Forbidden Sibling Treasure -- Chapter II: Pearls of Wisdom

The next couple months were a blur. Although that first weekend hadn’t gone exactly as planned, Emerald felt refreshed and renewed. Sunday had been a day of learning for Emerald. She and her sister had spent the entire day together in their apartment, deliberately neglecting clothing and instead indulging in their fill of sisterly love and womanly passion.

Pearl had taught Emerald every trick she knew about being with another female – and Emerald had been a fast learner! Her older sister had given her plenty of opportunity to practice, too. Emerald had found her pubic skin nearly rubbed raw from all the grinding and other attention it was receiving, but she didn’t care. It had felt too good to stop. The newfound pastime she and Pearl could share together was like a drug, and Emerald was hooked.

They put the satisfaction of their bodies second only to breakfast and lunch. After an entire day of making love, the sisters finally paused long enough to put on their housecoats and have dinner.

“You really seem to like this, Em,” Pearl noted kindly as they ate a simple meal of steamed vegetables and instant rice. A small piece of fish each completed the plate, and Pearl cut off a piece and brought it to her mouth. “I couldn’t have even imagined how much you would be into this.”

Emerald smiled. The sacred flesh between her legs still tingled from her last orgasm only moments ago. “Yeah,” she giggled shyly, touching the tender spot through her housecoat. “It just feels so good. I know I’m still into guys, but this whole ‘sex with another girl’ thing is really a lot of fun.”

Pearl swallowed her mouthful and grinned at her younger sister. “It’s because girls know what girls want,” she commented and mocked, “Guys don’t always. We’re a mystery to them. They get lost.”

The two sisters enjoyed a hearty laugh together then finished their meals, discussing their new, deeper relationship. Their dishes were barely in the sink before Emerald started peeling the simple clothing away from Pearl’s body again, exposing the smooth, warm skin on her sister’s shoulders.

“Jeez, Em!” laughed Pearl as Emerald uncovered her breasts and leaned down to kiss her older sister’s hardening nipples. “Just once was enough to get you hooked, wasn’t it?” Pearl laughed again as she removed Emerald’s robe.

Soon, the sisters were pleasuring each other’s body once again.

Monday came way too early. Emerald had spend the night in her sister’s bed again, but got up at her usual time and began getting ready for her classes. She chose her clothes, had a shower (with a “surprise” visit from Pearl), applied her makeup and got dressed before rushing out the door. The extra few minutes she and her sister had spent cleaning one another had almost made her late.

Each day seemed to move more quickly than the last. Emerald busied herself with her studies and rushed from one activity to another. Just as it seemed she had a moment to breathe, Emerald would realize she was almost running late for the next item on her schedule.

She saw Dennis on occasion; usually it was at her French Club. He seemed aloof, and appeared to prefer avoiding her at all costs. Whether it was from embarrassment or out of a dutiful respect Emerald didn’t know, but she was quite content that he kept his distance either way. Discussing what had happened at the nightclub would be awkward and uncomfortable, and Emerald would just as soon avoid it altogether.

Her friends did seem interested in what had happened, though. More than once she was interrogated by someone, mostly the other girls, as to what had transpired after she’d left. She gathered that Dennis didn’t return either, and that had sparked some divided suspicion about what had gone on between the two of them.

She had told the basic, honest truth, while omitting some of the more incriminating details: Dennis had caught up to her and asked her to return. When she refused, he offered to pare the cab fare. Once home, she simply discussed the matter with her older sister who cheered her up and softened the blow, and then went to bed.

“Well, that’s good that he paid for you to get home,” one of her friends had said, eyeing Dennis from across the room at one French get-together. “I can’t believe how much of a douche he was the other night. Usually he’s such a nice guy.”

“I guess we really know now, don’t we?” Emerald had gone on to point out.

Her friend shook her head in disgust. “Yeah, I guess so. I mean, he was drunk, but that’s no excuse. I was just standing there and I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I’m so sorry, Em. I really didn’t know what to say or do or I would have put a stop to it.”

Emerald assured her friend that she didn’t hold a grudge. It was quite an embarrassing situation for everyone.

From a certain angle, the story was entirely true, but, of course, Emerald was completely unwilling to admit the grittier points of just how much better Pearl had made her feel. She really didn’t have any regrets and knew Pearl didn’t harbour any either. The sexual pleasure that the two derived from one another that night – and practically every night since – was so pure and delightful that all Emerald now wanted to do with her sister was make soft, lesbian love with her.

The only thing she would regret was if someone else found out. The singular reason she wasn’t upfront and honest about the intimate relationship she had entered into with her sister was because of society’s standards of just whom one was supposed to share that with, or, rather, with whom one was not supposed to. It was quite a short list – and getting shorter all the time – but siblings certainly were nowhere close to making the cut.

Regardless, Emerald gave Pearl a little tease every chance she got, and it was often reciprocated before spiralling down into another frenzy of sexual activity. Emerald’s appetite for sexual deviance was insatiable. She mourned the loss of so many teenage years where she could have been indulging with both men and women as her sister had done, but realized that she was still young and vibrant. There was still plenty of time to add experience to her sexual portfolio and Emerald had made up her mind to do so.

The biggest dilemma was what man would be her first. She knew her vagina was still tight and unspoiled, just waiting for the right man to come along and escort her completely into womanhood. She had once thought Dennis might be that special lover, but had since given up on the idea.

Emerald hardly went out over the next several nights. She rarely did in the first place as she was a quieter girl, but now it was almost out of the question. Homework and more homework became her lot, and she found herself almost drowning in the tidal wave of essays, assignments and exams. The more the semester progressed, the less mercy it seemed the professors had.

She was studying in the living room one night with the noise of one of her favourite Netflix series in the background when her sister arrived home from work. Pearl walked into the room with a broad smile on her face.

“What’s with you?” asked Emerald, seeing the smug expression. Pearl tried to hide it, but the grin couldn’t be suppressed. Emerald recognized the look. It was the same sort of cheeky smile that she herself sported whenever a guy had shown interest in her. “Did you get asked out on a date or something?” she asked her sister pointedly.

Pearl chuckled. “No, no,” she dismissed, relenting to tell her sister what was on her mind. “No, Jasper’s coming this weekend.”

“Oh!” exclaimed Emerald, excited at the prospect of seeing her brother. In the entire time she’d lived here, he hadn’t once come for a visit. “About time!”

“Tell me about it!” Pearl agreed. “The last couple times he’s had time off it’s always been ‘I need to do this’ or ‘I need to do that.’ You’d think he’d make it a point to come visit his sisters once in a while.”

“Not if he’s got some girl he wants to screw again for a couple nights,” added Emerald sardonically.

“Good point.”

Jasper had done that the last time he had been in town a few weeks ago. Emerald had been disappointed when Pearl had told her, but soon let go of any frustration, quickly realizing that her older brother did have his own life. Still, she would have liked to see her older brother from time to time. She wasn’t as close with him as she was with Pearl – even before their sexual awakening together – but she still enjoyed her strong and protective older brother’s company.

Emerald brooded on this for a moment. “Why does he always text you about these things?” she complained, suddenly grumpy. “He’s, like, never texted me about them.”

Pearl looked at her with surprise. “Really?”


“Weird,” commented Pearl sister with a shrug. She sat on the opposite couch as her younger sister. “Maybe it’s just a habit. Maybe he’s just used to texting me.”

Chewing on this idea, Emerald granted, “That could be. But I’m here now, too. He can certainly talk to me.”

“Well, I have lived on my own here for a couple years, Em,” shrugged Pearl passively. “Once I graduated and got a job, and my one roommate moved away, I just lived here by myself. It was just a great place for Jas to crash when he needed.” Pearl raised an eyebrow at her younger sister. “Does he ever text you?”

Emerald nodded. “Occasionally,” she explained succinctly, adding, “I did tell him about that really bad night I had.”

“Which?” questioned Pearl. “The one with Dennis?”


Pearl gave a slow nod. “What did you tell him?”

