My Summer Vacation Part 1_(1)

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Ok this started out true – and the beginnings are what lead to my vivid imagination and want/need for much more in my life. But I was too afraid to say yes to my aunt and uncle when I was young. The requests and touching started when I was around 13 or 14. I wanted to say yes, but was afraid I would get caught. In fact, both times I was so scared I went to other family members available at the time and said something was happening, but I was told to just let it go. But thru the years I imagined all the things that could have happened to me had I said yes. Visiting with them and feeling them stare at me each time would drive me over the edge sometimes. They wanted to pay me for those simple things if I would have not told anyone. What was I thinking – I should have maybe said yes, but the imagination always ran wild when I was with them.

Day 1:
I was visiting my grandparents’ house for a short vacation during the summer. Grandma’s house was always open to all of us as kids. We loved going there. My bachelor Uncle lived there also. He was always nice to me – actually to all of us, since he had no children of his own. I am very shy and although I have gone to some dances at school with boys, I have never been “with” a boy.

It was a nice afternoon and I had been sunning out in the backyard in my new black bathing suit. I was ready to come in to get a glass of iced tea but Uncle E wanted to take a photo in my new suit. He loved taking pictures and videos of all us kids. After posing for a few shots for him, I went inside to take a break from the heat and had a nice cold drink.

I was sitting in the living room and Uncle E came in to sit with me as he caught part of the local news. He was acting kind of strange today. He was usually busy doing all sorts of things around the house for my grandparents. Today they were in the city doing some shopping so we were home alone.

As I was about to get up and go back outside, he held my arm and said “Bonnie Jo – I’d like to ask you a favor.” I thought he wanted help with something, but was surprised when he quietly said, “Will you please let me touch your titties?” I was stunned by the question as well as a bit scared. I moved away on the sofa to the other side and didn’t answer him. He said, “I promise I will not hurt you in any way; I would just love to touch them.“

I was a bit taken back and somewhat frighten and I got up and went across the street to my other aunt and uncles house and said – “can I stay here till gram and pap come home Uncle is asking to touch me and I’m scare?” They said oh that’s crazy you must have misunderstood him. I waited for a bit and then went back to my grandparents. Obviously they were not going to believe me when I told them what happened.

Uncle E stopped me as I came in the house and apologized to me. I said to him that I don’t think that is such a good idea to let him touch me and he said “Ok, I understand, but please don’t say anything about this to gram and pap. But if you change your mind I promise I just want to feel them, that’s all. And, I want you to know that it could be a nice thing for you if you let me touch them. I can make it worth your while.”. I nodded and I went back to sunning in the yard, but kept feeling like his eyes were on me all the time.

My grandparents returned form the city with all kinds of goodies. As usual, the families were in and out of the house most of the weekend. I was staying there and a relative from a nearby town was staying also. She was related on my Grams side of the family and we called her Aunt A. She was not what I call the normal auntie – she was more like a guy/girl. At my age, I had no idea what that really meant, or why she was so different; but she is the next person to trip my trigger.

Grams upstairs had 3 bedrooms. One was their room, one was my uncles room and the middle room had two huge beds in it. I was sleeping in one bed and Aunt A was in the other bed. When I was sleeping that night, Aunt A came to my bedside and was gently placing her hand on my pussy. I was basically asleep and felt the warmth of her hand, but I pretended to be in a deep sleep. She slowly moved my panties to the side and started putting her fingers in my pussy. It actually felt really good, but I was nervous. I stirred a little thinking she would move away. But she didn’t. As she pushed her finger in deeper, I got scared. I got out of bed and went to my grandparents room and said something was wrong and Aunt A was trying to touch me. They reacted basically like my aunt and uncle did earlier today. They said it was just a dream to go back to sleep everything was fine. Gram walked me back to bed and Aunt A appeared to be fast asleep.

After I was asleep, it happened again. This time she placed her hand over my mouth and said – you will really enjoy this – don’t make a sound. Uncle E and I will teach you lots of things if you just cooperate. Sooooo this is where it all started and most of the rest will be some of my fantasies of what could have been. Some of which took place, some of which are purely my imagination.

