Lobster Fertility Clinic

I walk into the clinic and am greeted by the receptionist. “I have a 2:30 with Dr Green” I announce.

“You must be our new lactator – were you told not to express for 8 hrs before you arrived? I nod my breasts swollen and sore. “Ok just head down to room 204, remove all of your clothes and pop up on the bed.”

I thank her and head down to room 204. I am a lactation surrogate and have saved many babies from having to go onto formula. But times are hard and so I have decided to move into the sexual side and the medical side. This is a trial I signed up for to be an incubator as well. The egg and sperm will be put into me and I will carry the baby till it is viable to be put in the mother. I enter room 204 and see a stainless steel metal table with stirrups in the centre of the room. I strip my clothes off carefully I remove my bra groaning as my breasts swing free. I sit on the cold stainless steel table to wait and feel warm drips on my thighs I sigh realising I am leaking. As I wait I feel the milk slide between my thighs and down my slit. I groan again in pain thinking that the wait is getting ridiculous.

The door opens and a bent over wisend old man shuffles in.

“Oh hello sorry for the wait a woman had expressed before coming here and we had a bit of trouble. My name is Dr Green and you are .. “he looks at the chart “Mrs. Waterman nice to meet you! “He comes closer and peers at my leaking nipples.. well looks like you are ready Mrs. Waterman! You lay back now and put your feet up in the stirrups now while I set up the cameras!

“Dr. Green what cameras I didn't agree to that!” I exclaim..

“Don't worry Mrs Waterman it is to protect us against lawsuits. Because we don't have the staff to have a female nurse in here they are there to protect you and I! “ He says as he sets a camera up between my legs about 3 feet back and pulls another out from the table between my legs and angles it at my opening. A panel slides back above my head and a lens zooms in.

“Ok lets turn them on and see what we have!” He types something into the computer and a screen on the ceiling shows all 3 angles my engorged leaking breasts, my milk covered slit from a distance and then the close up of my vaginal entrance.

The Dr shuffles over gives me an injection and pats me on the arm reassuringly – “That is just a paralytic dear – if you move while you are being impregnated you may ruin the egg!” I try to nod but can't move. The Dr Starts to chuckle as he runs his dry wrinkled fingers over my sore nipples. I moan in pain … he squeezes one nipple squirting milk out and grins wider.

“Now before we start there are a couple things I will need to dobecause a milk covered body will confuse them I will have to stop your leaking and wipe you off.” He meets my eyes pops his false teeth out and takes my hard nipple into his mouth. As he starts to suck the milk from my breast I moan in relief and disbelief he slides his gnarled fingers between my pussy lips and starts to roll my clit between his thumb and forefinger. I look up at the ceiling seeing his head over my breast and his hand fondling me. I gasp as my body responds and tears well up.. I know this is sooo wrong but my body ignores me. The old man switches to my other swollen nipple and I again moan as he starts to suck I can hear him swallowing my milk as I feel more let down. I know soon I will be leaking again.

Dr Green stands up and pops his teeth back in as he wipes the rest of the milk from my body. He sits down on a stool between my legs and explains “ My dear we need to stretch you a bit so they can fit in.”

What the hell is this they he keeps talking about I am finding it very disconcerting unable to move..

He gets out some lube and I look at the ceiling forgetting I get a birds eye view. I see myself with engorged tits sticking up and the Dr's head between my legs on the next camera I see the Dr's back and on the last I see him lube up 3 fingers and push them deep in me forcing them all the way in. I groan in pain as I feel myself stretched. He starts to slide his hand in and out of my pussy stretching his fingers out as he does. My body shudders and I moan again as my breasts fill up with my building excitement. I watch as the Dr slides in 4 fingers and begin to pant with the pain. He starts too fuck me harder I whimper and moan feeling split in 2 but wanting more.. he lubes his thumb and the outside of his thumb joint and leans forward taking my clit between his false teeth as he flicks his tongue over my swollen nub. Moaning I start to tremble and the Dr starts twisting and shoving his hand in over and over deeper and deeper I whimper in pain and start to cum. As he Feels me cumming he shoves his hand deep and makes a fist ramming it back and forth. All I can see in on the ceiling is his wrist moving in and out. Orgasm after orgasm washes over me as I start to squirt. The Dr sits up with a grin as he milks my G spot.

