Temple of Torture


1. This story is fiction.

2. This story is FICTION!

3. The author doesn’t endorse or play down violence and brutality

of any kind against living beings in general and females

in special. The author insists on the consumption only by

those legally of age and where ADULT MATERIAL isn’t prohibited

by law. If you get offended by those topics, stop reading.

Venom, April 2007


After some initial pain-play, the real interrogation and punishment of a slavegirl start, including a number of extreme tortures.

Temple of Torture

In the centre of the dreadful area the ominous grey complex overlook the surrounding houses, huts and squares.

The modernised building based on the concrete remains of a WW II-

shelter system, filled with all details of medieval dungeons.

A labyrinth of horrible pains for tormented souls,

a true Temple of Torture.



"Still nothing to say, slut?" The Grand Mistress circled Her graceful victim, the six-inch heels of Her knee-high boots were clicking cruelly on the tiled floor. Her fire-red hair waved over Her shoulders with every step.

The naked slavegirl, a charming 18 years old Italian named Vanessa, was awfully imprisoned in a so-called fuck-cradle.

In upright, kneeling position, her arms were at the shoulders,

her wide spread legs at the knees trapped in a pillory-like wooden device behind her.

Being hold 30 inches above the cold floor, her eyes at the same level as the Grand Mistress’ ones, Vanessa was forced to endure her whole body weight on her shins resting on small wooden edges,

and on her shoulders, strained by her right-angled backward arched arms.

Again, the Grand Mistress was standing in front of her, the black latex catsuite gleaming on Her perfect body, the horrible steel switch tapping on the brutal tightened, sharp teethed and heavy weighted clamps on Vanessa’s nipples.

"Nnnggthhh!", Vanessa moaned trough clenched teeth.

The Grand Mistress repeated the treatment on the similar designed pussy clamps.


The nightmarish clamp on Vanessa’s clitoris:

"Waahhh-haarrrg.ooouhhhh", a frantic breathing-in, "Ho-oouuhh!"

A demonic whistle cut the air in the large Torture Hall, and the steel switch landed in the fear-sweaty slave-flesh of Vanessa’s tits.

Like the fourteen before, this kiss of the flexible metal painted a weal of red fire on her breasts, freeing tears of slut-blood on the impact point and crossings.

And like the fourteen kisses before, this one freed a stone-cracking scream:


Vanessa’s slim body, despite of the cool air, was covered with sweat, burning in her wounds and mixing with fresh blood. Her blond, slightly curled hair, a give from her German-descended mother, clung to her shoulders and to the torture cradle.

Her blue eyes were fogged by pain, but she still refused to talk,

to give the Grand Mistress the name of her female lover.

Grand Mistress Gillian was getting used to the fact, that lesbian sex was practised occasionally among Her many hundreds of painslavegirls, and She punished each and every guilty (and a lot of innocent) slut most cruelly. Not that Grand Mistress Gillian was averse from the lovemaking of Lesbos, but the word "pain" in

"painslavegirl" doesn’t harmonise with sexual pleasure, don’t You think so?

But three days ago, one of the Mistresses had informed Her about a serious love-relationship between this uncooperative torture toy

Vanessa and a still unknown second slavegirl.

The thought of something like this was grotesque and obscene, it was an assault on the core of Grand Mistress Gillian’s reign.

There were only one measure and one punishment.

Eight month ago the Grand Mistress had been physically attacked by an ungrateful slutbitchwhorecunt named Kate.

Kate had been dragged into one of the specially equipped rooms in

Grand Mistress Gillian’s Temple of Torture and worked over for ten solid days without any break by the Grand Mistress and three of Her cruellest Mistresses. Due to the soundproofed design of the Torture Halls, the endless screams of the strong, beautiful slave had been transmitted by loudspeakers to the farest corners of the slave lairs. Half past death, Kate had been released to recover, but only to face more torments.

Since then every new developed torture device was first tested and fully used on Kate’s pain-trained flesh.

In regular intervals and every time the Grand Mistress was in the mood, Kate presented her sexy voice in unbelievable agonies, sometimes via loudspeaker to remember the slavegirls that

Grand Mistress Gillian didn’t forget.

That’s how You deal with rebellious slavesluts.

And that’s how the Grand Mistress planed to deal with Vanessa and her secret lover.


Grand Mistress Gillian’s latex-covered fingers played sensually with the metal-imprisoned nipples of Vanessa, tugged on the round lead weights and listened to the suppressed yelps.

The Grand Mistress knew that the pain She was inflicting by this action, as sharp as it was, wouldn’t make the sweet slut talk.

It was just for fun.

Letting the weights swing, the Grand Mistress reached out for the

tightening-screws on both nipple clamps and twisted them clockwise

to the stop in one motion.


Vanessa’s voice cracked, as her nipples were totally crushed, bursting under the pressure and letting an amazing amount of blood gushing out over her breasts and belly.

This was no fun.

Pleased with the result of this vicious nipple play, the Grand Mistress touched the slavegirl’s labial clamps.


Grand Mistress Gillian screwed the clamps almost shut.


Down to Vanessa’s clitoris.

"NoNO! Please, don’t, Grand Mistress!


Grand Mistress Gillian smiled as She slowly closed the tight clamp even tighter. This was the first time during this session that the slavegirl had begged for mercy, but not the last time for sure.

This was fun, indeed.

"You know what I want, little slave."


One swift motion, and the organic centre of Vanessa’s sexuality was crushed almost beyond repair.


A hot stream of urine shot out of the victim’s pussy and although Grand Mistress Gillian moved Her arm backward with the reflex of a tigress, some drops sprinkled Her gloved hand.