Emerald laughed airily. “Just my normal cover story about Dennis being a dick and you cheering me up.”

“Oh,” dismissed Pearl with a slow blink. She looked out the window.

There was a tone of slight surprise in her voice that Emerald picked up on. The anticlimactic response surprised her. Her older sister wasn’t usually at a loss of things to say quite so quickly.

“You seem disappointed,” Emerald identified, studying her sister.

Pearl looked back, slightly stuttering, “No, I just—” Her voice failed.

“What?” questioned Emerald with a confused frown. “You think I would have just up and told him aboutyou knowwhat we did? What we still do?”

Emerald watched her sister in disbelief as Pearl just shrugged permissively. Pearl had always been very open about her sex life, but this was a new level of indifference that had Emerald nearly shocked into silence. Sex with her own sister? How could Pearl just be unconcerned about anyone finding out about that, let alone telling Jasper?

“Are you serious?” she gasped in surprise, throwing a pillow at her sister. Pearl laughed in spite of the attack. “It’s crazy enough that we have lesbian sex as it is, Pearl! We’re sisters for hell’s sake! I don’t think that’s something that our older brother needs to know about.”

Pearl raised a challenging eyebrow. “Well, I do think he would be interested,” she giggled. “I certainly wouldn’t want you telling anyone other than him. I hope you haven’t.”

Jaw agape, Emerald just gave her sister a stunned expression. “No!” the younger sister insisted emphatically. “Hell no! What makes you think I’d tell ever tell anyone? Especially Jasper?”

“You don’t think he’d be interested?”

Emerald was at a loss for words. She couldn’t believe what was coming out of her sister’s mouth. A part of her was astonished beyond all reason. How could Pearl actually consider letting their older brother in on this secret of theirs? Then again, incest wasn’t something Emerald had ever considered before Pearl had offered it that one fateful night. She’d found the experience to her absolute liking. Would it really be so bad for Jasper to be told about them? To watch them?

To possibly join them?

Emerald blinked in surprise at her own thoughts. Sex with Jasper? That was something she’d never considered before, but there was a certain mystique and charm about the idea she couldn’t deny. Still, Emerald was frightfully hesitant to entertain the thought, much less propose anything.

Pearl took advantage of the void Emerald’s thoughts had created in their conversation. “I really think he might be curious about what we’ve been up to,” she suggested to her younger sister.

With a lopsided, skeptical smile, Emerald countered, “You think so?”

“Two sizzling hot and sexy young girls getting each other off?” detailed Pearl, grinning. “Yeah, I’d definitely say that’s something he would be interested in. Most guys are.”

A wry, disbelieving smile crossed Emerald’s face. “Even if it’s his sisters?” she asked, looking at Pearl underneath her eyebrows.

“You never know” Pearl half-sung with another nonchalant shrug. She changed the subject slightly. “Well, anyway, what did he say about him?”



“He offered to kick his ass for me, especially if he ever comes near me again.”

Pearl laughed. “Jasper’s built enough to do it,” she conceded with another grin.

“I know.”

Pearl stopped her there. “No, you really don’t.”

“What?” Emerald was completely perplexed.

“When’s the last time you actually saw him, Em?”

Emerald thought for a moment. It had been a while. “I don’t know,” she answered. “Maybemaybe last Christmas.”

“Well, he was probably 230 or 240 at Christmas,” explained Pearl, “maybe just under. You know, his bulky but strong self. He’s lost quite a bit of weight and toned up a lot since then.”

“He was a big, tough guy before!” Emerald chuckled. “How much bigger could he get?”

“Bigger. Well, bigger muscles, anyway,” stated Pearl matter-of-factly. Emerald could have sworn there was a half-dreamy look in her older sister’s eyes before she quickly snapped back to reality. “He’s around 215 now, I think is what he told me,” Pearl continued, “and pretty much pure muscle. And at 6’3”, he’s quite intimidating to look at.” Emerald just stared at her older sister, shocked at this new knowledge. “He could totally destroy Dennis if he wanted to,” stated Pearl matter-of-factly. “He’s been working out a lot when he’s not on shift. And he’s taken his diet and fitness to a whole new level.”

Emerald gawked. She had no idea that Jasper had been so focused on bulking himself up. He’d always been strong and stocky, but wasn’t exactly in to sports or working out. He’d kind of been her “teddy bear” of an older brother. For him to have shed the pounds and replaced it with muscle was astounding.

Envisioning the change actually sent an unexpected tingle through Emerald’s young body, though she tried to keep her composure in front of her older sister. Unfortunately, Pearl was looking right at her, and she wasn’t sure if her older sister had noticed the slight shiver or not. Even though Jasper was her older brother, imagining a man in such prime physical condition had sparked the temperature to rise steeply deep between her legs. Emerald chided herself, however, and quickly cooled the flame of lust. Her sister was one thing. Envisioning her older brother was another.

“Really?” she asked, trying to distract herself with conversation.

Pearl nodded. “Yeah. He told me the town’s pretty boring, so that’s what he and a couple other guys do for fun now.” Her older sister rolled her eyes as she added, “It’s either that or get drunk and try to get laid.”

Emerald laughed. Those last two options certainly sounded more like what her brother would be interested in. “He doesn’t try to do that, too?”

“Well, probably,” laughed Pearl.

“Doesn’t he have a girlfriend up there?” she inquired. “I thought he did.”

“He did a while back,” confirmed Pearl with a nod of her head, “but they broke up. Now he’s just got a couple of girls on the side,” she shrugged. “Kind of a friends with benefits sorta deal.”

Emerald chuckled again. That sounded like her brother, too. “What happened between him and the girl he was seeing?” she asked.

Pearl thought for a second and repeated the same notes. “He got a couple of girls on the side,” she shrugged once again, echoing the same notes. “Kind of a friends with benefits sorta deal.”

The two sisters laughed together for a moment, thinking of their brother’s unabashed shenanigans, terrible as they were.

“Up there or down here?” asked Emerald once she calmed down a bit. She was curious about her brother. This was a side of him she didn’t know all that well being nine years younger.

“Both, I imagine,” commented her sister with another eye roll.

Emerald laughed. “Do you know any down here?”

“I know he has a couple places he likes to stay at down here,” Pearl confided with a nod, “but there’s only one I know really well.”

“Do I know her?”

Pearl was pensive for a moment, like she was apprehensive to divulge the information, and her hesitation made Emerald think that her older sister would refuse to reply. In the end, though, she relented and gave just enough information to answer, but still leave Emerald that much more unsatisfied.

“I think so,” admitted Pearl ambivalently.

“What?” Emerald’s eyes lit up, anxious for the juicy gossip. “Really? Who is it?”

“I’m not telling you, Em,” Pearl refused with a laugh. “If Jas wants to, then that’s his business, but I wouldn’t feel right about telling you who it is without his permission. He might not be willing to tell you either.”

“Oh, come on!” urged Emerald. “He’s our brother!”

“My point exactly, Em.”

Knowing how stubborn her sister could be, Emerald decided just to drop the investigation. She was instantly grumpy again, but thought that maybe she’d interrogate Jasper once he was down for the weekend. However, seeing how much homework she had – including a group project that preparations for were bound to take most of the weekend – she honestly didn’t know if she’d have a moment to do it.

“Well, at any rate,” Emerald relented, “she’s a lucky little bitch.”

Pearl giggled, agreeing with her sister. “Yeah, I’d say she is.”

Emerald laughed bubbly, too, and turned back to her homework. It took her a moment, but she eventually realized her older sister was looking at her with a determined hunger in her eyes. Emerald looked up. Words were not spoken, but Pearl immediately began to unbutton her blouse. A sultry look was in her eyes. Emerald smiled wickedly, pulling her shirt up and over her head.

Moments later, the apartment was filled with the sounds of pleasure.

The next few days of waiting for Jasper to arrive were torturous for Emerald. Her excitement was growing exponentially every day in anticipation of seeing her brother again. She attended her classes and did her homework, of course, but the wait was agonizing.

