Nearly Naked at the Belagio

On Saturday night we went to dinner at the Belagio and I wore black heels, a slinky black dress that was cut very high up the side and the top was very low cut and loose so if I bent forward, you could see my tits and no panties. Over this I wore a long black coat that has a black fur collar. This coat has only 3 buttons, the top one just below my tits and the bottom one is just barely below my crotch. We ate dinner in a nice restaurant and the waiter could not help himself from staying near our table, since every time he came by he got a good shot of my tits. After dinner we went to the lounge and had a few drinks while listening to the piano player. When we were ready to return to the MGM, I thought I would surprise my husband and went to the ladies room where I took the dress off, and since it was sheer, I was able to stuff it in my purse, and came out with just the coat on. My husband was shocked, but he loved it. As we walked to the cab line in front of the Belagio, you could see my legs almost up to my crotch. The looks from the others waiting for the cabs were priceless. They all did not know what I had on under the coat. When we got to the front of the line and were getting into the cab, those nearby got a great shot of my shaved pussy, especially the doorman that was holding the cab door for us. When we got to the MGM, those nearby also got a great view when I got out. I went into a lounge first and sat at the bar while my husband came in a few minutes later and sat in a booth near me so he could see what was happening. Since I was at the bar on a high chair and was only wearing the coat and my heels, everyone had a great view of my legs and when I crossed them they all could see my pussy if they were looking and my husband said quite a few were looking. It did not take long for a cute guy, maybe 25 years old to come up and buy me a drink and tell me his name is Tom. We chatted with him gawking at my tits when I leaned forward and my legs, especially when I would uncross them and re-cross them so he could see my bare pussy. When he ordered the second drink, he got bold and was rubbing my legs. After the second drink, he asked if I was a call girl and wanted to know how much. I just laughed and told him that I was not a hooker and just did this because I liked to do it. When I told him I was married he could not believe it. I then told him that my husband likes to watch and then I pointed to him and he waved backed. I asked Tom if he wanted to join us at the booth and he said why not. We walked to the booth and I introduced Tom to my husband Paul and we sat down with me between them. My husband put his arm around me and we kissed passionately while he ran his hand up my leg to my now drenched pussy and played with my clit for a minute. Thankfully we were in a booth and no one could see what he was doing except Tom. After the kiss, my husband said that Tom deserves the same welcome from me and I leaned over to him and we kissed, while Paul unbuttoned my coat and started to massage my now bare breasts. Tom's hand was rubbing my leg and working it to my pussy where he massaged it and then stuck his finger inside me. All I could do was moan as his tongue explored my mouth and his fingers explored my pussy. I reached down and was rubbing his cock through his pants. I was so horny, sitting there with my coat open, my husband massaging my tits, me stroking a strangers cock through his pants and his fingers inside me that I had an orgasm and put my head on his shoulder and bit my lip so I would not cry out. When he pulled his fingers out, he licked them clean of my juices and I said thank you and I continued to play with his cock. Paul just loved the show and whispered in my ear that I should thank him better than just rubbing his cock through his pants. I then unzipped his pants, reached in and pulled his cock out and continued to rub it up and down. It wasn't real big, maybe 6 inches, but it was rock hard and was already oozing pre cum. I was still horny as hell. Tom just sat there and started to play with my tits. We kissed again, this time with him moaning while he played with my tits and I played with his cock. Paul had his hand between my legs again and was pushing 2 fingers in and out of me really fast. He knows I like this and usually cum quickly, which I did again. This got Tom excited and he was ready to cum also. I grabbed the end of the table cloth covering the table and put it over the tip of his cock as he shot his cum into it with me milking every last bit out. He then said he had to go clean up in the rest room and would be right back. Paul was ready to fuck me, so while he was gone we left the lounge and got on the elevator to go to our room. On the elevator we were kissing and Paul unbuttoned my coat and took it off, leaving me totally naked except for my heels. He wanted me to walk to our room naked which was near the end of the hallway. When the doors opened, I strutted in front of him down the hall. About half way down the hall a couple came out of their room and when they saw me they just could not believe it. As I walked past them I said hi and the guys tongue was on the floor, gawking at me while his girlfriend gave me a nasty look and smacked her boyfriend. I was ready again and tried to get Paul's cock out right there in front of our door so I could suck on it, but he had the door open and we went inside. There I had him sit on the desk in front of the windows overlooking the strip and gave him one great blowjob. Before he came, he got off of the desk and had me lean against the window while he fucked me from behind. He knows this is one of my favorite positions and I came again. He then pulled out and I got on my knees in front of him and anyone looking up at our window could see us as I sucked his cock till he was ready to cum. I pulled him out of my mouth and pumped his cock till he shot his cum on my face and tits. He was so horny that he shot a huge load and I was able to get some of it in my open mouth and swallowed it. What a night that was. That was the first time that I jerked off another guy since I met Paul and it has only gotten better since then.

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