Archie and Veronica (part 3) of Archie Andrews gets laid

"I wonder what Veronica is doing right now" thought Archie longingly.
He had had a very eventful past couple of days. He'd lost his virginity to Midge Klump, Moose's girlfriend. He'd also deflowered his longtime girlfriend Betty Cooper. They'd spent several days making love.

Archie knew he was ready to take on his next challenge: Veronica Lodge. Veronica was a 5'7, slender, dark-haired goddess of love. Her skin was porcelain white, her nose was straight and slightly upturned, her lips were naturally swollen and reddish, and she was (in everybody's opinion,) absolutely, divinely gorgeous. Of course, she was also a selfish, spoiled, jealous, haughty, materialistic bitch, but this was of course irrelevant to Archie and all men who gazed upon her. She was by anyone's standards, a paradigm of physical perfection, but she was cold and rarely yielded to love. Since she was obsessed with going to the gym, (with a pre-adolescent fantasy of becoming a supermodel,) she was very well toned, long legged, and hourglass shaped.

Archie was head over heels for her and spent his allowance as often as he could to take her out on dates. Yet all he ever got from her was heated make-out sessions on Lover's Lane, or romantic car-park sites. Every date with Ronnie ended with a cold shower.

But, with his new found confidence (and much practice) Archie was ready to take things to a new level. He had recently learned that the trick to getting girls to go second, or even third base with you, was simply to be assertive and suave.

Fellows take note, confidence is the name of the game.

He had tried it all on Betty Cooper. Now, don't get the wrong idea. Betty's a nice girl. And a real good screw. And she's very devoted to Archie. And lets not forget she's smoking hot in a girl next door sort of way. But she's no Veronica Lodge. Poor Betty, she really was an adorable little blonde. But not rich, and not radiant, not quite a ten, and not untouchable. Men lusted after Veronica. They befriended Betty.

And now Archie had plans to make Veronica his - once and for all. Actually, he was pretty surprised Reggie (Archie's rival and an all around jerk) hadn't tried anything with her in the past. As he ambled down the seemingly endless lane that made up the Lodge Estate driveway, Archie started imagining how Veronica would react when he took the effort to "assert" himself. Would she squeal in shame and run away? Would she smack him? Archie smiled at this thought. The smile turned to a frown as he imagined her squealing all the way to her dearest daddy Hiram Lodge. No that would not be a pretty sight in the least. Perhaps she'd just go along with it. This was what Archie was counting on. He reached her door at last, and Smithers let him in.

"Veronica! It's Archie! Which wing of the house are you in?" Archie echoed through the mansion.
"Uh, Miss Veronica is in the West Wing in her quarters." Smithers answered Archie, wrinkling his nose in distaste. "Shall I inform her of your presence?"
"Uh no thanks Smithers, I'll surprise her myself. Is Mr. Lodge in today?"
"I'm afraid not sir. He's in a business conference in Perth."
"That's in Australia sir."
"Unfortunate." Archie tried to hide a smile. "And Mrs. Lodge?"
"Milan, at exclusive fashion functions. That's Milan Italy. Mr. Andrews, shall I escort you to Miss Veronica?"
"No Smithers, really, you just uh, take it easy." With that, Archie ran up the winding stairwell that led to the West Wing of the Lodge Estate. To Veronica's room. He knocked, got no reply, and then turned the knob and entered. Veronica's room was enormous. Full length windows took up most of the wall space, but they were all draped with deep red velvet curtains. The lighting was soft and yellow. Her four poster bed rested high above the ground, draped in cream silk and red velvet curtains. The light was on under the door of Veronica's bathroom. He could hear muffled voices coming from inside. He pressed his ear to the door. He heard Veronica's lilting laughter. And then:

"Oh, really! Shut up. you are too cruel! Hahaha. Just awful! But, I've really got to go. ---No! Really." -cllick-
Archie wasn't ready when the door opened and he was still standing up against the door. He did his best to straighten up and act like nothing was wrong.

