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I dont condone breaking any laws.
Tell yourself this is fiction.
I'm new here, be gentle.
I just recently consciously thought about this for the first time in many years. As I think back on my sexual experiences, it seems obtuse of me to not have put it all together before.
From my earliest memories, I can remember being awake long after being put to bed. When we lived in the married student housing at the seminary my father was attending, this meant being mere feet and a thin wall away from my parents bed. At three years old, I would hear the hushed whispers, bed creaking, and muffled moans of my parents having sex. After, my mother, then my father would walk past the bunkbed I shared with my sister to use the bathroom. The bunkbed was in an alcove in the hall. Many times, my father would stop on the way back to bed and whisper to me "Are you still awake, Ginny?" "Yes, I can't sleep." I answered. He would pick me up in his arms, sit on the edge of my bed, and rock me to sleep. As he held me with one arm, his other hand would gently stroke my hair, arms, legs, and invariably between my legs. The touches up to this point were whispers across my skin, soothing and exciting at the same time. By the time the tips of his fingers reached my cunny they were rubbing firm circles right over my clit. I didn't feel so much a building up to an explosion of pleasure as a feeling if being done, sleepy and sedate, I would sigh with utter contentment. After a few wet closed mouth kisses, Daddy would lay me down and stroke my back until I slept.
I've thought this through, thinking it was some dark fantasy born soley of my imagination, during sex and while diddling myself. Since coming clean with myself, I realize these things I thought were twisted fantasy are really memories. My daddy really did rub me to baby climaxes and help me sleep. Just writing this makes me hotter than a whore in heat.
After my parents divorced, Daddy would try to do fun things when my sister and I came to visit. Riding a motorcycle one weekend and taking us to a drive-in the next. One thing Daddy loved was taking us sailing in little rental boats at lake elsinore. One time, Daddy told my sister and I to sit across from him. I took my seat, and noticed something poking out the leg of his shorts. It was the head and a length of the shaft his cock. The head looked shiney and an angry reddish purple, the shaft faded to pink with veins bulging from it. I was completely mesmerized by what I'd felt, but never seen.
My sister also noticed, and laughed at it, whispering to me until Daddy asked what we were whispering about and eventually moved her next to him. He left me to sneak looks at him when my sister wasn't paying attention. From time to time he would catch me peeking and our eyes would lock.
All the while, the sunny day was taking it's toll on my sister. By the time we got loaded in the car she wanted the back seat so she could sleep.
It was hours back to the apartment. As we drove, the sun started going down. Just before twilight, my dad found a small park to stop at to stretch our legs. Getting out if the car into the surreal light, I saw the swing set. Gently scooping my 10 year old hand in his, Daddy led me straight to them. "Do you want to swing by yourself or do you want a ride?""I want a ride Daddy." My voice quieted by the quivering that started in my cunny and spread into my chest. In the warm California evening, my skin felt electric as we made our way to the swing. Reaching it, Daddy dropped my hand and turned, wrapping his arms around the chains and sitting back on the rubber seat. In the fading light, I saw the bulge in his swimtrunks as I stepped in close. Reaching out, Daddy's hands went under my arms and effortlessly lifted me into his lap facing him with my legs circling his hips as he pulled me close. "Hold on tight, Ginny!" He held the swing and began leaning back. With my arms wrapped around his chest and my legs locked on him, my cunny ground up and down on the head of his hardening cock and he pumped us higher. As I rubbed, the material of my bathing suit became pulled to one side as the waist of his shorts became tugged down.
Some memories fade with time, but that ride on the swing will always stand out crystal clear. The moment my already slick cunny rubbed against Daddy's bare cock he stopped pumping and began slowing down so he could reach around the chains to grasp my body in his hands. Transfixed by the sight of his manhood slipping across his little girl's wet hole, he stared at the head popping back and forth across my clit as he moved me faster. As I felt a building tension mount deep within, Daddy's movements changed. Tilting his hips he caught the tip of his cock between my tiny pussy lips and nudged the head in halfway. Looking in my eyes, Daddy half grunted half whispered " I love you, Ginny!" "I love you, Daddy!" In and out, the tip stretched the opening, I felt a sudden flood of wetness as my whole body clenched in the most intense come of my short life. Daddy pressed steadily in. With the spasms in me milking on the head of his cock, he didn't last long. As he shot his spunk into my cunny, Daddy groaned and pressed deeper still. By the time he finished, his dick was bottomed out in my young tight hole.
Daddy started rocking again, back he leaned, with me shuddering out aftershocks, my cunny still impaled on his cock. Slowly he deflated and slipped out, his come dribbling out after it. Daddy scooped me off his lap and stood up. Walking back to the car, his hand scooped mine in his and his eyes met mine. Smiling, his love like warm rays of sunshine down on me. All I was thinking of was when I could feel Daddy burying his cock in me again.

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