He slides his hand out of me and says “ Well you are just about ready – unless you need me to drink a little more so you don't leak? Blink once for yes and 2 for no”.. I stare at him my breasts hurting so bad I could cry.. please anything to relieve the pain..I think as I blink once through silent tears.

Right well I guess it is all for a good cause and such he says as his grin widens he moves up to my left breast pops his teeth out and sets them on my stomach.ewwwww. His dry lips wrap around my aching nipple and he starts to suck. I moan in pain my nipple so sore but then I feel the pressure subside slightly as he swallows more. He lifts his head and licks the sore nipple. I gasp and he grins toothlessly at me.

Moving to the other side he says “ Maybe we should just leave this one?” I beg him with my eyes and rapidly blink no several times. He bends down and takes my nipple squeezing it and catches the milk in his mouth. I groan needing much more. He lowers his head and latches on sucking deep and hard. I moan wanting him to drink me dry.

All to soon he stops and pops his teeth back in. He pats me on the stomach saying “ Well that was nice. How about we get you impregnated? Now you probably assumed it was human but I hate to tell you it isn't. See there is a rare form of crustacean which we thought was extinct. But we found a pair! Now unfortunately their mating ground was dredged. But we found the temperature and moisture content needed and a human females womb is perfect! There is another problem – they themselves have lactation crustaceans that the breeders feed off of while releasing their eggs and sperm And well we have you! “

My mind swims I am not understanding most of this but understand not human and feel panic welling up but can do nothing about it.

The Dr walks over to a cabinet and brings out the biggest Lobster looking thing I have ever see it is at least 3 feet long! Grinning the Dr brings it to me explaining this is a female thinner then a male yadayadayada I start to sob. He lowers her on top of me laying her head on my breast and her tail between my legs. I groan in terror. The Lobster noses around my swollen breast and finds my nipple. She opens her mouth I see 2 rows of teeth and squeal. Slamming her head onto my nipple she sinks her teeth onto my breast. I groan as she starts to suck.. I feel my milk flowing into her with each suction. Her tail twitches and lifting it up she slams it down against my slit curling the end again she raises it up and slams it down slapping my open slit. I whimper in pain. She hits a rhythm Suck suck slam curl .. the Dr walks between my legs and on the next slam he curls it into the opening to my cunt. The Lobster freezes and vibrates her tail exploring my entrance. She sucks hard on my nipple my milk squirting into her mouth as she raises her tail again and slams it but this time it slams into my cunt. Groaning in pain she undulates her tail deep into me my walls barely able to stretch that far. The end of her tail slaps up and down as she undulates deeper. My milk foams at the corners of her mouth as she sucks hard drinking as much as she can.

Suddenly she stops undulating and sucking. The end of her tail starts slapping up and down deep inside me. I sob from the pain she slaps harder and faster. My body shudders as she scrapes against my G spot. Her tail vibrates and slaps hard I feel a cold fluid spray into me and I start to cum as my walls squeeze her she starts to suck me drinking my milk and slap as she sprays her eggs deep within me. We both seem to finish at the same time. She lets go of my nipple and slides her tail out of me. I whimper as her teeth release me and as she scrapes my walls.

The Dr walks up and says “Now we must fertilise!” he picks the Lobster up and places her back into the tank. He reaches down and lifts the Male lobster up he is even bigger than the female – he is only 3 ft long but almost twice as wide. I groan as my eyes widen in terror I know he can't fit in me!

