Truckstop Nuns

"Hey there sexy sisters! What will it take to make you break your vows?" called out the young black man.

The two young nuns ignored him as they walked by the cheap hotel room. His friend, who was sitting on the car out the front chimed in, "Come on baby, you didn't need to become a nun, I'll take you to heaven!"

They continued to walk by, "Frigid penguin Bitches!" they heard one of the young men call out behind them.

One of the nuns was blushing, her pretty, rosy face framed in the white wimple.

"Just ignore them Alice, they're like little boys looking to get a reaction," said the other.

"Yes, I know Lucia."

They got to the small front office and entered, making the bell on the door chime. The young women stood at the front desk for a few moments before the manager appeared. He was in his forties with unkempt blonde hair and rough stubble over his chin. He looked the two of them over with his cool green eyes and smiled, "Hello again sweet sisters. I hope you found the accommodations to your satisfaction."

They actually had a lot of trouble sleeping due to noisy neighbors who were quite fond of using profanities, but they didn't want to raise the issue with the manager. "Quite suitable thank you Mr Roberts," said Alice.

She produced the room keys and handed them to the man. He deliberately rubbed her soft pale hand as he took them, and she jerked it back. He smiled at her again, "Call me Randal. So you're off again today huh?"

"Yes, that's right."

"Where are you girls from anyhow?"

"St. Paul, we're with the Franciscan Sisters of the Eucharist at the Mission of Our Lady of the Angels."

"Right, what are you doing down this way?"

"Selling bibles and religious items, and accepting donation for those in need."

"Speaking of which" Lucia chimed in, "We noticed that the bible in our room was looking a little worn. Perhaps you would like to purchase new ones from us. They're of high quality and reasonably priced, and the money would go to a good cause."

"Oh, I wish I could sweet thing, but money is a little tight for me right now. I had only just finished rebuilding after the tornadoes a couple of years ago. But tell me, are you heading back up Minneapolis way?"


"Well, I have a friend, also in the motel game, off on the interstate near Boone. Nice Christian lady by the name of Grace. I think she may be after just what you're selling."

"Boone? Where's that?"

"A few hours up the highway, turn east on the Interstate Thirty."

Lucia looked at Alice and she shook her head, "No, we're not supposed to leave the route that was set for us."

"Well that's too bad," said Randal. "I just thought you could help each other out."

"We appreciate that sir, now if you would excuse us, we should be getting back on the road."

"Of course, you take care out there sisters. God bless you and all that."

"God bless you sir."

Soon the two young nuns were heading down the highway in the old blue station-wagon. Alice was behind the wheel and Lucia was sitting in the passenger seat next to her.

Lucia yawned, "Well, I'm glad to leave that place behind."

"Yes, Mr Roberts seemed a little"

"Creepy? Sleazy?"

"Lucia, Mother Meredith would not like us speaking ill of someone like that."

"Mother Meredith is not here."

"No, but Jesus is."

"Jesus would probably agree with me."

"Lucia!" said Alice in a playful scalding tone.

"The rooms had thin walls, didn't they?"


"How about those two copulating, they were being quite vocal."

"Don't remind me."

"Oh God! Oh God! Yessss!"

"I said don't!"

Lucia laughed, "He probably paid her for it too."

"The poor soul, I will pray she finds the true path."

"You have never been close with a boy, have you?"

"No, never. But you told me you had beenclose before taking your vows. How close were you?"

"It was a boy I had known through grad school, and we were in love. I was pretty horrified that I had fallen in love while considering religious life. I was scared to go to my nun mentor and tell her. But you know what she said?"

"No, what did she say?"

"Wonderful! Enjoy it. If we lose our capacity to fall in love, we lose our ability to truly open our hearts to God. Of course, there came a point where I had to choose between my love for this boy and my love for God, Sister Beverly was a wonderful guide through that time."

"So did youexpress your love physically?"

Lucia turned to her and smiled, "I'm not saying anything, I'll leave you to speculate on that."

"Youare not a very nice person."

"Ooh, careful Sister Alice, that was almost an insult."

Alice just shook her head and drove on. They passed a lot of farm-land around this way as they made their way north up the highway, vast fields with their golden crops swaying in the breeze and other areas with their neatly ordered fruit trees. A large truck roared past on the other side of the road. Lucia eventually spoke up again, "So, will we be turning off toward Boone to sell some of our fine products to this Grace lady?"

"No, Father Mackintosh told us not to leave the route he planned for us."

"But on his planned route we have sold very little, I don't think it will even be enough to cover the expenses of our trip. We won't have any money for the poor, this trip would have been a big waste of time."

"I don't think that's the whole point of this road trip anyway. It's like a rite-of-passage for young novices. To get out and see more of Gods world and interact with his people."

"Yeah, we can do that at Boone, and make some money to help the poor while we're at it."

"We took a vow of obedience remember, Father Mackintosh told us to stay on this route."

"And we will, after we make a little detour. He didn't tell us not to go to Boone specifically."

"That's a technicality, and you know it. We're not going to lie to Father Mackintosh. We will tell him if we go. And if we go, it will have to be for the right reasons, not for our pride."

"So you're considering it? For the right reasons, of course. We will only be doing it to help others. What do you say Alice?"

"II don't know."

"Well I want to go, but you're driving, so it's up to you if you turn off or not."

Around an hour later, they both saw the sign for the turn-off onto the Interstate thirty. Alice took in a deep breath as she struggled with the decision. She let out a sigh and put on the indicator to turn left.

"Good, we may achieve something on this trip yet," said Lucia.

"I just hope we don't regret it."

"God is with us, what could go wrong?"

The old blue station-wagon headed west along the I-30 through more rural area. Eventually they saw a battered old sign which read—"Grace's Truckstop Motel, five miles." It had an arrow pointing off the highway.

"That's the place," said Lucia, "He said her name was Grace."

They turned off the highway and drove on until they reached the place. It seemed to be miles from anywhere.

"A little out of the way isn't it?" said Alice, "You would think it would do more business on the highway."

There was a large building adjacent to the road, It appeared to be a gas station, travel store, truckers lounge, bar and restaurant all in one. There were a couple of trucks parked off to the side and a few cars out the front. The place seemed to be relatively tidy, and quite basic in its layout and aesthetics.

The nuns turned off the road and pulled up into the gas station. Both of them got out of the car and were glad to have the chance to stretch out. It was late morning, getting close to midday. The sky was clear and it was quite warm. Alice started filling the car with gas while Lucia looked around.

She wandered into the shop and the man behind the counter stared at her. He was a short, pudgy, ugly looking man who appeared to be in his mid twenties. "Good morning sir," said Lucia.

"Ggoodgood morning, sssister," he said with a stutter.

"Where's your bathroom?"

He reached under the desk and pulled out a key with a metal tag, "Round the b..b..back." he said pointing.

She came forward and got the key from him, "Thank you." She walked to around to the back of the shop. The man stared at her the whole time with his pale blue eyes.

Soon Alice entered the shop and paid for the fuel. "Where might we find Grace?" she asked.

"GGrace? She'sshe'sshe'saround the back in thethemmotel office."

Lucia came back out a few minutes later and the two of them went back to the car. They drove around behind the truckstop where there were numerous small units, a few of them had cars parked out the front. The place was quite bare and ugly, with minimal gardens and a lot of flat concrete and tarmac.

They saw the small, plain building that was similar to the rest, but the basic sign identified it as the office. They parked in front of it and got out again. The two nuns walked around to the front door and entered.

As they entered the room, they found that the air was hazy and stank of cigarette smoke. A fat, dark haired woman in her thirties was sitting in front of a computer screen behind a desk. She wore a lot of purple eye shadow and lipstick and a tubetop which held her huge tits. She had a cigarette in her mouth. It took a few moments for her to look up and then a faint look of surprise crossed her face. "Hello there."

"Hello Ma'am, are you Grace?" said Alice.

"yeah, and you are?"

"I'm Sister Alice and this is Sister Lucia. We're with the Franciscan Sisters of the Eucharist of Saint Paul."

"Are you after a room sisters?"

"No, Mr Roberts from the Motel Seven down the highway told us you may be interested in what we're selling--Bibles and religious items."

"Oh, Ol' Randy sent you here eh? Yeah, yeah, I'm interested in your bibles and junk, being the devout Christian lady that I am." The nuns both noticed the smirk cross her face.

Lucia stepped forward and offered the bible she was holding. Grace slowly reached up and took it. She started her sales pitch, "It's the New American Standard Bible. You'll notice the quality calf-hide leather cover and gold gilted edges and strong ribbon markers. It's of good strong quality for repeated uses, and quite reasonably priced. And the profits will all go to helping the needy."

Grace thumbed through the book, "Right, helping the needy, that's good."

"We have enough to supply all your rooms," added Alice.

"Good, good. And you said you have other religious junk too?"

"Yes, rosaries, crucifixes, statues, wall plaques, cards."

"I'd be interested in taking a look. But you young ladies have been travelling far, I'd love for you to be my guests. Please accept my hospitality and stay in one of my rooms. The accommodation and meals will be provided free of charge, of course."

"Uh, that's generous of you ma'am, but I was hoping that we could be on our way soon, we still have many miles to cover in our journey."