"You disgusting, filthy whore. You will pay dearly for that!

Pissing on my floor. PISSING ON ME!"

The Grand Mistress left and let Vanessa sobbing in agony.

The urine under the unfortunate slavegirl getting refined with some drops of cunt-blood, but Vanessa’s labia and clitoris weren’t as heavy wounded as her nipples. It wasn’t the attempt of the Grand Mistress to destroy the seats of the most pain-sensible nerves in the female body. And the nipples, especially Vanessa’s highly trained ones, could still take a much worse treatment.

Ice-cold water hauled the poor captive back to full consciousness. A dark haired slavegirl hosed Vanessa, trying not to picture herself in the situation of the Italo-German beauty. Then she cleaned and dried the soiled tiles.

Grand Mistress Gillian leaned on a torture rack, playing with a kind of small glass rod, letting it wander and swirl around the fingers of Her right hand. A second slave, strawberry-blonde, maybe at the age of 25 and as naked as the first one, was sucking the piss-sprayed left hand clean and precautionary licking the boots including soles, searching with her tongue for any traces of urine.

As both slavegirls had fulfilled their tasks to Grand Mistress Gillian’s satisfaction, they were dismissed and left the place of pain with the speed of sound.

The Grand Mistress approached Vanessa and watched the tremors rushing through the slave’s body, caused by her cramped muscles.

The trembling let the clamp weights swing sexily in the rhythm of Vanessa’s fear, sending out additional waves of agony.

Putting the glass rod next to some other equipment on a nearby table, Grand Mistress Gillian stroke with Her left hand Vanessa’s wet hair.

"Poor little one. Let me ease your pain."

Knowing what that means, the slavegirl braved herself.


By opening the clit-clamp the Grand Mistress guided fresh blood in the tortured organ and extracted fresh, boiling agony. Without having opened the clamp fully, She ripped the mean device from Vanessa’s flesh.

"AAAAAAAUUUUOORrrgccc", the victim’s voice failed.

Croaking noises gushed out of Vanessa’s throat as the Grand Mistress opened her shaven pussy, stretching the lips by pulling on the horrible clamps. She fixed the clamps to the slave’s thighs with barbed wire from the nearby table.

Vanessa was shaking uncontrollably in a fog of pain and first tickles of blood appeared on her thighs.

Another device was taken from the table.

"I don’t think that you want to tell me something, so open up, slut."

The red rubber ball of the gag harness was nearly two inches in diameter and it almost dislocated her jaw as Grand Mistress Gillian shoved it roughly into her mouth. But Vanessa knew better than to resist as the Grand Mistress owned some interesting mechanical devices which could be used to open up an unwilling slave-mouth. To ANY size!

Grand Mistress Gillian led harness straps horizontally around the slave’s head, over the forehead and under the chin. Buckling each one as tight as possible and then much tighter, She forced the awful ball gag even deeper into Vanessa’s mouth.

Effectively silenced, the blonde beauty had to watch the Grand Mistress igniting a soldering lamp on the table of toys.

She took the thin glass rod on one end with two fingers and let the first three quarters of length gliding through the hissing flame.

"Just for sterilizing."

Vanessa’s breathing, although handicapped by the cruel gag, increased the longer the Grand Mistress was heating the rod.

After one and a half minute the heat had invaded the part of the rod not been hold in the flame, and Grand Mistress Gillian felt the temperature rising through Her glove.

"A little longerwe don’t want your urethra or bladder getting infected, don’t we?"

Squeaking sounds leaking out around the gag confirmed that the slavegirl had made out what she was in for.

Grand Mistress Gillian took the rod out of the flame.

"It’s real hot, I hope the heat doesn’t damage the latex of my glove", She thought.

Approaching Vanessa, She disclaimed:

"The rod’s diameter is 1/8 of an inch; about 6 millimetres, for you. In my hand, it is thin, but inside your urethra well, you can tell me afterwards."

With this words She guided the glass rod to Vanessa’s pussy and forcefully into her urethra.

The slave obviously had found her voice again as inhuman howls rang trough the gag.

Excruciatingly stretching the sensitive tissue with glassy heat, the rod travelled slowly into the screaming body and broke through the entrance muscle into Vanessa’s bladder.

Behind her gag, the poor victim screamed like a madwoman, leaving no air for breathing in her lungs. To her, the glass rod seems to be red hot, melting her innermost abdomen to a boiling mixture of blood and piss.

After listening to the sweet muffled screams for some seconds, the Grand Mistress pulled out the rod slowly, making sure that every inch of the urethra was long enough in contact which the hottest part of the glass to burst out in agony. Just before the rod left the slave’s cramping body, Grand Mistress Gillian rammed it back home in one push, being able to even increase Vanessa’s howling.

For long minutes, She fucked the girl’s piss-tube mercilessly.

Then She let the rod sticking all the way up into the bladder, holding in the blood and urine which had appeared during the fucking.

Grand Mistress Gillian called the strawberry-blonde slavegirl and let her clean her hand again while watching Vanessa suffering in aftershocks of her ordeal; she was sunken in her own world of pain.

The Grand Mistress dismissed the cleaning slave once again, grabbed the steel switch and lashed it most violently onto Vanessa’s still brutally clamped nipples.

Every muscle in the slave’s body tightened and the sound through her gag was beyond de***********ion.

Fresh blood shoot out between the metal parts of the murderous clamps, covered anew the excellently shaped breasts and so the hellish steel whip.

"Back to reality? That’s good."