Day 2
The next day my grandparents were visiting with some neighbors and driving with them to visit some other friends that were in town. I had a bit of a headache from the sun and went upstairs to lay down after I took some aspirin. I must have dosed off a little and when I opened my eyes my Uncle was standing there and asked if my headache went away. I told him no and he said here take this – it should help. I took the pill and lay back down. I don’t know what he gave me but I felt like I was floating in and out of a dream after that.

Then I could hear him talking quietly. I could feel his hands on my breasts but I could also feel hands on my inner thighs. But I couldn’t move. My hands and feet were tied to the head and foot boards of the bed. I opened my eyes to see what was happening and they were both standing over me. Then I lay there and nothing seemed to matter except the nice feelings from being touched.

Uncle E was telling her to be gentle don’t hurt her. I tried to say something but nothing would come out. What was happening? I was being stroked very gently; up and down my legs. Fingers gently stroked my tummy and then I could feel lips on my nipples. Ohhhh, they feel hard – Ohhh this is strange – Ohhh this feels good – Ohhh they are wet and he is blowing on them. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm. This dream is really strange is what I was thinking.

I could hear her saying to him I want to feel inside her, I’m going to put my finger inside. I had never had anyone do that except for Aunt A trying to last night. I remember trying to close my legs, but I couldn’t. Uncle E gently spread them further apart and I heard him say to be easy that he was sure I was a virgin. Then I felt a finger in my mouth and heard him say – suck on it a little bit honey – it’s going to be fine. I sucked on the finger a little and then the wet finger was slowly being pushed into my pussy. Slowly, and not far and he was right – it was ok. The hand with the finger inside was gentle – rocking on my pussy and it felt nice. But then she was pushing harder – OUCHHHHH! I began to yell and felt a hand over my mouth. She said “shhhhh, you don’t want anyone to hear you – you will like it – it just takes some time to get used to. Be quiet now. Hush little girl and enjoy this.”

It hurt – that finger inside me – it hurt. She pulled her finger out and when she put it back it I could feel oily stuff on it. She was gently moving it now – very slowly - and yes – she was right it was not so bad. My nipples were tingling. They felt cold and wet from being in his mouth. They felt hard and each time they brushed against them they tingled. Strange shivers are going thru me – what is this and why is this happening to me? I have never had these feelings. I could feel my muscles clenching inside. I could hear them whisper and I could hear her say – here put your fingers in – feel how tight she is grabbing my finger. Her little cunt has never been touched before.

Then I felt my Uncle put his hands my pussy – and felt his finger going deep inside and moving and making me wiggle and squirm. I am softly moaning and they are saying – we told you it would be nice. Now just remember this is our secret. If you are a good girl we can make you feel this good again. But no one else can know our little secret. This is our special treat for you. We will teach you how to enjoy many more pleasures. I could see them both licking their fingers and they were tasting my pussy juices.

Knowing it was about time for grandma and pap to come back, they stopped. They gently kissed my belly, my nipples, and my pussy. Then I could feel his mouth on mine. I could taste myself on his lips. I was tasting my own pussy juice. I was then untied and they quietly left. I lay there trying to piece things together, not sure what I should do. I was shaking, but I pulled myself together and sat on the side of the bed, confused, excited, nervous and actually still wanting to feel more. On the pillow next to me was $20.00. I guess this is what they meant when they said they would make it worth my while.

Dinner that night was a little awkward. We all sat at the same table. Aunt A on one side of me and Uncle E across from me. Normal dinner conversation went on and then Pap asked what I did all day and I felt like they were staring holes in me. I said I was in the sun but got a headache so I took a nice nap. They both gave a little grin and a nod. And Aunt A placed her hand on my inner thigh. I gave a little start but tried to not let on to others.

Day 3
The next day my grandparents asked if I wanted to take a ride out to the cemetery with them to put flowers on all the graves and stop to see an old friend. I normally do go with them, but my Aunt and Uncle chimed in and said, “Oh she probably would rather be using that new bathing suit out in the sun, you go make your trip we will be here with her while you are gone.”