"We all have many miles to cover in our journeys. But I think God would want us to stop and smell the roses every now and then. I so rarely get to spend time in the company of good, devout Christians. I feel blessed to have genuine Brides of Christ visit my humble home and place of business. I would very much like you to stay, if only for a little while. And I hate to have to rush any business decisions."

"Uh, of course ma'am—" started Alice.

"Call me Grace, please."

"Of course, Grace. We would love to stayWe can be on our way in the morning."

"Lovely," said Grace, giving them a wide grin. She stubbed out her cigarette in a dirty ashtray on the desk. She looked down at the black leather bible again. "You know, I used to think that if you went and randomly picked out a verse in the bible, perhaps it would hold some importance. Y'know, like God is directing you there to give you some advice or warning or whatever. Do you think that would ever happen sister?"

There was a brief pause as the two nuns looked down at her, then Alice spoke up, "I think it would mostly just be random, but there's no telling how God may choose to communicate with us."

Grace smiled, "Let's do it now, just for fun." She started flicking through the gold gilded pages of the book and then stopped and placed her finger on the page. She looked down and started reading, "Let's see—Numbers 31:7-18, Moses, Eleazar the priest, and all the leaders of the people went to meet them outside the camp. But Moses was furious with all the military commanders who had returned from the battle. 'Why have you let all the women live?' he demanded. 'These are the very ones who followed Balaam's advice and caused the people of Israel to rebel against the Lord at Mount Peor. They are the ones who caused the plague to strike the Lord's people. Now kill all the boys and all the women who have slept with a man. Only the young girls who are virgins may live; you may keep them for yourselves."

She looked up at the sisters and made a face, "Jeez, that's a bit harsh. You're right sisterjust random. Now let me show you to your room."

Grace had taken them to the unit that was away from the others and closest to the truckstop out the front. It seemed quite tidy and well kept. It was a very basic room, with two single beds against the wall, a large curtained window, a small television and basic items of furniture and a small bathroom at the far end.

The woman had left them there to settle in and rest. Alice and Lucia took turns having a shower. Alice came out from the bathroom wearing her black frock and drying her long, blonde hair with a towel. Lucia was sitting on the bed looking at the screen of her smartphone, "We should send an email to Sister Meredith telling her where we are. I'm not getting any reception here though."

"I think I saw a sign for wifi over in the truckers lounge. We could take a walk over there."

"Yeah, all right. What do think of Grace?"

"I don't knowit was nice of her to offer us free accommodation and meals. She seemed friendly."

"Yes, but there was something off about her. Something had me feeling uneasy. What about you?"

"Yeah, I know what you mean. Let's just make our sales, have an early night and be off again first thing in the morning."

Alice put on her white wimple and black veil and her plain shoes, and the two of them got ready to leave the unit. When they opened the front door, they saw Grace coming toward them. The short, dumpy woman was leading a group of three men.

Alice and Lucia stood there by the doorway as the group approached them. "Are you ready to talk business now sisters?" said Grace in a cheerful tone.

"Who are they?" asked Alice, eyeing the men warily. They were all looking at her and Lucia intently. She recognized one of them as the stuttering clerk from the shop out the front.

"Employees and associates. She went through introducing them, "That's Lachlan," she said pointing to a tall man in his forties with tanned skin and short black hair and beard. "Rooster." She pointed to a man who looked a little younger than him, with medium length red hair and a moustache. "And Dent." She said pointing to the ugly young man from the shop. "Boys, this is Sister Alice and Sister Lucia."

"A pleasure," said Lachlan, grinning.

"Yesnice to meet you all," said Alice.

"I trust you find the room to your liking," said Grace.

"It's very nice, thank you."

"Can we come in and talk?"

"Of course, I will just get my products from the car to show you."

"We'll get to that, let's just go inside," said Grace gesturing to the room.

Alice nodded and she and Lucia went back into the room. Grace and the men followed behind and shut the door. The two nuns stood in the room facing the group, they didn't like the way the men were looking at them, it had them feeling very uneasy.

Lucia spoke up, "Do you wish to buy the bibles Miss Grace? We can give you a discount if you're buying for all the rooms."

"Perhaps," said Grace.

Lachlan looked her over, "Are you real nuns? Or are you running some kind of scam?"

"What?" said Alice, surprised by the accusation.

"Grace here is quite trusting of people. I like to make sure that no one takes advantage of that. And I aint ever heard of nuns acting as travelling bible salesmen before."

"I assure you sure, we have been nothing but completely honest."

"That's what someone running a scam would say. I think we should check to make sure you girls are who you say you are."

"What do you mean?"

"Well, we should check you got no tattoos or piercings and that you're virgins like good little nuns should be."

The two girls were shocked, Alice looked at Grace, "Miss Grace"

She just looked back at her cooly, "He has a point. Take off those habits."

"Certainly not!"

"What do you have to hide sister?"

"Nothing! This is indecent!"

"I'm afraid I must insist Sister Alice."

"Then we do not wish to conduct business with you. Please leave us alone."

"No, it's too late for that. Take off those habits, or I'll have the boys take them off for you."

"No! You have no reason to accuse us, you have no right!"

Grace just smiled at her, "Let me show you something about my rightdo it boys."

Rooster chucked as he stepped forward and grabbed Lucia by the arm. "Aaagh, let go of me!" she cried out, as she tried to pull away from him.

Alice backed away as Lachlan came toward her. "Don't touch me!" she called out as he grabbed her by the shoulders and roughly pushed her over onto the bed. She struggled to get up, but he was quite strong as he held her down. "No, Leave me alone!" she cried out.

Lucia was pulled over to the other bed by Rooster, she was crying out and struggling against him. Alice's heart was beating rapidly, she couldn't believe this was happening. Lachlan's rough hands were grabbing at her. He got hold of her leg and flipped her over so that she was on her back on the bed. Alice was kicking out and swinging her arms, fighting him with all she had.

"Gaaah," he groaned as her fist struck his ear. "Dent, get over here and hold her hands for me boy!" Dent came over and struggled to catch her arms as they moved about, but he managed to get hold of her wrists and pin them down above her head.

"No! Let go of me!" she cried out. Lucia was also struggling and protesting on the bed next to her. Lachlan got hold of her black frock and started pulling it up, revealing her pale, shapely legs. He pulled it up further until he exposed her plain white cotton panties and then scrunched the dark material up as he forced it up over her breasts that were held in a white bra.

"Hoo, nice tits!" he said as he got hold of them, cupping them in his big rough hands and squeezing. Alice squealed as the man lewdly groped her.

"Miss Grace please!" Alice pleaded, "Make them stop!"

"Leave her tits alone Lock," said Grace, "I want to know if she's a cherry."

Lachlan chuckled as he let go of her breasts. He rubbed his hands along her abdomen as he moved them down to her panties. Alice cried out again as he got hold of them and quickly yanked them down. Alice thrashed her legs about, but he managed to pull the underwear all the way down past her feet. He scrunched them up and put them in his jeans pocket, "Think I'll hold onto these."

Then he got hold of her legs and held them firmly against the bed. He looked up at her exposed crotch. "Golden bush, looks like we got a blondie here."

"Let's see if blondes really do have more fun," said Grace.

Lachlan moved his hand down to her crotch. Alice cried out in protest and writhed beneath him. "Stay Still bitch!" he said menacingly as his fingers rubbed along her slit. Alice squealed as they pressed into her lips and spread them apart. There was only a small crescent shaped opening in the middle of her pink vulva. "Yep, there it is, she's a cherry," said Lachlan.

"Wonderful," said Grace smiling, "What about the other one?"

Lucia was still struggling and protesting on the other bed as Rooster held her down. He had her black frock lifted up, exposing her slender light-brown legs and plain white panties. Lachlan released Alice's spread lips and they snapped closed again, forming a thin pink slit. Lachlan smiled down at Alice, "You've got a very pretty pussy, sweet virgin sister." Alice grimaced as she glared up at him through her puffy, teary eyes.

"Hold her here Dent," ordered Lachlan as he climbed off the bed. The pudgy young man had had been holding her arms the whole time, he just nodded to Lachlan. Alice crossed her legs over each other to try and hide her bare crotch as best she could.

"Aaah, No! Don't you dare, you degenerates!" cried out Lucia as he sat on the bed next to her and got hold of her thighs. Lachlan ripped down her panties.

"Hmm, this one's got dark pubes, nice."

"I like them clean shaven myself," said Rooster, who had a firm hold of her arms.

"Twenty bucks says she's a virgin too."

Rooster thought about it for a moment, "Nah, that's why they call 'em nuns—cos' they get none."

Lachlan chuckled as he pulled her panties right off. He ignored her protests as he rubbed his fingers along her slit and then spread it open. "Well, well, looks like this seal has been broken." He brought his fingers up to his mouth and spat on them and then pushed them through the lips and up inside the tight warm canal. Lucia cried out in protest.

"Damn, I could have made twenty bucks," said Rooster.

"Leave her alone!" called out Alice next to them.

"No, she likes it," said Lachlan as he started moving his fingers back and forth inside her. "You're a slutty, cock-loving nun, aren't you Sister?"

"AaahunghowNo! Stop it! I'mI'm a virgin!"