"Oh, Archie, what are you doing here?"
"Just uh, looking to see what you're up to tonight and stuff."
"Mhmm okay. Did you really thing I wouldn't have plans?"
"Well gee Ronnie I was just hoping, I mean--"
Why, you wanna take me out on a date? I thought you don't save up enough allowance until Friday!"
Well actually I thought maybe we could stay here, and just order pizza watch a movie."
Veronica rolled her eyes.
"Archie you're a fool."
Archie was stumped. As he gazed at Veronica's tight little body, clothed in a pleated plaid skirt, thin white stockings, and a crisp button down top, she looked surprisingly more chaste than usual. Although, her dark red lipstick and dark eye makeup made for a slightly less innocent look. Her breasts were so well hidden in that top. He flashed back to an image of Veronica at the beach. They were in the water this one time and her bathing suit top had snapped off accidentally. He pretended like he hadn't seen, and she pretended like nothing had happened, but Archie had seen. Whew boy had he ever seen. Her breasts were perfect orbs, and creamy, and rosy and Ohh, he could feel his pants tighten.
"Archie? Are you even listening to me?"
"You uh, called me an idiot?"
"You came over here for a reason."
"Yeah! To watch a uh, a movie!"
"Oh, okay. Just hold on a second okay, I've got to get something from the bathroom."
Veronica came out two minutes later in a kimono.

"How stupid do you think I am?" Veronica moved closer to him.
"Veronica I honestly don't know what you--- uhhhh, what are you" Veronica had grabbed his dick over his jeans. She stood face to face with him, staring into his eyes, lips five inches away from touching.
"You honestly thought after all these years that I'd never once done it?"
"What!? You're not a virgin?!?!" Veronica smiled maliciously, and then she opened her robe and dropped it to her feet.
A paradigm of perfection. She was wearing a white corset that pushed her grand breasts up to abnormal heights. She wore a garterbelt connected to those lacy white thigh high tights she had on, and a crisp white thong on top of the garter.
"Silly boy, I've been at it with my Italian boyfriend for two years! And my English boyfriend and my French boyfriend. I've just been waiting for you to try something!"
"Ronnie I--" Archie decided to quit the conversation. Confidence - that was the name of the game. Right?

He grabbed her head and pulled her to him, kissing her roughly and passionately with a need that had been years in the making. The friction between their bodies was unbearable. He pulled her face as close to his as it would get, thrusting his tongue down her throat.

She grabbed his shirt and pulled it off, both of them stumbling toward her bed. Then she unzipped his fly and he pushed off his pants and shoes and socks. Archie was well toned and quite fully grown for a teenager. He was a handsome guy -- and frankly, he'd have to be, seeing as how he was one of Veronica Lodge's boyfriends. She knelt down in front of him. She didn't know it till this moment, but here was one more reason Veronica Lodge gave Archie Andrews the time of day.

"Archie! Why didn't you tell me! All this time, you were hiding this monster?"
Archie grinned. "Gee whiz, you shoulda asked!"

Veronica didn't wait to make a witty reply, instead engulfing his pulsating eight inches with her moist and especially puffy lips. She had five inches completely down her throat in four seconds. In two more seconds she had all eight inches as Archie had thrust upward. She gagged but held it, then slowly slid back upward, sucking on the head and swirling her tongue in slow tantalizing circles. After a little while, she moved down to his balls, sucking lightly, flicking her tongue. Then she licked his shaft, returned to the head, and flicked over his cum slit.

"Jeezus Ronnie, you're a real pro- where'd you learn to -AAHHHH"

Veronica engulfed his cock all the way down her throat again, and then started moving bobbing her head up and down his length rapidly. It felt so intense Archie couldn't hold his cum in anymore and he exploded into her mouth. She just pumped him in and swallowed all of his sticky white pleasure.

When Archie finished cumming he picked her up and threw her onto the silk and velvet of her bed. Then he ripped off her corset. Her breasts swung free. She wore a 34 C, but they looked even larger on her small frame, the small pink nipples hardened. Archie sucked on her left nipple passionately, pinching her right teasingly. He could have sucked forever, but after flicking at her right nipple with his tongue, he couldn't wait any longer.

"Ronnie baby, I need to get inside of you."

"Oh Archie, I just kept hoping, when we were parked at Lover's Lane and stuff that you'd-- Well it's certainly taken you long enough! Oh just fuck me already!"
He ripped off her thong, and gazed appreciatively at her perfect form - only the garter and stockings were left on.
Archie placed his now fully engorged cock at the entrance to her soft pink pussy. He rubbed the head around her slit and clit. He teased the entrance, sticking the head all the way.