The Grand Mistress let Her fingers glide over the bloody switch,

paused, then held the torture instrument close to Her eyes as if She needed a pair of glasses. (Of course She didn’t, Her body was perfect in every sense.)

"Damn! You have made notches into my toy with your slut-nipples!"

She walked to the backside of the fuck-cradle, where the slave’s arms and lower legs projected almost horizontally from the wood-construction.

Grand Mistress Gillian was out of her view, so Vanessa tried to concentrate on her hearing. Apparently She was standing somewhere behind the limb-wrenching cradle. Vanessa recognised the whistle and suddenly a mind-blowing pain pulsated through the torture victim’s left feet, like being struck with a white hot razor blade. A second and third followed.

The Grand Mistress was flaying her soles!

After five excessively brutal blows, ripping skin and flesh, Grand Mistress Gillian changed to the right foot, raising the blood-dripping steel whip again. She had no problems aiming, although this noisy painslut was shaking her feet and lower legs in frantic moves.

Five to the right sole, then back to the left. Again five bloody licks, this time in a different angle to cross the first five welts. And the same to the right sole, perfect symmetry.

Then She decided to give an extra strike to the toes of each foot.

Vanessa’s howls, hardly muffled by the torturous gag, had nothing in common with human noises, and they even climbed another octave.

With unbelievable force Grand Mistress Gillian brought the metal whip down alternately on the whore’s calves, backhanded and forehanded, endlessly.


"Wake up, worthless slime-cunt!"

The Grand Mistress was holding a broken ammonium nitrate capsule under Vanessa’s nose

After blood-whipping her soles, Grand Mistress Gillian have called for the same two slave-maids from earlier to do the

necessary cleaning. Evidently shocked, they have worked on the bloody tiles, licked Grand Mistress Gillian’s latex-wrapped body and tried unsuccessfully to revive Vanessa using the hose.

Again they have left the hall of horror as quickly as allowed to.

Vanessa opened her eyes, her pain-wrecked mind unable to grasp the full dimension of the suffering radiating from her feet and calves.

Her muscles cramped even more, straining on her tendons beyond sanity. The pains induced by the clamps, the glass rod and the gag

are dark, dull foundations for the sharp rippings racing through

her body with every breath.

"Don’t you dare faint again, slut! We haven’t even get started."

The Grand Mistress showed her a heavy silver lighter.

"Ready to talk?"

Gathering all the strength left in her mind, the blonde girl forced herself to shake her head no.


Grand Mistress Gillian ignited the lighter and held the flame to the right nipple clamp.


"or Yes?"

She heated up the left one.


As the Grand Mistress took the lighter away, Vanessa sank her teeth deep into the gag-rubber to bear the pain.


The flame kissed her abused clitoris for endless seconds, then travelled agonizingly slow over the spread vaginal slit towards the little rosebud of her sweet anus.

The fire rest on this target, turning the rectal colour to a light red.


The suffering girl squirmed violently, trying unsuccessfully to escape the heat, paining her cramped shoulders and legs even more.

Grand Mistress Gillian let the flame lick the slut’s anal pucker a little longer


..and still some more, turning the pain-pulsating ring to an angry deep red.

Vanessa, unable to scream more, dry heaved and witnessed helplessly the slow-roasting of her rectum. Her face’s muscles cramped in agony, tearing and ripping their fibres, closing the jaws. She have bit almost completely through the whole gag!

Suddenly there was nothing than darkness.


Vanessa awoke by her own, just to find her bound a sawhorse-like construction, another one of the countless devices designed for woman-torture. The top beam she laid along took her whole weight and pressed terribly against her sternum and belly, but didn’t support her genitals.

So her tortured pussy and cooked arse were defencelessly presented. Her unnaturally wide spread legs, cruelly wire-bound to the horse legs like her arms, intensified her vulnerability.

The ruined gag was gone, so were the clamps and the glass rod.

The intense pains were still there. Bloodpearls dropped from her toes to the floor underneath.

Cold shivers raced through her body as the click-clack of steel-tipped high heels approached from behind. Then she heard Grand Mistress Gillian’s dark sensuous voice.

"I see you’re ready again. Those pain plays are fun, but I’m dying to reveal the identity of your tender lover."

Vanessa looked over her right shoulder as far backward as her obscene position permitted her.

"NO! Not THAT!This slave begs the Grand Mistress not to this to Her slave! PLEASE!"

Grand Mistress Gillian stood next to Vanessa’s arse and next to the Grand Mistress stood a brazier filled with angrily glowing coals.

She walked to the front end of the sawhorse and grabbed with the fingers of Her gloved left hand into the slave’s long beautiful hair, twisting in sadistic lust. Pulling on it, She forced the blonde’s head backward and engaged a chrome device to the front of the horse.

"Just to keep you interested."

Letting the hair go, the Grand Mistress walked back to the brazier. Vanessa started to feel the heat radiating from it, but can’t look behind her any more. She was damned to hold her head into her neck, looking straight forward: proceed from the chrome device dreadful spikes dig into her cheeks and the underside of her chin.

"Don’t mind having lost consciousness although I had ordered you not to. I’m an understanding person. But now I have to make sure this won’t happen again."

She plunged a hypodermic needle deep into the quivering slave’s body.

"It’s time to start your real torture."

Grand Mistress Gillian caressed both of the girl’s arse cheeks with Her hands, then get on one knee and blew on the cute rosette, formerly pink and now swollen and red. Vanessa groaned, her sphincter spasming sexily.

Now the Grand Mistress drove Her right middle finger to the second knuckle dry into the unprepared, heat-wrecked rectum, making the slave gasp, then scream.

