Maddison’s Panties_(2)

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“Maddison’s Panties”

Note from the author; this story does not condone incest or sex between family members. This is purely written for entertainment value.

This story is set in the country of Australia. A 20-year-old girl named Maddison who is staying with her dad. Madison or “Maddi” is a junior in college and home for the summer and staying with her father “Drew.”

Let me first describe Maddi. She is every mans dream. Standing all of 5’1” with long flowing blonde hair, a cute little nose, and beautiful brown eyes. She has an athletic yet petite build, weighing no more than 110 pounds dripping wet. Her legs are strong and toned, her tits are perky B’s and her ass nothing short of perfection giving her a perfect gymnast figure. Maddi is never one to seek attention for her looks but she turns heads everywhere she goes in public. Shes is truly 1 in a 1,000 but has no idea how gorgeous she really is. She has a shy but sweet personality and is always looking for good in people.

Madison’s father “Drew” is 43 and works from home as an IT consultant. Their mother left them for another man when Maddi was only 7 and she now lives in New Zealand and only visits once a year. So Drew has raised Maddi who is an only child since his wife left the country. Drew and Maddi’s relationship is very strong, she relies on him for emotional support when it comes to lots of things such as choice of careers, boys, and general advice about life. He raised Maddi until she was 18 and went away to college. This was a very sad day for him because he had grown extremely attached to her but knew she needed to spread her wings and develop as a young woman.

This summer like usual Maddison came back home and worked at a local fitness center as a receptionist part time. She spent the rest of her free time with her friends either at the beach or working out. After being home for a few weeks the pair sat down for dinner as usual and Maddi asked a serious question. “Daddy I know this is embarrassing, but there is this boy at school who is really cute and we just started hanging out. I think he wants to take it to the next level and don’t know what to do if you know what I mean” Drew sat across from the table slightly perplexed and said “what’s the problem?“

Maddison’s face became beet red and she said in a soft voice, “daddy I’m still a virgin” And she sheepishly covered her face with both hands. Drew was absolutely floored by this revelation. He had never thought about his daughter having sex before. Sure she had a few boyfriends in high school and he assumed that she has had sex by now. Her statement caught him off guard and he said, “I don’t know what to say” Madison said, “say something daddy! I need advice and you’re all I have. My friends would make fun of me if they knew I was a virgin”.

Drew had never thought about his daughter’s sex life before. Sure they have talked about boys and dates she had been on but the topic of sex had never came up, and he was just fine with that. Maddie shouted “I’m 20 and I don’t know anything about having sex, I’m a loser! Its probably because I’m ugly and guys don’t like me!” Madison begin to cry uncontrollably, she got up from her chair, ran down the hallway and slammed the door to her room. The last time Drew saw his daughter this emotional was when she got caught shoplifting when she was 14, But this seemed worse. He listened to Maddi shout and cry for the next 20 minutes.

Eventually Drew decided to try and comfort her and knocked on her bedroom door. “Go away!“ She yelled. Drew knocked a second time, she screamed again, ”leave me alone! I thought I could trust you.” Her father returned to the living room and turned on the Monday night rugby match. Even though his favorite team is playing he couldn’t focus on the television because he was worried about Maddi.”

Drew thought to himself, a virgin, hmmm.really? It just didn’t add up, although he never thought of his daughter in a sexual way, she was a typical teenager living at home, had boyfriends, went on dates, stayed out late, even came home drunk a few times. How could this be..I mean she is a knock out, drop dead gorgeous. Secretly Drew was happy that his daughter had not been with a man yet. I mean what father wants to think of his daughter naked with some inexperienced skinny, pimpled teenager poking her with his skinny little prick. The thought was revolting to him so he never thought about it for long.

As the rugby match came to an end, Drew heard Maddi’s door crack open and light footsteps coming toward the living room. She stood a few feet behind his reclining chair and said. “daddy I’m sorry.sorry for yelling at you for no reason, I’m just frustrated with myself, I hate being ugly and I just want boys to like me”. Maddison walked around to the front of the reclining chair with a long white T-shirt on and panties which were not visible because the shirt came halfway down to her knees. She stood in front of her father with her dried up mascara and blood shot eyes from just crying and said, “Daddy, if you were were a boy my age, would you want to have sex with me?” Drew was frozen in his seat, and thought to himself, what kind of crazy question is this? Was it a trick? He didn’t know how to answer. Maddi started to pout with her puffy lower lip turning her face into a frown and said in a whiny little voice, “Answer the question daddy!”

After thinking for a few more seconds, Drew decided to tell her the truth. “Madison, you are the most beautiful girl in the world to me, prettier than any of your friends, you’re the prettiest girl in this town and you don’t even realize it. I won’t fully answer your question because I am your father but if I was your age I would certainly want to date you.” Maddi said really, you think I’m pretty? Drew said, “Maddi, your more than pretty, your hot! and your body is amazing” Maddi’s tears had completely stopped now and Drew could even make out a slight smile of content on her face. Maddi seemed excepting of her father’s answer and leaned in to give him a big kiss on his bearded cheek and pranced back to her room to go to bed.

