What A Classy Neighbor

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What A Classy Neighbor


Her eyes were also talking but taunting when she said that she noticed Douglas having both men and women come to his house relatively late in the evening and leave by midnight or so. She also added that she sometimes noticed that they came in different dresses and left wearing some very different dresses. Doug had a perfect come back by saying that yes, he had various friends and sometimes they got comfortable while sitting, talking and discussing things. She was not going to give up easy and mentioned that she had noticed him also wearing different clothes as they left and Doug blushed but had to repeat the same line, “Maybe, I also got comfortable as they did”.

The house next door to Douglas got sold finally to a very young couple, Patricia and Melvin. They both were very young like 20 at the most and looked to be college students. They got friendly pretty soon as Doug helped them to settle in plus he did some work on the house for them but they all came to know each other better when they had a house waring party and Doug was also invited with many of their friends. Doug was helping them play host as well. Late evening when the crowd thinned out, Doug began helping them clean up. With everybody gone, Douglas began washing the dishes while Pat and Mel continued cleaning the rooms. Every time Doug looked, Pat and Mel would be flirting and when Doug had his hands in water they would not hesitate to flirt with him as well. Doug had witnessed their strong sexuality already in the shower stall as they took a shower together through a window from their bathroom facing towards his house.

Patricia changed the subject asking different questions noting that Doug was single and had male friends visit him more often than the females; in her guess. Doug answered it saying “I have a variety of friends”.

“I know one of your friends, Jill Lucas. I had seen her visiting you here couple of times and I talked with her”. Patricia said kind of in a whisper and a big smile.

“Oh, I know the blond JL. What did JL say”? Asked Doug.

“She said that you were very good and that she really enjoyed every time being here”. Patricia answered.

“Really so”! Doug blushed.

“Yes”. Pat said. “It is good for her. I know, she needs a lot of additional servicing. She really enjoyed your tongue action and she also spoke about your very nice size”. Patricia covered a lot of ground. With that she reached and started fondling very hard cock of Douglas. “O’ my Lord! You really are horny”. She stood up saying that she was going to see what Melvin was doing. “I will ask him, if he objected to your staying here later”. Her face had kink written all over it.

Douglas got busy washing the dishes as she left, pondering, what she meant and in walked Melvin with couple more dishes. “Thank you very much for helping”, he said. I am glad we are done cleaning up now and not waking up to the smelly dishes and glasses the next morning. He picked up a towel and began drying the dishes and glasses.

“Hey Doug”, Pat told me, you had variety of friends visiting you for various reasons”. Mel asked Doug. “These friends were both males and females”.

“Yes, I do enjoy the variety”. Douglas answered with a big smile.

“Just like Patricia, Mel reached down with his hand and started fondling Doug’s still hard cock and asked, “Do you like to play with men”?

“Yes, I do”. Said Doug. “Your hand feels very nice on my hard on”.

“I really hoped, you went both ways”. Melvin said with a smile and squeezed his cock. “Do you like kissing”? His mouth was very close to Doug’s face.

Doug’s lips moved very close to Melvin, “Yes”.

Mel moved his lips closer to Doug. They felt soft and firm as well. Doug felt his tongue on his lips. They both opened their mouths and tongues started playing. Mel was still fondling and squeezing Doug’s cock. Patricia leaned in the doorway and looked at the men saying, she loved to watch the men at play with each other. Melvin broke the kiss, looked at Pat and said, he was only checking to see if she was right about Doug going both ways and sure he does.

Patricia grinned, “Well I would love to see you both have sex”. Then she thanked Doug for his help and appreciated him to be ready to get naked and have fun with them as an OK payment!

Douglas immediately answered in positive. She realized that Douglas was almost finished with washing dishes and she ran upstairs to get the bedroom ready for them but not before asking them not to get off without her.

Melvin moved his hand from Doug’s cock, moving a step backwards to dry a few dishes that were still dripping but he did this to make sure that Doug would see Mel’s bulge for any comments.