"Ha! You don't have any proof of that like your friend there."

Alice looked at Grace who was just standing in front of the beds watching. "Why are you doing this? I thought you were a woman of God."

Grace smiled, "Ha! Fuck your god! Fuck him up the ass. When I was a kid, my asshole stepdad sent me away to a Catholic boarding school. The nuns there were always sour, nasty bitches with shriveled up cunts. They were all in need of a good fucking. There's still hope for you young nuns, I'll see that you get the good fucking you need."

"II don't understandwhy are you doing this?"

"AaaghaahowStop it! You're hurting me!" cried out Lucia as Lachlan fingered her. He chuckled and then slipped his fingers out and rubbed her thighs.

Grace walked over to her dresser and opened the top drawer. She pulled out an envelope and looked inside, "Hmm, found it straight away." She pulled out the cash that was inside and counted it. "Haven't been doing too well with your sales, have you?" She held up the notes, "This is what I worship—the almighty dollar. That's what I want from you, more of these." She waved the notes around. "People aren't interested in the bibles and crap your selling. But men will pay good money for what's between your legs."

"You can't be serious!" said Lucia angrily.

"Sure she can," said Lachlan smiling. He looked at Grace, "So we can have some fun with this one, since she's not a cherry?"

"NO!" cried out Alice.

"No, don't, please. Just leave me alone," cried out Lucia.

"You might say no, but I bet your repressed body will say something different. I'll tell you what, if your pussy doesn't get all excited and wet and willing, then the boys won't fuck you."

"Justjust leave her alone!" called out Alice.

"Ha, I can do foreplay," said Lachlan, grinning. He grabbed her tits through her habit. "Let's get this ugly thing off ya." He started pulling at her frock again. Lucia cried out and struggled as the two men roughly undressed her, pulling her black frock up over her head. They flipped her over and unhooked her bra and ripped down her panties. "Mmmm, nice body!" said Rooster.

"Keep her headgear on," said Lachlan, "I want her to look like a nun while I'm fucking her."

Rooster looked over at Dent, "What do you think Dentie-boy, you want to fuck her?"

"Yyeah, sheshesheshelooks nice."

"She she she she sure does, you can have your turn after us."

"Don't do this, you degenerates!" said Lucia angrily.

"Let's get her nice and wet, like Gracie said," said Lachlan, "You play with her tits, I'll lick her pussy." He went down and brought his head between her legs, pressing his dark beard into her crotch. He started licking around her vulva. Lucia cried out and squeezed her thighs around his head. Rooster groped at her firm boobs, they had large brown nipples that he squeezed between his fingers, making her yelp.

"Stop it! Just Stop! Leave her alone!" cried out Alice as she struggled against Dents' grip. She managed to get her arm free and waved it about before Dent managed to catch it again.

Grace looked over at her, "Don't worry Sister Alice, you'll get your turn. You won't be keeping that cherry for much longer, I promise. Let's put you away in the bathroom for now." She nodded to Dent and he pulled her up off the bed. Her habit fell back down around her body as she got to her feet. Dent pulled her into the bathroom and then let go of her and moved back out. Alice saw Lucia on the bed being molested by the two men as Grace shut the door.

The stocky woman walked back over to the bed, she watched the nun struggle against the brutish men as they molested her. Lachlan had his head between her thighs, slurping as he ate out her pussy. Rooster was roughly squeezing her tits. Grace thought she looked pretty hot. She could admire the female form, and this young nun was nice and slender with smooth brown skin, the veil and wimple she wore over her head made her look quite exotic.

"Is she soaking wet and hot for it Lock?"

Lachlan moved his head back and licked his lips, "Yep." He moved his hand up and slipped his fingers inside her, making her squeal again. "Wellnot really."

Grace sighed, "You boys, all you know is stickin' your dicks in things. There's an art to pleasing a woman, you know. Get out the way Lock, let me have a taste of that pussy."

Lachlan smiled and climbed off the bed, "Sure Gracie, show us how it's done."

Grace sat on the bed and rubbed her hands over Lucia's thighs. The nun tried to close her legs, but Grace forced them apart. She ran her fingers over her soft, dark pubic hair, "That's a nice looking pussy, isn't it? Looks like a good little money-maker." She looked up at Rooster, "Stop squeezing those tits so hard, it doesn't feel that good, you know."

"Feels good to me."

"Just rub them gently, and lightly lick and suck at her nipples, she'll like that."

"Whatever you say Grace."

"What should I do?" asked Lachlan.

"Rub your cock over her face. I bet a horny nun like her thinks about cock all the time, she'll love it."

Lachlan chuckled, "With pleasure."

"Dent, get over here and feel her up too, the more the merrier." Dent walked over and started gingerly rubbing his hand over her leg.

Grace got down on the bed and brought her face to Lucia's pussy. She started rubbing her tongue on the labia with long forceful strokes. Rooster had a lighter hold her breasts, he moved his head down and rubbed his tongue around one of her large nipples, getting it wet with saliva. Lachlan had his thick, hard cock out and positioned himself on the bed so that it was in her face. Lucia turned her head away, but he just rubbed his cockhead along her soft cheek.

She let out an involuntary moan as she felt Grace's tongue push into her soft folds and rub over her clitoris. It had sent a tingle of pleasure through her. Rooster sealed his lips around her nipple and started gently sucking.

Then they could hear Alice yelling out from the bathroom, "Helppleasesomeone help usthey're holding us against our willhelp!"

Grace lifted her head and let out a loud sigh, "Dent, go in there and get her to shut up. Threaten to hurt her friend if she's not quiet or something."

"Stick your cock down her throat, that'll shut her up!" said Rooster.

"Ookay Grace," said Dent, turning to the bathroom. Grace sunk her mouth back into Lucia's pussy and poked her tongue deep inside and started moving it about. She moved her hand up and her fingers started gently rubbing the silky folds above her mouth. Her fingers found the little nub of Lucia's clit and slowly circled around it.

Lucia shuddered and let out soft moans. "Yeah, keep doin' that Gracie, she loves it!" said Lachlan. He pushed the tip of his cock into her lips, she clenched her teeth to stop him entering her mouth.

Lucia's heart was beating rapidly, her breathing was fast and shallow. She could feel the erect cock rubbing over her hot face, its strong masculine aroma was filling her senses. The stimulation from the hands and mouth on her breasts, the tongue in her vagina and the fingers around her clitoris was too much. The feelings of pleasure washing over her mind were unwelcome, but irrepressible.

Her vagina tingled wildly as it became wet. The sensation of the rough tongue rubbing at her insides was heightened. She could feel the pleasure like a potent ball of energy in her lower abdomen, it was tightening down, becoming more intense. She moaned again and the cockhead slipped into her mouth. She automatically closed her lips around the thick shaft. Her mouth watered and she got the mildly bitter salty taste as she gently sucked.

Grace could feel the wetness of her tight pussy around her mouth, she could taste her warm juices. She knew that the hot little nun was heading for climax, and she wanted to get her off. She moved her mouth up over her clit and gently sucked as she pushed two of her fingers into the tight wet hole. She started steadily moving the fingers back and forth, rubbing them against the soft, slippery walls.

Lucia pulled away from the cock in her mouth and let out another loud moan. She was breathing heavily and writhing about as the stimulation was overwhelming her. She felt the tongue rub over her clit again and could feel the oncoming surge, it was impossible to hold back. She gasped for breath and squirmed about she felt the tight ball of pleasure unravelling, sending intense pleasurable sensations outwards from her abdomen and clit. She made a succession of high moans.

She let out a long "Oooooooh," as the pleasure slowly faded and she lay limply on the bed. Soon the strong feelings of ecstasy were replaced by guilt and shame.

Lachlan and Rooster laughed. "What? Not gunna call out for your god?"

"Gotta hand it ya Gracie," said Lachlan, "You're a talented Dyke. Can we fuck her now?"

Grace raised her head, she had a big grin and Lucia's juices were running down her chin, "Go for it boys, give the slut what she wants."

Dent came out of the bathroom and shut the door again. "Is she going to be quiet now?" asked Grace.

"She's ppraypraypraying."

"Good. Whatever shuts her up."

Lachlan had moved around on the bed and had got between Lucia's legs. He rubbed his hard cock over her wet pussy. "Noplease, don't!" she cried.

"Don't what? Don't stop now?" laughed Lachlan. His cockhead split her lips apart as he forced it into her. He gave a sharp thrust and sunk his hard cock right down until his hairy balls pressed against her skin. Lucia cried out and threw her arms up, trying to push him away. "Ahh yeah, yer a tight bitch."

He pulled back and thrust forward again, getting into a steady rhythm. Rooster got behind her on the bed and grabbed her arms and pinned them down. Lucia moaned and groaned in protest as the cock thrust deep inside her. The fat member was hurting her as it vigorously rubbed at her stretched insides.

Soon Lachlan slipped his cock out of her. It was wet with her juices. Tears were streaming down Lucia's hot face and she was breathing heavily. Lachlan grabbed her legs and lifted them up. "Here grab these for me," Rooster got hold of her legs and pulled them back so that her knees were around her head and her wet pussy was pointing upwards.

"Now that's a nice view," commented Grace as she stood there watching.