The Dr lays him on my stomach and my right breast placing his tail between my legs. The Lobster starts to search my breast. When he finds my engorged nipple he trembles. Unlike the female he slides his mouth gently sucking some of my milk into his mouth. He pauses and sucks gently again I moan needing release. He pauses, his tail vibrating. Suddenly he sucks hard and clamps his teeth down. At this point I don't care anything for relief it just hurts so bad. I pant as he starts to milk me.

Suddenly he raises his tail and slaps it against my slit curling the end. The Dr is right on it and leads the tip to my entrance. The Lobster pushes against my too small entrance I moan in pain he shoves again and 2 inches push into me I start to pant, he sucks harder, my engorged nipple throbbing. Again he shoves and 3 more inches force their way in. Moan I pain panting harder as I watch him start to undulate and shove inch by inch into me. I feel like I am going to split in 2 and let out a silent scream as he undulates and shoves all the way in. He freezes and moves his tail up and down slowly.. then he starts to slap it faster he sucks my nipple with long hard draws. I feel my other breast filling again. He speeds up slapping hard and fast. I start to shudder as his hard shell scrapes my sore G spot and I start to squirt. The Lobster starts to spray his cold sticky seed into me as my walls squeeze him. I am whimpering tears rolling down my face as the Lobster removes his tail. I gasp as his teeth let go of my over used nipple.

The Dr removes the Lobster and puts him in the tank. He walks up to my legs and closes the stirrups most of the way .. then moves the feet up so my knees are pointing at me. . He tilts the bottom of the bed up. Walking to my side he massages my breast and smiles” You are the only one the male has designed worthy. There must be something special in your milk, we will have to keep you around! I have tilted the table up so all of the eggs and sperm will run into your womb. To help them attach you will need several orgasms but don't worry I can help with that. I am glad to see you have more milk already that is a good sign! . He turns down the lights and I realise I have some movement I stretch my jaw and wiggle my fingers thinking to play it cool till I can escape. The Dr notices this and chuckles strapping my arms down, my knees and ankles to the stirrups. He walks over to his desk and pops a pill his eyes twinkling. “Don't worry Dear it only takes 20 mins or so to kick in! This Viagra is great stuff!”

Moving to the side of the bed he bends over and takes my left nipple in his mouth latching on and suckling as he slides his hand down my slit. I can hear his swallowing and feel my milk flowing down as he parts my lips and takes my clit squeezing it in time to his sucking. I moan softly as my body responds. He starts to suck harder and faster as he pinches my clit harder and faster I start to tremble as I cum. Suddenly he pinches my clit with his nails and bites my breast I scream as I cum hard my empty cunt grasping. As I start to come down he releases my breast and clit grinning at me. I lay there panting as he lowers the head of the bed to waist height. I know what is coming and turn my head to him resigned to it but am surprised as he pulls out a huge flaccid cock.

“Have you ever tried to get a hard on when you have to piss??” he asks cock in hand. I whisper nooo not that!

Looking down at me the Dr says” remember those cameras?? I have several juicy shots of you cumming and if you don't want them uploaded to the net you will do whatever I want understand??”

“Yes I whisper tears well up as he steps forward and puts his fat soft cock at my lips. I open up and smell old urine and gag. He shakes his cock and I wrap my lips around it. “Take it all in my Dear” he whispers. I groan and take his soft cock into my mouth the head is right at my throat. He holds my head and groans as he starts to piss down my throat. I swallow as fast as I can my head held against he stomach. He starts to move his cock in and out of my mouth as he forces more urine into me. Sighing his stream stops but he is moving it in and out of my mouth. It starts to get hard and he thrusts slow and deep. His cock is getting wider and longer I start to panic I can't take it. He hold my head firmly and chuckles. Soon he is thrusting his cock deep into my throat. I moan around his cock trying to breath on the back strokes. He starts fucking my throat faster and faster groaning . He thrusts hard and his cock jerks as if it is coming but there is no seed. He withdraws and raises my head to level again. My right breast is almost rock hard and my nipple is hard and engorged.