"Hmmm, hot and tight."

She forced Her finger even deeper inside, bending it, wiggling it, moving it around and listening to the sweet moans of pain.

Eventually the Grand Mistress withdrew Her finger

"You are a tight piece of arse. Maybe next time my fist""

Except for the thin standard enema nozzle for cleaning and now the finger, Vanessa never had had something up her arse. The thought of anal intercourse in any form frightened and disgusted her beyond believe.

The Grand Mistress now took a triangular ceramic sliver from a board under the brazier bowl. The flat object was formed like a spear tip, the sides measuring 2.5 inches with 1.5 inch at the baseline. The edges were ground, but not so sharp that they cut flesh by just adding pressure. This one was cold, but another dozen were heating in the coals.

Grand Mistress Gillian pressed the sliver into the centre of Vanessa’s rectal star and twisted it around and around, scraping the ravaged rim and earning shrill shrieks from the pained girl.

She stopped as the first two inches were inserted.


"Comfortable? Remember, this is just the beginning. Be a good girl and talk!"

She turned the stuck sliver at ninety degrees to emphasise her


"Pleeeaaase!This slave can’t give the name, or the Grand Mistress will torture both slaves!"

"That’s true. Next sliver."

She ripped the spear's tip out of the girl’s arsehole, put it into the brazier for heating and took with pliers an already hot one out of the coals.

The cruel woman let the tip of the heated sliver travel along the slave’s arse cheeks and the inside of her thighs, accompanied by Vanessa’s rapid breathing. The sliver was guided deeper between

the legs until its smouldering point touched the pain-swollen clitoris.


Similar hoarse screams escaped Vanessa’s throat as the Grand Mistress dragged the torture triangle over the inflamed pussy-slit towards the slave’s anus and dived it ever so slowly into her colon. The horrible sounds of suffering were past de***********ion. Shrill gutturals reverberated through the grey-tiled dungeon-hall.

The metal-bound girlbody tore at the restraints, the wires cut deep into slave-flesh. Her face got pierced by the evil spikes.

Slowly Grand Mistress Gillian let the sliver disappear into the slave’s arsehole, twisting and sawing. The savagely damaged muscle ring wasn’t able to close fully, hold open slightly by the pointed ends of the triangle’s base.

"Stoooooppppp it-aagggghhhh!", Vanessa croaked over the hissing sound from her arsehole.

With a wicked smile the evil Grand Mistress placed a second sliver in the girl’s anus, next to the first hot one, delightfully destroying what was left of the sphincter.

The sweet flavour of burned girl-meat filled the air.

"Who is it, bitch? Talk quickly, or there won’t be much left of your sexy arse!"

But She didn’t get a response, not to mention an answer.

Vanessa’s vocal cords weren’t able to create sounds appropriate to

the agony her mind was swimming in.

Grand Mistress Gillian was aware of the fact, that this little slut couldn’t react to the questions or even form intelligible words when be driven into hysteria. She knew that She had to slow things down. But on the other hand, this refusing little bitch haven’t just to talk but have to learn to suffer in the extreme.

So She gave her the third sliver.

Vanessa gasped for air, as her lungs were contracted by the unthinkable pain. Her eyes glazed over despite the stimulant shot,

and with her last breath, her mind swimming in an ocean of agony, Vanessa cried out for her lover with an inhuman voice:

"Kaiiiiiittttte, salvaaa miiiieaargghhh!"


The Grand Mistress was pleased. Some seconds longer, and She had to give the blonde cunt a rest or had to get her dead tortured body reanimated. But with this desperate scream for help in the slut’s native language Grand Mistress Gillian could go to the next phase.

She had 19 slavegirls in her care with Kate as name or nickname.

But only with one the Italian beauty had been in contact during the last weeks.


Kate lay with her upper body on the steel-spiked top of a torture table, bent over the edge. Her strong, sharp-shaped legs were secured to the table legs without touching the floor. Her arms had been pulled forward, so her body was tightly stretched.

A taut chain to the humiliating nose ring piercing her septum forced her head down.

No sound escaped her lips, but her hardened face mirrored the pain she was in.

The Grand Mistress had scourged the backside of this tough witch

for around ten minutes, not really making an effort forcing her to reveal the name of her secret lover.

But now Grand Mistress Gillian couldn’t wait any longer or she would burst. Showing Vanessa to this slut, letting Kate know that her innermost secret, her weak point, was discovered by her

gruesome, feared and hated enemy, was the highlight of punishing

this ungrateful slave-whore. Letting both witness the other one’s torment would be pure pleasure to the Grand Mistress.

Kate had taken the not as cruel as possible scourging with moaning and gasping, but without screaming. But she knew, perhaps better than anyone else in Grand Mistress Gillian’s care, that the Grand Mistress owned all ways to break her, though she was used to all known and unknown pains. Uncounted times the Grand Mistress had taken Kate far beyond the limits of endurance. During the last weeks, Vanessa had given her strength. The blonde was one of the slavegirls assigned to look after the Grand Mistress’ SPECIAL GUESTS. Vanessa! Never would Kate betray her! The Grand Mistress’

tortures could be cruel past sane imagination, but the thought of Vanessa suffering the same torments she was damned to, was worse than anything Grand Mistress Gillian could do to her.

Vanessa was the kindness in person, her graceful character matching her physical beauty. She didn’t deserve this horror.

Kate was twenty-four and some inches shorter than Vanessa, her reddish-blonde hair, now sweat-glued to her forehead and cheeks, emphasised her rough beauty. Both felt in love during the times Vanessa had attended Kate’s countless wounds after many torture-sessions.