Drew remained in the living room and thought to himself, “should I have said that to my own daughter? She wanted honesty but should I have told her she was hot?” He was conflicted but decided that Madison’s happiness was Important so honesty was probably best. As the match came to an end Drew sat there thinking about his comments and specifically about Maddie’s tight, muscular, and very sexy little body. He had watched her develop over the years from an adorable little girl to a stunning young lady in the blink of an eye. Just before standing up Drew felt a sudden rush of blood into his his cock bringing it to a semi hard erection. He felt ashamed, she is my daughter goddamnit! I should not be having these reactions toward her. He went to the bathroom and took an Ambien from the medicine cabinet, swallowed it and went to bed In an effort to block out the sexual and inappropriate thoughts of his daughter running through his head.

Meanwhile Maddi laid under the sheets of her memory foam mattress restlessly thinking about what her father just said about her body. She had never been called hot or gorgeous before and she kind of liked the sound of it. Maddi wasn’t sure if her dad was just being nice or if he really meant what he said. Either way, the more she thought about it the warmer her tiny little body became. Maddie felt a slight tingle between her legs and reached inside the front of her extra small panties from Victoria’s Secret and discovered her partially shaved pussy was sopping wet with thick gooey liquid dripping to the edge of her little rosebud. Maddi didn’t start masturbating until she was 16 and had only done it a handful of times since, but had never found it that enjoyable she just didn’t do it anymore.

But tonight she suddenly felt the urge to play with her flawless pink little pussy and throbbing clit. She used her middle finger to rub it softly at first as she continued to think about her father’s comments earlier that evening. As Maddi became increasingly hornier she began rubbing her sensitive little pink nub more vigorously as her pussy continued to secrete more white creamy girly juices everywhere including on her panties that were still on before she flung them across the room landing on her computer desk.

Maddi begin to feel her orgasm building as she started to moan and grind her teeth. Her middle finger continued flicking her clit at the rate that a hummingbird flaps its wings. The pressure continued to build until she could no longer take it. Her hips began to gyrate, her head tilted back as her eyes rolled back in her head in pure ecstasy. Suddenly Maddison felt like she had to pee but it didn’t have quite the same feeling. She ignored the new feeling and feverishly flicked her hardening clit with her right hand and begin to rub her puffy pink nipples with her left. Suddenly both legs begin to shake uncontrollably, her lower back arched sending her hips into the air, a gush of clear white fluid began to squirt from her hot little opening as she screamed “yes daddy!” into to still air of the quiet house. Her pussy continued to pulsate and her orgasm eventually subsided after what seemed like an eternity.

Madison’s breathing returned to normal after a few minutes as the cold air from the AC vent began to blow on her now chilly wet body and pussy fluid that had saturated her sheets and mattress. Maddison had heard of the term “squirting“ from masturbating during girl talk before but had never experienced it herself. Suddenly Madison felt ashamed and guilty about what she had just done because she knew her daddy‘s comments about her perfect little body caused all of this. Maddison had always thought Drew had a nice body but had suppressed those feelings until now. She didn’t know what to do about these dirty thoughts but she knew that she wanted to feel this way again and soon! Madison eventually fell asleep but was rudely awakened by her alarm clock for her 6AM opening shift at the fitness center. She didn’t have time to shower so she got dressed and grabbed a pre-made smoothie from the refrigerator before leaving for work.

It was Tuesday morning, Drew woke up at 8 AM as and logged on to the network as IT support for large corporations in the greater Melbourne area. He had been doing this job for 15 years and it had its ups and downs. It was nice to work from home though. He grabbed a banana and yogurt from the kitchen and ate at his computer desk in the home office while clicking through emails. The morning was uneventful but typical afternoon thunderstorms were building and had generated a bolt of lightning which struck the roof of the house causing the power to flicker and go out. The breaker needed to be reset and the box was inside Madison‘s room.

Drew walked down the hallway and opened the door to his daughters room. His senses were met with the overwhelming smell of what was unmistakably the smell of sex. He located the breaker box with a flashlight and power was restored to the house. When the lights came on in Maddie’s bedroom, Drew he saw her bed, the covers and sheets looked like a tornado had ripped through her room. In the center of the mattress was a noticeable large stain on her black sheets. Drew immediately recognized the stain and pungent smell as cum, presumably from his daughters pussy. The sight was intriguing to him so he walked closer. The spot had dried but it was slightly white and flaky. Something overcame him and Drew bent over his daughters bed to inhale her intoxicating aroma. The smell reminded him of his ex-wife, Madisons mother. He had been with a few women before getting married and knew that all women smelled and tasted different, but Madison’s juices were very similar to her mothers.

Drew looked around the room and his attention was drawn to a small pair of black panties on the computer desk. He walked over to the desk and picked up the underwear which also had a visible white stain in the crotch area. Just as he picked up the panties and was bringing them closer to his face, there was a loud shout coming from the doorway, “what are you doing daddy!”

Drew’s heart sunk as he dropped the tiny pair of cum stained panties on to the wooden floor. Maddison stood just inside the door way with her mouth wide open. Her face looked like she had just seen a ghost. What happened next was completely unexpected. To be continued.

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