Brandy's Summer at the Ranch

Hi, I’m Brandy. I’m 28 yo Bi Sub, 5”4”, 115 lbs, blonde hair, brown eyes, 32C breasts with permanently erect nipples (have been my whole life), and a shaved pussy. I’ve been a Sub most my life although I didn’t know it for quite a while. I do prefer men, but I am now a very well trained obedient Sub and will do whatever I’m told to by a Dom or Femdom. If you’ve read my first posts about my first Sub experience which took place over 2 days or my post about my first Bi experience I hope you enjoyed it; if not let me repeat a little of the intro. My OBGYN once asked me how often I liked to have sex and I told her at least 2 hours a day. She seemed to have misunderstood and asked how many days a week and when I said every day she paused, wrote something in my chart and told me I was “oversexed”. I asked if that was a problem and she said only if it interferes with your life. I almost laughed as it is my favorite part of my life and told her it wasn’t a problem. She didn’t ask any more questions, but I suspect she realized that explained the various marks and bruises in private areas of my body.

I have several Doms I see often and even now two Femdoms that I visit infrequently. But I like variety and my sexual appetite is almost insatiable so I need to see different people for different experiences. I am upfront with them and my Doms all know about the others; in fact I was once with 4 of them at the same time which was an amazing experience. Everything in my life was fine until one of my Doms contracted COVID-19, so I had to quarantine for 10 days and get tested regularly; well guess what even though I have no symptoms I tested positive which means now I have to remain in quarantine until I have 3 negative tests on three separate days. This is a serious problem ! I’ve tried phone, video, etc. but none of it works for me; I have to be with someone. So I thought I’d write down some of my experiences of being a Sub and share them in case someone is interested.

I met one Dom right after I graduated college that was exceptionally strict. Another Fem Sub that I knew told me about him and said he was too strict for her, but she thought he would be a good fit for me. She was definitely right about that. He trained me very well, including training me to cum only on command which let me tell you was not a course I’d recommend to anyone not able to handle a lot of punishment over a long period of time. But that’s not what the following story is about, it’s about a time I spent over the summer on a ranch. This took place prior to the strict obedience training I just spoke of; I was 18 and was really starting to begin to understand the depth of feelings I had for the need to please and pleasure men. Note that all of the names are made up but the story is true; which is a bit sad because one of the names is very elegant but if I posted it someone could find out who I am because it’s registered and easily available online.

My father’s cousin Lisa married a man who owned a horse ranch and every two or three years Lisa and Greg would invite me and my sister to spend a few weeks with them. I loved our times at the ranch and Lisa taught both of us how to tack and ride horses. Greg and Lisa bred and boarded horses; now I don’t know anything about the business side of ranching but it must be very lucrative because they became quite wealthy from it. My sister and I learned 3 things about a ranch when we were growing up : everyone on the ranch works at least part of the day, everyone in the family had a horse that you were assigned when you had time to ride, and my least favorite part was everyone is up before dawn. So we were always assigned chores, but I was so petite they gave me easier chores than my older sister. This year my two chores were to help Lisa with breakfast and grooming the breeding horses; the boarded horses were kept in a different stable than Greg and Lisa’s horses and they hired ranch hands to take care of those. I was given a beautiful male palomino that was somewhere between 15 and 16 hands tall I would say. He was gentle, but loved to bolt and gallop making my heart race when we were in a wide open field.

One morning I woke up and decided I wanted to take an early morning ride. First I had to do my morning chores and went down to the kitchen to help Lisa prepare breakfast for Greg, Lisa, their son Billy who was about my sister’s age, my sister, and myself. My sister and I always called them aunt Lisa, uncle Greg and cousin Billy even though we were very distant relatives. After breakfast everyone scattered to do their chores; Lisa went to feed the chickens and left me to clean up the kitchen which I did very quickly because I really wanted to get that ride in before I had to start grooming the horses. I got on my riding gear, including my chaps which Lisa must have paid a fortune for but insisted girls needed to wear when they ride, then went to the stable. I tacked up my horse “Butch” (wish I could use his real 3 part name it fits him so well) and took off for my morning ride. We went through the woods north of the house then circled all the way back to the stable from the other side. When I rode I always imagined what it would be like to ride like Lady Godiva that I read about, naked legs spread leaning forward with my pussy and clit slapping up and down against that saddle on top of a magnificent beast I could see myself cumming over and over.

After my ride I walked Butch to cool him down, brought him back to the stable and untacked him just outside his stall. I figured I had to groom all of the horses anyway and Butch was already tethered outside his stall, so I started with him. I ran the brush through his silky hair working my way from front to back, but this time I did something I never had done before. As I ran the brush under his belly I let my arm rub against his cock. Butch snorted but stood still which I took to mean he approved so I kept brushing him with one hand but stroked the underside of his cock with my other hand. Butch’s cock started to swell and the head started to protrude from inside the skin that shielded it. A horse’s cock looked so different from a person, but apparently they reacted the same. The more I stroked the more his cock swelled until it was really long and my pussy was getting very wet.