Grand Mistress Gillian’s velvet voice called her back.

"I want to show you something I’m very proud of, my little hard-arse."


Only supported by the two slave-maids Vanessa was able to walk on her wounded feet, moaning and screaming.

The room she was let in was a little smaller than the last one, but with the identical spotlights revealing horrible implements of torture and the same shadows hiding even more, maybe even worse sources of pain.

Vanessa’s eyes got wide and she screamed again.

"NOOO!Ohhh nooo!"

Bent over a terrifying table near the room’s centre was Kate!

The gruesome traces of a multi-thonged razor-whip laying next to her were clearly visible on her arse and the back of her thighs.

WHAT HAD I DONE?! My weak mind had given in, and now both of us are damned to living hell!

Kate lifted her head, fighting the nose-chain. Full of hate, she screamed at the Grand Mistress.


"Little compared to that I have done to you. And nothing compared to that I will do to both of you, BITCH"

"Kate! I’m so sorry, I don’t"

"I know that she’d forced you, Vanessa!"

The Grand Mistress tightened the nose-chain more, forcing Kate’s face into the spikes and making it hard for her to breathe or speak.

"Yes, I had forced her a little bit. Who I am to part two lovers?"

Meanwhile Vanessa has been secured on her back to a similar table device as Kate’s. Her legs were bound at ankles and knees, then pulled up and back, so her thighs were resting on her belly, her arse projecting from the table. More straps running over the wrist and elbows of her outstretched arms, her forehead, above and below her tits, her belly, knee hollows and the back of her thighs prevented any movement. At least she was spared the spikes.

The two slave-maids left, but a new one entered the room, a nude, heavily pierced Russian brunette in her early thirties. Some times ago Vanessa had contact to her, but then the daughter of a noble aristocratic family in St. Petersburg was chosen for SPECIAL MODIFICATION.

"Show them."

Holding her head submissively down and for some reason unable to speak, the brunette opened her mouth and put out her tongue. Despite their positions, Vanessa and Kate saw enough to freeze.

The sides and middle on full length as well as the tip of the tongue housed a multitude of rod-like piercings. This rods held the polished metal links of something that could be described as the frame of a tongue-armour. The scale-like segments were moveable to each other, so the tongue had kept her flexibility. Besides the metal covered in it’s sum just about 1/4 of the tongue’s surface, so feeling and tasting were possible. All this could be considered as extremely strange but more or less harmless. But some detail put the device in a line with all the other horrors kept between this walls:

all segments and the tips of the rods carried on or more sharp, bent, blinking blades.

"This one."

The Grand Mistress nodded towards Vanessa, then addressed Kate.

"Excuse me that I’m disregarding our tradition. But this time I’m testing my new toy on your sexy friend, not on you."

"Let her! DO IT TO ME!"

But Grand Mistress Gillian had other plans with Kate.

The brunette slave got on her knees in front of Vanessa’s displayed arse and lowered her head.

Vanessa saw the Russian beauty disappearing behind her legs, then felt a sickening scratching of something hard and warm over her

worn-out rectum. The piercing-slave was licking her bruised and tenderised arse!

Immediately the blades took up the abrading, cutting work of the dreadful, jet gone slivers.

"OOoooouuuuaaaaaaanot theeeeere!"

She heard Kate shout her name and tried to wiggle free, to no success. The brunette continued the torturous rimming, now circling the pain-swollen sphincter with higher and higher pressure, not letting break of the contact between flesh and metal. She was excellently trained.

The Grand Mistress had taken position behind Kate with a long vicious bullwhip. She took her time spreading out the coiled whip, proofed her stand and let the monstrous instrument snap forward with enormous acceleration. She controlled the mean weapon masterfully, driving the bullwhip skilfully at the chosen target.


The scream exploded from Kate’s lungs as the weapon’s tip hit the very centre of her rectum, diving at least one inch in like a red hot knife. The shock let her loose the control over her anus,

the pain-racked sphincter opened and closed spastically. If she had not received a cruel enema shortly, she would had emptied her bowels.

Grand Mistress Gillian paused to let the slaveslut experience the whole glory of this first lick.

Exactly as the wounded hole opened again, the Grand Mistress brought down the second stroke, lashing the inner walls of Kate’s guts. And a third and a fourth.

Meanwhile the hellish rim-job increased to even worse cruelty.

After having forced Vanessa’s rectum open and tonguing the burned, delicate membranes inside, the steel-enclosed torture-organ started

oral-fucking the virgin arsehole in earnest, darting fore and back rapidly. Fresh anal blood smeared the brunette’s face, and the blonde’s shrieks reached a new quality.

"PLEEEEEEEAAAAAAASSSE! Have mercy, I beg you!", she produced between her incoherent crying.

"Dump slut!" The Grand Mistress laid another lash into Kate’s bloody arsehole,

"Am I known for having mercy?"

The barbaric anilingus and the rectal whipping excess continued and the screams of the inhumanly tortured women filled the spacious room for an eternity.


Completely exhausted Kate was lying on the table, not feeling the spiked surface even more. All her mind was aware of was the anal agony waving through her colon.

The Grand Mistress loosened the nose-chain, forced Kate’s head up by the hair and held the first inches of the bullwhip, all bloody and used, to the slave’s mouth.

"Suck it clean."

The woman didn’t react.

"Do it, or your little whorefriend gets the same treatment."

Weakly Kate opened her mouth.

