Backstage Heros.

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This is a tale mainly about the casts’ backstage events during a Theatre Company production of a seasonal Pantomime. It is an entry for the competition currently taking place which was organised by the XNXX sex story forum. The competition theme is Pantomime.

“Lyn I will fuck that sexy ass of yours before the season is over mark my words”.

“Oh no you won’t Joe”.

Joe and Lyn were in show business, they had been given a three month contract for twice daily live performances. It was the big break both of them had been looking for, even if it was playing the two halves of a Pantomime cow. Lyn was the slightly higher paid of the pair as she played the front half. Joe was less fortunate as the rear end though had the consolation of having his face stuck against Lyn’s ass every performance.

The pair had never met prior to taking their current jobs, but working so close during rehearsals they soon became the best of enemies. Joe was a cocksure young lad who needed advice from no one. Lyn knew the few straight men in the production were attracted to her; and she loved to put on a performance for them. Her body may have been concealed on stage; but things were very different backstage.

“Does anyone think I am putting weight on? Are my inner thighs becoming too pale”?

These were the kind of teasing questions Lyn would ask as she paraded around the crowded changing room. Wearing only silk panties and a bra she revealed exactly enough to make Joe and co, very frustrated. The changing room for the actors at the low end of the scale was very limited indeed. It was little more than the peg you had for your school sport days; but all of them believed they would have one with a star on someday.

“Yes you are becoming so fat you won’t need that cow costume soon; you already smell like one”. This was the typical answer Brendan would give Lyn; and even though it was not true he never failed to annoy her.

Brendan was totally camp he was made for theatre life and loved every minute of it. He had been with the company for years and was responsible for all the costumes; as well as playing numerous roles. He also looked after all the small part actors; making sure their problems were even smaller. He would terrify the straight male newcomers without saying a word by just looking at them and pouting his lips. Despite his little put downs he would be there for them in a flash; it was generally thought that the place would not run without him.

“I wish your face could smile like that” was his favourite saying; shouting it at almost anyone as they were removing their costumes.

Young Joe was not so cocky and slightly nervous when ever he was in earshot of Brendan. When he first made the statement about fucking Lyn’s ass before the season was out; Brendan had countered “I Bet I get your sweet little bottom first; you will never forget your opening night; the first time your cheeks are parted. You will love it so much you will be back for curtain calls; and a matinee performance”.

Remarks like that made Joe change his costume with great trepidation; but he was still determined to have his way with teasing Lyn. After spending the entire time in her underwear backstage Lyn would always infuriate Joe by wearing a pair of padded trousers on stage.

Although she could not be seen inside the costume; it was to stop Joe gaining any sort of access to her rear delights. The trousers had been with the company for years and had been produced specifically to combat would be gropers. It was like trying to feel something inside a cardboard box for poor Joe once she put them on. Lyn loved this teasing almost as much as her pre stage parade. She would gladly have slept her way to the top; but sexy girls were not in demand by the top peers of this particular company.

Playing the part of a fairy was her immediate aim; it would get her out of the cow costume to showcase her legs and other assets. The world would see and immediately fall in love with her; then stardom would be inevitable. The only problem with this master plan was a certain Miss Stern. She selected all the players; and although Stern was only her nickname it was a well earned one.

There was a very strong rumour however that after a few drinks certain girls had managed to pass Miss Sterns oral test. Promotion soon followed allowing them to shed their caterpillar skins for beautiful butterfly wings etcetera. Playing a fairy would not only be more comfortable for Lyn; but five pound extra per show. The former caterpillars rumour also added that while the wannabes mouth was busy with oral juices; Miss Stern recited Shakespeare her true vocation. Lyn unfortunately found the idea of her tongue being the cause of a “Stern Hamlet” production most off putting.

The show had been running for over a month and the owners were pleased with the revues and ticket sales. They decided to reward the junior cast by sending beer, wine and cheese backstage along with a note of instruction. “This gift is to be enjoyed by anyone who wishes to stay behind after next Sunday’s evening show. All alcohol must be drunk on the premises and any unconsumed to be returned; though feel free to take any uneaten cheese home”.

“Wow we can take the cheese home I bet the cast of the Mousetrap never got this” smiled Brendan.

Joe was determined to hang around though; without the worry of performing perhaps Lyn would finally loosen up and succumb to his charms. Lyn loosened up alright; she had to as she lavished herself by changing into costume after costume. All the girls were in heaven doing the same and they wanted Joe to act as a dress costume critic. All the skimpy underwear and untouchable flesh only caused his frustrations to grow not to mention his cock; he had to withdraw.

There was only Dainty Denise who was willing to give the straight males some sort of relief. She could make contact with the spirit world; and she loved to demonstrate her skills at events such as these. She believed the male penis was an instrument of communication to the beyond; and a reading was taken from the resulting sperm.

Apparently she had been taught this gift when she was ten years old by her much older brother. He was constantly visited by spirits at the time and desperately needed to know what they were saying.

“Quite often he would make me get back in touch with them to make sure they were certain about what they had just said”. Dainty Denise had told us with an astounded look.

There was strictly no touching her body however when she was handling the communication tool; a very bad rule most thought which she had to introduce herself. Fondling her breasts and other parts made her lose concentration and ultimately contact with the spirit. Also during this mutual agreement the recipient had to endure a conversation with a three century old headless monk.

