting from the blonde. Dana walks into the motel room to see her looking at her wound. Dana sets down her bags and closes the door. She sits next to Abby and looks at the wound.

"It just grazed you. I need to clean it and it's not the most pleasant experience."

Dana says and grabs the first aid kit from the bag. Abby sits still and relaxes her muscles as Dana prepares everything she needs. Abby takes a deep breath and bites down on her fist to keep from screaming. Dana washes out her skin repeatedly, Abby's groans and screams muffled by her shirt until she is finished. Abby stands up and tosses Dana's shirt on the bed before walking into the bathroom. Dana takes a deep breath and lays back against one of the beds. Abby turns on the shower and gingerly takes off her tank top and jeans. Abby steps under the water and hisses as the water runs over all of her cuts. She thinks about Dana and her family. How Dana lied to her and how her family was now in more danger than before. Abby shakes her head of the anger and worry rising inside her. She washes with the bar of soap provided by the motel before stepping out of the shower. Abby walks out with a towel wrapped around her and her clothes in hand. Dana looks at her before digging in her bag and handing Abby the clothes she had grabbed for her. Abby turns her back and dresses carefully, wincing as her wound throbs when she puts her shirt on. Dana simply looks up at the ceiling as Abby gets into the other bed. It's quiet and they both try their best to sleep but it doesn't come to them. Not with Brandon searching for them. Not when they both want to say so much. Dana swallows hard and turns her head to look at Abby who has turned away from her.

"I'm sorry."

Dana whispers. Abby goes rigid and her body protests as she rolls over to look at Dana. They look at each other until Dana looks back to the ceiling. Abby takes a deep breath.

"I didn't meet you in the bar on accident."

Abby states and Dana stay silent. Abby takes the silence for a yes.

"You slept with me to get information."

Abby states again and Dana doesn't say a word. Another yes.

"None of it was real. Everything you told me on the date. Everything we did-"

Dana cuts Abby off and looks at her fiercely.

"Everything we did was real."

Dana says tightly and Abby sits up in her bed.

"I'm supposed to believe you now?- trust you?"

Abby asks with venom, swinging her legs over the side of the bed to look at Dana fully. Dana sits up as well and copies the other woman's position.

"Do you think I faked my orgasms? Do you think I didn't want you?- that I still don't want you?"

Dana asks harshly. Abby doesn't respond. She knows Dana's orgasms were real and she knew Dana had wanted her. Abby's not in the least surprised that the brunette wants her now. Abby asks herself if the feeling- the lust- the desire- is mutual. She can't answer. Dana drops her head into her hands.

"If it makes you feel better I can never go back to my family again."

Dana mutters.

"I stopped caring about how you felt about everything when you stepped foot into that room."

Abby growls and stands up in anger. Dana looks up at her.


Dana is cut off when Abby's open palm connects with her cheek. The sound of the slap echoed through the room and Dana holds her cheek tenderly. Dana looks up at Abby.

"Feel better?"

Dana asks and Abby snarls.

"Not even close."

Abby growls and pounces on Dana. Dana gasps when Abby pushes her back onto the bed and slaps her again. Dana catches Abby's wrist before the blonde can hit her for the third time. Dana flips them over and pins Abby's wrists to the bed.

"Calm down Ab-"

