My Brothers Bestfriend Chapter 2

After i got home that night, my body ached for him. I had orgasms just thinking about his hands touching me. I NEEDED him. but i had to wait until Friday to see him. guess what day it was? Monday. it would be worth it though because he is spending the night over my house.
Friday came faster than expected though. i made sure i took a nice bath so i could be fresh and clean when i saw him. i put on tight revealing leggings that showed off my big ass and a tank top to flatter my tiny waist. i finally heard the doorbell ring and i raced downstairs to answer the door. it was him. i opened the door and he smirked looking me up and down slowly.
"hey" i said finally.
i threw my arms around him. he slidhis hands down from my waist and gently squeezed my butt. i closed my eyes imagining what tonight had in store for us. i broke off the hug to take him to my brothers room. i went upstairs to my room to decide how we would meet up later. About three hours later, it was time for dinner. it was so hard keeping it together at the dinner table. but yet it was kind of sexy knowing that no one knew that just last week he was licking my pussy and talking dirty in my ear. after dinner, i went to the kitchen to wash the dishes. lloyd soon came in after. he stood behind me with his arms around my waist. his mouth came close to my ear.
"3:00 am in the living room be there". he whispered.
i smiled back at him as he kissed my lips. he walked out of the kitchen. i was so happy. sadly, it was only 10:00, so i decided to take a nap so i could be well rested for later that night. i set my phone alarm for 2:30 and i went to sleep. the sound of birds chirping woke me up. it was 2:35. i got out of the bed, brushed my teeth, and washed my pussy making sure it was in tip top shape for lloyd. i put on Mango Temptation lotion, grabbed my taylor swift throw cover and headed downstairs to the living room. i.saw lloyd laying on the couch, looking almost sleep i kissed his cheek and his eyes opened.
"hey" he said. "you sleepy"? i asked immediately. "alittle but don't worry" he replied
i had on nothing but my Taylor Swift cover. i laid on the floor . it was silent. he kicked me softly with his leg. i turned around
."what"?? i asked
"come here" he whispered hoarsely.
i got up and stood by the couch. with his hands, he pulled my face down towards him. our tongues danced once more. my cover fell off as i found my body on top of his rocking back and forth. his hands touched my bare body.
"you came down here with just this cover on?" he asked.
"my body has been aching for you all week" i replied.
he smiled. "me too. gosh your pussy felt so fucking good in my mouth"
he grabbed my ass and rocked me back and forth against his body.
"fuuuck" he moaned.
I smiled. i stopped grinding on him and pulled his shirt off. i kissed his chest and circled my tongue around his nipple and kissed him all over. i leaned over against him; my boobs pressed against his chest and my pussy smashed against his stomach. i was getting so turned on. i pulled his shorts down and his penis sprung out. i put my mouth over his 6 inch long dick. i breathed on it until lloyd started to squirm with eagerness. finally i took it all in, until the head reached the back of my throat which made me gag. i ran my finger up and down his dick then stroked it harder. he cummed on my chest which disgusted me but i was too turned on to give a fuck. he picked me up; with my feet and arms wrapped around him and we fell to the floor. his mouth came to my ear saying
"ive been craving you all fucking week. I'm gonna eat your pussy so good"
he wasted no time and sucked my clit while fingering my pussy with three fingers.
"uhhhh yess babe" i moaned. "you like me finger fucking you huh?"
his fingers went in deep and came out just as fast.
"yeaah you like that. look at you. so fucking sexy " his fingers went in deeper and deeper.
"ohhh fuckkk im gonna cuuu-" I moaned
"you're gonna cum? yeaah let me see you cum for me baby" he said.
my back arched and my juices flowed on his three fingers. he gave my pussy another lick and sucked my juices off of his fingers. he smiled
. "i wanna fuck you so bad" i tapped his nose with my index finger
"not so fast"
he smiled and squeezed my butt tight. i cuddled with him naked for what felt like hours.

