My Quest for 72 Houri (Angles)-4 Zarina

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My Quest for 72 Houri (Angles)-3

In continuation of my previous stories "I fucked khala - my virgin Aunt- Part-1-5" (Noori Khala) next day my marriage was held with My cousin Sarah for the purpose of halala and I took her virginty..(Halala of My Virgin Cousin -part1 & 2) You had read how I fucked Noori Khala before my cousin Sarah After that I was married to Sarah Apa, a nikah-e-halala virgin, and how I spanked her in Kashmir on our wedding night. That night I , fucked Sarah Apa or Sarah Begum or Sarah Houri, whatever you say for 4 consecutive times, Next I was to take virginity of my second wife Zarina sister of my first wife Sarah

In Part 3 of my story My Quest for 72 Houris (Angles) you have read

Without moving my hips I started to kiss her and sucking her lips and tongue. And my hands her playing with her boobs and nipples. After about five minutes, her pain subsided, she calmed down. Then I started to move my hips, she too started bouncing her butts and took strokes of my cocks with pleasure in her Pussy.

On the other hand, Sara's condition deteriorated after seeing our sexual act. She was rubbing her Pussy with one hand and pressing her tits with the other hand. And was moaning ' Aaaahhh Ooooooomm IEEE CEEECE . Aaa

Seeing her, it seemed that she was still desirous of removing Zarina and take her place.

Zarina's pussy was very tight, I had to put all my strength in fucking her. A slight scream was coming out of her mouth on every thrust, 'IEEE EEE CEEEEC… aah aah

Now Further

After that, I kept on pumping and fucking Zarina for about ten minutes. She was moaning with pleasure - Fuck Me, tear it, harder and harder. Suddenly she started pressing me towards her with all her strength as she was reaching her climax and speed of my bumps also increased.

Two minutes later, she quivered and lost her grip; she discharged her juices. Her pussy was flooded with her thick juice and made my shaft wet. I grinned and thrust forward, sinking my thick cock all the way up into her tight hole.

Her virgin cunt was invaded for the first time by my manhood. She instinctively wrapped her legs around my waist and pulled me towards her as I pounded deeper and harder into her body with every thrust.

My hands were squeezing her boobs and feeling the soft flesh, I repeatedly bumped my hard and long cock inside her tender cunt . Zarina moaned loudly.

Now Zarina’s mind was filled with ecstasy and lust. My thick cock pumped repeatedly into her wet and juicy cunt, grinding and stretching her virgin hole. My hips humped back and forth, driving my thick cock in and out of her pussy, and making loud sounds with every thrust.

Mad with passion and lust, Zarina begins to respond and meet my thrusts, “OH GOD! Oh, this is so good, Yours is so huge, so big, so hard, oh yes, that is it, fuck me, fuck your cousin sister, fuck me hard, I am all yours, oh yes fuck me hard Aamir.” She screamed over and over again in Hindi out of her newfound lust and passion as I fucked her like an animal.

I groaned and thrust my hips even harder against her body. My balls pounded against her youthful firm buttocks as I fucked her deeper and deeper, my cock grinded harder and harder against her cervix.

Our bodies were pressing against each other. Zarina moaned and I groaned loudly with every thrust. She moaned Oh or Ah with my every thrust with joy and pleasure. I bit her soft large tits, leaving my teeth marks all over her tender flesh globes as her fingers clawed my back with my cock thrusting and pumping into her.

Her body was covered with sweat as I fucked her hard and deep, plowing the depth of her body that was unexplored. Her pussy muscles clenched tightly around my shaft, squeezing and milking me as hard as I fucked her, we kissed and our tongues danced together.

My hands grabbed her boobs and pulling myself even deeper into her womanly body, fucking her pussy hard with every thrust.

I groaned loudly, feeling our bodies tremble as Zarina panted, “Oh I am close; I am going to cum, I am going to cum Aamir, and take me harder, Oh Aamir! .”

With that, I thrust my hips forth and driving my cock fully deep into her tight cunt and let out a loud roar like a beast as I exploded in the depth of her body.

Jet after Jet of my thick sperm splashing against her tender, Wet cervix, so hot were my seeds that Zarina shivered and screamed out in her orgasm. She held onto me tightly as I cummed deeply in her, I kept filling in the cunt of Zarina till my last drop. Our bodies mingled together tightly.

Panting, trying to catch our breath, we lay against each other, holding and hugging each other. Slowly, we fondled each other in our mutual afterglow. Zarina brushed my sweaty hair ever so gently and kissed my reddish cheeks lovingly.

I was caressing her boobs. I raised her thighs, and then saw that her juices, my semen and her blood were dripping from her cunt. Then she got up and went to the bathroom to clean her cunt.

Five minutes later, when she came out there were expressions of satisfaction on her face. On the other hand, Sara grabbed my cock and took me to the bathroom and washed it. Sara sucked cock and clung to me. We were standing and caressing each other. We both came out of the washroom.

Zarina broke into tears as she looked at me. I wipe away her tears and kissed her softly on her luscious lips, fondling her ripe buttocks. She blushed as her body remembers the heated passion that my cock has driven her into, during our first sex session and the feeling of fulfilment it provided.

A strange sensation was passing through my entire body. Unable to control me, I put my hot lips on the lips of Zarina and started smooching.

Zarina broke the kiss and said- Oh God! my cunt has swollen. I kept looking at Zarina's face, she was yearning with pain, but there was a sense of satisfaction. She was rubbing her lips and weeping and moaning.

I intently looked at the face of Zarina, it was sexy, the lips were smeared with red lipstick, provocatively, inviting me, and I felt hot breathing passing on my face coming from Zarina.

She was saying - You almost killed me, you fucked me ruthless. Does anyone do it this way? Zarina said why you have punished me so much, whereas you were enjoying so much with Sarah Apaa.

I said - Zarina It is your beauty which got me out of control and made me ruthless.

I kissed Zarina and said - I have asked for your hand from Khala. I will not let anything happen to my lovely Darling. You are my love, my dear Queen. There is always a little trouble for the first time, now onwards it will be all fun, only fun, pleasure and Fun.

continued ..


This story is not meant to offend or an attack on Muslims. It is my way of putting a twist for fun and enjoyment.


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