Dana's eyes widen when Abby's lips press roughly against hers. Abby's not sure what her plan is. She just knows that both hands are pinned to the bed and her lips seemed like an okay way to shut Dana the hell up. Abby forces her tongue past Dana's lips. Dana moans and parts her lips. Abby flips them back over and grips Dana's hair in a fist. Okay, so now they're having fight sex. Fine. Dana groans in pain as Abby jerks her head back to expose her neck. Abby bites Dana's neck and chest until Dana grabs her ass and stands up, Abby's limbs wrapped tightly around Dana. Dana presses Abby hard against the wall, making the photo's hanging there, and kisses her even harder. Abby moans and pulls at Dana's tank top. Dana carefully holds Abby's up with her body weight against the wall while she takes off her tank top. Abby unwinds her legs from Dana's waist and puts her feet on the floor, pushing off the wall to sit Dana down on the bed. Dana grabs Abby's hips and tugs down her sweatpants as the other woman get's rid of her shirt. Dana pulls Abby on top of her when she lays back on the bed. Abby moves quickly, intent on having the upper hand, and shoves her hand inside Dana's jeans. Dana moans and arches her back when Abby doesn't hesitate to push two fingers into Dana's entrance. Abby uses her other hand to pull Dana into a lip bruising kiss. Dana moans deeply into Abby's mouth as their tongues meet each other then moves her hand down to slide into Abby's panties. Abby breaks the kiss and groans, her hips driving down onto Dana's fingers as they enter her. Their hot breath mingles in between them as both women thrust harder and faster to bring the other to orgasm. As if bringing the other to orgasm will make everything right again. Both women needed this. They needed reassurance that at least something hasn't changed. Dana feels herself on the edge but holds off, knowing Abby is there also. Abby throws her head back and moans in frustration. Dana can't hold off any longer. Dana's hand grips the sheets and her other hand thrusts as hard as she can into Abby. Abby follows her over the edge of climax with a groan. Dana pants furiously for air and Abby slumps against her. Abby pulls her hand out of Dana's pants and Dana does the same for her own hand. Abby slides off of Dana to lay next to her on her back. Dana looks over at Abby.

"Let me see your arm."

Dana says and moves up onto her elbow. Abby looks away and shakes her head.

"It's fine."

Abby dismisses the other woman's concern. Dana grabs Abby's arm.

"I wasn't asking."

Dana says and looks at Abby's wound. Abby jerks her arm away and rolls onto her side, grabbing a pillow and hugging it to her chest. Dana sighs and lays down on her back. Neither of them move or speak until Dana falls asleep and Abby follows.


Dana opens her eyes from the light shining through the window. Abby groans from the same light and throws her arm over her eyes to block it. Dana tries to sit up but Abby's legs are tangled around her own.

"Abby, we have to get up."

Dana shakes Abby's shoulder and the blonde raises her head.

"I'm up. I'm up."

Abby says, her voice groggy from sleep. For the first time, Dana smiles genuinely.

"Yeah, I can see that. Get dressed, we're leaving in 30 minutes."

Dana says with a smile as she walks into the bathroom. In 10 minutes Dana has showered, redressed, and packed her things again. Abby sits on the bed waiting for her.

"Do you want to get a shower?"

Dana asks and grabs her bag and the car keys. Abby looks up at Dana who stands in front of her.

"I want to know the plan."

Abby says and Dana nods her head.

"Okay. I plan on going to Maine to move your mother to a more secure location. She's the closest right now and it's best you get out of New York for now. I can get a friend in Illinois to move your family there but they have to trust your word and my friend or they'll be found out by Brandon. I don't know anyone from Texas so your brother is going to have to listen to you and trust you."

Dana concludes and Abby stands up. Abby has safe houses for her family. But telling Dana could risk her family's only safety if the brunette is just playing her.

"And why don't we go straight to the FBI with this?"

Abby asks and Dana rubs her eyes in frustration.

"Because my brother has people in the FBI. He'll find us and kill us without a second thought. This is the best option I have to help you keep your family safe. Do you want that or not?"

Dana asks angrily. Abby looks at the ground before looking back to Dana.

"I just want to make sure we're making the right choice."

Abby says softly and Dana raises an eyebrow.


Dana asks. She had expected for Abby to put up more of a fight. Abby nods her head with a sigh.

"For my family."

Abby clarifies and Dana nods her head, keeping the smile off her face. Dana leads them out of the motel room and out to the car.

"We're taking the train to Maine by the way."

Abby stops on her passenger side of the car.

"You're jokingtrain will take forever."

Dana scoffs as she gets in the car. Abby gets in also.

"It will take four hours and it allows me to pay in cash for our tickets. Plus, we have to ditch the car. It is Brandon's. I was able to short the GPS wires so he won't find us anytime soon but I wouldn't put it past him to look at security cameras."

Dana says as she drives off towards the train station. It was only ten minutes away. They're half way there when Dana speaks first.

"How is your arm?"

Abby glances to her arm and shrugs.