He walks around to the bottom of the bed and spreads my legs. He pulls a step down and climbs on it. “Must keep your precious womb tilted and when we tilt the womb it leaves but one avenue left! “

I blush knowing there is no way in hell he can know how much I love anal. He slides cold lubricant along my asshole and slides a finger in. I moan in pleasure and he grins sliding 2 fingers in. I lick my lips. Leaning over me resting on his hand he slides his lubricated cock against my asshole and starts to push I moan in pain as he pushes harder. “ Come on you can take it deary”

He stands up grabbing my knees and starts to push again ..my sphincter closes against the assault his cock is an inch in but my sphincter wont open. I grunt and push opening my sphincter and the Dr forces his cock against my barrier which tightens immeadiatly around his thick cock. He pauses and leans over me . He pops his teeth out and puts them on a table. He takes my engorged right nipple into his mouth and latching on starts to suck and swallowing.

“Yessssss” I hiss feeling the release. He holds my hips and slowly slides his cock in to the hilt “Yes yes yes” I pant. He starts to rock his hips from side to side and I groan in pain and pleasure his cock stretching my ass bigger than it has ever gone. He starts a rhythm sucking my milk and thrusting into my ass at the same time. I moan ..”Oohhh God yesss deeper, harder … aaaagggggghhhhh”

My ass clenches around his cock as I cum. He keeps the rhythm up and pinches my other nipple with his hand. He moans as milk squirts over his fingers. I start to come down and he starts long slamming strokes into mu ass as he sucks harder and pinches my nipple squirting more. Slamming deep into my bowels he growls as he drinks my milk. Running his tongue around my sore nipple he pinches my other nipple and holds it. I scream arching my back as he slams hard into me sucking hard not swallowing clamping his gums on my nipple. I feel his thrust al the way in and hold as his cock sprays my bowels with cum. He thrusts again and I scream again my nipples on fire as well as my ass. My sphincter spasms around his cock milking it dry.

I fall back panting and shaking. He slides his still hard cock out of my ass and releases my nipples licking up the milk from the other one as well. He grins at me and says “You need one more orgasm my dear and I know exactly the way to do it. “

“ Please I can't” I beg.

Smiling down at me he heads to the laptop – “No problem deary now which site should we upload to first? Lactation International? I believe you have a profile there.”

” No please I will do anything just don't upload anything!” He chuckles and opens a drawer bringing out a huge stainless steel ball with a bar and a ring on the end.

Stepping up between my legs he lubricates the ball. My jaw drops “oh hell no – that won't fit! “

The Dr looks up at me saying “ My dear an 8lb baby can easily come from here so we shall make this fit. You see this is the plug to keep the eggs and sperm in your womb. It is pushed against the cervix and seals it. You must have at least one orgasm for the seal to set. Then we shall fit you with a belt for while you are here.”

“A belt?? How long?? “ I ask

Most people are with us for 2 weeks and then we harvest the fertilised eggs. Each day you must have regular milkings and at least 3 orgasms a day. We will take care of all that. Now you are special this species are almost extinct and the male has rejected every other woman but you. We need you so hopefully at the end of 2 weeks we can convince you to stay. We have made arrangements with your Lactation Agency to employ you for 2 weeks and have taken the liberty of depositing a lump sum of $10,000 into your bank acct.

I shake my head dumbfounded and open my mouth for another question. The Dr shushes me through his toothless mouth and places the ball at my gaping opening. Holding the ring as leverage he starts to push it into my sore and gaping cunt.. I groan in pain he slides it up and pushes again.

“Gooooooooooooodddddddddddd “I scream. He pauses as I pant then leans onto it and pushes again

“AAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii I screech as I am being torn apart. He keeps pushing leaning all his weight on the rod attached to the ball. I start to kick and struggle in pain He stops and looks up at me noticing my leaking nipples

“One more my Dear.” He leans forward and with a huge shove pushes it deep into me it hits my cervix and stops. He stands up and wipes sweat off his forehead.