Vanessa wasn’t sure when the tongue-slave had left or if there was any rectal flesh left on her at all. Her multiply maltreated anus, burned and ripped, was in immense agony.

She hardly noticed the two slavegirls approaching her quivering, nerve-shattered body.

The first was the dark haired slave-maid, the other a petite brunette. She couldn’t be older than 20, wearing a black rubber body suit that fitted her dainty form ultra-tightly. Her fetish- mask, revealing only her mouth and eyes including eyebrows, was

also extremely tight, so the youthful beauty of her face was evident. Her exceptionally long hair cascaded in an auburn ponytail

from the top of her head through a hole in the mask.

With 5 feet, 2 inches of height, the walking in her 7-inch-heeled platform-boots was a wobbly action.

Some details showed that the sweet slave was normally trained as a ponygirl. Her cute mouth was harshly gagged with a huge bit gag, and a second ponytail made of her hair dangled from her bottom, connected to a wide butt plug rammed up her arse.

The slaves removed Vanessa’s ankle straps, but letting the legs bound to her body. Then the designated ponygirl started working on

Vanessa’s left foot and lower leg, then on the right ones, assisted by the other slave-maid pressing her weight on the legs.

Vanessa took up her maddening screaming again, threw her head in all possible directions and struggled with all her remaining strength. The ponygirl tried to continue the cruel task, her big sad brown eyes pleaded with Vanessa not to resist and not to make things even harder as they are.

Finished with their work, the slave-maids helped the howling blonde

off the table and were dismissed by the Grand Mistress.

The latex-covered goddess was satisfied with Kate’s cleaning job, so She let her also lick Her blood sprayed gloves.

"You can consider yourself to be lucky. I’ll give you a little break. Do you know what that means?"

"Nooo! Please! Don’t hurt her any more!"

Meanwhile Vanessa’s screaming had changed to a whining. She cowered on the floor, trying not to put weight on her arse, her knees or her feet. The latter were now in a even worse situation.

The rubber-slavegirl had tightly laced shiny red patent leather ballet boots to Vanessa’s bloody beaten feet. These boots not only straightened the feet in line with the lower legs, but bent them even further backward. The inner surface was studded with tiny spikes, digging cruelly in the lower legs, heels, top of the feet, soles, toes and under the toe-nails.

With 5´ 10 1/2" natural height, the blonde would stand now 6`6", if she could stand. To make this happen, the Grand Mistress now paid attention to her younger paintoy.

Like the nipples of all good slave-sluts, Vanessa’s had been pierced in the first days of her training with red hot needles like her pussylips and clitoris.

Grand Mistress Gillian reinserted the nipple rings to the slave’s breasts. Like the other piercings the rings had been removed to allow the clamps to shut completely.


The slavegirl wailed at this extremely painful procedure on her swollen bleeding nipples.

Now Grand Mistress Gillian took each ring between a thump and a index finger and pulled.

"Up you go."


Tearing on the tortured tit flesh, She forced the blonde bitch first on her knees, then onto her grotesquely imprisoned feet.


The Grand Mistress let her hobble to a dreadful horizontal beam resting on vertical steel poles. The beam was 4 1/2 feet long and had a triangle profile. The whole surface was covered with a rough sandpaper-like structure, tiny spikes and small blades.

Vanessa was forced to mound the nearby end of the beam.

"It’s perfectly adjusted for your current height."

Letting the slave stand upright, Grand Mistress Gillian connected the nipple rings to two chains dangling from a rail system at the ceiling.

Indeed the beam’s top edge was savagely biting into Vanessa’s bloody tender slit. When she tried to relieve her genitalia of the torment by entailing fresh pain in her feet and closing her legs, the inner sides of her thighs came in contact with the horrible flanks of the beam. Hit by the pure cruelty of her position, she sobbed loudly. Cold sweat started wetting her skin again as her arms were bound behind her back, wrists to elbows.

"This is an advanced version of the good old Torture Horse",

Grand Mistress Gillian told both Her slavegirls.

"I call it `The Crossing of the Desert´."

Both sluts lamented impertinently. Letting the table-bound bitch cry, the Grand Mistress stuffed an awful spiked metal ball gag between the Italian’s sensual lips.

"Try to bite through this one."

To make things a little more spicy, Grand Mistress Gillian blindfolded Her sexy suffering slave, then took the multi-thonged razor-whip.

"I’m holding a razor-scourge in my hand to make sure you don’t forget to walk. I hope you don’t mind that it’s still bloody from your lover’s education.

Just to give you an additional incentive the device at the ceiling will move and pull at your nipple-chains in a suitable speed and won’t stop until it have reached the other end."

Using a remote control She started the rail device.

The nipple-chains tightened and the breathtaking kiss of the razor-whip shredded the slavegirl’s buttocks.

"Buon viaggio!"

With quivering legs Vanessa began her march of the damned.

One half step, and she lost her balance. The chains stretched her tits to acid-filled cones. Her body’s weight shifted from one nailed foot to her vagina, crushing the clitoris to a scrap of agony. Blinded, she saw red fogs of pain drowning her vision.

From somewhere Kate’s voice reached her, disorienting her even more. Panic rose and Vanessa set her left foot to the ground, finishing her step and ripping the skin of her thigh. As she was trying to stabilise herself on both tiptoes, the torture-boots sent white-hot pain vertically into her feet. Her jaws closed in pain-cramps, driving the gag-spikes into her tongue, lips, palate and cheeks. She retched and coughed up blood.

The scourge hit her arse again.

"Move, you lazy slut!"