"Fine. It burns a little but there's no sign of infection, so that's good."

Dana fights back a smile at Abby's lengthy response. At least they were getting farther in their conversations. Without anything else to say the silence falls between them again. Abby clears her throat.

"About last night"

Abby starts but they soon arrive at the train station. Dana looks at Abby and sees her struggling to find the right words.

"Why don't we get on the train and then we can talk?"

Dana suggests and Abby nods her head in agreement. Dana steps out of the car and slides her gun and the one she gave Abby into her bag underneath the anti-metal detector plate. Originally her father had rejected the idea, they had no reason to hide guns or any other metals in bags when her father was running the business. When Brandon had become owner it took them less than two days to fit all the bags with the plate. Dana had sided with her father back then but now she couldn't be happier that Brandon put the plates in. If Brandon or his men find them on the train they would need to defend themselves. Abby grabs her own bag and they walk up to the ticket booth. Dana orders their tickets to Maine as Abby looks around. There are more than a hundred people at the train station but it only takes a second for Abby to spot three men dressed in black looking around the crowd. Abby turns quickly and grabs Dana's arm, pulling her towards the pass through with their bags.

"Abby, what's wrong?"

Dana asks in concern. Abby shrugs her bag higher onto her shoulder, taking their place third in line.

"Your brother found us. Three men in black. 7 o'clock, do you see them?"

Abby asks in a hushed whisper. Dana glances back and in fact sees the three men. Though they also see her.

"And they see us- go, now."

Dana pushes Abby to the front of the line apologizing profusely to the people she cuts in line though there are only a few. Dana looks back to see the men gaining on them. If only they can get past this checkpoint they would be okay. You have to have your ticket to pass the checkpoint. Abby pushes her bag and Dana's underneath the metal detector before stepping through one herself and handing the man her ticket.

"Clear. Step forward miss."

Abby sighs in relief as he clears her. Dana is stepping away when one of the men puts his hand on her shoulder. Dana wriggles free from his grasp before stepping through the metal detector and handing the man her ticket. The man who grabbed her starts to step through when the alarm goes off signaling the metal detector.

"Clear. Step forward miss- excuse me! Stay right there sir!"

The man clears her and rushes to confront Brandon's man along with three other officers. Dana grabs Abby's hand and rushes off to the train without a look behind them. After the officer on the train reviews their tickets Dana leads them to their cabin. Abby sets her bag down and breathes deeply. Dana sits on the bench and rests her head back against the wall, collecting her breath as well. The train starts moving and Abby takes a seat, closing the cabin door.

"I'm sorry for being so rough last night. I was angry."

Abby says out of the blue. Dana looks at her with a small smile.

"I could tell but you have every right to be angryand I'm sorry too. I was rough back."

Dana says then closes her eyes as she rests her head against the wall again. Abby bites her lip.

"You came looking for me that night at the bar because"

Abby trails off and waits for Dana to finish her sentence. Dana licks her lips.

"I thought I could prove something to Brandon- show him I was able to do something for the business. After my father passed the company changed. Brandon brought in different deals with the wrong people and cut off the friendships and business contracts my father had taken decades to build up."

Dana has to pause to swallow the emotions rising in her throat.

"The company wasn't always this bad. When my father ran it there were few deaths- we never kidnapped people and tortured them. Brandon just changed it all. He's not my father, I know that, but I never expected the power of running the company to change him like thisI thought if I helped pull you off the case that the company wouldn't be bustedthat my father's name wouldn't be pushed in the dirt because of what my brother has done."

Dana finishes and quickly wipes away a tear from her cheek. Dana refuses to look anywhere but the window when Abby moves on the other bench to sit in front of Dana. Abby bites her lip and tries to meet Dana's eyes. Abby had assumed Dana had done it for her brother. She assumed a lot of things about the woman.

"Your father-"

Abby starts softly and Dana cuts her off, her eyes flashing fiercely as she whips her head around to glare at Abby.

"My father was a good man. He tried his best to keep his company safe and his family safer. The company only used to smuggle artifacts under the table for rich aristocrats all around the world when he was running. People just assumed he was smuggling other things and started rumors and fights. If you say anything against that then I suggest you shut your mouth and think about it alone."

