Cousins and Lovers Part 2

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Heather and I finished up our chores for the day around noon. I lay on my bed, exhausted from lack of sleep, when she walked into the room. Heather moved along the bed to the point that she was far enough forward to kiss me. We made out for several minutes, only breaking apart to take breaths. Heather informed me that she had gotten permission to go out to the lake house the next day.

The lake house was jointly owned by both our parents for summer gatherings and the like. Those had gotten more scarce since her parents had divorced. However, my dad refused to get rid of it, making it party central for the kids, if we could sneak away. I always enjoyed going out there, since it was peaceful unless it was being used as a party house. Heather and I out there alone was asking for trouble.

We made the slight drive from her house to the lake house the next morning. A large brick house set over the water, to the point that it had a slide from a living room corner went directly into the lake. The house was as inviting as ever for two horny teens without supervision. Heather and I went inside the house, carrying backpacks for an overnight stay. The spacious living room wasn't where we wanted to be. We both ran to the master bedroom; we dropped our bags by the bedroom door. There was a large, empty closet on the back wall by the door to the master bathroom. A queen size bed lay in the middle of the room.

I picked up the screaming Heather and carried her over to the bed. I dumped her in the center of the bed and climbed on top of her. We started making out; our tongues wrestling for control between us. We broke apart to breathe. She wiggled out from under me. Her left hand brushing my obvious boner.

We both undressed in record time. My hungry cock wanted to just violate her by going right to sex. I took my time, kissing her all over. She broke away looking enough to open the top drawer of the dresser. “I need you in me now,” she said, frantically. A condom was pressed into my right hand. I took it, wasting no time getting it on.

Heather had positioned herself on the bed, watching as I put on the condom. I climbed on top of her. My cock naturally positioning itself at her entrance. I didn't thrust right in though. I gave her a long make out session first, during which she started to wiggle trying to get my cock inside. I, finally, pushed into Heather. She sighed at the feeling of my cock stretching her.

I took my time thrusting into her as we had slow love making. She smiled at me as I stayed going slow. I wanted to enjoy this as we had the entire house to ourselves. Heather knew this as well. I picked up my speed a bit. She started to thrust back into me. I thrust in one final time and came into the condom.

Heather looked a bit disappointed as I had finished before she did. I ducked my head down between her legs. My tongue touched her clit as I inserted it into her pussy. She moaned as I went to work toward her orgasm. Her knees locked right behind my head as she came shortly after.

I walked into the master bathroom. I peeled the condom off my cock. I threw it into the trash can and cleaned off my mouth. Heather stepped into the bathroom shortly after. She cleaned her legs off and shimmied into her one piece swimsuit. I went back into the bedroom and put on my swim trunks.

We went down into the basement where a door lead to the docks. I opened the door, and we stepped onto the dock. We dropped into the water. I moved up to her and kissed Heather as we floated along side the dock. I heard a car pull up and I pulled away. Heather laughed at my nervousness.

The door to the docks opened up. I noticed as Heather's friend, Laura, appeared. Laura was shorter than either of us in the water. She had the classic Irish look with freckles, red curls, and green eyes. Laura dropped into the water. She swam over to the two of us and smiled.

I glanced at Heather, who moved up to Laura. Heather kissed get best friend on her lips. I was slightly jealous as they made out for several minutes. Heather pushed Laura to me. I looked beyond Laura to Heather for permission. She simply nodded. I pulled Laura into me and kissed her on the lips. We made out for several minutes. Heather pulled herself over to me. I kissed her in the lips.

I broke away and pulled myself onto the dock. I dropped to my knees to pull up the girls. Heather pulled herself up first and ran away, leaving me with Laura. I pulled her up and kissed her again. We stood there drying in the wind and made out. Heather called for us in the master bedroom.

Laura and I made our way to the master bedroom. Heather laid up on the bed, nude. Laura wasn't surprised and neither was I. Laura stepped out of her green bikini, as I did the same with my swim trunks. I took a condom out of the dresser. Laura started kissing up Heather as I pulled on the condom. I moved to Laura and started to kiss her.

I pushed my cock into Laura, as Heather watched on. I started slow and picked up speed. Laura came suddenly. Heather pulled me out of her friend and into her. I started thrusting as soon as Heather's hand was out of the way. I came shortly after, as I noticed the twinkle in the girls’ eyes.

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