the next time i saw him was a couple weeks later at his 16th birthday party. me and my brother were invited. i wore a red tight fitted dress to show off my body. i knocked on the door and his guests opened it. i trudged through the crowd and found my love. he was drinking as expected.
"hey man" my brother said.
"hey come join the party!" as lloyd pointed towards a group of girls.
"hey babyyy" he said walking over to me loud as ever.
"lloyd are you fucking drunk?" i asked
"no im fine" he stumbling over
. "ohh really"?
i walked away, he followed after me yelling my name. my plan was working. i lured him upstairs to his room. i closed the door.
"now that i have you all alone"
i kissed his cheeks then his heart shaped lips. he slapped my ass hard.
"you look so fucking sexy in that dress"
he slowly stared me up and down.
"thank you" i said.
"tonight is all about you" he said putting his hands on my face and kissing my lips.
"but its your birthday" i said confused
"i don't give a fuck. your pleasure is my pleasure" he said.
lloyd picked me up and sat me on his dresser and opened my legs wide. he stood there looking at my long legs and perfect body. he picked me up and put me on the floor where he unzipped the zipper on my dress. under it, was a black bra and a black lace thong. i turned around to show him my ass.
"dammn girl" he said.
i gave my ass alittle shake&before i knew it i was grinding on him nice and slow. he stood me up and told me to go on the bed. i did.
"i wanna see you play with yourself"
my stomach filled with butterflies. noone had ever seen me do this.
"C'mon babe don't be shy" he said.
I laid down on my back and slowly opened my legs wide. i teased myself. running my fingers up and down my inner thigh. i put my hands on the outside of my panties and rubbed my clit in circles really slow.
"ooooooo" i moaned.
i bit my lip and closed my eyes. i took off my bra and threw it towards lloyd. i laid back down and grabbed my boobs and squeezed them tight. my fingers played with my nipples which made me moan another time.
finally i took my under wear off and threw them beside the bed. i was on all fours now, and my right hand reached back to my wet pussy and shoved two fingers in. i could see lloyd was definitely turned on by me, but was upset he.couldn't fully see me fingering my pussy. he walked over and pushed my shoulders back; which lye on my back. i was so into my masturbating session, i found my right two fingers running in and out of my pussy again. lloyd looked at me in awe.
"dammn babe" i finally cummed on my two fingers and pulled the wetness out of my pussy so he could see.
he instantly took my fingers in his mouth and licks it all around.
why am i always the first one naked? i asked.
he "shhed" me and spinned me over on my stomach. he put my arms behind me.
"you are now under arrest" he said in a deep voice.
i let out a laugh. "ohh really"? i said sounding sarcastic.
he tightened his grip on my arms and kissed my lower back down to my.left butt cheek and right cheek. he went lower and lower until he reached my drenched pussy. he gave it one lick. i let in a gasp. he licked inside my pussy and around my clit.
"awww fuckkk." i moaned.
my hands were behind me so i couldn't move all that much. his tongue played with my clit for awhile, then he put my clit in his mouth, sucking me like a lollipop. he finally let go of my arms to get more control of what he was doing. he suddenly stopped. he leaned over to kiss my neck. he whispered
"you like that baby? me eating your pussy." he gave my ear a lick
. "you like to hear me slurp when i eat your pussy don't you"?
i felt like i was in a trance. i couldn't even respond.
"huh?" he said while slapping my ass. all i could say was "fuck me" but he couldn't hear me.
"fuck me" i said alittle louder. he still couldn't hear me. "FUCK MY PUSSY" i scram. lloyd paused. "excuse me?" he said in disbelief. "are you gonna fuck me or what?" i moaned back. he flipped mr.over on my back and kissed me. i pushed him onto his back. i crawled on all fours towards him. i climbed on top of him and kissed him again but more passionate than ever. tonight i was going to lose my virginity to lloyd. i reached my hands inside his underwear and played with the tip and his balls. "uhhh" he moaned. i crawled down.from hovering over him until my face met his calvin Klein underwear. i slowly pulled them off and began sucking his dick the way he likes it; hard and fast. his mouth opened in awe and he squeezed a pillow behind him in satisfaction. "his penis became exceptionally hard, and him and i both knew it was time for him to fuck me. he pinned me down again and was on top of me."i don't want to hurt you" he said. "i know babe, its okay" he kissed me again and whispered " i love you" "i love you too baby." i said. he got on his knees and found the little pink hole he had been finger fucking me out of, and brought the head of his penis to it. "he leaned back down over me. "take a deep breathe babe" i did. "i want you to look at me while im doing this." "okay" i whispered. he grabbed his penis and shoved it in. "ahhhhh" i screamed. i was in so much pain. it felt like a knife had been stuck up in me. but he had already pulled out and back in before i could even say anything more. i was still looking into his eyes and he was staring right back at me. i was crying. he pulled his penis out and hugged me. "im so sorry. im hurting youso sorry" i put my hand over his mouth and smiled. "but i never told you to stop" i said. i grabbed his penis and put it back in me. he thrusts in and i let out a squeal. this was the most excruciating pain .for awhile. after 15 minutes of fucking me, i let out a deep moan. lloyd leaned in.and kissed me while still slamming his dick hard in my pussy. "ohh fuck baby. your so tight." i laughed and moaned all at once, finally somewhat enjoying him fucking me. i grabbed my boobs and bit my lips. he withdrew and slammed into me, deeper and harder each time. i didn't even have time to gasp for air before he did it again and again. he picked me up with his penis still inside me. i crossed my legs around his back and felt my back hit a wall. he rocked his hips back and forth, with his balls hitting my butt each time. his grunts and moans turned into actual words now.."mmmm, Erica. yess baby. fuuck" "you like that daddy? you love this pussy don't you? mmmhhhmm, right there babe" he put me back on my feet and bend me over on the bed. his dick came out alittle and slammed back in. my knees were weak. every slam into me made them weaker.
"im..imm.." he said.
I knew what he was going to say. so i threw him on the bed and rode his dick like i saw the pornos id watched occasionally. i was faced toward him swirling and bouncing on him.
"youre so fucking deep." i moaned while bouncing up on him. his head tilted back as he bit his lip hard. i felt his semen burst into me like confetti. i leaned over and kissed him. his dick finally came out of me and and we realized his penis was covered in blood.
"ehh, what the hell?" "i know what you're thinking im not on my period. you took my v card stupid. girls bleed." i said. "how did i not even notice this shit?" leaned in closer.
"you were too busy fuckimg my brains out!" he chucked in appreciation of himself." well, it looks like we need a shower" he said. i looked down at my hairless bloody vagina and looked back at him.
"yeah definitely" he smiled then kissed me on my forehead. i gazed into his dark brown eyes.
"happy birthday love"

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