Dana growls in defense of her father. Abby looks at her warmly.

"The Stinger family received 50,000 dollars from an anonymous billionaire 2 weeks after their son died. It saved their restaurant from going under from the bad economy. It was your father, wasn't it? He was the anonymous billionaire?"

Abby asks softly. Dana looks at her in surprise before nodding her head in confirmation.

"Father said Ryan Stinger didn't deserve to die like the 10 men from our company did. He knew paying them wouldn't make up for the loss of their son but it would help them somehow. The 'gang rivalry' was a surprise attack on our company during a large shipment. The Gallagher family thought of us as weak competition and thought fighting our company was in their best interest. Once the word got out the Gallagher company fell through from the lack of business."

Dana informs Abby what her father had told her about the attack. Abby smiles softly.

"I know your father was a good man. I just wish Brandon was too."

Dana forced a tight-lipped smile.

"Me too."

Dana whispers as she looks out the window. Abby sits back and looks out the window as well. The quiet, this time, is comfortable and relaxing. Abby falls asleep against the window in utter exhaustion from lack of sleep and the emotions of the day. Dana grabs the offered blanket from the train cabinet and spreads it over Abby gently before sitting back down. Dana curls her legs underneath herself and reaches for the book she had stuffed in her bag before leaving her house.


"The Paying Guest?"

Abby asks after she wakes up from her sleep. Dana looks up at Abby and smiles softly.

"Yeah. One of my favorite books."

Dana answers and watches Abby. Abby smiles and sits up, stretching her arms above her head and turning her head to crack her neck. Dana sees the sliver of skin revealed by the stretch and licks her lips. Abby sees this and drops her arms to her sides. Dana looks up to Abby's eyes before clearing her throat and looking back to her book, but not actually reading.

"Are, uhare we allowed to order food?"

Abby asks and runs her fingers through her unruly blonde hair. Dana looks at Abby again and nods her head.

"Yeah. The room service number is next to the phone."

Dana points to the phone on the wall and the lamented paper hanging next to it. Abby stands up and calls room service. Dana's eyes skirt down her body until she catches herself and shakes her head free from the lustful thoughts. Abby orders countless dishes before hanging the phone back and sitting down. Abby glances at Dana and bites her lip. The air between them was becoming awkward and Abby decides to fill it with something else. Small talk.

"What's your book about?"

Dana looks up at Abby.

"Two womenuhthat"

Dana struggles to tell Abby about the book. Simply telling Abby that the book is about two women fucking wouldn't go over well, Dana thinks. Abby smiles in amusement and moves over to sit with Dana.

"I'll just read the summary then."

Abby chuckles and slides the book from Dana's hands. Dana starts to protest.

"UmmYou don't have to"

But Abby is already reading the summary. Abby gulps and realizes it's an erotic lesbian book. Dana sighs and takes the book back. Abby then starts laughing. Dana furrows her brow.

"Your favorite book is about lesbian erotica?"

Abby asks and Dana's jaw drops but a smile spreads across her lips.

"Don't judge. It's a good book."

Dana insists and Abby sobers from her laughing.

"Yeah? Well, we have"

Abby starts then checks her watch and smiles.

"3 more hours before we reach Maine. So you have plenty of time to read me a few chapters."

Abby says with a smile. Dana eyes her suspiciously and is ready to ask Abby why she would want to her to read it to her but a knock on their cabin door stops her. Abby stands up and opens the door, taking the food she ordered and setting it on the small table in their room. The smell of food reminds Dana how hungry she is from not eating breakfast.

"You are free to have anything I ordered- oh shit! Do you have to pay for this?"

Abby asks in a panic. Dana stands up and grabs one of the two fruit bowls on the table.

"It's free."

Dana says and winks at Abby. Abby relaxes with a sigh and starts eating the cheeseburger on her plate. Dana raises an eyebrow.

"How do you eat like that and not gain weight?"

Dana asks incredulously. Abby smiles.

"I work out and I have a great metabolism."

Abby says proudly and raises her eyebrow at Dana.

"How do you keep your body like that?"

Dana smiles.

