Demi, the neighbour's daughter

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This is my fist story, all critiques welcomed but go easy on me.

It all started that afternoon when I looked out of my kitchen window, the view from there was always good, especially the rolling fields that went past the garden fences. This time my eyes didn't get past my neighbour's garden, my kitchen was on the second floor and in the neighbour's garden below lay an outstretched young female laying on a beach towel in the hot afternoon sun, she had the most beautiful olive skin, long wavy black hair, with shapely eyebrows and a straight nose which framed her face perfectly, below that were full red lips which pouted as she breathed to find fresh air.
My eyes followed her petit body to find her pert breasts were covered by the tiniest black triangular bikini top, held together by almost invisible threads of black string, my eyes kept traveling along a flat stomach and past her navel to see and equally small black triangle just below it, she had beautiful legs which finished with scarlet toe nails at the tips.

I stood transfixed and rooted to the spot with blood rushing to my loins while the room spun around me, all I could think was who is this girl and how and when I could fuck her.

The next three days I spent looking out of the window planning on how I could run my finger along and suck every inch of her body from head to toe, by that time my breakfast table had moved so as to get the best view to see her in as many different shapes and coloured bikinis as the days went by, red, yellow then green if I had time to think about anything else I should have known what was coming next.

Demi lived with her parents the DeMarco's, they all moved in about a week ago from the neighbouring city as her parents were doing well now and needed a bigger house with some outdoor space, I had seen her parents a couple of times leaving and coming back from work but didn't realise they had a 16 year old daughter.

My name is Dan and I'm 35, I had just recently separated from a long term relationship which was going nowhere. I had a good job and decided to take some time off to chill and get over things by myself, I'm 6ft tall and I always looked after myself by going to the gym, cycling and playing basketball, I am the kind of person who always went after whatever I wanted and always succeeded and that included women.

Now if I had stopped to think I would have known what was coming the next day when I sat at the table I looked out and was treated to the sight of Demi laying on her back topless in the hot midday sun, her body glistening with oil and her perky young tits pointed to the sky with erect hard nipples, her tits were my favorite size meaning the ones that fit in my hand if I cupped it, before long my hand was in my shorts grabbing my thick nine inch cock with the thoughts of me licking her body and squeezing those perfect tits, I closed my eyes for what seemed like a minute and when I opened them again Demi's head was turning away, for a moment I wondered if she had seen my jerking off at the sight of her but at that moment in time I couldn't care less.

That's it! I thought to myself, I went upstairs to cool down by showering myself and put on a cool white t-shirt and some fresh shorts, I made a beeline for their front door and rand the bell, after waiting for a couple of minutes the door opened and instead of her parents I was greeted by the girl from the garden, she was around 5ft 7in tall and she had stunning hazel eyes which would stop any living soul dead in it's tracks, a heaving chest covered by another of her bikini tops, the top did nothing to hide those nipples that poked through as if it was winter, her upper olive thighs were barely covered by matching white hotpants and her legs were much more shapely and slender than I had imagined. The blood in my body decieved me by rushing to make my cock stir and grow hard making a tent in my shorts, the bottle of wine I was carrying did nothing to help hide the situation. Demi caught me looking and she broke the silence by saying

"Can I help you?" I was a bit distant so she repeated herself.

"Umm my name is Dan, I live next door, are your parents home?"

"No, they are away on business and they won't be back for a few days" she spoke with a confidence as if she knew and trusted me.

"That's a shame, I wanted to welcome you guys to the neighbourhood by offering dinner at my place"

"Oh they won't be back until Saturday or Sunday night, I'll let them know"

"Thanks", Dan handed over the bottle of wine he brought as a welcome gift and he began to walk down the path towards their front gate when he heard her say

"Did you enjoy it?"

He heard her perfectly well but couldn't believe it

"Excuse me"

"Did you enjoy the show?"

He was struck for words but didn't want to lose this opportunity "Yeah, sure I did, what red blooded man wouldn't"

"Does the dinner offer still stand?, maybe you and I could share this wine"

How could I refuse this sultry American-Italian girl standing before me, she was fucking gorgeous and I could only imagine this is what Sophia Loren would have looked like at the age of sixteen, she was cool and calm when she spoke it didn't seem to matter to her that I was older, towered over her and that I was black.