Lachlan kneeled in front of her and got hold of his cock, he started flopping it up and down, slapping it against her little slit. Her juices were splattering about as the fat cock slapped against her. "I'm gunna pound you into the mattress you dirty little nun." He climbed on top of her and pointed his cock down into her cunt before dropping down and spearing it into her. Lucia cried out as her tight pussy was penetrated again.

Lachlan started bouncing up and down on top of her. He pushed his weight down into her with each deep thrust, squashing her down into the mattress. Lucia moaned loudly as she was getting fucked hard. Grace lit a cigarette and puffed on it as she watched. She started idly playing with her large tits, the lewd sight was making her horny.

Lachlan was getting hot and sweaty as he kept up the hard pace. He was groaning and his fat cock was making wet slapping sounds as he drove it into her. After a while, he slowed down and pulled his throbbing, wet cock out of her again. "Ungh yeah, tight pussy's gunna make me come if I keep that up."

"Must be my turn then," said Rooster. He let go of her legs and they flopped back down on the bed. Lachlan climbed off the bed, with his hard cock still sticking out in front of him. Rooster's hard cock was sticking out in front of him too as he moved around and started flipping Lucia over.

The panting, crying nun didn't put up a fight as he positioned her onto her elbows and knees. He got behind her and guided his hard cock to her raised ass. He rubbed his cockhead along the wet, puffy opening for a few moments and then pushed it through and drove it deep inside her. Lucia groaned loudly as her cunt was stretched open and filled once again.

"Ooh yesss, you're right, that is a nice bit of pussy." He got a tight grip on her ass and started slamming it in deep and hard. Lucia cried out and tried to get away from him, but he had a firm hold of her and wasn't letting go. The hard pounding cock was hurting her, the intense stimulation inside her was too much for her to take. She buried her head in the mattress and cried out as he continued to fuck her hard.

"Oooh yeah!Fuck yeah!Ungh!" He called out excitedly as he fucked her. Each deep thrust was bucking her forward.

Lachlan moved in front of her and got hold of her head. He lifted it up and looked into her teary eyes. "You can put your mouth to use for me now sister."


"Yes!" He got hold of his cock and rubbed it into her face. He pushed it into her lips, "Come on, be a good girl and open up." She slowly opened her mouth and he pushed his cock in. Lucia could taste her own juices as she closed her lips around the shaft. The cock still slammed into her stretched cunt mercilessly. She could feel Rooster's fingers digging into her hips. "Come on, suck it Bitch!" She sucked on the meaty rod as the fucking went on.

The two cocks worked her at both ends for a while as Grace and Dent looked on. Rooster started to slow down and came to a stop, keeping his fat cock wedged deep inside her. Lachlan had his hand over her black veil and was bobbing her head up and down. He groaned softly as she sucked him off, "UnghOh man, that's fuckin' great!"

Rooster pulled back until his cock was released from the wet cunt's tight grip. He turned to Dent, "You're up Denty-boy, fu, fu, fu, fuck her hard!"

Dent nodded and started pulling down his pants, freeing his hard cock. Rooster climbed off the bed and Lucia was left there bent over on her knees with her tan ass raised. They had a clear view of her pussy, which was wet and rosy and gaping slightly. There was a slurping sound as she sucked on Lachlan's thick cock.

"Hurry up Dent, don't keep a girl waiting," said Grace.

Dent got on the bed and shuffled over to Lucia, getting behind her. He wasted no time pushing his cock through her slit and burying it deep inside her. He grabbed her and started pumping her with deep thrusts like Rooster. Lucia moaned around the cock in her mouth.

"So what do think Rooster? Will she be a good little earner for me?" asked Grace.

"Yeah, I reckon. The johns will be real happy with her. Will you be keeping them dressed like nuns?"

"Yeah, it could be a good sales gimmick, 'The Truckstop Nuns.' The degenerates around here would probably be right into that, and if they're not, they can always take the veil off 'em."

Dent continued to slam his cock into her for a while. Then he started breathing harder and groaning. He quickly pulled out of her and grabbed his wet cock. He groaned loudly as his pearly cum spurted out over her violated slit. He groaned again as his cock throbbed and more cum shot out onto her skin.

"Dent, you blew your load too quickly boy," said Lachlan. "You gotta learn to stretch it out, enjoy the ride. But yeah, I'm ready to spray my whipped cream all over this sundae too." He pulled his cock away from Lucia's sucking mouth and she dropped down on the mattress so that she was laying on her stomach.

"Here, clean up your mess," said Rooster, handing him a towel. Dent nodded and wiped his cum away from her crotch. He climbed off the bed again and pulled up his pants. Lucia groaned as Lachlan roughly flipped her over onto her back. He grabbed her slender legs and spread them wide as he climbed on top of her.

He rubbed his hard cock along her crotch. His hands reached out for her tits and started squeezing and rubbing them. Lucia was breathing heavily and just looked up at him through her teary eyes. Lachlan grinned at her as he grabbed his cock and guided it to her slit. He pushed it through and sunk it in deep, making her groan in protest. Lachlan supported his weight on his arms and started thrusting into her, slapping his groin against hers.

Lucia moaned and gasped as she felt the cock vigorously rub her tender insides and the fat head continually prod deep inside her. Her vagina was sore and tender from the rough treatment, but she also felt the unwelcome carnal pleasure tightening within her, like it had earlier with Grace's mouth and fingers. The cock was banging her mercilessly, violating her, but she wasn't sure she wanted it to stop.

Rooster reached over and grabbed her tits and started rubbing and squeezing them again. Lucia moaned as the cock continued to slam deep into her and she felt the pleasurable surge coming, like a wave that was impossible to hold back. She soon reached her peak and the wave came, sending a blissful surge outwards through her body. Lachlan continued to fuck her as she gasped and writhed beneath him as she rode her orgasm out.

"Oh Yeah, the slut is getting off again!" said Rooster excitedly. He rubbed her large brown nipples between his fingers. Lachlan continued to bang her climaxing pussy which had become even wetter. Soon he began groaning loudly as he fucked her. He pulled all the way out and quickly grabbed his cock and started jerking it.

"Aaaaah Yeah!" he groaned as he spurted his cum over her crotch and belly. A thick load landed in her dark bush of pubic hair. He continued to jerk his wet throbbing cock until every last drop of cum was spent. He rubbed the wet cock around her puffy lips and let out more soft groans. Then he pushed it back in.

Rooster moved around on the bed so that he was squatting over her chest. He rubbed his hard cock over her hot, wet face. "Get me off with your mouth, Slutty Sister." Lucia was in a daze, she didn't resist when he pushed his cockhead into her lips and opened her mouth for him. Her lips closed around his thick shaft and she began sucking. She closed her eyes and her senses were filled with the strong smell and taste of him and the feeling of his fat cockhead rubbing over her tongue. She felt Lachlan's cock slip out of her and her tender, soaking wet cunt felt empty. It still throbbed as she lay there on the bed with her legs spread. She could feel the wetness of the cum running down her skin. Rooster slowly bobbed his cock back and forth in her sucking mouth. "Come on, suck harder." He instructed. Lucia did as she was told, increasing the pressure around the member.

He continued to fuck her pretty tan face framed in the white wimple and black veil. Lucia just lay there limply, sucking on the bobbing cock. Soon Rooster's breathing got heavier. He pulled out of her mouth and grabbed his cock, "Nnnngh yeaaagh!" he moaned as his fat member throbbed and a load of cum spurted out from the head and into Lucia's face around her nose and lips. She screwed her face up and tried to turn away as another load of warm cum spurted out onto her cheek.

"Hahaha, suits you," laughed Rooster as he rubbed his cock over her cheek. He climbed off her and Lucia brought her hands up and wiped the thick cum away from her face. She closed her legs and wriggled up to the top of the bed. She looked up and saw the three men standing over her, looking at her. And that horrible woman, just staring with a smirk on her face.

She felt so ashamed, so violated and defiled and humiliated. She didn't know why they would want to do this to her, why they thought they had the right.

Grace stepped forward, still smiling as she looked down at her. "I've found your true calling Sister Lucia, you're a whore now. There's no shame in it, you'll be making a lot of people happy. Me especially, when the money starts rolling in. And you'll be getting plenty of cock, so that'll keep you happy eh?"

Lucia just glared at her and said nothing.

Grace turned to Lachlan, "I don't see why we can't put her to work tonight. I'm always getting men asking when I'm getting some more girls. We should have no problem drumming up some business for her."

Lachlan nodded, "Yeah, sure. What about the other one?"

"We'll lock her away in room eleven for now. I'm gunna sell her virginity to the highest bidder. We'll see how much those degenerates will pay to deflower a real nun."

"Okay, come on Dent, let's get the sister to room eleven."

He went over to the bathroom door and opened it. Inside, Alice was on her knees by the sink, praying. "On yer feet sister, we're moving you."

Alice looked up at him and slowly got to her feet. "No, I'm staying here with Lucia."

"No, you're not," said Lachlan, grabbing her and leading her out.

When Alice saw Lucia lying there naked on the bed she broke away and rushed up to her. She threw her arms around her and Lucia hugged her back and cried into her shoulder. "I'm sorry," cried Lucia. Lachlan came up and grabbed Alice, "Come on bitch, she's fine, she had a great time with us."