"I work out and I eat healthily."

Dana responds and Abby smirks. Dana licks her lips before taking another bite of fruit. Abby watches her for a few more seconds before going back to eating her food. They eat quietly until all the food is gone then Abby sits across from Dana with a smile.


Abby announces and hands Dana her book, trying her hardest not to laugh. Dana smiles and rolls her eyes as she takes the book. Dana tucks her legs underneath her and clears her throat. Abby bites her lip and watches Dana in amusement.

"Clara leans forward, her eyes never leaving mine as she takes my bud into her mouth. I mewl in pleasure as her tongue flutters against me. Clara moans and it vibrates against my sex. I moan louder. Clara's soft hands slide up my body to caress and pinch my nipples roughly. I gasp and arch my back. 'Don't stop,' I whisper to my lover, 'never stop'. Clara moans again then pulled away just slightly, her hot breath against my wet, hot sex. 'Never Lena. I will never stop,' Clara whispers back, her lips brushing against my lower lips. She takes me into her mouth again. I arch my back and moan in pleasure at her touch. Clara's tongue laves over my throbbing clitoris again, I cry out."

Dana starts off where she last read. Dana looks up at Abby and sees her clenching her thighs, her eyes are closed, and her bottom lip is between her teeth. Dana feels the throbbing of her clit grow stronger and she's sure that's what Abby is feeling also. Abby opens her eyes and they're dark, just like Dana's. Dana takes a chance. She sets the book down then stands up and walks to the cabin door. A quick flick of her fingers lock the door and she looks back to Abby who was watching her with rapt attention.

"Take off your clothes."

Dana husks and grabs the hem of her tank top, pulling the clothing over her head. Abby licks her lips and stands up as if she's in a trance. Within seconds of gazing and stripping both women are naked and lusting after one another. Dana makes the first move, cupping Abby's cheek and pulling her into a soft kiss. Abby moans quietly, already near begging for her orgasm.

"Are you wet for me, Abby?"

Dana asks in a sultry voice against Abby's parted lips. Abby whimpers and raises her hands to grip Dana's hips, steadying herself on her weak knees.

"Unbearably wet."

Abby whispers back, her breath warm over Dana's lips. Dana moans and kisses her lightly, barely touching their lips.

"Because of the book?"

Dana asks and Abby moves her hand up Dana's body and caresses the back of her neck. Abby shakes her head and steps closer until their bodies are pressed together. Dana moans and grabs Abby's hips.

"Then why are you wet Abby?"

Dana asks and drifts one hand down between Abby's thighs. Dana smiles slightly when she feels wetness on Abby's thighs. Abby whimpers and closes her eyes tighter.

"B-Because you were reading the book."

Abby breathes out. She's too drunk on arousal to stop the words from falling from her lips. Dana takes her hand away and steps back. Abby's eyes flash open in panic and desire. Then Dana is on her knees in front of Abby and taking her into her mouth. Abby cries out and grabs Dana's shoulders to steady herself. Dana moans and copies the technique from her book, sucking Abby's clit then fluttering her tongue over the bud. Abby gasps and jerks her hips against Dana's mouth, the fist in Dana's hair pulling her deeper into her wetness.

"Oh god! Dana, I-I can't st-stand anymore!"

Abby cries out when her knees are ready to buckle. Dana reluctantly pulls her mouth away and holds Abby's hips. Abby squeals when Dana pushes her over to sit on the bench. Dana chuckles and kneels between Abby's legs.


Abby groans when Dana trails kisses up her thigh. Dana grabs Abby's hips and pulls her to the edge of the bench then immediately takes Abby's swollen clit into her mouth. Abby nearly screams in relief. Dana digs her nails into Abby's thighs.

"You have to be quiet."

Dana whispers then licks Abby's pussy lips and clit. Abby makes a fist of one hand and bites down hard on her knuckles. Dana moans at the taste and smell of Abby. She realizes that she had missed this. Being between Abby's legs and licking her, making her cum with the simple touches of her tongue. Abby uses her other hand to tangle in Dana's hair to keep the brunette between her thighs.

"Right there, Dana. Please make me cum, please."