Her nipples were close to tearing, blood was running along the curves of her breasts, from between her legs and out of her widely stretched mouth. She was taking the next step, desperately trying to avoid the final mutilation of her sexual organs, putting up with the slow flaying of her inner thighs.

Again she struggled, landing on her clitoris, raising like a banshee just to lean backward in a reflex action, putting most of the pressure on her nearly destroyed arsehole. Her nipples started tearing. In frenzy she pushed herself upward and forward, leaving small particle of skin and flesh on the beam.

Kate’s eyes were fixed on her lover’s insane dance on the beam. First she had protested, had tried to help Vanessa to brave it out, but the unbelievable atrocity of the torture was paralysing her mind and making it impossible to her to utter sounds anymore.

Once again Vanessa repeated the excruciating cycle of lifting one foot, fighting for balance, screaming in agony and fatigues, feeling her nipples coming loose some more, and putting her foot back on the floor, gaining four or five inches in exchange for cataclysmic agony beyond the sickest imagination.

Already after the first few steps her feet bathed in her own slave-blood, and every time she put a feet on the floor, it sank into molten cobalt.

The Grand Mistress was highly pleased as the blonde torture-toy lurched towards her physical destruction, reaming her slit and arse-cleft and leaving a bloody trail on the beam and on the floor beneath. From time to time She gave the scourge to the pain-eaten bitch, just for fun. The graceful body suffering on the beam was covered in a sexy marinade of blood and sweat.

Vanessa pissed herself again with the urine that had gathered in her bladder since her last loss of control. The acid burned in her wounds, but adding little to her misery. She dry-heaved, she puked blood, one vaginal lip, then the other ripped open and almost off.

Again she was hit by the razor-thongs. Her pain-flooded brain needed some moments to recognise that her belly had been scourged, not her back.

"You can stop now."

The chain-pulling device had turned itself off.

Vanessa stood at the end of the beam, quaking hysterically.

She felt the Grand Mistress fondling her breasts, removing the chains, but leaving the nipple rings in place.

"Hold still, we have to arrange some things new."

Vanessa’s mind, still slowed by having endured the unendurable,

wasn’t able to interpret the Grand Mistress’ words or the sounds Kate was yelling.

A new, fresh pain cut through her disordered perception. Something was wrapped around the base of her left breast, cold, tight, cruel, sharp, tighter and tighter.

The firm breast bulged out impressively as winding after winding the barbed wire ate into the tit flesh.

The second breast was prepared identically and Grand Mistress Gillian run the wire end over the slave’s shoulders and into the dangling hook of the rail device.

"I’m afraid I’ve forgotten something at our starting point."

The device at the ceiling clicked and began gliding on its rail, now in opposite direction.

Being confronted with this mad impossible task, Vanessa run the risk of loosing the last barriers saving her mental sanity.

It was an idea from the deepest perversions of hell, walking backward on ballet boots, in THIS boots, along this beam of pure, inhuman agony, on the tiled floor, slippery with her own blood.

She tried to speak, to plead, to beg, to scream, harder than ever, damaging her oral orifice horribly.

Kate was screaming in deafening loudness, too.

"NO! Stop it! I beg you! This slave begs the Grand Mistress to have mercy! Pleeeaaase, noooo!"

then changing her strategy:

"Stop it, STOP! You witch, you monster! I am the one you want to hurt, you perverted cunt!"

"Just let it out, bitch. I will take care of you again soon enough."

By now, the wire was pulling Vanessa’s breasts to globes of ripping pain and her mind cleared enough to react.

In a movement deriding all anatomical laws she stepped back, setting her shredded, super-bowed foot back to the ground in wrong speed and wrong angle. Her left foot bent at the ankle and slipped away, she fell back- and sideward, the wire tore deeper into her breasts, especially into her left.

Unable to get to her feet again, the suffering blonde was dragged by her barbed wire-bound boobs over the sawblade-like edge several dozens of inches. Infernal pain cut into her rectal rim.

"Uh, uh, uh, you are cheating! Walk or we’ll start new."

Vanessa felt the razor-scourge on her ballooned breasts and tried in pure despair to push herself up on her bound underarms.

Somehow she made it to stand again, but her unbalanced hobbling sending her down on her pubic bone, giving new pieces of flesh to the beam.

Unnatural steps were followed by mind-blasting agony, and the poor heroine tried to lurch, to crawl, to die, to scream.

Again she fell and again the barbed wire cut deeper into her tits, with more force than ever and ripping straight upward. She was hanging on her cruelly bound breasts.

Hearing Grand Mistress Gillian’s unaffected laughing, she noticed that she had fallen down over the end of the beam.

The blonde slavegirl falling from the beam’s end and hanging on her titties was to funny to suppress laughing. The Grand Mistress forced the bleeding whore to her mashed feet by the tit bondage,

removed the tear-wet blindfold, then She took her off the hook, but leaving her purple boobs barbed-wired.

"Another round?No?"


The pure agony disappeared slowly leaving harsh unbearable pain.

Vanessa was bend over the devilish beam, the barbarous surface digging into her scourged belly. She felt her bleeding arms being bound in the same manner as before and the torture gag was still in place. The wire ends from her tit bondage were wound round one of the poles carrying the beam, forcing her upper body down.

A metal bar between her ankles spread the legs past their normal ability. Vanessa’s feet were bend and twisted in an impossible way to accommodate their position. Fitted with padded cuffs to protect the patent leather, the spreader bar was connected to the same pole as the breast-wires.

Next to her a metal container with some kind of hose was dangling from the ceiling hook.

Dazed, Vanessa looked at Kate and squealed when she saw the smoking brazier next to her beloved.