I took off my riding boots, chaps, jeans and panties. I grabbed a stool from inside the stall, sat down practically underneath Butch and with one hand I continued to stroke his cock while I took four fingers and pushed them into my pussy imagining that it was Butch’s cock pushing inside me. Oh how I would have loved to be able to just kneel in from of him and let his huge cock jam into my pussy; him riding me instead of the other way around, but a cock that size would never fit inside me so I had to use my imagination. Butch was sniffing hard, I realized the smell of my pussy was turning him on so I stroked him harder. With that giant cock so close to me and my hand jammed deep in my pussy I started to cum; I came so hard I had to bite down on my arm to keep from screaming and drawing anyone’s attention. When my body finally started to relax I realized that Butch was now fully erect and his cock was gigantic. I wanted to please him so I took both hands, wrapped them around his cock then started squeezing and rubbing beginning at the base and working my way up to the head. When I slid my hands forward and then backward over the head of his cock he let out another snort, but still stood there so I assumed he was telling me he wanted more. I slid my hands back and forth over the head of his cock imagining that it was my pussy he was fucking, squeezing him tighter each time. I could see pre-cum start to drip from the tip of his cock and used it to make my hands more slippery. Butch started to shuffle his feet and I moved my hands faster, squeezing harder. Butch let out a sound something between a grunt and a whinny and cum shot out of his cock. I kept milking his cock until he had cum so much there was probably enough to fill a bucket. Wow, I thought about how much cum a horse could hold and also realized that I had a lot of cleaning up to do so no one would see what I had done.

I started to get up, but I felt a hand on my shoulder and was startled to find Billy standing there next to me. I had forgotten he was unloading bales of hay into the barn today and he must have been watching me the whole time. I looked up at him in a panic and said “please don’t tell anyone, please !” Billy replied “why shouldn’t I tell my parents ? That’s about $10K worth of prime horse semen you just wasted”. I hadn’t even considered that; I meekly replied “I’ll do anything, just please don’t tell”. He took my hand and pressed it against his overalls so I could feel his cock was hard and said “anything ?”. I replied, “yes, I’ll do anything you want just please don’t tell”. Billy told me to take the rest of my clothes off; then he went over to where the hay bales were and stacked two against a post and one right in front of the other two. I knew I was going to have to really give Billy an experience that would make him want to keep my secret. While he was stacking the hay, I quickly stripped off my shirt and bra, then grabbed a riding crop and hid it with one hand behind my back. Billy told me to come over and kneel on the hay he had just stacked. As I walked toward him naked and still holding the riding crop behind my back Billy undid his overalls and took off his shoes and underwear. Ranch work was hard and Billy was really muscular, his cock was about average length but it was thicker than most I had seen. I really wanted that cock inside me, but I kept my focus on how I was going to please Billy. I stood in front of him and handed him the riding crop, saying “I’m sorry I did something really bad and I know I deserve to be punished”, then I knelt on the bales of hay with my arms on the top two and my knees on the bottom one keeping my legs together I positioned my butt so as to invite him to smack it with the riding crop.

I looked back at Billy and he was staring at the riding crop and then me; he asked “really ?” and I replied “yes, I know I deserve it” although I really wanted it because I knew for me the sting of that crop would bring jolts of pleasure. Billy hesitantly smacked one of my butt cheeks with the riding crop, it stung a little but he obviously needed some encouragement. I said “I know I was really bad, you need to punish me harder”. Billy slapped my butt cheeks alternating between them gradually harder and harder; now I was starting to feel that wonderful sting and my clit started to harden as my pussy juices flowed. When I moaned softly and spread my legs a little Billy slapped my inner thighs with the crop. I moaned louder and spread my legs all the way so he could see my pussy was now swollen and wet, ready for him to fuck me. I saw there was a leather strap used to repair bridles that was hanging off the pole in front of me, grabbed it and bit down on the middle; then threw the two ends across my back toward Billy. I looked back and saw Billy’s cock was so hard it was standing practically straight up. He grabbed the leather strap with one hand and then started to wet his cock rubbing it against my pussy with his other hand. He positioned the tip of his cock against my pussy, and then grabbed one end of the leather strap with each hand. In a single motion he pulled hard on the strap and thrust his cock inside me; I moaned loudly and bit down hard on the leather in my mouth. Billy rhythmically pulled and released the straps as he fucked my pussy while I moved my hips back and forth to match his rhythm; it was as if he was riding me at the pace of a trot.

Billy’s cock was so thick that it spread my pussy to the point where every time he moved in and out it rubbed against the tip of my clit which was now hard and throbbing. I was moaning loudly and started to pick up the pace as I moved my hips faster. Billy kept pace with me, dropped the leather straps and grabbed my hips; fucking me really hard. It only took seconds before I came; as my back arched Billy thrust his cock deep inside me and held me tight feeling my body shaking all over with wonderful orgasmic spasms. After I came, Billy started to fuck me again slowly and I moved in rhythm with him as we did before. He was fucking me faster and faster, I could hear him breathing hard and I waited to feel that exquisite feeling of his cock throbbing when he came inside me. Just about the time I thought he was going to cum he suddenly pulled his cock out of my pussy. I realized we never had a chance for me to tell him I was on birth control and I wanted him to cum inside me. Quickly I turned around and pushing his hand that he was rubbing his cock with away I grabbed his cock and pulled him into my mouth. I only had to suck gently a few times flicking my tongue just below the head of his cock when he let out a grunt and started to cum in my mouth. With each shot of cum I squeezed the shaft of his cock until I had milked him dry. I slid his cock out of my mouth, savoring the taste of his cum before swallowing it all and then licking his cock which I was still holding until I got every drop.