Abby begs in a whisper. Dana moans and sucks Abby's clit hard, flicking her tongue against the bud. Abby cries out into her hand and her hips buck up against Dana's mouth. Dana moans and holds Abby's hips down with one hand and reaches her other hand up to cup Abby's breast, her fingers teasing the prominent peak. Abby whimpers. She's close, she's on the edge but if she takes her fist away to tell Dana she's sure she'll scream. Dana moans and looks up at Abby. She can tell she's close by the way she bites her fist harder and her thighs clench around her head. Dana moans loudly against Abby's clit and it sends the blonde over the edge. Abby screams into her fist and holds Dana tight against her, her back arches and her head thrown back in pleasure. Dana moans softly and releases Abby's clit to gently bring Abby down from her high with licks and soft kisses. The blonde drops both hands to the bench and moves her shaky legs off of Dana's shoulders. Dana kisses her thighs before moving up to kiss Abby. Abby moans at the taste of herself on Dana's lips and pulls Dana off her knees. The brunette straddles Abby with a smile.

"You taste delicious, did you know that?"

Dana teases and wraps her arms around Abby's shoulders. The woman underneath her smiles lightly and kisses her with small kisses.

"Mmm, I do now."

Abby whispers and Dana smiles into the next kiss. Abby deepens it quickly then switches their position. Dana gasps when the blonde moves Dana onto her back on the seat of the bench with herself on top of the brunette. Dana tangles her fingers in Abby's blonde hair and crushes their lips together. Abby groans and moves her fingers down between Dana's thighs, she doesn't hesitate to thrust them deep inside Dana. Dana moans and arches her back, her nails scratching their way up Abby's spine. The blonde leans down with a groan and takes Dana's nipple into her mouth. The brunette moans again, grinding against Abby's hand.

"Harder, faster- ah! Yes! Abby!"

She cries out when Abby does as she asked. Abby teases Dana's nipple between her teeth then releases it to whisper in Dana's ear.

"You have to be quiet, remember?"

The blonde teases with a soft smile. Dana moans and reaches down with one hand to grab Abby's ass and the other stays in Abby's hair.

"Then- mmmThen make me quiet."

Dana says between a moan. Abby crushes their lips together with a moan of her own. Dana grinds harder against Abby, her moans, and groans of pleasure swallowed by the blonde above her. Dana only falls over the edge into complete bliss when Abby uses her thumb to rub tight circles over her throbbing clit. She arches her back and it breaks the kiss. Dana moans loudly before a soft hand clamps over her mouth to muffle the noise. Abby pumps deeper into Dana one last time before stilling her thumb and fingers inside of the brunette, relishing in the way the brunette's muscles clench around her. Dana opens her eyes and moves Abby's hand from her mouth. Abby smiles at Dana and pushes her hair back from her eyes. Dana pulls her down and kisses her softly as the blonde pulls her fingers from inside Dana. Dana pulls away from the kiss and shuffles towards the inside of the wide bench. Abby lays down next to her and she lays her head down on Abby's shoulder.

"I'm going to fall asleep."

Dana mumbled, her warm breath skating across Abby's skin and creating goosebumps.

"Just so you know if you want to get up."

Dana clarifies and lifts her head to look at Abby. The blonde swallows hard before making her decision. She stands up and grabs the blanket Dana had given her earlier. Dana takes the blanket and wraps it around her before turning away from Abby, never looking at her. She couldn't. Abby would see the disappointment and sadness in her eyes and Abby didn't deserve to be burdened with Dana's pitiful feelings. The detective deserved so much more than her. Abby grabs her clothes and goes into the bathroom connected to their room. Abby leans against the door and covers her eyes with her hand. She shakes her head and takes a deep breath. She can't do this anymore. She can't keep fucking Dana and expect to cuddle afterward like they did before she learned about the brunette. Dana grips the blanket closer to her chest and falls asleep when Abby walks out of the bathroom. Abby sits down on her bench and looks out the window.


Dana wakes after the train jostles them on a turn. She sits up with the blanket wrapped around her and refuses to look at Abby. Abby doesn't look at Dana either. Dana grabs her clothes and walks into the bathroom to change. After she walks out Abby clears her throat.