Now My dear one more orgasm but we will need help for this! I watch him as I pant in pain, my breasts filling again and already leaking from excitement. He pushes a button on the intercom..

“Madeline send in the twins please. “ Immediately the door is opened and 2 huge muscled men walk in. If they are twins it must be fraternal! They stand on either side of the bed and take their cocks out and start to masturbate. The doctor walks to the bottom of the bed and spreads my asshole – with no warning he lunges in to the hilt. I cry out arching my back and the twins each latch on a nipple and start sucking and swallowing hard. I start to sob in pain as the Dr starts ramming is cock into my my cunt stretched and my milk being pulled from my body.

“Ohh godddnooooooo ohhh nooonoonooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh godddddd oh godddddddddddd yesssssss yessssssssssssss fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk”. I shudder as I start to cum hard squirting all over the Dr my ass convulsing around his cock. Both twins start to cum and it shoots all over my face. The doctor thrusts deep and hold me there as he cums again spraying his seed all over my ass. The Dr pulls out and the twins changing their milking to gentle suckling and keep swallowing. The Dr releases my hands and they go to the backs of the heads of the twins as I moan feeling very sore but comforted.

They will drink you dry my dear and then you shall rest. He slides a leather belt under my hips and slides another leather hole over the loop in the end of the plug. I hear a snick and see he has put a lock on it. “Your beautiful ass , your clit and your urethra are free but we must keep that ball in!.

I grasp the heads of the twins tighter and sigh licking the cum off my lips. I close my eyes and doze off..

I wake to feel my breasts aching and leaking the discomfort surpassed by a huge ball against my cervix and the leather strap. The old Doctor comes over placing a hand on my belly as his eyes lighten up at the milk running down my breasts. “We have some younger ones just learning to suck they will take care of you my dear” He says excitedly as he heads to the tanks. He brings out 2 lobsters and puts them on my stomach. They raise their heads and start moving up towards my breasts. I leak even more my body betraying me. One makes it to my engorged hard breast and raises up scaling it. It noses around the milk soaked breast looking for the source. At the same time the other one has found the source my huge swollen rock hard nipple. It rears back and strikes on it clamping it's teeth on it. I scream in pain and it rears back again for another strike. As if in sync the other one finds the source and rears back too. In time they both strike sucking my nipples deep my milk squirting into them. I moan in pleasure as the pressure releases. Suddenly they both sink their teeth in and I yelp in pain. Their tails start slapping against the side of my breasts almost vibrating. “ready for your first orgasm deary?” the doctor grins down at me. Tears spring to my eyes as he plucks one of the vibrating lobsters off my breast and puts a glob of lube at my asshole. He slides the small lobsters tail into my ass and I moan in pleasure hating myself. The Lobsters tail slaps up and down in my ass faster and faster. The Doctor pushes it farther in till ½ its body is in, it's legs scrabbling at my tender opening as it slaps deeper. I start to cum my ass grasping against it's slaps the lobster left on my nipple sucking harder. My walls squeeze against the ball in my cunt the pain driving me crazy. I feel a cold spray into my bowels as the lobster slaps so hard it is curling in 2. Suddenly it stops slapping and I feel the Dr pull it out causing me to cum again. The lobster on my breast gives an almighty slap and sprays all down the side of me letting go of my nipple. The Doctor removes the 2nd lobster and puts them in their tank.

He looks at me with a glean in his eye - “You must be parched my dear!” He walks over to my head pulling his flaccid cock out and rubbing it against my lips. I shut my eyes in shame and open my mouth sucking the head in as he let go. I swallow the disgusting piss as he fondles my empty breasts. As soon as he is done he withdraws saying “We will look at getting you some food soon darlin for now just rest”. Clothes back in order he leaves the room leaving me strapped and ashamed. A sob escapes my throat as I try to pretend I am not there

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