"Jesus loves you," said Alice as she was pulled away. She looked Grace, "Please, just leave her alone now. You can't treat her like thisit's not right!"

"I'll be paying you a visit later Miss Cherry," said Grace, smiling. Then Lachlan marched Alice out of the room and Dent followed meekly behind.

Room eleven was some way away from the room where they were holding Lucia. It was away from the other rooms as well, located at the back of the motel area. Lachlan and Dent had left Alice there and locked the door. It was much the same as the other room they were in, with a couple of beds and a small bathroom. Alice did a thorough search of the room, the windows were all barred and the door securely locked, it was a prison cell.

She couldn't stop thinking about poor Lucia. She felt so powerless and scared. All she could do was pray. She knelt down by the bed and lowered her head and opened her heart to the Lord. She quietly asked for him to grant her and Lucia strength and she prayed for the souls of her captors and for them to find the true path.

Sometimes she would look out the window, hoping that someone may walk past by chance and she could call for help, but she couldn't see much. There was bare field opposite her and trees beyond it.

Hours slowly went by and the sun set, as night fell on the isolated motel. Alice couldn't stop worrying about Lucia and what torments she might be going through. She knelt down and prayed for her again.

She was interrupted by a knock on the door. Why would someone be knocking? She looked up, "Who's there?" Then there was the sound of the door being unlocked and she stood up.

The door opened and a man entered. Alice recognized the face, with its stubble and medium length blonde hair, it was Mr Roberts, from the motel down the highway. He looked her over with his cruel green eyes and smiled. "I'm real glad you took my advice and came here sister." Alice just stood there and looked at him coldly. "You remember who I am don't you?"


"I drove all the way up here to see you. How about a kiss?"

Grace entered behind him, she was carrying a black cloth bag. "How are we doing, my sweet virgin sister?" She settled the bag on the table and locked the door behind her. She turned and come back into the room and looked her over.

"Is Lucia okay?"

"Oh don't you worry about her, she's just peachy." Alice was scared as the two of them just stared at her. "Randy here is a good friend of mine. He sends girls my way sometimes, usually pretty good at figuring out what they want."

"You've held girls here before?"

"That's right, it was a couple of German backpackers last time. Randy told 'em I had work for them. He was right about that, I had plenty of work." Both of them chuckled.

"Whwhat happened to them?"

"Don't you worry about that. If you and your fellow sister be good little nuns and do as your told, then I'll treat you well." A big grin crossed her face, "Swear to God."

"What do you want?"

"I just want some photos. Men will be bidding to take your virginity, aint that exciting? They'll want to see what they're bidding on."

Alice looked horrified. Randal chuckled, "I think you're gunna fetch a real high price, you're such a pretty young thing."

Grace went to her bag and pulled out a digital camera. She stood in front of Alice and lifted it up, "Now give me a sexy smile sister."

Alice's scared expression remained unchanged as the camera flashed. Grace moved around to a slightly different angle and took another photo.

"Now take that habit off sister, or should I get Randy to take it off for you?"

"Please, don't do this."

"Heard it all before sweetheart, now take it off."

"Oh, I'd love to do it for you," said Randal, stepping forward and reaching for her. Alice backed away against the wall.

"I showed you earlier didn't I? You're in MY world sister. I get my way here. Now strip."

Alice's heart was beating rapidly, she was scared out of her mind. She didn't want that man touching her and taking her clothes off. She started pulling up her dress with her shaking hands.

"Aw, what a pity," said Randal as he watched. She lifted the black frock up over her bare crotch, revealing her patch of blonde pubic hair. "Hoo, no panties!"

Alice felt so humiliated, her face became hot. That horrible man Lachlan had taken her panties off her earlier. She continued to slowly lift her frock until it was over her head and then she dropped it to the ground. She was standing there in her veil and wimple and white bra, with her crucifix hanging around her neck. She coyly covered her bare crotch with her hands.

"Aw, don't be shy Sweety. I think you've got a lovely mound," said Randal.

"Needs shaving," said Grace. "The perverts out there will go mad for a bald virgin nun snatch. Take her into the bathroom."

Randal stepped forward and grabbed her arm, "Clean shaven sounds good to me. Come of Sweety-pie."

"Nggh, let go of me!" protested Alice as he pulled her to the bathroom. Grace followed, carrying her black back.

Alice struggled as the man pushed her down onto the toilet and held her there. Grace got some small silver electric clippers from her bag, "Now stay still sister, or you'll get nipped." Alice stopped struggling as the man tightly held her wrists. A buzzing sound started coming from the clippers and Grace moved it to her bare crotch. Alice closed her legs tightly, but Grace forced them apart again. She felt the instrument sliding along her skin as it cut through her bushy pubic hair. Now and then it pulled slightly at her hair, making her wince at the short sharp pain.

Before long the buzzing had stopped. Light colored pubes were scattered all around her crotch and thighs and the toilet seat and only short stubble remained around her mound. Grace held up the clippers and blew the loose hair off it. She looked at Alice, "You might like this next part." She put the clippers back in the bag and pulled out a can of shaving cream and a razor.

She pulled the cap off the can and filled it with warm water from the basin. She moved it over and tipped it onto her groin. Alice could feel the warm water splashing and running over her skin. Then Grace dispensed some foamy shaving cream into her hand and patted it around her pussy. She rubbed the cream in, deliberately rubbing her fingers over her little slit. Alice jerked her hips and let out a groan in protest and Grace let out a soft chuckle.

Grace grabbed the little blue razor, she looked up at Randal, "It's called a razor, you should try using one some time. All that stubble makes you look like a fuckin' hobo."

Randal smiled at her, "I thought all this stubble makes me look manly. What do you think sister?"

Alice didn't say anything and just glared at him.

"Stay still now," said Grace. Alice stayed very still as she felt the blade scraping over her wet skin. Grace was scraping away the stubble strip by strip. Now and then she moved the blade up to the basin to rinse it off. It was a very strange sensation to Alice. She tensed up as it moved around the edges of her labia, following the contours, but she stayed very still and didn't feel any sharp nips.

Soon Grace had scraped away all the shaving cream. She tossed the razor in the basin and patted down Alice's groin with a towel. She spread the young nun's legs apart and admired her work. The area around her mound was completely smooth and hairless. The pale skin had a rosy red tint. Her thin pink lips pressed together in a tight little slit. It was a young looking pussy. Grace smiled, that was what exactly what she wanted, she was dealing with some premium goods here that will surely fetch a high price.

Grace leant forward and blew on the pussy. Alice squirmed on the toilet seat, the sensation of the cool air blowing on her sensitive bare skin was very strange to her. Randal moved his head around to get a look, "Wow, Nice work Gracie. That would give any man instant throbbing boner!" Alice was red-faced, now she felt even more exposed and vulnerable. The whole experience was extremely humiliating.

Randal let go of her wrists and she quickly moved them to cover up her bare groin. The man reached down and unzipped the fly on his jeans. Alice looked away as he released his big hard cock from his underwear. "Come on Sweet thing, look how hard you make me. Give it a nice kiss for me." He leant forward and started rubbing the moist head along her cheek.

"No, stop it!" said Alice, leaning over and trying to get away from him.

Grace stood up and packed the shaving gear back away in her bag. "Put it away Randy, it's not play time yet. Bring her back to the bed." She left the small bathroom. Randal chuckled as he tucked his erection away and pulled Alice off the toilet and lead her back into the room.

"Take her bra off," instructed Grace.

Randal forced her to bend over the bed and started roughly pulling at her bra strap. He unhooked the bra and Alice squealed as he ripped it away from her body and tossed it to the floor. He let go of her and she clumsily stood up again. Her hands moved to cover her pale exposed breasts and shaven crotch. Tears rolled down her hot red face.

Grace grabbed her camera again, "Let's continue our little photo shoot. Get her on the bed with her legs spread." Randal grabbed her again and roughly pushed her onto the bed. Alice cried out and was struggling against him as he climbed on the bed too and was pawing at her. He grabbed her arms and pinned them behind her back. "Stop yer fighting Bitch. It'll go easier for all of us if you just do as you're told."

He let go of her arms and pulled her legs apart, so that her exposed pussy was pointing toward Grace. Alice wriggled about and moved her hands down to cover her pussy again. "Move those hands or we'll tie them up," said Grace.

"Please, this is obscene!"

"Yeah, that's the point." Randal pulled her arms away and the flash went off as Grace took a photo of her with her legs spread. "Now give me a sexy smile." Alice just scowled as Grace took a few more photos.

Grace got up closer. "Now for the money shot. Spread her lips wide, I want a clear pic of her cherry."

"Sure thing," said Randal smiling. He moved his hands to her pussy and rubbed his fingers along her labia. Alice cried out and tried to push his arms away. "I said Stop fighting!" said Randal angrily.

"I meant what I said you little bitch, we'll tie you up if we have to," threatened Grace.

Alice reluctantly stop struggling, she knew there was no point. She felt Randal's fingers press into her labia and force her lips apart. The little pink fleshy ring of her hymen was exposed and Grace took the close-up photo. She moved back a little, getting her pale breasts and red teary face in the frame and snapped again.