Finally, after what seemed like a decade of tormented patience, the weekend arrived. When Emerald’s last class ended that Friday, she eagerly checked her phone. Among the myriad of texts with friends, two unique messages stood out. One was from Pearl. “Hey, guess who just walked in the door!” it read.

About twenty minutes previous to that, Jasper had texted her himself. “Hey, Tiny!” he teased her, calling her by the pet name he’d used since she was a child. “Just got into town. I’ll be at your place soon. I hear you’re anxious to see me!”

Emerald positively shrieked with excitement, attracting the attention of a few other college students nearby. She looked at them sheepishly before burying her phone back in her purse and running to the bus stop. Down the halls she hurried, hesitating for nothing, her backpack bounding back and forth behind her shoulders. It was only when she rounded one corner that she stopped dead in her tracks.

Standing in front of her was the last face she wanted to see. There with a couple of friends – one of which she regrettably recognized from the fateful night some weeks before – was Dennis. He smiled as their eyes met.

“Hey, Em,” he greeted her. “Looks like you’re in a hurry.”

“Yeah, and I’d like to keep it that way,” she answered him coldly.

Dennis quickly dismissed his friends. “I’ll catch up with you guys at the cafeteria.” They muttered a hesitant agreement, but soon left. “Hey” he cautiously addressed Emerald, “I was wondering if I could talk to you for a minute.”

Emerald pursed her lips. “I really don’t have anything to say to you except that you’re a dick!” she retorted.

With a slight nod, Dennis agreed. “Yeah, I really was that night,” he admitted humbly. “I just wanted to say I’m sorry again. Em, I” he hesitated in his words. “I really want to go out with you. I’m sorry I got drunk and said lots of things I shouldn’t have.”

Emerald raised an eyebrow at him. “Well, now we all know who you really are, don’t we?”

“That’s not me, Emerald,” he contested. “It’s really not. I was just influenced by him, and” Dennis grimaced, looking around hopelessly. “Damn it, I’d do anything to take it back. Em, I really am sorry.”

“Ohyou’re sorry. You’re just completely impressionable,” she criticized harshly. “That makes everything all ok, does it?”

“No, but” he sighed, “I want to make up for it. You’re a great girl and” he lowered his voice a bit so that just the two of them could hear it, “and there’s really nothing wrong with being a virgin – if you are. In fact, I think it’skinda cute.”

“Cute,” she echoed contemptuously. “The fact that I haven’t spread my legs for some asshole who is just going to complain that I’m too clingy is cute?”

“Wellyou knowit’s commendable.”

“Oh, I see,” she scathed. “Having some sense of a moral compass is commendable, is it?”

Although she kept a stoic face, Emerald laughed inside. True, she was still a virgin as far as penetrative sex went, but if Dennis only knew just how loosened her sense of morality now was, it was sure to shock even him. Sex was one thing. To be having lesbian encounters with her older sister was something else entirely.


She cut him off abruptly. “I really need to catch this next bus, Dennis,” she emphasized, looking beyond him. The busses had just arrived in the loop outside.

“Ok,” he relented. “Just promise me you’ll think about it?”


He shrugged in agreement. “Wellthat’s better than an outright no, I guess.”

“Do you want an outright no?”

Dennis smiled. “No,” he quickly answered. “I want to take you out on a real date.”

Emerald studied him for a second. “We’ll see,” she promised ambivalently. “Just to give you fair warning, my older brother’s in town,” she threatened him implicitly. “And he’s a hell of a lot bigger and stronger than you are.”

“I’ll keep that in mind,” acknowledged Dennis with a slight chuckle. “Don’t want my ass kicked.”

A smirk finally broke across Emerald’s lips. For all his flaws – and a terrible personality when drunk – Dennis did have a good sense of humour. “I’ve got to go,” she reiterated. “I’ll think about it.”

“Ok,” agreed Dennis. “Text me later?”

“Yeah,” she waved, taking off down the hallway again.

The two went their separate ways and Emerald rushed to the busses, getting there just as hers was starting to leave. The driver saw her running and stopped, allowing her to hitch a ride. Moments later, she was in front of her apartment building, absolutely brimming with excitement.

The elevator was particularly slow that day, the seconds-long trip taking forever to finish. When the elevator door opened, she hurried through the hall to her apartment, unlocked the front door and ran inside. She caught just the tail end of Pearl’s conversation with their older brother, but didn’t pay it any real attention.

“but I’m sure she’d probably go for—”

“Jasper!” Emerald cheered as she charged into the living room. Her brother stood up from the couch he was sitting on and wrapped her into a warm embrace. “I’m so glad you could finally make it!”

“Hey, Tiny!” he greeted his younger sister. “Me, too! I’ve been pretty busy the last few times, so I couldn’t make it.”

The two siblings let go of one another. “Yeah, yeah,” she laughed mockingly. “Having friends with benefits can do that to a guy, keep him too busy.”

Jasper tried to suppress a smirk. “Hey, now!” he tried to defend himself. “Where did you?” He followed Emerald’s eyes to their sister.

With a quick glance at Pearl, his curiosity was laid to rest. Pearl was already laughing. Jasper smiled lopsidedly.

“Either way, I’m glad you’re here!” Emerald welcomed him with another hug.

With her arms around her brother, Emerald realized that Pearl had certainly been right about the change in Jasper’s physique. He wasn’t the plush, snuggly older brother she remembered. Her hands on his back felt nothing but muscle and sinew, and the pair of arms he had around here were equally muscular and developed. As she rested her head on her older brother’s chest, she noticed that the comfy pillow he had once sported had been exchanged for a pair of strong, bulging pectorals. Even his round stomach wasn’t there anymore. Emerald could feel the bumps of good, healthy abs that had replaced it.

When she let go and sat down, Emerald’s eyes confirmed what her body had felt. Jasper’s strong, stocky weight had disappeared, giving way to a physique that she both admired and couldn’t help but gawk at a little. Again, a slight tingle between her thighs distracted her, and she had to force down the lustful desire. Emerald couldn’t help but think that all the sexual experience with Pearl was starting to bubble over and affect her view of her brother, too. That was something that she was sure was impermissible.

Then again, so had been her deeper relationship with Pearl once upon a time

Emerald’s phone buzzed with a text message. She unlocked it and saw it was from her sister, not ten feet away. She opened and read it as the other two were engaged in conversation. “Told ya! Our brother’s kinda hot now, isn’t he? I see you looking. ;)”

Rolling her eyes and smiling, Emerald responded, “Ok, fine. Yes, I noticed if you must know.”

A few seconds later, Pearl’s phone chimed and she quickly typed away on it. “Oh, I must,” came the reply.

“Looks like I’m not the only one who has noticed. ;) Don’t tell me you get him to eat you out, too,” Emerald shot back jokingly with another message.

Seconds afterward, Pearl was typing again. “Ok, I won’t tell you that,” was her only retort.

Emerald had a sudden flood of conflicting thoughts as she analyzed her sister’s words. She blinked a couple times, scrutinizing the message. Then, she furrowed her brow in confusion. Suddenly her eyes widened with surprise and she looked up at her sister who smirked at her, as if daring her to voice her conclusion.

“Oh, cut it out, you two!” Jasper’s insistent voice suddenly shattered her thoughts, and Emerald looked up with a start. Jasper was staring right at her. He laughed. “I know you two are texting each other. I’m right here in the room, too, you know.”

The sisters both giggled and put away their phones. However, Emerald was still perplexed. Pearl couldn’t have meant what she thought she meantcould she?

The three siblings sat and talked for the next few hours. Jasper even ordered pizza for the trio and they ate hungrily. They talked about Pearl’s job at the bank, Jasper’s escapades in the oil patch, and Emerald’s adventures in college.

“So what about this Dennis guy?” Jasper asked through a mouthful of pizza.

Emerald shrugged. “What about him?”

“Do I still need to kick his ass?”

“No,” she laughed a little. “Actually, he had the courage to talk to me and even ask me out.”