She shrieked anew as Grand Mistress Gillian, standing behind her the whole time, let the scourge’s thongs run through her exposed arse cleft.

"Back from your walk?"

She took two syringes of stimulant.

"Another shot for you"

Vanessa whimpered.

"and another one for you."

Kate’s breathing increased and the Grand Mistress fondled her sweat-soaked hair.

"What do you mean, Bitch? Shall we show her our little trick?"

Kate gasped.

"I think I let you take it dry today. Instead this cunt gets the lubricant, so she won’t be bored."

Vanessa wasn’t sure what the Grand Mistress was talking about, but her dread increased when she heard Kate.

"NO! Please let her! She had suffered enough!"

"Silly slut. No slavewhore can suffer enough."

With this words, the Grand Mistress inserted the hose of the strange container into Vanessa’s baked rectum. The metal-tipped object was dry and thicker than the cleaning nozzles and the Grand Mistress twisted and pressed to make the virgin arsehole swallow the invader.

The hose reached deep into the slave’s bowels and she wasn’t able

to dislodge it. She was in for receiving some kind of enema.

She had been cleaned out that way many times, but something was dreadfully wrong. Kate’s words frightened her even more.

"Try to stand it! Lay still and relax, don’t fight iiiaargggh"

Grand Mistress Gillian had rammed the huge dry phallus of a dildo gag up Kate’s torn arsehole and fucked her in brutal stokes.

Then She pulled the dildo out and stuffed it into Kate’s throat, buckling the straps tightly around the slave’s head.

"Damn, you are noisy. Now keep quite and enjoy."

The Grand Mistress went back to the sexily horror-heeled blonde and opened the container’s valve.

A fluid travelled down the hose into Vanessa’s arse.

For a part of a second she couldn’t interpret the feeling in her rectum, then screams and blood gushed out of her mouth. She never stopped screaming as the boiling oil was pumped up her colon.

Unnameable pain raced trough her viscera, pain the female body wasn’t made for to endure. Her vision went white by the shock, but she was unable to pass out.

When Vanessa had received six quarts of the extreme enema, Grand Mistress Gillian stopped the flow, removed the hose and rammed a fat spiked butt plug up her arse, not letting anything out.

Then She guided the last drops from the hose-tip drip onto the Italian’s breasts frying her over-tortured nipples.

The blonde cunt was squirming madly in her bounds, so Grand Mistress Gillian let her squirm.

It was time for some serious anal action.

She went behind Kate and strapped a harness, designed to take a dildo, to Her latex-enclosed crotch.

For the last tool to start the ultimate arse-fuck She needed some heatproof gloves. The Grand Mistress fixed a metal dildo with spiked and ribbed head to Her harness, twelve inches long, nearly 2 1/2 inches wide and fresh from the red-hot coals.

The anal burn-fuck was Her favourite torture since the first time She had ironed the colon of this bitch in front of her.

She took of the heatproof gloves and parted tenderly Kate’s arse cheeks, revealing her lashed shit hole even more.

Pressing just the very tip of the beastly strap-on on it, She cauterised the wounds on the rectal rim.

Kate’s body went stiff, and she let out a strange gurgle. The hundredfold tortured slave knew exactly what was coming for her.

Grand Mistress waited some extra seconds, then started the deep dry slow burn-fuck.

Slowly, so the slavegirl could enjoy every single inch, Grand Mistress Gillian pushed forward, holding Kate’s quaking waist.

The heat-raped bitch bucked with amazing violence as her anal tube of muscles rolled along the nearly glowing shaft.

Horrible howls, endless and hardly muffled by the gag, rang through the room, originated in the very depths of her agony.

The Grand Mistress had now fully inserted the dreadful dildo, rearranging Kate’s roasted intestine.

She withdrew almost completely, and with a terrible sizzle the smell of grilled slaveflesh filled the air.

With an agonisingly slow pace the insane sodomy continued.

On one point, the Grand Mistress spoke to Vanessa.

"Don’t worry, she can take it." But She wasn’t sure if the blonde was able to catch Her words. The liquid pain in her bowels attracted all her attention.

Kate wasn’t in a better condition. She had lost her capability of screaming, her internal organs were cooking. Especially the tight ring of her sphincter, all time in contact with the superheated metal, was smouldering awfully.

But still the hellish phallus was pounding into her done viscera,

burn-fucking her fast and hard. Her blood was boiling with pain and stimulant. The gruesome process of being burned alive from the inside didn’t stop, but at some time the hammering was gone.

Grand Mistress Gillian had raped Herself to a mind-blowing orgasm.


Some blurred traces of blood were visible on the white vinyl dress of the doctor as she came out of the examination room, the high heels of her white boots clicking with each step.

Vanessa and Kate had been brought to this part of the complex so their extremely over-tortured bodies could get medical care.

The Grand Mistress was sitting on a table surrounded by instruments for surgery or surgery-like torture. She dangled Her legs, scratching with Her stiletto heels at the floor.


"It will take time, but we can make them like new, Grand Mistress.

I’ve removed the younger one’s gag. She won’t speak at all for the next weeks. Her tongue is torn and her mouth messed up inside by the gag-spikes.

Both slaves are fixed, but haven’t received painkillers."

"Alright. I want them back in best shape. Make sure their temperatures are always taken rectally. And remove the shorter one’s gag, too. I suppose she wants to comfort her companion."

The Grand Mistress already made plans for the future of Her

new favourite slave-pair:

go on journey with them, let them experience other mistresses, other slaves - and new kinds of agony.

The End

to be continued.


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