"There's only an hour before we reach Maine. I should call my family."

Dana grabs her burner phone and hands it to Abby without a word. Abby stands up.


Abby mumbles and walks into the bathroom. She calls her mother first and tells her she is an hour and a half away with a friend. Her mother asks for a reason for the visit but Abby says they can talk more when they get there. Her father is more difficult to deal with but explains the situation to him, telling him that he needs to get Damon and his wife to the safe house she set up for them after she figured out how dangerous the Morgan family was. Next, she calls Abel and tells him to do the same with his wife. Abby ends the call with her brother and walks back into the main cabin. She hands Dana the phone who takes it without looking at her again. Abby sits down and bites her lip. Time to tell Dana about the safe houses.

"I have safe houses for my family. I didn't want to tell you until I was sure I could trust you."

Abby tells Dana. Dana's eyes snap up to look at her angrily.

"You haven't trusted me this whole time I've turned my back on my own family to help yours?"

Dana asks and Abby gulps.

"W-Well II"

Abby stumbles and Dana's angry stare was making her nervous. For all Abby knew Dana could have been working for her brother still. Dana stands up.

"I'm taking a walk."

Dana says surprisingly calm with the anger still in her eyes. Abby stands up also when Dana walks to the door, wanting to keep talking.

"I'll go with you."

Abby insists and takes a step forward then Dana's words stop her.

"I don't want you to."

Dana says softly and shuts the door behind her. Abby stands in the middle of the room for a few moments before sitting back down. Dana walks down the hallway until she finds the bar room. Abby hadn't trusted her until just a few seconds ago. Helping her run away from her own family then getting her on a train to her mother's wasn't enough loyalty. Dana takes a seat near the windows.

"Can I get you something miss?"

A waitress asks Dana. Dana smiles at the younger woman.

"A beer, please. Any kind, it doesn't matter."

The waitress smiles warmly and leaves to go to the bar. Dana takes the beer when the waitress comes back.

"My name is Hailey. Let me know if you need anything else."

Hailey winks at Dana and leaves her with her beer. Dana smiles and takes a swig of beer as she looks out the window. Abby is angry. She shouldn't feel guilty for not trusting Dana. Dana seduced her to get information on the case. Abby told her everything about her family and her life. Dana sets the empty beer bottle on the table in front of her. Hailey walks back to Dana.

"Would you like another beer?"

Hailey asks sweetly. Dana smiles and checks her watch.

"I shouldn't, but thank you."

Dana says and stands up. Hailey smiles politely and walks back to the bar. Dana walks back to her room but when she opens the door Abby is fuming with anger.

"Sit down and listen."

Abby growls and Dana complies. Underneath her anger, Dana knew Abby was angrier than her. The blonde takes a deep breath as she stands in front of Dana.

"I am angry. I'm furious. You walked into my life and lied like it was nothing. I told you a lot about my family, my job, my friends. I actually liked you. I couldn't trust you even after you saved me from your family. Even after you turned your back on your family. How was I supposed to know? You could have been working for your brother still. You're good at lying. So no, I didn't trust you with my family's life until now. You don't get to be upset about that, not with who you are."

Abby finishes her rant and pants softly. Dana looks into Abby's eyes.

"I know. You're right. II'm sorry."

Dana mumbled. Abby straightens her shoulders and her eyebrows raise in surprise. She had expected a fight out of Dana.

"You'rejust like that?"

Abby asks incredulously. Dana raises an eyebrow.

"You want a fight?"

Dana asks with a small smile. Abby opens and closes her mouth in surprise before answering.

"Ino. I just didn't expect you toI don't know."

Abby says softly and sits down. Dana sighs.

"I have nothing to fight with. You're right. I'm wrong. I might as well admit it. There's no point in arguing with you for the rest of the way."

Dana says and shrugs at Abby. Abby nods her head in agreement. Dana looks at Abby with a playful smirk.

"Do you want me to read my book again?"

Abby's eyes snap up to Dana's. Abby smiles when she realizes Dana is kidding.

"I think we've heard enough for the day."

Abby chuckles and moves closer to the window. Dana smiles and looks out the window herself.