My grandparents were only gone for about 15 minutes when my new teachers approached me again asking if I would like to learn a little more and get to know how good it could really feel. I told them I was scared. They both put their arms around me and said – “no – you will be fine…..but if you would like one of those pills we can give you another one to help you relax.” I said I did not want to take the pill and then they both picked me up and they laid me on the dining room table. I said “ what are you doing?” They told me to be quiet and relax I would find out shortly.

I was just wearing a tank top and shorts which they slowly removed. They slipped off my panties and bra. Then they used this really nice smelling oil and began to rub it on me. On my arms, legs, belly, titties, and they said to turn over and they did the same on my back, my bum and the back of my legs. Ohhh it felt so good. I had never had a massage before, but now I know why people like them. You really relax and could almost fall asleep.

I asked them what was going to happen. They said we will start slow and see what I like and what I don’t like. They told me that if I really didn’t like something they would try something else. First let’s start by getting that pussy good and wet again. I opened my mouth as though I knew I was to suck on someone’s fingers again and they obliged and inserted a finger for me to suck. Uncle E slowly spread my legs with one hand and with the other was playing with my nipples. Aunt A inserted that finger inside me and it feels good. She took her time pushing it further inside and moved it around in there and that made me shiver. Here I am on my grandparents table with my Uncle sucking and playing with my tits and nipples and my Aunt making my pussy feel really great. Each time my Uncle would pinch on my nipples I got this really strange feeling inside my pussy. My Aunt whispered to him she is flexing those muscles each time you pinch.

Uncle E says time to eat her – I got scared – he patted my head and said no no dear – you will like this. Then I felt her mouth on my pussy – I could feel her tongue flicking that little bump. I could hear him tell her to suck on my clit. I am learning so much this week. The sucking – was a gentle sucking and felt wonderful. The combination of the sucking and the pinching on my nipples was driving me wild. This feeling was wonderful. Uncle E stepped away for a second and came back with two of the little clips --Oh no he was putting them on my nipples – OUCHHHHH. Ohhhhhh – mmmmmmm. He said is that ok. Although it hurt going on - I told him yes because I like the feeling of it squeezing my nipple. So he placed one on my other nipple. Strange how a hurt can then feel good.

He moved to the end of the table to look at my pussy and once again he wanted a turn to put a finger inside. I could see him drizzle some oils on his hand and as she removed her finger and stopped licking and sucking me. He inserted his finer. It felt good – it felt really good – slowly in and out. He told Aunt A to move up to the top of the table and hold on to me. I raised my head to see but didn’t know what he was going to do. Then I felt some pain. There were now two fingers going inside me. “Uncle E– please don’t hurt me.” “No No my dear I won’t hurt you, I am just teaching you things you need to know when you become a women. You will thank me some day.” Now the two fingers are going in and out of me. Aunt A is now flicking those clips on my nipples -- I’m wiggling. I’m feeling strange. What’s happening? I begin to shake and shiver. I hear Uncle E says, “she’s cumming.” I could not stop it. I could not stop that feeling. I was shaking and writhing and Oh Geez it felt sooooo good. My muscles inside my pussy were going crazy…..and I could feel lots of wetness inside me.

He slowed and removed his fingers. He brought them up to my mouth and I obliged by opening my mouth. He told me to suck it clean. They both looked at me as their hands were gently stroking me again and said – “that is what a woman does when she has sex with a man. She cums and it’s called an orgasm. And in turn she makes her man cum.”

I said that I don’t know how to do that Uncle E. They both looked at me and said – that will be another lesson. You are going to learn a lot this summer vacation Bonnie Jo. You are going to learn a lot. I hope you enjoy what we are teaching you. I slowly sat up and looked at both of them and said, “Yes, I am enjoying it, thank you both.” He hugged me and said, see now you should have let me touch those nipples the first day. I told you I would be nice to you. I smiled at them both. They helped me off the table and I went upstairs to shower. When I went back to my room there was more money on my pillow.

Part 2 to follow shortly

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