She took my hand which was almost twice the size of hers and led me into their house, she put the bottle of wine down on a side table and I closed the door behind me and turned around to see Demi licking those full lips of hers, she ran her index finger along the length of my hard cock in my ever increasing tented shorts, our eyes locked and I ran my fingers through her hair to pull her lips towards mine, our tongues intertwined and the smell of lavender oil filled my nose. she pressed her body up against mine and I finally grabbed those tits I'd been dreaming of for the past few days, I squeezed her nipples just enough to hear her moan softly in my ear, the moan confirmed that this girl's body was for the taking and that I could do whatever I wanted. She took off my shorts to free the cock that was pressing into her stomach, we shed the rest of our clothes and moved over to the sofa why she did not hesitate to grab my hard cock, her small hand just about circled the girth of it and she didn't waste anytime getting her tongue at the base of my shaft to work her way up, she sucked the tip of my cock like a lollipop before taking it in her warm mouth, I leaned forward and continued to clamp her nipples between my fingers, releasing more soft moans which reverberated through my cock.

Her continuous ferocious sucking was driving me insane, the sight of this girl's head going up and down under my hand made a little pre cum come out and she licked it off like a pro, as much as I wanted this to go on I thought it was my turn as I couldn't wait suck on that young pussy that stayed hidden behind those bikinis all week, I wanted to see what she intentionally kept hidden from me I took her head off my pulsing cock and and sat her down on the edge of the sofa, the first thing I noticed was the musky smell when I put my head between her legs, that familiar smell of wet sopping pussy juice only this time it was 16 years old.
She squirmed and said, "Don't make me wait" with a rasping voice, she edged forward a little more and I knew that pussy was mine, I ran my tongue along the outer edges of her pussy lips and lapped up her pussy juices, she then said
"Put your tongue in please, for fuck sake put it in!" and I said
"If only your daddy could see you now with this big black man between your sweet young legs" I chuckled as she whimpered with lust and with that I worked my tongue from her pink asshole to the centre of those lips and dove in deep, this sent spasms through her body and I knew she was cumming, her breathing got heavier as I held her stomach flat with one hand and grabbed a firm tit with the other and she came all over my face, I continued to suck on her clit which brought on another wave of spasms and another pot of gold.

I gave her some time to calm down by sharing a glass of wine each, not long after the wine had gone to her head and she was on her knees and sticking her smooth round ass in the air, motioning for me to get to work, I didn't have to be asked twice, as I pointed my cock towards her pink pussy lips she looked over her shoulder with a cheshire grin and said

"Fuck me please Dan, I have been wondering what it be like to have a black man inside of me ever since I saw you in the window, where I came from there only boys, so fuck me good, hard and fast".

I put my cock at the entrance to her wet pussy and she jiggled her ass a little bit, this put the tip of my cock into her and she let out a loud groan as she felt a taster of my width, her pussy was so tight I almost came right there and then. I held on to her tiny waist and started thrusting forward to put in a couple more inches and she buried her head in a cushion, I pulled out a bit and the walls of her pussy clung on to my shaft as if I was taking off a rubber glove, I gave her a couple of seconds and then rammed in another two inches, she screamed in pain and I could hear her sobbing in the cushion. It only then occurred to me that this girl is only 16 and still developing, I could go to jail for this if she cries rape but all those thoughts were dashed away when she turned to me and said "Don't stop, I want to take all of you".

And with that I started thrusting again, slow at first but then harder and harder, the tightness of her pussy never let up, her body bucked under me and I held on to her waist even tighter, I rammed the full length of my hard cock in her and pumped away at her young sex, the sweat from my chin dripped down her back and between her ass cheeks to rest on her puckered hole, the span of my hands meant that I could easily stick my thumb in her ass and that's exactly what I did, she screamed again as she was not expecting the intrusion and at the same time her body responded with pussy juice and a white cream flowing to cover my thick black cock.

This is good, this is so good, I never thought this would happen so quickly, the girl from the garden was under me taking the full length of my dick and she was loving it, the more I thought about it and the more my balls slapped against her clit, the more I wanted to fill this sweet pussy with cum, at that point Demi reached behind me and grabbed my ass to pull me in closer so I pumped her pussy full of cum, and with a loud roar I tried to get in deeper so that she would remember me for ever.

When I pulled out of Demi, she curled up spent on the sofa this time glistening with sweat and with a smile on her face. I walked over to the table and had another glass of wine, I sat opposite and watched her fall asleep with cum oozing out of her pussy and onto her parents new sofa.

After that day, whenever Demi stood infront of her full length mirror in her room to pull on those shorter than short white hot pants that I loved so much, she knew she was going to get fucked!

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DISCLAIMER: 1. This story is fiction. 2. This story is FICTION! 3. The author doesn’t endorse or play down violence and brutality of any kind against living beings in general and females in special
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