“What!?” Pearl exclaimed. “Are you serious? Are you going to do it?”

Shrugging again, Emerald replied, “I don’t know. He’s asking for a second chance, butI dunno.”

“Do you think he deserves it?” asked Jasper pointedly.

“Maybe?” Emerald answered a little indecisively. “Thing is, I know he was drunk. Now, I know that’s no excuse, and alcohol can kind of bring out the ‘real’ you, buthe’s still a nice guy.”

Both Pearl and Jasper muttered a reluctant agreement.

“Well, if he hurts you again, Em” Jasper started, raising an eyebrow.

Emerald smiled at her brother. “I know, I know I’ll let you kick his ass.”

“That’s right!” he wilfully and enthusiastically agreed. The three siblings laughed in unison.

After taking another bite of pizza, Emerald turned to her brother again. A question had been brewing in her head for some time now, and she wanted an answer. “So, tell me, Jas,” she levelled at him, “Pearl says I know one of your ‘friends with benefits’ that you often stay at when you’re down here.”

Jasper gasped in surprise and simultaneously choked on the bite of food in his mouth.

Emerald giggled at her brother’s distress. She’d put him on the spot and wasn’t about to back down. “You gonna tell me who it is?”

“Going to.”

A huge, victorious grin crossed Emerald’s face. “Good!”

“No, no. As in you should say ‘going to,’ not ‘gonna.’ You should know that, Em,” Jasper scolded her. Emerald’s smug grin disappeared as quickly as it had arrived. “You’re just as much of a grammar freak as I am.”

Off to the side, Pearl laughed in delight. “About time she gets a taste of her own medicine!” she cheered her brother. “You have no idea what it’s been like to live with her, even for only a couple months. I’ve been about to tear my hair out!”

“Oh, quit avoiding the question!” said Emerald, steering their conversation back in the direction she wanted it. “Pearl says I know one of them. I’m really curious. Are you going to tell me or not?” she interrogated, emphasizing her pronunciation this time.

Wiping his mouth, Jasper chuckled under his breath. “Can you keep a secret?”

Emerald’s smile returned once more. “Yes!”

“Guess what?” Jasper taunted her with a laugh. “So can I!”

“Jas!” screamed Emerald as she leapt up and tackled her brother. Emerald knew her petite weight would be useless compared to his, but was hoping to knock him off balance anyway. His powerful arms grabbed her, hugging her tightly to his chest. He roared jestfully and tipped over with her onto the floor below.

Emerald was excited at first, thinking she’d caught him by enough surprise, but realized a second later that the fall was deliberate. She ended up on the floor beneath Jasper, his legs straddling her body, pinning her to the floor. He grabbed her wrists, locking them above her head as well.

With the strong weight of this man on top of her, Emerald realized what it truly meant to be helpless and dominated. She couldn’t move. Of course, she trusted her brother not to hurt her, and soon gave up struggling, but she remained at his mercy. Pearl seemed not to exist anymore. For a second that seemed to last an hour, it was just the two of them. Emerald knew that whatever Jasper wanted, he could certainly take from her.

However, Emerald found herself wanting to give it freely

“Em!” Pearl’s voice knocked Emerald out of her daydream. She looked up at her sister. “Told you he might not be willing to tell you.”

Emerald scoffed. “Oh, come on. Who am I going to tell?”

“I wouldn’t feel right about telling you without her permission, Em,” shrugged Jasper. “We do kind of keep it a secret.”

“What is it with everyone needing to get permission from someone else to tell about hookups?” she vented. “No kiss and tell? What is this, second grade?” Emerald tried to push back against her older brother’s powerful grip. It was fruitless. “Ok, Jas. You can let me up now,” she grumbled.

In reality, Emerald was basking in the feeling of her older brother’s strength, but out of respect for conventional social norms, she asked to be released. Jasper slowly complied, but the look in his eyes showed that he, too, didn’t particularly want to. It was almost a look of regret.

As Jasper stood and pulled her to her feet, Emerald wondered if she’d ever see that look of dominance in her older brother’s eyes again. It was alluring. It was exciting. Something about it had aroused her a degree or two but she worked to keep it concealed. She wanted a man to take her, and not just any man. Something inside her – an emotion that she both feared and trusted ever since sharing sexual pleasure with Pearl – told her that she wanted her brother to do it, to have the honour of being her first. Emerald just wondered whether he would be willing or even interested. That would, after all, be adding a second incestuous partner to her list.

Unfortunately, the meditative expression hadn’t escaped her sister’s vigilance. Pearl had become an expert in knowing when Emerald was turned on, even when it would have been completely masked to others. The two sisters caught eyes, and Emerald immediately knew that Pearl could see right through her. The older sister quickly took out her phone again and started typing away. Emerald’s phone chimed a second later.

“It looks like you enjoyed that, Em” Pearl taunted, a second message following. “Is there something about our older brother that turns you on now, too?”

“Stop it!” resisted Emerald, feeling the warmth between her legs become agitated. “We’re not supposed to be interested in our brother like that.

Emerald saw Pearl smirk wickedly when she read her text. “We shouldn’t be getting each other off, either,” her older sister texted back. “Doesn’t mean we don’t do it.”

“It’s just not right,” Emerald replied, trying to bar the thoughts that were invading.

Pearl grinned coyly again. “Doesn’t mean you’re not interested.”

“He’s kinda hot alright?” Emerald finally admitted. “He’s hot and feeling him on top of me and how strong he is turned me on a little.” She quickly added, “You gotta admit, our brother is a good looking guy!”

“Oh, he is!” agreed Pearl. She was all-out smiling now. “Would you if you could, Em? Get your brother to put his big cock inside you?”

“Yes, I probably would!” she confessed, immediately following with, “Pearl you’re making me horny! It’s not fair! It’s just too bad Jasper’s here or I’d be all over you right now. I wanna cum so badly!”

“Yeahjust too bad our older brother’s here, isn’t it?” teased the elder sister.

Emerald brewed there for another moment, considering asking to be excused to go to the bathroom or something where she could be alone for a few minutes, when Jasper turned to her. “So are you behaving yourself, Em?” he asked with a chuckle. “Or are you like your sister and hooking up with every college guy you can?” He turned and stared Pearl down. “And even some professors?”

The revelation took Emerald by surprise. She looked at her older sister, jaw agape. “Professors?” she asked in astonishment.

“Jasper, that was supposed to be a secret,” Pearl scolded. “Besides, it was only once or twice.”

Jasper lowered his head, staring at her a little more accusatorily.

“Ok, maybe a few timesor so. When your essay sucks or you bomb a test, ya gotta do what ya gotta do.” Turning to her sister, Pearl redirected the focus of the conversation. “So, tell him, Em. What have you been up to?”

Emerald bit her bottom lip a little apprehensively. She wasn’t quite sure how to tell Jasper about what she and Pearl had been up to, or even if she should or wanted to. “Well” she answered a little hesitantly, “I’ve been a pretty good girl about things, just like I was in high school.” She turned and looked at her older brother. “I’m still a virgin and everything.”

Jasper smiled comfortingly. “No shame in that, Em. Just have to find the right guy.”

“Exactly,” she agreed.

“Doesn’t mean that you can’t be going around doing other things,” he pointed out.

Emerald nodded, but stayed silent.

With a slight chuckle, Jasper continued. “Seriously, Em. It can be a lot of fun, things like oral and stuff. It’s a good gateway activity.”

“Are you trying to get your younger sister to have sex?” retorted Emerald with a laugh. “Most older brothers would be appalled and horrified to learn their younger sister is sexually active.”

“Ehhit’s college,” Jasper dismissed. “Maybe when you were back home, but not now, Em. Now you’re pretty much free to do what you want, even if it’s only watching or something.”

Emerald leaned back. She’d never thought of that. “Watching people have sex?”

“Yeah,” chuckled Jasper. “Being a voyeur can actually be pretty fun, especially if one or both of them don’t know you’re looking.”

“I take it you’ve done it?”