Melvin asked Doug, what he liked and Doug did not hesitate to say that he enjoyed being versatile but mostly he loved being a bottom and Mel also quickly confessed being a versatile too but leaning towards being a top. “I would rather like to taste your cock”. Mel told Douglas. Soon they were done washing and drying dishes. Mel turned the lights off and held Doug’s arms to take him to the bedroom. By then, Pat was totally naked and waiting for them to arrive. She kissed Melvin hard as Douglas watched. Mel suggested to get naked and his hands started working on his pants while she unbuttoned his shirt. Douglas started to remove his clothing. With everybody naked, they moved to the bed.

Patricia asked Doug to start with her gesturing him to lay at the back of the bed. She suggested herself being in between Doug’s legs while Melvin would go between her legs. Douglas quickly sat back as it was suggested and spread his legs wide. Pat took his hard erect cock in her wet, warm mouth while both sighed loud. As Mel got on the bed, Doug saw his healthy and delicious looking cock. It was surely very big as the bulge suggested plus it was cut and extra thick for tight fit. Doug smiled to imagine that he would surely enjoy the size. Patricia opened big to take Doug in her mouth inviting Mel to come join her for tasting Doug with her. As Mel swung around, Pat took charge of Doug’s cock and soon both of them were alternating their mouth on Doug’s cock and balls while Doug groaned with pure bliss of their attention. After about 5 minutes, she asked Mel to keep sucking him while she asked Doug to slide down a little and lick her cunt. Everybody did as suggested. Pat spread her crotch over Doug’s head, lowering her wet and delicious pussy over his face. Her pussy folds were very wet and drizzling with awesome taste. He licked her labia up and down with his tongue dashing in her flaps a bit. Mel worked Doug’s cock with his warm mouth engulfing it and also inserting his finger inside Doug’s asshole. Doug spread his legs to provide better access to Melvin, as he felt the finger playing at the tight balloon knot of his ass.

Pat was moaning with the joy as Doug licked between her pussy folds, going up to her clitoris and repeating it over and again. She was also grinding her engorged pussy mound on Doug’s mouth. Mel kept his finger going in Doug’s anal channel and out with a pace, making Doug moan and groan feeling his hole dilating slowly and also enjoying Mel’s mouth on his long cock.

Suddenly Pat realized that Doug was having difficulty to edge and might be pushing his load soon and asked Mel to let Doug’s cock go. Mel shoved another finger in Doug’s ass and also sped up on his cock. Doug could not endure this barrage of heavenly pleasure and began unloading in Mel’s throat. Doug’s moaning on Pat’s clitoris brought her orgasm as she cried out loud. Mel sucked Doug dry with an amazing mouth action and then let the cock go as he sat up licking his lips and thanked Doug for a tasty load down his stomach.

Pat sprung up, moving her pussy to Melvin, demanding to slide his cock in her cunt and Doug to get underneath for adding some tongue activity on her clitoris. Doug slid under Patricia and positioned his head right under her pussy. It was so exciting to see and feel Mel’s dangerous cock fucking her cunt as Doug enjoyed lip biting, pulling and licking her pussy button.

Soon both Pat and Mel were moaning as Doug watched Mel’s balls getting knotted. Doug was licking Pat’s clitoris and Mel’s cock too, as it slid in and out of Pat’s hot, wet and tight pussy. With loud growls, Mel took one last deep thrust in Pat’s pussy and started unloading in it. Then they rested for a while. Douglas stayed underneath as Mel’s cock slowly got limp and slipped out of her pussy to drop on Doug’s lips, who took it in his mouth and licked it all clean very gently before Mel moved his cock away from his mouth and fell on the other side of the bed. Pat moaned as she felt Mel’s cock juice crawl out of her cunt and dutifully, Doug licked her clean as well tasting the mixture of Pat’s pussy juice and Mel’s cum. Pat also rolled over to lay next to Melvin and finally Douglas moved between them.