"Do we need a condom?"
"Don't be silly Archikins, I'm obviously on birth control, and you're most likely a virgin so--"

He didn't wait any longer but instead penetrated the folds of her pink sopping wet pussy. He pushed it in further and further. He looked up at her face. It was scrunched up in ecstacy and slight pain. She was tight. Extremely tight.
"You sure you're not a virgin baby?"
"Oh please. You're fucking huge. You're like 8 and a half inches, and super wide. WHat do you expect -- UHHHHHHHH oh my god. OH MY GOOODD! FU- FU- FUCKKK! You feel amaziiiiiiiing" HEr voice trailed off into moans as he began to pound her. Over and over and harder and deeper.
"Oh god, baby, you feel so tight around my cock. Oh jesus." He pulled out fully and she looked at him in dismay, just as he plunged fully back into her. She screamed in response. After pounding a little longer in missionary position he pulled out and flipped her over.
"Gonna do me doggy style baby?" She looked back at him devilishly and raised her ass further in the air. He plunged back into her and continued to fuck her brains out.
Veronica's moans and screams got faster and louder and more frantic. She started to rub her clit.
"oh baby, oh oh baby, I'm gonna come, just keep goign like that. Keep on, Ohhhhhhh MYY GAWD!"
Veronica screamed his name in ecstacy, and Archie kept pounding until she had finished coming. Then he pulled out, and manually flipped her back around and came on her face and tits without warning.
Veronica had come down off her orgasm and was covered in his cum. She wiped it off her face and looked at him angrily.
"What the fuck was that Archie? You just splooged on my Face? Hello, do you have any idea how much it costs to keep my face looking like this?"
"Shut the fuck up bitch. Suck my cock."
Veronica started to protest: "How much sperm have you got saved up in there? I feel like you've cummed an ocean already and you're hard again!"

He pushed his cock into her mouth to shut her up. It went as far as it could go, then he pulled it out and pushed it back in even further so that she gagged. And he grabbed her head and began to face fuck Veronica Lodge. His life long dream. Tears and eyeliner streamed down her flawless face. After several minutes of this torture for her, and ecstacy for him, she expelled him, pushed him angrily to the floor.
"If you'd stop fucking my face long enough to remember that I actually have more to offer than just a second fuck hole. I've got a tongue - you'll see how much better it can be!"She then returned to his penis and began to give him an expert blowjob.

"Ronnie, did you just say second fuck hole?" Archie held her face onto his cock. "On second thought, don't answer that baby, just keep doing what you're doing. OH YEAH. Like that, oh jeezus baby like that."

His penis was almost more than fully engorged.

"Okay Veronica, stop for a second, no no, really ahhhh, no stop, I wanna return the favor now."

Ronnie grinned and lay down on the bed and spread her legs for him.

"Uh, actually, if you'd just turn over, I wanna do it from the back. That's a good girl, sweetheart." He pulled a pillow and put it under her stomach and pelvis. Her rear was elevated into the air. Archie licked from her clit up the length of her slit. His tongue started swirling around her clitoris, then flicking at it again, then he licked the length of her pussy. Then he fucked his tongue in and out of her vagina. Then he stuck two fingers in her slightly enlarged vagina. It still felt tight, even after that intense fucking. Archie started to finger fuck her, pushing against her G-spot. He learned about that magic button after the three days he'd spent in bed with Veronica's best friend Betty. Meanwhile he kept flicking at her clitoris. By this point, Veronica was screaming in ecstacy. Suddenly, she was shuddering in orgasmic pleasure. At the exact instant she came, he stuck the two sopping fingers into her tight virginal ass. She screamed. It was beautiful.

Without warning, he polished his dick in her vagina, pulling it out covered with her cum.

"And now for the second hole." Thought Archie to himself.

Veronica was still turned over, blind to the actions of Archie, biting the pillow she'd unsuccessfully attempted to smother her screams in, rubbing her clit fanatically trying to prolong the glorious orgasm. That was when Archie thrust his enormous penis into Veronica's asshole.
He managed to ease about two inches in, when--

"ARCHIE? VERONICA? What are you two doing!"

"Omigosh, Betty!"

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