Grace looked at the photos on the small screen of her camera, "Good. Now take the headgear off her." Randal let go of her pussy lips and her slit snapped closed again. He moved his hands up and started pulling off her veil and wimple. Alice's long curly blonde hair was exposed, flowing down around her shoulders.

"Pretty," commented Randal. He took a long sniff of her hair.

Grace smiled, "Yes, pretty, young, blonde, devout, virgin, shaven. You tick off a lot of boxes there, I'm selling a premium product. You truly are a gift from God sister. Get off the bed Randy, I want some photos without you in it." Randal nodded and climbed off the bed, leaving Alice lying there wearing nothing but the crucifix around her neck. "Now, put your hands above your head, spread your legs more, and fuckin' smile damn you."

Alice reluctantly did as she was told, but didn't smile. The plump woman walked around, snapping photos of her from different angles. Randal stood there staring at her and rubbing his groin. Finally Grace went and put the camera away in the bag. She pulled out a sandwich in a plastic wrapper and put it down by the old bible. "I've got what I need. I'll go and set up the online auction."

"So I can have a little play time with Sister Blondie now?" asked Randal, grinning.

"Yeah, just remember what I said—You damage the goods, you'll be paying for it."

"Yeah, yeah, I know."

"Have fun you two." Grace grabbed the bag and unlocked the door before leaving the room. Alice sat up on the bed shyly covering her breasts and pussy again and looking up at Randal with a frightened expression.

He was looking down at her and smiling, "Don't worry sister, your cherry is safe for the time being, but that don't mean we can't have some fun." He dropped his jeans and freed his erection again, "It don't mean that at all!"

"Just leave me alone, please."

"Heh heh, how about that kiss now?" He climbed on the bed and Alice recoiled as he moved right up to her. He grabbed her head and brought his lips to hers. She let out muffled moans and kept her mouth shut tight. Her hands moved up and tried to push him away. The rough stubble of his face scraped against her smooth skin. His lips were locked onto hers as his tongue rubbed along her clenched teeth.

He pulled away from her slightly and Alice could smell his sweaty musky aroma as she breathed heavily through her nose. "Open your mouth Sweety," he said quietly. Alice shook her head. He got hold of a lock of hair in his fingers and yanked hard.

"OOWWL!" Alice cried out at the sharp pain. Randal lunged forward and pressed his lips against hers again and stuck his tongue into her mouth. Alice tried to pull away, but he had a tight grip of her head. She was grossed out as she felt his rough tongue probing her mouth, rubbing against her tongue. She got the foul taste of smoke as he kissed her. She thought about biting down, but she didn't want to hurt him, didn't want to anger him. She just wanted him to stop.

He kept at it for a while, holding her head tightly as he mashed his face into hers, his rough stubble scratching her skin. He pashed her wildly as she let out muffled moans and pushed against him. She thumped her fists against his chest trying to get him to stop, but he ignored her.

Eventually he pulled back and licked his lips. Alice gasped as she caught her breath. The man slowly moved down and brought his head to her firm, pale breasts. He licked along her right boob and then took the little pink nipple into his mouth. Alice squealed as she felt the strong sucking around her nipple. His hand came up and cupped her left boob and she felt the strong fingers press into her flesh as he groped her.

He moved his mouth up off the breast with a loud slurping sound. Then he poked his tongue out and Alice could feel it rubbing around her wet nipple in circles. The sensations were all very strange to her. Her face was hot and she was still breathing heavily. She just wanted the lewd molestation to end. She was so ashamed that he was doing this to her, but her body was responding to it, waves of warm tingling sensations flowed through her.

He moved his head over and started licking and sucking on the other tit. Then Alice felt her nipple being pinched between his teeth. He didn't bite hard, but Alice yelped and pushed his head away. Randal looked up at her and smiled. He lifted himself up on the bed so that he was kneeling. His hard cock poked out in front of him, it had a thick shaft with a few purple veins running along it, the fat dark head was wet with precum.

Alice turned her head away when she saw it. The sight of an erect penis was unfamiliar to her and she found it quite scary. Randal chuckled, "Come now sister, gaze upon god's creation. He made cocks so hot little bitches like you can enjoy 'em. Don't know where you nuns got the silly idea that you gotta stay away from 'em."

He shuffled up and started rubbing his cock over her bare breasts that were wet with saliva. He started flopping it up and down, slapping it against her left tit. "Oh man, you make me so hard sister." He grabbed her head and moved it, forcing her to face her chest and his cock. Alice could see the thick member sitting on her breast and it had her heart racing. It looked so aggressive and scary, yet somehow fascinating.

She screwed her face up as Randal brought it forward and started rubbing it against her cheek. "Now give it a kiss for me," he said as he pressed it into her lips. Alice just kept her lips tight as she caught the strong smell of it. "Open up and let it in sister, you know you want to." Alice kept her lips shut tight. He got hold of her hair again and just held it there firmly, threatening to yank it again. Alice knew that she couldn't fight him, and there was no stopping him.

She slowly opened her mouth and the fat cockhead moved past her lips and slipped inside. She tried to keep her mouth open around it, then she felt the head in the back of her mouth and it made her gag slightly. Her lips closed around the bulky shaft. The cock had a strange bitter taste to it. It just sat there for a few moments and she couldn't believe she had a man's penis inside her mouth.

"Suck," ordered Randal. She did as she was told and started sucking on the cock, putting strong pressure around it. She felt her mouth become wetter with more saliva and her tongue involuntarily rubbed along the underside of the cock. Randal let out a soft moan and started slowly bobbing his cock back and forth. He grabbed her hand and brought it to his shaft in front of her face. "Hold it firmly, stroke it." She gripped the firm shaft and moved her hand along it while she sucked on the tip. Tears rolled down her red face. She was being forced to participate in this carnal act. She was overwhelmed by the taste and the smell of him, and the feel of him in her hand and mouth. She didn't know why her groin was tingling with strange sensations. Randal continued to let out soft moans and groans as she pleasured him. He ran his hand through her curly blonde hair.

For Alice it seemed to go on and on as she just kept on sucking and stroking his sinful organ. Eventually he pulled out and she made a loud slurping sound as it left her sucking mouth. Globs of spit dribbled down her chin as the cock pulled away. Alice closed her mouth and rubbed her jaw, she was glad to have her mouth empty again.

Randal moved down on the bed, his wet hard cock was poking out in front of him. He grabbed her legs and forcefully pulled her down further on the bed, making her squeal in surprise. He lifted her legs and spread them apart and let them drop again. Alice looked up and saw that he had a grin on his face as he looked down at her bald pussy that still had a rosy red tint to it.

"Such a beautiful sight." He started rubbing his hard wet cock over her smooth mound. The lewd rubbing had her pussy tingling and feeling very strange. On some level she wanted feel that rubbing on the inside as well.

Alice looked up at him with fearful eyes, "No, you can't"

"Yeah, yeah, I know, your virgin cunt is a restricted area. That just makes it even more appealing. Forbidden fruit and all that, like in the bible." He rubbed his head around her little slit, making her squeal again. "Maybe I'll just ram my cock up there anyway, fuck the consequences!"


Randal laughed, "No, not this time. But you've got another virgin hole that's even tighter. I'm gunna stick it up your backside Sweet Sister."


"Hehehe, yeah. Stay here." He let go of her and shuffled off the bed. He then went into the bathroom. Alice sat up at the head of the bed again, her heart was racing. Her mind was in turmoil, she was aroused and very frightened at the same time.

Her fight or flight responses were screaming out in her mind, but she knew she could do neither. She could only wait for that man to come out and rape her. She believed that everyone had some good in them, perhaps there was a small chance she could talk him out of it.

She felt a strong sense of dread when Randal soon came back out again. He stroked his hard cock with one hand and held up a small hotel shampoo bottle. "Here, this should serve as lube."

Alice looked up at him, her voice was wavering, "Please don't do this sir. I'm with the Franciscan Sisters of the Eucharist at the Mission of Our Lady of the Angels. I've taken a vow of chastity, poverty, obedience"

"Obedience, I like that, bend over the bed for me. As for chastity, well, some vows are made to be broken."

He went over to the bed and grabbed her. "Leave me alone!" she cried out as he pulled her over to the edge of the bed. She struggled against him as he positioned her so that she was bent over with her legs over the edge. He pushed her down as she tried to get up and then rubbed his hand over her pale round butt.

Alice was pinned down against the bed, crying out for him to stop. She felt his hands rubbing and groping her bare ass. Soon she felt the cool, wet shampoo running down between her cheeks. "Relax baby! It won't be so bad if you relax and accept it."

She felt his finger probing around her anus, slipping over her wet soapy skin. It made her tense up. Then he prodded it right into her opening. Her tight sphincter squeezed around the finger as it forced its way inside. Alice groaned as she clenched around the invader. It slid right in to the knuckle, lubricated by the slippery shampoo. It was a horrible violation and she just wanted it out of her body.

Randal started slowly moving his finger in and out. Alice could feel it rubbing past her squeezing ring and probing inside her. Her vagina continued to throb. She groaned and cried out for him to stop. "Ooh, that's real tight," he said softly. She could hear him breathing heavily.