After resting in each other’s arms they perked up and started talking about various topics and finally returning to sex. “We have had a very satisfying session”. Said Patricia. “How about men having a session now for my entertainment”? She quickly removed herself to go take a seat on the chair to watch. Mel moved over to Doug and they started kissing. They kissed with deep lust for a long while until their cocks were stirring again and getting harder. Doug broke the kiss and moved to work on Mel’s chest. After kissing and licking his nipples, Doug took Mel’s hard cock in his mouth for sucking it and began working hard, on the larger cockhead. Soon Mel also changed his position and now he was starting to suck Doug’s hard erect cock and quickly he was doing a great job on Doug’s cock and balls. Mel was slowly sucking the long shaft up and down while working Doug’s ass with his fingers in sexy 69 position. Douglas spread his legs wider to provide Mel a better access while moaning on Mel’s cock. After good 10 minutes, Mel took Doug’s cock out of his mouth and asked him, “How would you like me to fuck you”?

“Oh my God, I thought you would never ask”? Douglas took Mel’s cock out of his mouth and muttered.

Doug took a position on his back near the headboard and raised his legs up to let Mel move in. Mel took position on his knees and further raised Doug’s legs and then bending his knees almost touching his ears and Mel moved over his thighs folding him in half. Now, Mel’s fat and injurious looking cock was hovering at Doug’s naked, helpless asshole. He could see Mel reach for a lube bottle and squirted some on Doug’s tight puckering and then taking the slush on his fingers he put 2 fingers in Doug’s ass to slick his inside ass walls. Doug felt the 2 fingers in his ass and he groaned a little recognizing the pleasure in his body and soul. In the same flow Mel lubed up his rock solid cock while Doug’s hands moved down to hold his ass cheeks open for Mel to enter and announced, he was ready.

Mel held his ass killing weapon and leaned over Doug, targeting the hole and placed the lube slicked cockhead to make odd circles around the tight hole. Finally, after teasing the hole for a while, he held the shaft in the middle, placed it on the hole and pushed in. The stiff cock slid in and the cockhead was inside Doug’s warm ass almost without much struggle. Doug moaned feeling the delight of his ass ring stretch and expand.

Mel also moaned as he commented on the tight asshole and slowly let all of his cock slide in Doug’s cock hungry ass till his balls were now grinding on the smooth orifice. After enjoying the feeling, Mel began fucking the ass with long slow thrusts but soon changing to a mix of the faster, harder and deeper lunges in and out. Both Douglas and Melvin were moaning, loving the sensation rising in the ass due to the warmth and friction caused by the rubbing of flesh on flesh. Pat was doing her own ministrations to her clitoris as she sat on the chair playing with her pussy and moaning louder than both of them and also watching Mel’s cock slide in and out of Doug’s asshole.

Mel kept on fucking Doug, slow and steady for well over half an hour with no hurry to finish the fucking. Doug was also being a very good bottom, taking his cock, gently squeezing it between his musculature as it slid in with each thrust. Now the wide open mouth of Mel, hard and shallow breathing, knotted balls, stretched body and tight closed eyes was the proof of his orgasm running amok from his toes to his balls and into his cock. He had raised the rhythm and speed with the force of his thrusts while Doug was also pushing back equally and opposite on his cock helping to build the thresh hold. Then suddenly Mel produced a growl as he pulled Doug from his shoulders over his sex muscle and let the torrent loose flowing with the force of a fire engine in Doug’s very needy ass. They were both moaning and feeling very good. Soon Doug also felt the build-up and began soaking his chest and the bedsheet under them. More Mel’s cock convulsed in Doug’s ass, more Doug squirted his thick cum on his own chest. Seeing Doug squirt, Mel also kept pulsing, convulsing and spurting his very thick and creamy cum into Doug’s ass.

Mel was still in Doug’s ass to his balls, as he finished unloading and Doug was also finished spurting when Patricia groaned and ejaculated on her own hand. Mel and Pat both looked at Doug and commented for being a good fuck and putting up a very hot fucking scene and Doug thanked them saying that he enjoyed it also.

Pat joined the men on the bed. Mel kept his spent cock in Doug’s ass until it slipped on its own. They all looked relaxed and satisfied. Mel and Doug promised to meet couple of times a week and play with each other while Pat invited Doug any time he needed a fuck 7 days a week. Just as Doug was about to walk to his house, he heard Patricia and Mel reminding a threesome also as many times as possible. What a classy neighbors, Douglas thought, as he unlocked and entered in his home with satisfied ass and cock as well.

The End. Your comments please. Londebaaz Chohan 12/ 24/ 2020.

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