The Saga of Hank Stenson


Hank Stenson was a very wealthy businessman, so wealthy in fact that he didn’t even need to work anymore. He could oversee his company from home, occasionally holding video conference calls with his executives from his lounge in his mansion. His home was a fourteen bedroom monstrosity in rural Colorado. It had a restaurant quality kitchen complete with a live-in chef, a movie theater, an Olympic sized pool, and a sauna. He was only 40, but he was already a multi-billionaire.

Then Hank’s wife Sylvia left him after 12 years of marriage to become a lesbian with her best friend Joan. They ran off to New Hampshire, leaving Hank alone to raise his 12 year old daughter Rebecca. Rebecca was a beautiful little girl, with long wavy blond hair and big round blue eyes. Her skin was creamy white, and blemish free. She had just reached puberty and was beginning to develop womanly curves. She had tiny little breast buds and a cute bubbled ass. She was very skinny, but had broad hips like her mother. Child-bearing hips, Hank thought.

Like many geniuses, Hank was not the most stable of individuals, and his anger at Sylvia set him over the edge. One night, he snuck into Rebecca’s room while she was sleeping. She looked so angelic with her hair floating out around her face like a halo. Hank grinned maniacally, and lowered himself onto her bed, straddling her. She made a noise in her sleep and wriggled back and forth, her body moving against Hank’s thighs and instantly hardening his cock. He unzipped his pants to free his throbbing member.
Hank reached up under Rebecca’s nightgown and was pleased to discover she was not wearing underwear. He rubbed her soft pussy lips, eliciting an unconscious moan from his daughter. He lifted her nightgown up around her hips and positioned himself over her. Then suddenly he clamped his hands down on her shoulders so she couldn’t move and then plunged his hard penis into her tight little cunt. Her eyes sprung open and she screamed out loud.

“Daddy what are you doing?!?!” she shrieked.

Hank laughed but didn’t say anything, just rammed his cock into her harder and harder.

“Daddy, please stop, it hurts!” she cried, tears streaming down her soft cheeks.

He thrust faster and faster until finally he came hard inside her, spilling his warm seed into her cunt.

“Daddy no,” she whimpered, “no, please.”

He slapped her forcefully across the mouth.

“Don’t speak to me that way, slut. From now on you will do exactly what I say. You will not go to school, you will be homeschooled instead. You will never have any friends over. You will not go to friend’s houses. In fact, you will never leave this house again. Don’t even try to leave. I’ve put electric fences around the property,” he snarled. Then he reached down to the floor to pick up the collar he’d ordered, and clipped it tight around her neck. “I’ve had this especially made so that the shock will knock you unconscious if you step within 5 feet of the perimeter. Do you understand?”

Rebecca nodded.

“Say ‘yes sir’, you cunt.”

“Yes sir,” Rebecca whispered.

“Louder!” he slapped her again.

“Yes sir!” she said weakly.

“LOUDER SLUT!” he bellowed, slapping her harder.

“YES SIR! YES SIR! YES SIR!” she screamed, choking back tears.

“That’s better.”

“Daddy…” she mumbled, “what if I get pregnant?”

Hank chuckled. “That’s the point.” He grinned.

Rebecca fainted.

The next morning she woke up to find herself handcuffed to her bed. She looked down to see her sheets were covered with blood from when her father had torn through her hymen. She tried to sit up, but realized her feet were chained to the bed also. She lay spread eagle, completely naked, on the bed until her father came into the room. He climbed up on top of her and immediately inserted his hard cock into her still tight pussy. He put his hands on her small breasts and squeezed them hard to give himself leverage to thrust his dick hard into her. His penis hit her cervix on each thrust, sending shooting pains through her small body. He felt her uterine wall start to give under his attack and felt himself starting to cum. Just as he was about to spill his seed into her, her cervix stretched open and his enormous cock plunged straight into her womb, spewing a huge wad of cum into her. He pulled out, and immediately shoved a large plug into her vagina to keep any sperm from leaking out. The plug had a pump attached so he could inflate it to stretch her tiny cunt. He let her rest for two minutes and then began to pump up the plug. Rebecca writhed in pain, her vaginal muscles clenching on the plug and trying to expel it from her body. Hank pumped it up until it was double its initial size. It was about two inches in diameter inside Rebecca’s pussy.