He slipped the finger out and the little hole clenched shut again. He rubbed his finger around her slippery skin, then he pushed it in once more. Alice groaned in protest as he started forcefully rubbing his finger around in circles, rimming the hole with his wet slippery finger. He rubbed his finger around in a few full circles and then started pushing it back and forth in a fucking motion again.

Soon he stopped moving his finger and left it there. "See, it aint so bad is it? Yer tight hole is nice and slippery now, and ready to hug my cock."

"Don'tplease. I don't want this!"

"Too bad. You're just lucky you got a gentleman like me who will get ya ready and go easy on ya." He slipped his finger out and once again the hole closed up tightly. He got hold of his hard cock and guided it to the little wet opening. The fat cockhead slipped over her skin as it teasingly probed around her anus.

"Don't!" Alice cried out. Then she felt the blunt head pushing into her. The little hole resisted the penetration, but the cock pressed forward with more and more force. She felt her ring suddenly give way and painfully stretch open. She cried out in pain as the fat member forced its way into her ass. Randal grunted as he pushed forward and sunk his member deeper into the tight asshole.

Randal stopped there with several inches of cock wedged up inside her and the little ring clenching tightly around his thick shaft. Tears streamed down Alice's face as she cried out into the mattress. The pain was unbearable. Randal reached forward and ran his hand through her hair. "Relax baby, it aint gunna kill ya. Ooh, fuck yeahso tight!"

The cock felt so huge wedged inside her body. Her stretched ring was filling her mind with sharp pain and meaty log felt incredibly uncomfortable and unnatural prodding up inside her rectum. Then he started slowly pulling back and pushing forward again. She cried out and he reached forward and pushed her face into the mattress as he slowly fucked her tight ass.

She could feel every inch as it slid through her clenching ring. The fat cockhead seemed to be continually poking up deeper inside her body. She tried her best to relax her clenching rectum. The slippery shampoo was helping the cock to slide through the tight gripping hole. Once again, she could feel the throbbing in her vagina, she could even feel the wetness seeping from her.

Randal held on tightly and was letting out grunts and groans as he fucked the girl's virgin ass with slow deep strokes. Then he pulled all the way back and her ass released its grip on the fat head as it popped out. Alice was relieved to have it out of her, she hoped that it was over. Then she felt the head rubbing around and prodding at her sore opening again. She gasped and shuddered at the anticipation of another penetration, and then it forced its way through, stretching her sphincter open again.

He started pushing into her with deeper, more forceful strokes, but still wasn't pounding her hard. Alice just lay there underneath him, gasping and groaning as her violated her. The pain wasn't so intense now, she was able to relax her sphincter and stop it from painfully clenching around the invader as it pushed and pulled at her insides.

Randal noticed her calming down, "Yeah, you see, aint so bad now is it?" He rubbed his hand over her soft skin as he moved it down and ran it over her smooth mound. His fingers forcefully rubbed along her wet lips and she moaned and shuddered. His cock continued sawing into her tight hole while he mashed several fingers against her slit. A wet finger slid up her vulva, probing for the little nub of her clitoris.

Alice gasped and let out a loud moan as the finger put pressure around her sensitive bud. She never felt anything like the raw pleasure that was building within her as he continued to lightly rub his finger around the clit in tiny circles. She couldn't stop herself letting out successive moans and wails, her virgin pussy tingled and throbbed and even her ass felt good as it tightly hugged the firm throbbing organ.

The intense pleasure rose until it reached its peak and Alice let out a succession of high pitched moans and wails and other strange noises as the intense pulsing pleasure emanated from her fluttering pussy and clit. Her ass seemed to clasp Randal's cock even tighter for a few seconds and he let out a groan. He could feel her shuddering underneath him for a few moments and then she relaxed.

She lay there limply on the bed, gasping for breath, beads of sweat running down her hot face. Randal removed his hand from her pussy, laughing softly. He got hold of her hips and began rhythmically pumping his cock into her soft hugging ass.

He ploughed into her for a little while longer, then his breathing became more labored. He groaned as he pulled all the way out of her again. The tight hole released its grip on the fat cock and gaped slightly. Randal grabbed his shaft and started furiously jerking it. He groaned loudly as the pearly cum spurted out and landed on the wet rosy asshole. It was quickly followed by another spurt that landed on the pale skin of her butt. "Uuuugh, unghfuck yeah!"

He brought his cock forward and rubbed the dark head over his warm sticky cum. He gave her bum a playful slap and then stood up again. Alice just stayed there, bent over the bed. Her mind was in a daze. Her little hole had closed up again, but still looked rosy and wet. The cum ran down her pale skin and along her bare pussy. Randal's wet cock was shrinking and softening. He turned and walked away, into the bathroom.

Alice finally moved again and got up onto the bed. She winced as she sat up, her ass felt sore and tender after the violation. She felt so ashamed, how could she have received so much pleasure from the disgusting act? She never wanted it, she was taken by force, violated, defiled. Yet mind had been lost in the raw carnal pleasure. Had she sinned taking pleasure in the assault? It made her feel sick.

She pulled the sheets up off the bed and covered her naked body. She heard a splashing sound coming from the bathroom as Randal pissed in the toilet bowl.

The man came back out and smiled at her, sitting on the bed under the sheets. Alice just glared at her through her teary eyes. "You have an amazing ass, Sweet Sister. Some lucky prick is going to rip through your cherry soon, but don't forget that it was me who took your virginity."

He went over to the bed and sat down on it as he started putting on his pants. When he was done, he turned to Alice, "How about a goodnight kiss?"

She just glared at him.

"No? Well there'll be plenty of time for that. I might hang around here for another day or two, see how your deflowering goes. We'll get down and dirty again, you and me. I look forward to it already." He smiled at her and blew her a kiss and then stood up. Alice watched as he left the room, locking the door behind him.

She was left there alone again. Her ass was so sore, and was wet with the shampoo and cum and fluids, she felt so dirty. Alice slowly got up off the bed and walked over to the bathroom. She ran the shower and got in, letting the warm water wash over her.

She wasn't interrupted again for the whole night, but she couldn't get much rest. She was too worried about Lucia, and what might be happening to her. Her mind kept playing over the horrible humiliations and violations that were brought upon her. The guilt and shame of it all. And she was fearful of what was to come. She wondered about Grace, and how her soul could have fallen so far to commit these vile acts on others.

Most of the night she just prayed. She prayed with all of her heart and hoped that god would listen and grant her strength. She did finally manage to fall into a troubled sleep some time during the night.

She was up for a couple of hours the next morning when she heard the door being unlocked. It made her automatically tense up. She was sitting on the bed dressed in her full habit. Grace came through the door and Alice was relieved to see that she was alone. "Good morning Sister Alice," she said cheerfully.

"Is Lucia Okay?"

"Sister Lucia is fine. I think she really likes being a whore. She made me six hundred dollars last night." Alice grit her teeth, she couldn't believe how horrible and vile this woman was. Grace just smiled at her, "I'll leave it to you to guess how many customers that is. Perhaps I charge fifty bucks and she did a dozen guys. You'll be glad to hear that your online auction is underway and you've fetched me more than that already. The punters love your photos."

"How can you do this to us?"

"I thought we went through all this. I'm doing it all for the money."

"It's such a cruel way to make money. Something must have happened to you to make you fall this far. Do you want to talk about it?"

Grace scrunched up her face as she looked at her. "Shut the fuck up! I brought you your breakfast." She held up the take-away container and then looked on the table. The sandwich from last night had been left untouched. "Not eating? I want you staying healthy. You had better eat this, or we'll force you."

"You had me raped!" said Alice angrily.

"It aint so bad. You'll get used to it, and you'll even enjoy it."

"Please, look into your heart. You know that what you're doing to us is wrong. It is never too late for you to save your soul."

"Save the sermon sister, not interested. What I am interested in is how your little date with Randy went. He lives up to his name doesn't he?" She let out a chuckle. "You're still intact I hope."

Alice sat there and stayed silent.

"Yeah, Randy wouldn't be that stupid. I bet he gave you a sore ass though, hehehe. You'll need to get used to that." She put the container of food down on the table by the bible. She looked at the old worn book, "Been reading your favorite book while you're waiting to lose your virginity? Let's try it out again, just for fun."

She picked up the bible and started flipping through the pages and poked her finger down at a random spot. She lifted the book and started reading, "John 5:29; and shall come forth; they that have done good, unto the resurrection of life; and they that have done evil, until the resurrection of damnation." Grace looked up and scoffed, she looked up to the ceiling, "Fuck you and your resurrections!" She slammed the book closed and tossed it back onto the table.

She went and opened up the door. Alice spoke up behind her, "Please, let me see Luciaplease."

Grace turned back to her, "Perhapsif you be good. Eat your food. I'll be sending a couple of the boys around to give you some blowjob practice. Be nice to them and do what they say. Then I'll see about letting you see your girlfriend." She left the room and locked the door. Alice sat there despairingly. That woman was so full of hate. It would be very difficult to get through to her.

Her stomach was hollow and rumbling, she hadn't eaten in some time. She went over to the table and picked up the container, it had a sausage and some bacon and fried eggs and baked beans packed into it. She sat down and picked at the food.

She read through the bible for most of the morning, seeking guidance and comfort from the familiar book, and distraction from her situation.