Billy was looking down at me standing between my legs which I had spread wide on each side of his. He said “that was really amazing, trust me I’m not telling anyone about anything that happened here today” and I replied “thank you”, happy that I had pleased him but I was not done with him yet. I was still holding his cock and started to rub it gently; eventually as it started to get hard again I pulled him back in my mouth and sucked it until he was fully erect again. I took his cock out of my mouth, turned around and pushed the bale of hay that was stacked two high off so there were just two bales and it was flat. I handed Billy the leather strap, then lay down on the hay raised my arms together straight over my head and told him to tie my wrists to the post behind me. He didn’t hesitate at all and tied me as I had asked him to, then started to squeeze my breasts and tug gently at my erect nipples which made me moan softly. Billy walked around in front of me and I put my feet on the top edges of the hay, spreading my legs wide for him. Billy didn’t waste any time and slid his cock into my pussy which was still dripping wet. I told him he didn’t have to worry and that he could cum inside me which made him pause for a second but then understood what I meant. His cock was rubbing my clit again as he fucked me which had the dual effect of making my clit hard and causing my pussy juices to flow so much they were soaking my legs, ass, and the straw underneath me. Billy started fucking me faster and I was moaning as I pulled at the leather which bound me to the pole. I could feel an orgasm building deep inside me and moaned more loudly, which made Billy fuck me harder and faster. Billy grabbed my hips and pulled my body hard against his thrusting his cock deep inside me; I think I managed to get out a weak “I’m cumming” as my back arched off the hay over and over, crying out as I came really hard.

Billy kept holding me by the waist and started to fuck me again after I came. He was moving his cock all the way out of my pussy and then thrusting it deep inside me over and over. After a couple of minutes doing this he had moved his cock all the way out but when he tried to thrust it back into my pussy he missed and thrust his cock in my ass instead. This caught both of us by surprise and I gasped at the sudden feeling of his thick cock deep in my ass. I seized the moment, wrapped my legs around his thighs and said “you can fuck my ass if you want to”. Billy moved slowly which was good because his thick cock was really too big for the hole it was in which made it both painful and pleasurable at the same time, I knew I could make him cum quickly though. Each time he pushed all the way inside my ass I clenched and I could feel his cock throb. He started to fuck me faster and he was breathing really hard; I pulled hard on the leather restraints holding my wrists and pulled him tightly toward me digging my feet into the back of his thighs. Billy thrust forward one more time and I clenched my ass hard around his cock; when I did I felt his cum shoot inside my ass as his cock throbbed. After he finished cumming I released my legs from around him and he lay down next to me on the hay.

Although I wanted more, I had pleased Billy … and Butch … so I was satisfied for now and it was clear Billy was wiped out. Billy got up and untied my wrists and as he was doing that said “we need to get this all cleaned up quickly, the paid ranch hands will be here soon to muck out the stables”. I realized he was right, I had lost all track of time. It was late morning and not only didn’t I have a single horse groomed now I had a mess to clean up. We went out the back door behind the stable and used the hose to wash off, then went back inside. Billy started to get dressed, but I pushed him in an empty stall, closed the door and knelt down in front of him. I grabbed his cock and started sucking it; I was going to get him to cum one last time but I had to be quick. I sucked hard on the head of his cock and rubbed the shaft with both hands. Billy started to move his hips forward each time I pulled on his cock toward my mouth, slowly at first but then faster. I took one hand off his cock and slid two fingers into my pussy reaching for and rubbing my g-spot. Billy grabbed my head and held it; he was moving his hips back and forth fucking my mouth now and I started to moan which made him move even faster. Billy let out a sound and pushed his cock so deep into my mouth the tip hit the back of my throat as he exploded filling my mouth with cum. I was rubbing my pussy hard and fast and started to cum as well, both of us moaning together. Billy slid his cock out of my mouth and I took my hand out of my pussy so I could catch all of the cum that was left dripping down the sides of my mouth and licking every drop off his cock.

Without a word I got up, unlocked the stall door and went over to put my clothes on. I walked back to Billy after we were dressed and kissed him gently on the cheek, saying “we should get together again really soon”. I winked at him, turned and started to get back to work but Billy grabbed my arm pulling me back and tongue kissed me deeply. He said “how about tonight down by the swimming hole ?” and I immediately replied “I’ll meet you there at 10 tonight”. I started to walk away and looking back smiling I said “oh and bring lots of rope, you’re going to need it because I get wild at night”. Billy went back to work and I started to clean up the mess I had made, although I suspect neither of us was paying much attention to our chores, anticipating what we would be doing later that night. But that along with the rest of the week I was on the ranch is for another story that is too long to post here.

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