“Plenty of times,” Jasper laughed. “And both ways!”

The conversation continued between the three of them, both Jasper and Pearl telling about some of the sexual experiences they’d had: threesomes, exhibitionism, from nice soft vanilla to rough and hard sex, and everything in between.

Emerald listened to each of the stories with rapt interest. She was captivated by the tales her older siblings had to tell. When she was younger, this was hardly a topic that she could have found herself engaging in with them. Now that they’d all grown up, it seemed fair game. The different encounters they’d had were vastly different, yet were all about the same ends: sex and all the pleasure it brought.

Far too engrossed to leave, Emerald asked questions and imagined the same scenarios happening to her. Still, every little story brought her need for release higher. She was growing increasingly more agitated, and wanted nothing more than to experience an orgasm, even if all she could do was take care of it herself.

Finally, as the night grew later, the three siblings decided it was time for bed. Jasper said goodnight to his sisters, opting to stay out in the living room, as they walked down the hall to their own beds. Once Emerald had closed her door, she instantly breathed a sigh of relief. She was looking forward to this. Since she was unable to have an intimate moment with Pearl because of her older brother in the house, a little lesbian porno on her phone would have to suffice. She stripped down to nothing and tossed her clothes into the hamper before walking to her bed.

She had just lain down, ready to touch the sacred skin between her thighs when her phone buzzed in her hand. She gazed at the notification, wondering who could be messaging her this late at night. It was yet another text from Pearl. She thought it rather odd that her sister would text her from only the next room, but then again , they’d been texting in the same room half the evening. Opening it up, she had to read it twice to make sure she comprehended what it said.

“If you really want to be a voyeur and see what a guy likes when you have sex with him,” her sister had sent, “don’t watch anything on your phone or go to sleep right away.”

Eyes as wide as saucers, Emerald stared at the words on the screen. The slightly cryptic nature of it was intriguing, but she didn’t quite understand. Pearl couldn’t be insinuating what she thought she might be, could she?

“What do you mean?” Emerald texted back. “Pearl, I’m horny as hell from talking about sex tonight and really need to get myself off!”

The answer came back instantly. “Not yet.” Seconds later, a second message followed up with the first. “Wait until it sounds like Jas goes to the bathroom.”

Emerald just squinted at her sister’s message, trying to make sense of it. She couldn’t understand what Jasper using the restroom before he went to bed had to do with anything. How did Pearl even know Jasper would do that?


As the realization of what may just unfold set in, Emerald suddenly felt her heart thud a little faster and harder in her chest. Her palms were instantly sweaty. Her breathing deepened. What exactly did her sister have planned for her to see?

After sending an acknowledging reply to her sister, Emerald just laid there in silence. The apartment was quiet. Nothing seemed to be out of place.

Then she heard it. There was movement, a series of soft, unshod footsteps on the carpet. Slowly they made their way down the hallway outside her door from the living room to the bathroom. The door closed and, after relieving himself, Emerald heard the sound of the toilet flush, the sink running and the bathroom door open.

She sat up in bed, watching under her door and listening closely for the feet to make their return journey – but nothing happened. Emerald’s jaw dropped. The absence of Jasper’s return could only mean one thing.

Emerald stealthily crawled out of bed, opened her door and snuck down the hallway. Sticking to the darkest shadows as much as possible, she crept – still naked – on hands and knees toward Pearl’s bedroom. The door was cracked open widely, allowing a full view of everything inside. Emerald’s heart raced as she neared the doorway, both excited and terrified of what she might see.

The noises she started hearing gave away what was happening long before she saw it.

There was the wet sound of flesh on flesh, the kind that only a deep and passionate kiss could create. The sounds of hard and heavy breathing accompanied it. Emerald heard the small click of lips moving against one another over and over until she was fully able to peek around the corner. Although she had imagined what was happening, the view that greeted her was beyond anything she could have envisioned on her own.

Pearl sat on the edge of her bed, an oversize t-shirt hanging loosely around her body and a pair of blue panties. In front of her stood Jasper, his back to the doorway, wearing nothing but a pair of black boxers. Her siblings’ lips crushed against one another’s mouth with a fiery passion. Their arms were wrapped around one another in a tangle of intimate love. Pearl’s feet were hooked around her older brother’s legs while her hands felt the rippling brawn of Jasper’s back up and down, her petite hands looking small compared to his thick, muscular stature.

The sight immediately caused a burning sensation inside Emerald’s legs to erupt. She’d watched and read plenty of pornography her in her time, especially now that she was at college, but to see an actual couple kiss each other with such depth and emotion as her brother and sister now did was a whole new level of eroticism. Almost instinctually, Emerald’s fingers fitted between her thighs where they found her tender, feminine slit.

Jasper leaned in further and began kissing around Pearl’s neck. She embraced him, hugging his body tightly and shutting her eyes to enjoy the warm touch of his lips on her skin. As she pried them open, Pearl deliberately looked toward the door. Emerald’s eyes met her sister’s.

At first, Emerald was scared. She gasped quietly with terror, afraid that her sister would betray her hiding place at the room’s edge.

Pearl did no such thing. She simply smiled widely and brought a finger to her lips, indicating for Emerald to be quiet. Then, she brought a pair of fingers up to her eyes. “Just watch,” her older sister mouthed silently. After, she closed her eyes again and held onto her older brother, basking in his soothing kisses.

Emerald needed no further invitation. She stayed right there in the night’s cover and observed as her older siblings aroused one another’s bodies.

“Oh, Pearl” Jasper whispered tenderly as he backed up, holding his sister’s face with his hands. Emerald couldn’t see his face, but the overjoyed, contented look on Pearl’s told her everything she needed to know. Jasper’s eyes must have been full of illicit affection and lust. “I’m so glad I came over tonight.”

Pearl smiled up at her older brother. “So am I,” she whispered back.

“And that Emerald finally went to bed,” he laughed in a hushed whisper.

Grinning, Pearl replied, “I know! I thought we’d never get a chance for this!”

Around the doorway, Emerald smiled cheekily at her sister’s diversion.

Jasper tugged at his younger sister’s shirt. It rose easily up her body and over her head. “Let’s get this off you,” he insisted. With little effort, Jasper removed Pearl’s clothing, tossing it aside to the floor. Her firm, round breasts were now exposed, and Jasper made his way affectionately down his younger sister’s body, kissing and touching as he descended.

Leaning back, Pearl braced herself on her arms to prop her body and grant her brother access. Pearl smiled, and ran one hand through Jasper’s unruly hair. “OhhhJasper” she whispered into the night.

Her older brother paused to tantalize each of her nipples in turn. Emerald watched as Jasper suckled Pearl’s round nipples, laying heavy kisses on each. Pearl then whimpered in pleasure as he started flicking and circling around them with his tongue.

“Yesoh, yes” she panted, still playing with his hair. “Oh, Jasper Oh, you know how to get a girl going” Pearl’s eyes lifted, meeting Emerald’s again. She smiled wickedly, revelling in both Jasper’s simple and loving touch and Emerald’s curious gaze. “Mm Mmmmoh”

Emerald moved a little and sat on her knees. She watched with intense interest with one hand still tucked between her legs and the other now caressing each breast in turn. She was captivated, spellbound. Emerald couldn’t have looked away from the incestuous couple even if she had wanted to.

Jasper continued his descent over Pearl’s body. Kiss after tender kiss, he wandered over her tummy’s smooth skin, taking in the feeling of his sister’s warm and tender body beneath his lips. As he neared her waist, Jasper brought up his hands and clutched onto Pearl’s skimpy underwear. His sister lifted her hips and with one simple pull, they were down her legs and off her feet. Jasper tossed them aside as he had his sister’s shirt.

Her eyes firmly glued, Emerald watched keenly as her older brother spread her sister’s legs apart. He kissed the inside of her thighs, leaving nowhere unexplored. Through heavy, quiet breaths, Pearl cried out for him to finish the job he was deliberately taking so long to do.