Abby yells and waves at her mother waiting on the platform. Dana smiles as Abby runs over and wraps her arms around her mother's neck. Abby sighs and hugs her mother harder. Dana grabs their bags and carries them over to the hugging daughter and mother. Abby pulls away.

"It's really good to see you, mom."

Abby says softly and smiles brightly at her mother. Her mother pats her cheek lovingly.

"It's good to see you too baby girl. Oh god, you're beaten up."

Abby rolls her eyes at her mother's insisted nickname for her since she is the youngest sibling. Her mother clicks her tongue in distaste then looks to Dana and Abby does too.

"Oh, mom, this is Dana. Dana, this is Gloria Warren, my mom."

Dana smiles and shakes the older woman's hand.

"It is lovely to meet you, Ms. Warren."

Dana says with a smile. Abby smiles as her mother waves her hand.

"Oh, call me Gloria."

Dana smiles and Abby's mother moves to lead Abby and Dana back to the car.

"She's cute. She's your girlfriend, isn't she?"

Abby's mother asks without whispering. Abby groans and Dana chuckles.

"No, mom. She's not my girlfriend. She's just a friend."

Abby clarifies and walks around the car to the driver's seat. Dana picks up the pace to grab Abby's mother's door handle for her.

"Let me get that for you, Ms. Warren."

Dana says and opens the door for her. Abby's mother smiles as she gets in the car.

"Oh isn't she a sweetheart?"

Abby's mother asks her daughter as Dana gets into the car. Abby adjusts her rear view mirror and narrows her eyes at Dana.

"Yeah, she's something."

Abby mumbles and forces back her smile when Dana winks at her. Abby shakes her head and drives off towards her mother's house. Abby's mother looks at her daughter in concern.

"I know this isn't just a regular visit Abby. You're beaten up. You always seem so busy at the precinct to get a weekend off- let alone a weekday. Even if you do get a day off you rarely come to see me. What's wrong?"

Gloria asks and Abby sighs.

"We have to kick plan B into motion, mom. I'm in some trouble with a family in New York. Do you remember the case I've been working on since 2013?"

Abby asks her mother and glances back to Dana. Dana looks quietly out of the window, her hands folded tightly in her lap.

"Yes, and that family- the Morgan family- they're after you? Have you called everyone else?"

Abby smiles at her mother and briefly takes her hand off the wheel to squeeze her mother's hand. Dana tenses at the mention of her family name.

"Everyone else is moving to their safe houses now. It's going to be okay."

Abby reassures her mother and puts her hand back on the wheel.

"What about you Dana? I assume you're involved in this too. Is your family alright?"

Abby takes in a sharp intake of breath and looks at Dana in the mirror. Dana closes her eyes and swallows the emotion in her throat.

"I am but I-I don't have any family left ma'am."

Dana stumbles and keeps her eyes tightly shut. She's willing herself not to cry. Abby bites her lip, trying to will Dana to open her eyes. Abby's mother looks to Abby with a frown. Her daughter was trying to discreetly get Dana's attention but she was failing miserably.

"I'm sorry to hear that, honey. I want you to know that you are completely welcome in my home- or my safe house."

Dana opens her eyes and looks at Abby in the rear view mirror. Abby gives her apologetic eyes and Dana gives her a small smile, but Abby doesn't believe that its real.

"Thank you, Ms. Warren. That means a lot to me."

Dana responds and it makes Abby's mother smile.

"Of course. Now let me tell you girls about Lana's boy down the street. He's a real piece of work"

Abby's mother starts off into a ramble of her neighbor. Abby barely listens and Dana doesn't listen at all. Abby is thinking about Dana and Dana is thinking about her family. Wishing for the first time in her life that her family was completely different.


There will be at least two more chapters of this series to cum (; I hope you all have enjoyed this chapter! And, per request of many fans of "My History Teacher", there will be a closing 8th chapter. I'm struggling with it but I have taken up a suggestion from one of the people who had commented on "My History Teacher 7". If you're curious as to what this 8th chapter will conceal I suggest going to look at the comments and possibly comment your own prompt if I decide the current one hasn't worked out. Stay tuned (;

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