I lost a bet to my twin sister, Rachael and she made me her slave 2

I wiped Rachael's juices of my face and looked at her.She had her eyes closed and her face showed expression of heavenly pleasure.Her breasts were moving up and down due to her rapid breathing.Rachael opened her eyes suddenly smiled at me and said "you can go now,i will call you later slave".She behaved as if nothing had happened between us.

I walked out of her bathroom with my mind unable to accept the reality."Did i just fingered and made my twin sister squirt? Or am i dreaming?"I reached my room and i realised reality or dream i had a raging boner to care about.I pulled down shorts to free my dick,i took it in my hand and started stroking it vigorously like there was no tomorrow.I closed my eyes trying to imagine the sight of my beautiful naked twin sister.Her perfect breasts with tiny pink nipples,her long legs,her firm ass and most of all her sweet nectar producing pussy.I was about to cumm when i felt something soft hit my face.Startled,i opened my eyes to see Rachael standing in front of me wrapped just in a towel.She ordered"Cumm in my panties,slave"I wasn't sure about that,i had never jerked in front of anyone but then Rachael did something to convince me.She said "Maybe this would help "and dropped her towel becoming completely naked.With the sight of Rachael's nude body in front of me,i didn't need any more convincing or stimulation.I picked up the panties and started stroking my dick.Rachael was intently staring at my dick while i was looking at her gorgeous body.I came in record time as ropes of cumm hit the panties one after the another.When i had calmed down,Rachael took her panties from my hand and with her deep blue eyes fixed on me put them on.She winked at me and left the room giving me a clear view of her sexy ass.I had no idea my twin sister could be so kinky.

I had to wipe Rachael's slit a few more times after she peed.I had a feeling Rachael enjoyed getting her slit wiped by me and also she was having fun by teasing me.I was busy watching t.v. When she came into the living room.She was wearing a tanktop and her basketball shorts."I want you to lick my asshole,slave"she announced to me.I was amazed by my reaction.Now,i had eaten lot of pussy and genuinely love doing that but i had never licked an asshole before.I always thought it was gross and i am never going to do it but somehow licking Rachael's asshole didn't seemed like a gross idea to me.She removed her shorts and stepped out of them before throwing them onto the floor.Rachael stooped on the couch and spread her butt cheeks to show me her tiny,pink asshole. "Hurry up slave,don't make master wait for too long"Rachael said.I went close to her ass and spread her ass cheeks with my hand so that i could get a clear and close view of her asshole. Rather than feeling gross my cock twitched really bad on seeing Rachael's tiny asshole.

I gave small pecks on her butt making Rachael gasp for air,she was holding her breath and waiting in anticipation to feel my tongue on her asshole but i delayed it as long as i can.Rachael was bucking her hips towards my face pleading me to get my tongue on her asshole.I sticked out my tongue and licked all around her asshole,Rachael moaned incessantly."Oooieeethat feels so good,keep doing that.That just feels amazing"Rachael cooed.My hand which was searching for her clit found it that too dripping wet.Rachael's asshole was all squeaky clean and it tasted good so i kept on licking it enthusiastically while my fingers rubbed her clit. When i inserted my tongue inside Rachael's asshole,she squirmed in pleasure.Hearing her cries of pleasure,i was confident this was her first anal insertion. I pushed couple of fingers inside Rachael's slit and she cried out at the insertion. This was my first asshole licking experience too so i wasn't sure if i was doing any good but judging by the amount of juices Rachael was leaking and her moans,i was doing pretty good.My hand reached out for her boobs and squeezed them over the fabric of her tanktop.Locating her nipples i pinched them hard,taking her small buds between my thumb and index fingers i pressed them mercilessly. Rachael moaned loudly,i was glad that there was no one at home else they would clearly hear it."Uggggahhhh"Rachael cried out as her legs vibrated and she came all over my fingers.Rachael fell face down on the couch with her ass still in front of my eyes.I turned her body so that she faced me,a stream of her juices had ran down her left leg.I sticked out my tongue and her legs off her juices like a good dog.When i lifted up my eyes to check out on Rachael,her breast were still heaving from the nerve wrecking orgasm she just had.I licked along the line of her juices until i reached her pussy.I spread her lips and licked her clean off her juices.I stopped and looked up when i felt Rachael fondling my hairs."STOP!I don't think my body can take another orgasm like that"Rachael said.I smiled at her words.She stood up and said "For now" and left the room after wearing her panties.

Although i was having the time of my life being my twin sister's slave,i was getting somewhat frustrated that hadn't even touched my dick as of yet.I went and jerked off again because after all these,my dick was threatening to rip apart my shorts.Exhausted,i fell on my bed and decided to took a nap.When i woke up,i could hear Rachael shouting at me "Wake up!wake up slaveit's time for your dinner".I thought i was dreaming so i turned to other side and tried to sleep it off When i felt my shorts move down,i was still unsure what was happening but then i felt a hard tight slap on my butt.It felt like a bee had bitten on my ass,i sat up instantly and shouted "RACHAEL".To which Rachael replied calmly "Master?Call me master and you are my slave for today.I can do whatever i want "I remembered about the bet and all the things that had happened throughout the day."Lie down"Rachael ordered.I obeyed her and laid on my back.

Rachael stood on my bed with her legs on either side of my body.That was when i noticed she was only wearing her panties nothing else.She took off the last piece of clothing from her body and threw it onto the floor.I was admiring Rachael's smooth,toned,long legs when i was distracted by the sight of her beautiful pussy just above me.Rachael lowered her body so that her pussy was just inches above my face.I could inhale the smell of her pink,aroused cunt. Rachael curved her back and rubbed her pussy against my chin.Her pussy was moist and she rubbed the moisture of it on my lips like a pro.She even rubbed her pussy over my nose.Rachael then settled and sat quietly on my face as if my face was a comfortable couch for her.I had trouble breathing and felt somewhat suffocated so i put my hands under her buttcheeks and lifted her up couple of inches from my face.I made sure her pussy was still under the reach of my tongue.I licked her pussy slowly.Rachael squirmed and writhed sitting on my face. It was only a matter of time and some more firm licking until Rachael squirted her juices all over my face.

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