“Do it! Eat me” she whined, running her fingers through his hair still. Emerald snickered quietly. Jasper was even more of a tease to his sister than Pearl was to her. Emerald figured the sexual torment served her right. “C’mon, big brothereat my pussy!” Pearl begged again.

Emerald knew the instant Jasper’s lips made contact with Pearl’s tender crevice. Her older sister immediately gasped through her teeth, and brought both hands to their brother’s head, gripping his rugged hair to encourage him to stay in place. She fell back on the bed, writhing in pleasure.

“Yesyes!” grunted Pearl, stretching her legs apart as far as they would go. “Eat me, Jas! Eat mypussy, big brother! Ohhh! Mmmm!”

Jasper stopped devouring Pearl’s sex, but kept massaging the fleshy treasure with his thumb. “Shhh” he hushed her. “Don’t wake up Em.” He lowered his face again, treating his younger sister to more of his skilled cunnilingus.

“I’m tryingoh, I’m trying” Pearl heaved in sexual agony. “It just feels so good, Jas! Yes! Oh, hell yes!” Her chest heaved up and down as she struggled to breathe. Emerald could almost see her sister’s temperature rising. “It’s beenso longand itfeels so good Mnnn!”

Emerald’s fingers were rubbing so hard on her sexual flower she was worried it might start a fire. She couldn’t help it, though. Her blossom was absolutely already burning with lust. Seeing her older brother running his lips and tongue over and over her sister’s smooth womanhood was truly exciting. It was the ultimate sexual feast for the eyes – and she wanted more!

“Jasper! Keep going, Jas! That’s it! That’samazing!” shrieked Pearl as quietly as she could. Emerald knew her older sister was on the verge of an orgasm, but for the sake of pretending Emerald wasn’t right there, her older sister was making every effort to keep herself quiet. “JasperJasper! Jasper!” she heaved over and over. “JasperYES! I’m gonnaCUM!”

Pearl wrapped her legs around her older brother’s bare back. Emerald stared in wonder as she saw her sister climax from someone else’s efforts for the first time. The display was almost unbearably exciting for her. Pearl grunted a time or two, clutching her older brother’s head with her hands and thrusting her pelvis upwards to meet his face.

Just as Pearl’s body relaxed, Emerald’s started to tense up uncontrollably. Her own orgasm flooded her senses, the sexual rage barely containable. She shut her eyes tightly to prevent them from popping out of their sockets. Her one hand squeezed a breast and nipple while the other rubbed her delicate skin intensely to increase the powerful feeling. She breathed as quietly and as slowly as she could and bit both lips to prevent any sound from escaping her mouth.

By the time Emerald could open her eyes and look into the bedroom again, Jasper had stood up and Pearl once more sat on the edge of the bed. He and Pearl were making out, their tongues visibly grasping for one another. Her older sister’s hands reached for her brother’s underwear, and dug into the elastic. She pulled them down just a few inches, and Emerald saw her brother’s thick erection come into view for the first time.

It was difficult to see at this angle, but it was enough. It was just over seven inches, with a girth that would make any woman’s jaw drop. Jasper’s circumcised penis stuck up against the pull of gravity, seeking attention.

Rubbing the hard flesh with her hand, Pearl looked up at her older brother and smiled. “Oooh, just what I was looking for,” she purred lustfully.

“It’s all yours, sis,” offered Jasper with a small peck on her forehead.

Pearl giggled quietly and bowed her head, opening her mouth to accept her brother’s phallic scepter, holding it in place with her hand. Jasper groaned deeply at her lips’ touch, and cupped his younger sister’s head with his two hands to guide her.

“Mmmmmm! Pearl You’re so good at this” he breathed heavily. His younger sister slowly slid her lips up and down his broad shaft. She made her way from the tip to halfway down her brother’s hard penis, then back up again, a gentle suction applied the whole way. “Ohhh..yes Yes! It’s been too long, Pearl” breathed Jasper more deeply with every pass.

Pearl paused briefly, her lips letting go of her brother’s rod with a slight popping sound. “Couldn’t agree more, Jas,” she said, returning dutifully to the intense foreplay.

Emerald had only seen a man’s sexual rod once before. Somehow, her boyfriend at the time had convinced her to go down on him as a ‘birthday present,’ even though she hadn’t considered herself ready to make the step into a deeper relationship like that. The experience hadn’t been positive and had deterred her from even thinking of trying again – until now. By seeing how willing Pearl was to satisfy her brother, Emerald started thinking the time had maybe arrived to re-evaluate how she saw oral sex with a man.

Just watching her older sister fellate her brother was reigniting the sexual fire in Emerald’s crotch. She started rubbing her hand over her precious labia again, working a finger into the tender folds. Finding her clitoris, she stroked up and down as she looked in on the action in the bedroom, using her own precious juice to lubricate herself. Emerald suppressed a whimper as she imagined what it must feel like to have man’s gentle strength replace her own – maybe even her brother if she was lucky! Obviously, he wasn’t repulsed by the idea of incest.

“Oh, sis OhhhPearl” Jasper groaned again. “Ohyou’d better knock that off or I’ll be cumming too soon.”

Pearl’s lips let go of her brother’s solid meat with a little pop. Her hand still rubbed it gently. “Well, I’m glad you warned me, big bro,” she chuckled.

Pearl lifted her legs into the air and rested them against her brother’s chest. In return, Jasper grabbed her hips and pulled his younger sister roughly right to the edge of the bed and hooked her heels over his shoulders. Without another word, Jasper reached down and aimed his throbbing erection at his sister’s soft vagina. Emerald watched in amazement as her older brother’s solid shaft disappeared, inch by inch, into her sister.

“Ohhhohhh!” Jasper moaned almost inaudibly, grabbing his sister by the hips to hold her body steady.

Panting, Pearl harmonized with her brother. “Oh, Jas! Mnyou’re stretching my pussy Oh, I love it when you stretch my pussy!”

Emerald’s eyes widened with awe as she saw Jasper pull slightly away, then slowly push back into his sister. They both moaned in passion and lust again. Then, he thrust a second time, then a third, until finally Jasper was picking up a steady rhythm as Pearl lay there on the bed, accepting the deep, passionate love her brother gave her.

“Oh, Jasyes!” she hissed as her brother pushed his bulging erection into her again and again. “It feels so goodoh, it feels so good, Jas!”

“Shhh” he warned her with a hush again, but reaching up to squeeze his sister’s plump, round breasts. “Em will hear us!”

“Oh, I don’t care, Jas!” Pearl groaned, running her hands up and down her brother’s back and giving his butt a squeeze to keep him making love to her. Emerald smiled, knowing that Pearl was well aware she was sitting just outside the door. “It feels too good to care! Ohhhmmmm!”

Transfixed at the sight, Emerald watched her older brother and sister continually thrust against one another. It was beautiful to her, watching her siblings express just how deeply the cared for each other. She had a desperate want to join in, but remained where she was as Pearl had advised. Her fingers and palm caressed her own tender cove fervently, and she could feel the repeated grind of her hand provoking another orgasm.

“Oh, Jas! Oh, Jasper!” breathed Pearl hoarsely. “I’m gonna cum again, big brother! Ohhhmnnn! It feels so good, Jas! I’m getting” she squeaked as her voice trailed off, “soclose!”

Jasper kept one hand on his sister’s full breast and brought the other to his mouth, wetting it thoroughly with a lick. Then, he took it close to where their bodies melded together. Emerald could see him start flicking his fingers back and forth over her sister’s clit and the cumulative effect was immediate.

“OHHHJAS!” Pearl groaned in sexual ecstasy. Her brother continued to thrust and stimulate her sensitive bud, but brought his free hand to her mouth and covered it to muffle the sound. Emerald could still hear her sister’s intense shouts through his fingers. “MmmmMMMM!” she continued to groan as pleasure ravaged her senses.