He got up to leave, turning to address his daughter. “If I come back and that plug is out of you, I’ll have to punish you,” he smiled and pinched her little clitoris hard, “You wouldn’t want that, would you?”
Rebecca shook her head, too frightened to speak. After he left, she lay in bed shaking, wondering how her life had gone from spoiled and privileged to tortured and enslaved in such a short time. Eventually she fell asleep. When she woke up, she realized that the plug had slipped out of her while she was asleep. Unable to move her arms to put it back in, she began crying, terrified of what her father would do to her. When she heard his footsteps in the hall, she closed her eyes and pretended to be asleep. Her father came into the room with a large black duffel bag.

“Wake up slut!” he screamed. Rebecca opened her eyes reluctantly. “What did I tell you, you little cunt?”

Rebecca stared at him fearfully.

“Answer me! What did I tell you slut?”

“T-to k-keep the p-plug in m-me,” she stammered.

“That’s right. And what did you do?”

“I tried daddy! I tried! It just slipped out and I couldn’t put it back in! I’m sorry daddy, please don’t hurt me,” she pleaded.

Her father’s eyes narrowed. “I told you I would punish you, and I always follow through on my deals,” he snarled. He took the plug and shoved it back into her, pumping it up even more so it was now about three inches wide. Then he took a roll of duct tape out of his duffel and cut strips to tape the plug in place. He crisscrossed the tape over her vagina and around her thighs and hips, making sure her asshole was not covered. Then he unchained her ankles and pulled them up over her head and chained them to her wrists so that she was folded in half and her little virgin ass was facing up at him. Then he climbed up on the bed and positioned himself over her ass hole. He spat on it a few times, and then shoved his middle finger inside. Rebecca screamed in pain as her ass felt like it ripped in half. Hank worked his finger in deeper, feeling the plug pushing against the wall between her vagina and her ass. After a few seconds of stretching, he removed his finger and immediately replaced it with is hard cock. He could only fit in the head, since her ass was so tight. Angry with this, he lifted her hips up so that her ass was facing directly upward, and used this angle to get better leverage to shove his dick inside her. He managed to get all the way inside her, and held it there, feeling her muscles stretch and clench onto him. Then he pulled out. When he did, he saw that her ass was bleeding. He spat in it a few more times, and then plunged back in.
He spilled three loads of cum into her ass before he was satisfied. Then he inserted a smaller plug into her and duct taped that one as well. He left her there with her ankles chained to her wrists which were tied to the headboard.

He returned to her room six hours later. He removed the duct tape, and yanked out the plugs, causing Rebecca to scream again. Both plugs left her holes gaping open. He ran his finger around her ass hole, sending waves of pain through her body as he touched the raw skin. Then he put two fingers from each hand inside her pussy, spreading her little pussy lips apart, and then thrust his cock inside. After he came inside her, he put the plug back in and left.

Rebecca lay sobbing on the bed. Her legs and ankles were still chained together which kept her ass cheeks spread wide, with blood trickling from her abused ass hole. The huge plug in her cunt caused her muscles to stretch wide and she could feel them getting looser and looser.

Her father returned to her room sometime later with a tray of food. There was a glass of milk and a bowl of oatmeal, which he spooned into her mouth. After he was finished feeding her, he released her ankles from the chains and reattached them to the bottom of the bed. Then he took a smaller bag out of the duffel. In the bag was a set of needles and rings. He took one of the needles and dipped it in alcohol, then he squeezed Rebecca’s nipple. Her eyes widened in terror as she realized what he was doing. Before she could protest, he pierced the needle straight through her nipple. He slid two stoppers onto it to hold it in place while it healed. Then he did the same to her other nipple. He glanced over her body, trying to decide what else he should pierce. He decided to give her a belly ring, because it would look very sexy when she was pregnant.

