My sexual fantasies

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Introduction: this is a fiction story

I got in trouble with the law and wound up spending a year in boys home when I was 17. There were 6 of us all together and my roommate Andrew introduced me to gay sex.
I was sent to a boys home in 1983 when I was 16. My roommate was Sam and he informed me that if I like I can be a part of the boys club. There were 6 of us altogether and the boys club he talked about was sex. He pointed his 6inch at me and I thought why not. So I went over to his bed and this was at 1am and the home counselor had already done his room check. I massaged his dick and he did mine and mine was getting hard but his was not. So I mentioned that to him and whispered " I know how to get you hard" and I took his dick in my mouth and sucked him to erection. He asked how I learned to do that and I told him that July of last year Billy our family friend’s son who was black spent the night with me and he fucked my face. So Sam said " Well your my bitch now" and I laid on my back and he got in pushup position over me and I opened my mouth to his dick and he pumped up and down and soon his white bubble butt (I have one too) was bouncing and then after a few minutes he pulled out and shot his load on my face. After he got up he told me that both of us are the girls and I smiled and said I liked that and we went to sleep.

The next evening at 10pm he gets me to come to our room and he tells me that the guys next door to us Shaun and Jerry are going to screw us so Sam tells me to get naked and so we both strip and we see Shaun and Jerry go into their room and Sam and I turn our backs to them and bang our butts together and we look back and they both smile. We wait a few minutes and then turn the light off in our room and we make our way to their room and close the door. Shaun takes Sam and Jerry takes me. We both lie on our backs on the floor side by side and Shaun and Jerry tell us to keep our arms by our heads and they get on top of us and rub their dicks against our and soon Jerry is pumping faster and I could see his brown ass bouncing with each pump. Then soon he arched up and whispered "Close your eyes" and then he groaned and a thin string of cum went across my chest and hit me across the face. Then we all got up and they led Sam and me to the shower and Sam and I stood side by side and Shaun and Jerry held on to their dicks and then said " Ok are you 2 ready?" and we both nodded yes and Shaun and Jerry unleashed and big load of piss which hit us in the face and my tits which were developing and I turned and Jerry sprayed my bare white ass with his piss. Then Sam and I took a shower.

My family unfortunately found out what I was doing so when I came hone my grandparents and dad and mom along with uncle Robert told me that they did not want me screwing strangers. They said they would take care of me financial and sexual. I liked hearing that and grandma told grandpa take me to the bedroom so he led the way and followed him with my arms folded and smiling and thanked them.

When I got to the room grandpa who was 53 at the time was rubbing vaseline on his fat 8 inch cock. I quickly undressed and he laid on his back and straddled him and inserted his fat cock slowly in my ass. I started riding him slowly since it was a little painful but soon picked up pace and soon was bouncing hard on it. My ass was making noise as I was bouncing against his legs. Then grandpa leaned me forward and his cock came out and he shot his load on my buns. I then kissed him and thanked him and got up. He told me they wanted to do me for the longest time I smiled and said “so did I ". The cum was dripping from my buns down my legs but I went out in the hallway back into the living room naked. My family applauded me and my aunt Jennie asked “how does it feel to be the family slut?" I said I liked it.
On my birthday grandpa nailed me again in his bedroom 1 hour before the party. He gave me a blowjob while laying on my back and I shot my load in my belly button. I got dressed and my family could tell what just happened caused I had the look that I just got laid on my face.

I started college two weeks later and I lived in one of my great-grandmothers houses and I liked it. The house was in the alley and when I got home after my classes I left the door open and the cooler was on and I walked around nude. One afternoon I was in my bedroom looking for something in the desk and I had music playing and I did not hear the door. When I turned around grandpa was in the doorway and he surprised me and I smiled and he told me to always lock the door (I forgot) . He then told me that grandma went away for the weekend and that he needed me over there, this was Thursday. I told him that I got one more class on Friday and that I could be over there and he said fine and we hugged and he fondled my ass cheeks and then he left.
Friday afternoon I drove over to his house and cooked dinner for him in the nude which he liked.
then took a shower.

Sometime later while attending junior college I had a class later in the afternoon so I was taking a nap my uncle Robert who was on his lunch break. I left the door unlocked and he came in and woke me up. He asked what I was going to do. Looking at the clock I had class starting in 15 minutes and he told me to call the teacher so I can turn in homework next week. I called the teacher and said I was not able to make it. Uncle Robert already had his pants down and was making his way up to me his cockhead getting hard as it was flopping around as he was walking on his knees toward me on the bed. Then his cock was at my mouth so I said bye and hung up. Uncle Robert lowered his cock to my mouth and I took him in and sucked on it till he arched up and groaned and pulled out and squirted 3 loads of cum on my face. There was a thick string of cum dangling from his cock and my toungue. He told me " let it break off by itself" and it did and he wiped his cock on my face and he zipped up and went back to work.

On a Saturday I visited my parents and my uncle Derek who is 6 years older than me and my mom’s brother. He was under my dad on the couch. Derek was nude and his clothes were on the floor beside the couch as dads pants were around his ankles and his shirt on was rubbing his fat cock against Dereks. Bobby who is my moms former mother in law son was watching along with my mom. I sat in the other chair and watched as dad screwed Derek on the couch, his white buns bouncing with each movement. Finally dad groaned and arched up and squirted cum on Dereks dick. Mom asked Derek how it felt and he replied dad felt great. Dad smiled and said " I needed that too you were good" mom then asked Bobby " do you want to fuck Derek next ?" Bobby then said " sure" he got up and mom helped him out of his clothes. Bobby had a 8 inch uncut cock which dangled as dad got up and Bobby got on top of Derek and pulled back his foreskin and started rubbing his cock against Dereks cum soaked dick and balls. Soon Bobby was rubbing faster against Derek and the couch was squeeking and like dad his ass was bouncing with each pump. Shortly Bobby arched up and said " I'm cumming" and squirted two times on Dereks chest.

After they cleaned up we sat down for lunch and I said I wanted to be fucked next and dad said “we will fuck you after lunch".

My dick got hard and as mom cleaned the table off I stripped nude and ran to the couch. Dad got on top of me and did the same as Derek got. Soon dad was rubbing against me the couch was squeaking and I was breathing heavy mom told me to put my arms above my head so I can breathe better. So I did and lifted my head and seen dad’s fat cock rubbing against mine and that got me more excited. Soon dad eyes rolled up and he groaned and he squirted cum that filled my belly button and I followed by squirting cum on my belly. Mom asked “how did that feel? Dads cock feel like grandpa or Uncle Robert?" and I said yes.

Dad got off me and Bobby got on top and did the same as dad. We then showered and left.

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