Several thrusts later and Pearl started to calm down. Jasper took his hand from her mouth. Emerald could see that she was still breathing hard, but had regained control of herself. Meanwhile, a sexual fire was again building in Emerald’s young body. Her teenage desires were all but out of control as she watched her older siblings share their intimate love. When Pearl started to move, though, Emerald slowed her efforts. She was a little miffed at losing the orgasm that had been starting to boil, but knew that there would be another chance.

Inside the bedroom, Pearl smiled wickedly at her older brother. She backed up a couple feet, grabbing Jasper’s hand and leading him onto the mattress. With a seductive grin, she pushed him onto his back, his head toward the foot of the bed. Pearl bit her lip and straddled her older sibling. “You’ve made me wait far too long for this, Jas,” she scolded him playfully, reaching for the hard digit he possessed. She pulled it up into position, pushing it against her warm entrance. “I’ve wanted you so bad!”

Jasper ran his strong hands up and down his sister’s skin, feeling her naked body. “Mmso sorry, sis,” he mockingly apologized. “So many girls to keep happy, you know!”

“Ah!” she jestfully scoffed. “And your sister isn’t at the top of the list?” Without waiting for an answer, Pearl lowered her body to his, forcing his thick erection back inside of her. They moaned in unison, feeling their sibling love melt together as one. Pearl slid forward a bit, grinding her pubic mound back and forth on his. “OhhhJas!” she moaned, propping herself up his chest.

Resting his hands on her chest, Jasper squeezed and played with his sister’s ample breasts. “Mmm, Pearl!” he answered. “Oh, sisI really have missed this!” He looked straight at the feminine orbs he held in his hands as he ran his thumbs over his sister’s nipples. “I’ve really missed these ladies!” With that, he lifted himself up and took each nipple in turn into his mouth, sucking gently.

“Jasper!” gasped Pearl, clutching his head and holding it to her chest. “They’ve missed you, too!” Pearl breathed hard a few more times as she thrust hard against her brother’s body. “I love you so much, big brother!”

Then, she opened her eyes and looked straight at Emerald, smiling widely. Emerald could hardly believe her eyes. Her two older siblings were outright having sex. This wasn’t a game anymore; they weren’t just teasing or getting one another off orally or with their hands or something simple – Jasper and Pearl were making love in a way that only the closest of siblings could experience.

Emerald smiled back at her sister as she kept her hand rubbing against the sensitive skin between her legs. The show her sister was putting on with her brother was intensely erotic. She felt an undeniable excitement watching the happy, incestuous couple. To hell with social norms, taboos be damned; she wanted nothing more than to join them.

Inching forward, she started to crawl into Pearl’s room. Her older sister noticed her, and mouthed, “NO!” shooing her sister back out of the room with a dismissive hand gesture. Emerald frowned, wordlessly pleading with her sister, but Pearl was firm. Disappointed, Emerald retreated.

Back on the bed, Jasper dropped his head back onto the mattress. “Oh, it feels so good, sis!” he groaned in sexual agony. Pearl moaned back, still riding back and forth with increasing effort. “Cum for me, sis” he encouraged his younger sibling. His hands found her sexy, round bum and squeezed as he helped her grind hard. “I want you to cum, sis!”

“OhhhI’m getting so close again, Jas!” she answered with a hoarse voice. From the doorway, Emerald watched as her older sister started to breathe deeper and deeper. Having been the cause of her orgasm on multiple occasions, she knew her sister’s resistance would break any second.

Another few thrusts was all it took. “Jasper! Jas, Jas! Mmmm! Ohhh!” Pearl moaned, vainly trying to keep her voice down. Jasper put a hand over her mouth again to muffle her cries of intimate passion. She let her emotions loose, groaning all the louder now that she was lightly gagged.

“Shhh!” her older brother hushed, quietly laughing. “You’re going to attract Em’s attention!”

Meanwhile, though, Emerald knelt just around the corner. She, too, was pushing herself to the sexual edge. Another climax loomed as she watched her sister orgasm. Her naked brother and sister was a sight too arousing to describe. Before Pearl was finished, Emerald gasped and felt her body tremble again. Another orgasm rocked her and she let the warmth flow through her like molten lava. Still, she stayed silent, keeping Jasper unaware of her presence.

When she regained her composure, Emerald looked into the bedroom again. Pearl was lying on Jasper, smiling and humming as the toned and strong man kissed her neck and shoulders. The two sisters’ eyes met again. Pearl winked happily, then took a deep breath and knelt up. Jasper’s hands continued to touch her from her shoulders to her hips. “Alright, big brother,” she grinned, “I’ve had my fun. Time for you to have yours.”

Dismounting her brother, Pearl crawled up on her hands and knees and turned around. Behind her, Jasper growled excitedly. “That’s what I like to see, sis,” he admired dominantly, grabbing two handfuls of his younger sister’s flesh as he rose to his knees. He gave a kiss to both cheeks. “Damn, you’ve got one hell of a beautiful ass, Pearl!” he roared semi-silently, crawling up onto his knees behind his sibling lover.

“Mmglad you like it,” giggled Pearl, accepting the compliment. “Take my pussy, big brother,” she encouraged. “It’s all yours tonight!”

Emerald watched from the hallway as Jasper did just that. Squaring his legs behind Pearl’s, the oldest of the three siblings reached between them and pointed his phallic instrument into his sister’s hungry body once again. Pearl moaned as her depths absorbed her older brother’s sex.

“Yes, Jas” she seethed. “Ohhhmy big brother’s cock feels so good!”

“Mm” echoed Jasper in reply. “Nothing feels better than my little sister’s tight, juicy pussy”

He put his hands on his sister’s hips, guiding her back and forth. Jasper thrust harder and faster, picking up speed and momentum, driving his thick erection into his sister over and over. Pearl dropped her face onto the bed, forcing her perfect, heart-shaped hips into the air.

“Oh, Pearloh, sis!” Jasper groaned into the night, grabbing his sister’s hips more tightly. He brought a hand up and let it fall hard on Pearl’s skin. The shrill sound of the spank echoed in the bedroom. “Mmmmyou got a damn sexy, body, sis!” the older brother groaned, gently clawing up and down Pearl’s back. As he picked up rhythm, a constant slapping noise grew louder and louder.

“OhhhJasper!” moaned out Pearl beneath him. “Mmmmpound my pussy hard, big brother! It feels so good!” Her older brother spanked her again, and she moaned out in blissful satisfaction.

Emerald gawked at her siblings. Sitting on the floor, she leaned against the wall and relaxed, running her fingers back and forth over her aching labia. She desperately wanted to feel that electrifying sensation once more before having to leave. While she masturbated, she closed her eyes, thinking of her brother – his strong hands, his muscular arms, his bulging chest What must it be like to have a man that you’ve admired all your life touch you and please your body?

She even dared to fantasize about what it must be like to have her brother’s rigid erection deeply inside of her. As her fingers moved to her clit, Emerald envisioned her older brother, Jasper, squarely in front of her, making love to her, pleasing her body, driving her insane with the intense feeling of sexual connection. She yearned for it! She wanted her brother so badly!

But tonight, he was Pearl’s.

Her brother’s voice broke her out of the spell. “OhhhPearl! I’m gonna cum, sis!” he groaned loudly. Evidently, in the throes of sexual gratification, he had forgotten all about his perceived need to keep quiet. “Oh, my little sister! Oh, sis!”

“Ohdon’t pull out!” seethed Pearl, clawing the bed sheets. “I wanna feel your cum, Jasper!”

“Mmmmhmmm Oh-ohhhOHHH!” Jasper moaned from deep inside of him as he shook and grabbed his sister’s body.

It was the first time Emerald had seen a man orgasm personally. The expression on her brother’s face was miraculous. There was no room for doubting that Jasper was truly being engulfed with the deepest feeling. She watched her brother empty his seed into her sister, his sister – their sister! Pearl moaned lightly in satisfaction, feeling the warm fluid gush into her accepting womb.

The scene triggered Emerald’s body. Her senses concentrated only one feeling: pleasure. She orgasmed once again, shutting her eyes to bask in the powerful emotion. She could imagine Jasper again, smiling as he thrilled her young body, then gritting his teeth and groaning as he, too, let the intense wave overcome him.