Around midday, someone came to the door again and unlocked it. Alice tensed up as she put the book down and sat up, facing the door. The door opened and a strong gust of wind blew inside. Outside, the sunlight was muted behind clouds. The red-headed, mustachioed man called Rooster came in, "Phew, it's getting' a bit blowy out there." He smiled at Alice, "Good morning Sister Cherry. I brought your lunch." He placed another wrapped-up sandwich down on the table. He rubbed his groin, "It's right here, a nice fat sausage for you to chow down on. Heheheh."

He walked over to her and she got up and backed away from him, against the wall. "Come now, don't be shy. I'm not gunna hurt you." He reached up and she flinched away from him as he stroked her face. "Pretty face, I'd love to cum all over it like I did your friend. But I reckon you can swallow all my cream instead." Alice just remained silent.

He pulled his hand away from her face and went and sat on the bed, "Come on, get on your knees in front of me."

Alice just stood there scowling at him.

"Grace told me you would be a good nun and do as you're told. She also told me that if you weren't, I could get a little rough with you. Is that what you want?"

Alice slowly moved forward and dropped down on her knees in front of him. "Good girl," he pointed to his groin, "Now get my cock out."

Alice hesitantly reached forward and started undoing the button on his blue pants. She unzipped the fly and saw the bulge in his white underwear. She slowly reached in and lightly got hold of his cock, pulling it out. Just the sight of it caused a reaction in her, her face felt hot and flushed and her heart started beating faster. She let go and his half-erect member sat there in front of her. Rooster chuckled, "Okay, you may be a virgin nun, but you know what I want. Get to it."

Alice reluctantly wrapped her hand around the soft flesh. "You can grab it harder than that sister. Give it a nice kiss." She got a firm hold of it moved her head forward. She took in the strong masculine smell of his crotch as she took it into her mouth and sealed her lips around the shaft. She felt the cock quickly swelling and growing in her hand and mouth. Her mouth got wetter with saliva as she started to suck. The smell and taste of the cock made her stomach uneasy, she hoped that it wouldn't go on for too long.

Then there came a distant rumbling sound. It sounded like a train, but she didn't think there were any train tracks around here. Rooster heard it too, "What the hell is that?" He pushed her head back and she made a loud slurping sound as the cock left her lips. He got up and went over to the window and looked out past the curtains, "The sky looks weird out there."

He tucked his erection away in his pants and walked back over to the door. "Now just wait here Sister. We'll finish this in a bit." Then he went out the door again, locking it. Alice could still hear the rumbling, she got up and moved over to the window and peered out, past the metal bars. The sky looked dark, and the wind was strong, she could see leaves and rubbish flying past. Something unusual was happening out there.

Steadily the rumbling got louder and the wind howled. Alice saw the large window bending inwards. She backed away from it and suddenly the window shattered. Splinters of glass flew into the room and the curtains flapped about as strong wind blew all around her. Alice cried out in terror, her heart was beating rapidly. Among the sounds of loud rumbling and howling wind she could hear a man's panicked shouting. She could hear him crying out, "Twister!"

She suddenly realized what was happening—a tornado was bearing down on them. She was in great danger. She rushed over to the bathroom. She was still locked in this room, the best she could do was huddle down in this small room and pray for god's protection. She moved back to the bed and started pulling the heavy mattress off. The curtains were flapping around violently as gusts of wind filled the room. Her black veil flew off her head.

She looked out the shattered window and saw a large flat piece of metal, like a car bonnet rolling past, being carried by the strong wind. She strained as she pulled the mattress over to the bathroom. It barely fit inside the small room, but she got it in there and crawled underneath it, huddling in the corner of the shower. The loud noises were indescribable, like thousands of things scraping and banging and crashing all at once. Alice could feel the wall she was leaning against shuddering and vibrating. She was expecting the walls to be ripped apart at any moment and to be carried off to a violent death. She had never been so terrified.

Alice tried to calm her breathing and clasped her hands together under her chin. She began praying. "The light of God surrounds me. The Love of God enfolds me. The Power of God protects me. The Presence of God watches over me. The Strength of God renews me. Wherever I am, God is!" She repeated it over and over again as the weather raged around her.

Eventually the rumbling began to die down. An eerie quiet followed and Alice realized that the danger had passed. She was alive and unharmed. "Thank you Lord, Amen." Then she immediately thought about Lucia, she had to know that she was all right.

She crawled out from under the mattress. There was debris scattered all over the room. The mattress from the other bed had been thrown against the far wall. Alice immediately noticed the large gaping hole in the far corner, where the door was. The door had been ripped away as well as a large chunk of the wall and ceiling.

She stepped over the smashed glass and rubbish as she walked over to the gap. What she saw shocked her. The whole area had been devastated. The small buildings had been reduced to piles of scrap. Debris of all shapes and sizes was scattered around everywhere. What few trees there were, now looked like bare sticks leaning over. A white car was upside down nearby. The truckstop in the distance looked like it had partially collapsed, and what appeared to be Grace's office was still standing but was badly damaged.

Alice made her way out from the room. She had to find Lucia, but she was very scared at what she might find. She stepped over the loose debris and materials as she made her way toward the front entrance. A large chunk of splintered wood caught her frock and tore it as she walked past. She saw a car that had been crumpled up like tin-foil.

She walked past the damaged car and saw a man lying on top of a pile of debris. He was dead. His clothes were torn, as well as his skin and he was battered and bloody all over. He was lying on his back with his legs together and his arms spread out wide. Alice saw his face and realized it was Randal Roberts.

Alice made the sign of the cross gesture as she looked over the dead man and moved on. She was afraid that she might find Lucia the same way. "Please Lord, let her be all right," she said softly. She started calling out Lucia's name as she made her way through the devastated area.

She got closer to the damaged motel office when she heard someone crying out for help. It sounded like a woman's voice. Her heart beat rapidly as she quickly made her way toward the sound. Then she saw someone trapped under a large concrete slab. It was Grace.

She was on her stomach on the ground with the large slab and other debris looming over her. Dirt and blood was smeared over her face and arms. There was money scattered all around her, notes fluttering in the breeze. "Help! Someone help me please." She called out. Then she looked up and saw Alice, "Sister, oh thank God. You have to help me, I'm trapped."

Alice looked down at her. The fat lady looked very vulnerable and frightened, "You have to help me!"

Alice quickly moved over to her and got hold of the concrete slab. She strained as she tried to lift it, but it was too heavy. She started pulling rubbish away from the top of it. Then she turned and walked away. "No wait! You can't leave me here!"

"I'm not," said Alice, looking around. She picked up a large strong steel sign pole. She came back to where Grace was and pushed the pole underneath the slab. The pole sat on another chunk of concrete that was on the ground. She started pushing down on the other end, using the pole as a lever. She grit her teeth and strained as she pushed the pole with all her might. Slowly, the slab began to raise a few inches.

"Ungghh!You gottacrawl out!" Grace grit her teeth and groaned in pain as she pulled her heavy body along the ground, slowly making her way out. Alice couldn't hold it any longer and dropped the slab down again. Grace had come out far enough and had been freed. Alice moved over and gasped and groaned as she helped pull her out further.

Her left leg had been crushed and was lacerated and bleeding, Grace cried out in agony. Alice knelt down beside her and ripped off a long strip of her torn frock. She wrapped the black material around her leg in a makeshift bandage to stem the bleeding. "We need to get you out of here," she told Grace.

Alice strained again as she helped the plump woman up. She had her arm around her shoulder and helped support her weight as they slowly walked off. Damn she was heavy. "NgghThank you sister. God bless youGod bless you."

"UnghDon't say that! Justjust be quietplease."

They walked by the damaged office building where she first met Grace. Then Alice heard her name being called out. She looked up, "Lucia!" She settled the wounded woman down on the ground.

"No, don't leave me here!" She cried out.

"I'll come back for you," said Alice as she made her way toward the voice.

"Alice!" called out Lucia. Alice saw her, and was relieved that she appeared uninjured. She was wearing her black frock, but her dark hair hung loosely around her face. They both quickly made their way to each other, stumbling over the debris. They threw their arms around each other and hugged tightly.

Lucia was crying, "Oh thank the Lord. Thank Jesus."

Alice looked into her teary eyes, "It's going to be okay Lucia. It's all going to be all rightcome on."

They both made their way back to where Grace was. Grace looked up at them and called out, "Oh thank God you're both all right. I never meant any harm for you. I swear to God." The damaged wall above her groaned and creaked. Suddenly part of it crumbled away, a sheet of metal slid down and sliced cleanly through her neck as it crashed to the ground.

Alice and Lucia both shrieked as they saw her decapitated head roll along the ground. It came to a stop and she seemed to look up at the two nuns as the life left her eyes.

Alice and Lucia both looked away in horror and hugged each other tightly. Soon a man appeared behind them, making his way through the debris. He was wearing the bright orange uniform of an emergency worker. He approached the two girls, "Ladies, are you okay? Are you injured at all?"

Alice looked up at him with her teary eyes, "No, we're all right."

He looked over and saw the fat severed head sitting on the ground, "Good Lord! Come on, let's get you out of here. You're safe now."

He led the two nuns toward the front entrance, and they left the fat head of Grace behind amongst all the debris and rubbish.


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