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when me and harvey desided to come home (back to la) we raced to the airport and got are plan back. when we arrived back in LA i was stopped by a customs officer he said to me "sir can you step to the side please" so of course i did as he said. Harvey followed after me but the officer told him to carry on through customs i manged to shout to harvey "get my mom here" the man took me to a interview room then the man told me to sit down in a firm voice so i did he said "can you tell me your name? please" "sure its Leonardo Spencer" the officer said to me "you full name please" say this in a much firmer tone so i answered him saying "Leonardo Nicolas Matthew Spencer" "your intering the country from Italy is that correct" "yes it is" "where was you born" "there in LA" "we have reason to belive your trying to enter this country alegaly" "are you for real im an american citerzean"

there was a knock on the door and another officer entered the room "his attonry is here" when my mom entered the room i went to run to her but the officer loudly shouted at me to sit down having one hand over the top of his gun so did as he said my mom handed the man a white envolope he opened it and read my certifate of birth and a few other documents the man looked at me and said he was very sorry and im free to go i ran to my mom and said "thank you so much"

when i got outside harvey was there with my car so i kissed my mom goodbye and told her i will be round later on tonight and got into my car harvey looked at me and said "what happened babe?" "the officer thought i looked a bit to nervus and thought i was trying to hide my self" "what a fucking jerk" i smiled and said "o well im just glad im not going t a federal prison" harvey hand me my cigs and i light one up as he drove us home when we got home i though my suitcase on my bed ( <are bed!> ) and told harvey im going to see britney babe giving him a kiss on his way out harvey stopped me and said "babe can i borrow some money for gas" "baby why dont you use the house account for gas" "because you have the card" "o yeah sorry" i pulled out my wallet and handed harvey the card he took the card of me and said "i need the code babe" "its **** babe. right im going to see brit" harvey said "i'll walk down with you babe because im going to see dean" so we both got into are cars and drove off

when i got to brits house i told her all about rome and customs and me and harvey drinking beer after beer with her it was time for me to go i manged to pull my cell out of my pocket and rang Harvey when he answered i said "harvey im not drunk i dont care what you say but can you come and pick me up please" when harvey arrived he knocked on the door and i manged to open it harvey looked at me and said "your really drunk" harvey picked me up with arms (like a wedding hold) i looked at him and said "i have such a strong hustband" then rested my head on his chest and closed my eyes i must have passed out because i dont remember harvey driving me home or getting into bed i woke up later that night about 7ish harvey was working on somethink on my laptop i walked over to him and said "babe what are you doing?" "im working out the household exspenses babe" "okay babe im going to get some coffee do you want some?" harvey turned arround and looked at me and said "id love a cup of joe babe" "harvey do you really have to call it joe thats so common" so i went and got us both some coffee and i said "harvey i need to talk to you about something important" so harvey offered me a chair and i sat in it he said "whats is it babe" i said "well you know you had to borrow money of my mom to come get me from rome and you needed money this morning for gas well what i am going to say is why dont you just have access to my account and make it the marrage account so you could go get gas when you need it or new clothes brithday present or anythink you need because baby the bottem line is your my hustband and whats mine is yours" "are you sure you want to do that baby because i could go get a job to pay for my stuff" "baby why get a job when you can just have access to my account like i said your my hustband and i love you so please just take the access" "how do we go about it babe" "i guess we go talk to someone at the bank tomorrow babe. but for now its my turn to cook us dinner" so i went into the kitchen and cooked dinner for me and baby we ate at the tablle and talked about what we did today then the subject of trans came up because one of harvey old football friends wants to be a woman i asked harvey whats your views on it harvey said "i dont know because ive never had to think about it before but if it make him happy being a her she should go for it. why what do you think?" "i think that everyone should have the freedom t be what they want t be within the law so is he want to be a she then she should start finding information out about it and those who arnt her friend after was no true friends to begin with plus i can take her shopping" me and harvey laughted but i was serious if he wants to be a she then she should have that freedom

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