Emerald found her breath again as the delightful surge left her. She opened her eyes just in time to see Jasper crash on the pillows at the head of the bed behind his sister. Pearl fell onto the bed beside him, and he draped an arm around her chest, lightly touching his sister’s skin.

The two sisters locked eyes one more time. They smiled cheekily at one another. Then, Pearl waved her younger sister away, looking perfectly content in her brother’s warm, loving embrace. Emerald took the hint and quietly crawled away from the scene, taking her panties with her, and left the two siblings to cool from their exhaustive intimacy.

Once out of the bedroom door’s view, she stood up and walked into her room, contemplating what she had just witnessed. She had just watched a man and woman have sex. This wasn’t any kind of porn, it was real and tangible. She could have even joined in!

And it wasn’t just any man and woman, it was her older brother and sister! The every thought made the desire to see them once more burn in her mind, causing an almost irresistible tingle to erupt between her thighs all over again. More than that, she wanted to be with them. Emerald had had plenty of sexual experience with Pearl. She was now infatuated with her older brother. She was still a virgin, and wanted Jasper to have the honour of helping her to become a woman.

Who could possibly be better? Was any man more worthy? Her protective, loving older brother had always cared for her and watched over her. Now, he could be her first – and how memorable it would be! Surely he wouldn’t be opposed to it. She had just seen him take Pearl, ravaging her body with a sexual rage. She knew he would probably be equally eager to help keep her sexual appetite quelled, too.

Emerald shut her door silently and tossed her panties aside. She wouldn’t need them. As she crawled into bed, she knew dreaming about Jasper and Pearl would keep her plenty warm enough. The young blonde grinned as she pulled the covers over her and thought of them. Sleep came easily as she closed her eyes. Her body was so uniquely sated that she drifted off with unbelievable speed and ease.

On the other side of the wall, sleep had not yet arrived. Jasper and Pearl, wrapped in one another’s arms, were letting their sated bodies cool as they kissed passionately. Their hands roamed across the other sibling’s skin, anxious to explore every attractive contour the other had.

At long last, the incestuous brother and sister pulled their lips apart. Their breathing was still heavy, but settling. They looked into one another’s eyes with emotion and tenderness, grateful for another night they could spend together.

Jasper was the first to speak. “So,” he asked, “was she watching?”

The grin that spreads across Pearl’s face was a mixture of smugness and triumph. “Oh, yeah! She was watching.”

A victorious sneer spread across Jasper’s face. “Good!”

“You didn’t see her?” asked Pearl, raising her eyebrows.

“I thought I caught a glimpse a couple of times,” Jasper confessed, chuckling, “but I did my best not to look, like you wanted.”

Pearl shook her head in disbelief as she thought about what she had seen outside her bedroom door. “Oh, Jas,” she sighed. “You should have seen her. She was getting herself off something furious over there.”

“Seriously!?” gaped Jasper, trying to imagine the scene himself.

“Oh, yeah,” Pearl confirmed and repeated, “It was amazing. Our little sister is a horny young thing. She must have cummed a few different times.”

“Hm Can’t wait until I can help her out with that.” Jasper chuckled at his own self-prophecy.

“It’s so hot, watching her rub her pussy,” Pearl laid out for her brother to think about. “You have no idea, Jas. I think you’ll like getting our little sister involved.” She took a deep breath, thinking about the almost non-existent effort it took her to arouse her younger sister. “It probably won’t take much convincing,” she explained to Jasper. “Every chance she gets when it’s just the two of us here, she starts taking her clothes off.”

“Don’t tell me you don’t instigate things,” laughed Jasper quietly.

Pearl pursed her lips. “Wellsometimes.” The pair of naked siblings chuckled together, both knowing that Pearl was as hungry for sexual satisfaction as either of her siblings. She changed the angle of the conversation slightly. “That was a great idea, though, using the bathroom as a signal for her to come watch.”

Jasper smirked. “It worked?”

“Like a charm.”

“She’s not suspicious?”

The younger sister shook her head. “I don’t think so. She didn’t seem to be.”

Jasper studied his sister, thinking deeply. “She might be wondering how you knew I would use the bathroom,” he postulated.

Pearl wasn’t worried. “Possible, but either way, your little ruse worked, and she arrived right on cue,” she snickered wickedly. Then, she further questioned, “Are you going to introduce her to her brother’s love tomorrow morning?”

With a heavy sigh, Jasper shook his head negatively. “Can’t,” he grumbled. “I’d love to, but I can’t. I have to leave at about 5:00 in the morning. I seriously doubt that Em will be up that early. Or want to wake up that early, even for sex.”

“You never know,” sung Pearl invitingly.

“Is she honestly still a virgin?” Jasper grimaced, considering the option for a moment. “Or did that Dennis guy get to her?”

Shaking her head, Pearl replied, “I don’t think he did. She’s still a virgin as far as I know.”

Jasper was pensive, but ultimately decided against it. If he knew the younger of his two sisters well enough, she valued her sleep. “Nah,” he withdrew. “I really doubt she’d be overly excited for anything, especially losing her virginity,” he reasoned. “No, not the time to do it. I want it to be special for her, not rushed. And I need to head out super early. I have a shift tomorrow evening.”

Pearl’s expression turned glum. “You really have to?” she persisted.

“Yeah,” grumbled Jasper with a mournful nod.

“Alright. I suppose Em’s” Pearl thought of the right word, “initiationcan wait for another couple weeks.”

Her older brother chuckled at the description. “As horny as she is,” he insisted, “try to convince her not to lose her virginity. I want that responsibility.”

“Of course!” agreed Pearl more than willingly. “I just wish you could have had that privilege with me.”

“You and me both,” Jasper sniggered, “but you were a little too precocious for your own good before you moved away from home.”

Pearl giggled right along with her brother. “I still was after I moved away from home, too,” she claimed brazenly.

Jasper examined his sister’s face thoroughly. “True enough,” he smirked, recalling how his younger sister flaunted herself, “but your teen years were especially promiscuous, almost irresponsible.”

“I know,” relented Pearl, though she still grinned from ear to ear. “I waskind of a slut in high school.”

“Hey, hey,” Jasper intervened. “No shame, now.”

“No shame,” agreed Pearl. She took a deep breath and vowed, “Yeah, I’ll make sure she keeps herself for you. It’s only fitting that Em’s first experience should be with her brother.” Pearl looked meaningfully at her brother. “It’ll be such a special moment for her.”

“I hope to make it special,” he promised. “Thanks, Pearl.”

Pearl kissed her older brother to seal their incestuous pact. “Now I think you should get some sleep, big bro,” Pearl announced. “You’ve got a long drive tomorrow.”

“Yeah. And early.”

Pearl walked over and closed the door, then the pair of naked siblings snuggled up together, their faces laying on the pillows close to each other. They kissed deeply again, feeling the sibling love that emanated between them. They closed their eyes and, slowly but surely, drifted off to sleep. Although one or the other would caress the other’s body from time to time while in a half-dream state, they didn’t fully arouse each other again.

Pearl woke up with the Saturday morning light glowing around her curtains. Jasper was, of course, gone. She was a little disappointed, particularly for Emerald’s sake, but knew her brother took his job seriously. She was content, though, and looked forward to her brother’s next visit.

Feeling lonely with his absence, Pearl got out of bed, tiptoed down the hallway, and quietly entered Emerald’s bedroom. The teenager was still asleep. Pearl grinned when she saw Emerald’s bare upper chest, and wasn’t surprised that her younger sister was sleeping in the nude. It would feel so soft and warm against her own unclothed body.

Quietly, Pearl crawled beneath the sheets with Emerald, being careful not to wake her younger sister as she took a big spoon position. She curled up beside her sibling and closed her eyes once more. Pearl was anxious to hear Emerald’s thoughts on what she had witnessed last night, but for now, she was at ease just to rest beside her.

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