After he finished piercing her, his dick was hard and throbbing painfully. To relieve himself, he straddled Rebecca’s face and began thrusting his cock into her mouth. He commanded her to suck it, and she obeyed. He shoved deeper and deeper into her throat, fucking her mouth as he had fucked her cunt and her ass. He pushed all the way in so that his balls slapped against her chin, and then held himself there for what seemed like hours, cutting off her air. When she began choking, he removed himself and let her gasp to catch her breath, and then returned. He continued doing this until he felt ready to cum, then her pinched her nose closed and shoved his dick all the way into her throat and shot his cum in. She swallowed, choking and gagging until he released her nose and drew back his now limp cock. Rebecca gasped for air, spitting out cum that was stuck in her throat. Her father slapped her face violently and shouted, “My cum is a gift to you, fucking slut, you do not waste it you little bitch!” Tears escaped Rebecca’s eyes as she swallowed all the cum in her mouth. “Say thank you, cunt,” he demanded.

“Thank you.” She whispered.

“Thank you what?”

“Thank you sir. Thank you for the cum.”

“Good girl.” But for good measure he squeezed her freshly pierced nipples causing her to scream and writhe in pain.

He left the room, turning out the light.

Three weeks later, after many various tortures, Rebecca had missed her period. Hank gave her a pregnancy test and was elated to find that she was carrying his child. That day he released her from her chains, and allowed her to walk around the house. He had only been feeding her once a day, so she had lost a lot of weight. She stared at herself in the mirror in shock. She had dark bags under her eyes, and her lips were chapped and bleeding. Her collar bones and hip bones stuck out from her skin. Her hair was completely matted and tangled, and she was sure that no amount of brushing could fix it.

Hank allowed her to take a shower while he watched. She scrubbed herself furiously with soap, and tried to shampoo her hair. Hank saw that this wasn’t working and came up with a solution. After Rebecca got out of the shower, he pinned her to a wall and took out his electric shaver and started cutting her hair. When he was finished, all her hair was about a quarter inch thick. Tears streamed silently down her cheeks as she looked at her golden locks lying lifeless on the floor.

Hank led her into the bedroom and instructed her to get dressed in the clothes he had laid out. She put them on carefully and then turned to look at her father for approval. She was wearing a light blue satin bodice that laced in the front under her breasts, and thigh high stockings with light blue bows on the side. Her breasts and privates were completely exposed, showing off her nipple rings, and the newest ring he had added to her tiny clitoris. Hank nodded, satisfied, and handed her a pair of clear stiletto heels, and a tube of bright red lipstick. She put on the shoes and applied the lipstick, and then sat down on the bed.

“Daddy? Can I ask you a question?” she began, timidly. Her father nodded. “Daddy, are you going to hurt me anymore?”

Her father considered. “Are you going to misbehave again?”

Rebecca shook her head furiously. “No daddy, I’ll do whatever you say.”

Hank nodded. “Alright. I promise I won’t hurt you unless you disobey me,” he smiled, “Now give your father a hug.”

Rebecca stood up and walked carefully over to him, not used to the heels. She wrapped her arms around him. “I love you daddy,” she said.

Hank smirked to himself over her shoulder. He’d successfully broken his daughter. She was completely under his control.

The nine months of Rebecca’s pregnancy went by quickly. Her hair had grown out again, and she wore it in pigtails because her father liked it that way. Hank let her do whatever she wanted, as long as she didn’t leave the house, or have any contact with anyone outside.

Every day she and her father had sex, but it was sweet and gentle, and she enjoyed it. Her stomach swelled up so big that it was difficult for her to walk since she was so small. For the last month she lay in bed to make sure that the baby would not be born too early. Three days before her due date, she began having contractions. She’d been preparing for the birth for a month by stretching her vagina with the pump so that the birth would be faster and less painful. Her vaginal canal was big enough for Hank to put both his hands inside. As soon as her cervix was dilated enough, she began to push, and the baby came out relatively easily.

Rebecca was so happy to just hold her new daughter in her arms, while her father planted endless kisses on her neck and chest and stomach. The baby quickly learned how to suck milk from Rebecca’s swollen breasts, which Hank found to be an incredible turn on.

“Daddy what should we name her?” she asked.

“Whatever you would like darling,” he replied.

Rebecca scrunched up her nose, thinking. “How about Precious, since that’s what she is.”

Hank nodded. “That’s a good name.” Then he took the baby and placed it in the crib. He returned to his daughter, taking her onto his lap. “Are you ready to make another?” he asked.

Rebecca smiled widely, “Oh yes daddy!”

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