While on stage she had occasionally grabbed Joe’s cock; when from the safety of his costume he had stuck it in one of the cows milking tits. She sometimes played one of the pixies who needed the magic milk from the cow.

“It helps me reach the spirits who tread the boards” she believed and Joe did not argue.

A little research to the far corner of the room however revealed that Dainty Denise already had a large queue of assorted sprites and elves awaiting their turn. The jolly giant was receiving his reading; and he would not be so jolly if he was disturbed during his personal seance.

“Her hands are very full now and by the time she has handled the queue she will probably have reached far enough beyond the beyond for one night. Fuck it I think I will have a wander around the place” he mumbled and grabbed a can of beer before heading towards the stage area.

The theatre was a very large old building and backstage there were corridors and rooms Joe had never seen before. When they exited the stage they always went to the left and he had never been to the right. The cast had been told by staff it was off limits due to safety and insurance issues. It was dimly lit as he walked the forbidden corridors until he seen light escaping from a doorway.

He slowly opened the door and found it to be something of an Aladdin’s cave. The side of the room nearest the door contained stage props galore. There was even a Pirate ship from “Peter Pan” and a row of costume trees from “Babes in the Wood”. Fascinating though these things were; it was the opposite side of the room which set Joes inquisitive mind racing.

There were two large four poster beds separated by a small table which held two ice buckets each containing a chilled bottle of champagne. Suddenly rapid footsteps could be heard approaching so Joe quickly covered himself with a tree costume.

The door opened and to his amazement it was the two co stars of the show. Rick who was playing the evil animal catcher “Snatcher”; and beautiful Roller who was playing the leading man Robin despite her huge breasts. They were always in the newspapers and magazines together; and were due to be married amid much publicity after the pantomime season finished.

“This seems like a nice setting for our loving rendezvous” said Rick as he popped and poured some champagne.

Rick had become famous after finishing second on the recent television show “Watching Brother and Sister”. He may even have won had he not stolen the eventual winner Crazy’s dried fruit during starvation week; and caused a public outcry.

His wife to be was an ex-model who captured the public’s heart when she swallowed a full plate of live river slugs. This had ensured that everyone in the program “Swamp Camp” feasted on a banquet for a day. Unfortunately the poor heroine was unable to eat as she was constantly throwing up; but the public had found someone they could adore.

“We won’t be able to do this when our fly on the wall documentary starts so we had better make the most of it” said Roller as she teasingly started touching the buttons on her blouse.

Then more footsteps could be heard and another couple entered the room. “Fuck me it’s Brendan and Miss Stern.; surely those two are not an item” thought Joe.

The four of them hugged each other like they were old friends. Joe did not dare move; if he was caught here he would be sacked without any wages and never allowed to work in the theatre again. All he could do was hope this friendly meeting would not last long.

“Surely these stars are only meeting the lowly plebs due to protocol” Joe thought.

But Joe was in for an even bigger shock; the four of them started undressing so quickly it looked like they were in a race. Joes could not believe his eyes; and then they nearly popped out when Rick and Brendan disappeared under the bed covers together. Simultaneously Rocker showed her leading man prowess when she lifted Miss Stern and planted her on the other bed; then dived between her legs head first.

All that could be seen of Rick and Brendan was a bouncing blanket; while the female pairs loving embraces were being carried out on top of the blankets. Rocker must have been doing the right things because Miss Stern began reciting a speech from Shakespeare’s Henry V verse two.

“Gets me horny that posh recital thing does; it’s right fucking classy” said Rocker in her pre-fame accent.

Joe was starting to think it was the best show he had ever seen in a theatre; but it was all about to end.

“Atishoo” a stifled sneeze had been made.

Still in her pre-fame accent Rocker shouted “There’s some cunt in that tree”

.Joe thinking they meant him decided it was time to leg it; still in the costume he headed for the door. To his surprise however there was suddenly a dense gathering of trees trying to get out the same door. It was pandemonium; almost all the other trees had been occupied. There was lots of frantic pushing and shoving before Joe managed to escape out into the corridors.

“You pack of shit faced bastards” and the first lines of Henry V, scene three could still be heard as the copse of trees started making their way towards the deserted stage.

Once safely back in their own environment the numerous pixies, fairies, goblins and Joe cast their trees into a log pile and returned to the safety of the dressing room party. Everything was more or less the same and nobody seemed to have noticed the comings and goings.

Dainty Denise had finished her spiritual session with the jolly giant; but was now very intensely gripping the cock of one of the merry men. Apparently just after handling his spirit finding apparatus; the strange wailings of female voices had been heard which had excited Dainty Denise.

On closer inspection however Joe discovered “Jerker’s Corner” was situated near an air vent; the ideal entrance for Rocker’s unrehearsed lines to burst in. Still it all added to Denise’s belief in the power of the penis; and thus ensuring handjobs would be available for the rest of the season at least.

Nothing was mentioned about the Peeping Tom incident during the rest of the evening; and Tom arrived for work the next day hoping he had not been identified. Then as the cast were preparing for the next show Brendan suddenly announced.

“I want to bring to your attention the dangers caused by the removal of trees from the Amazon rain forests; there are sure to be repercussions eventually. Those are just my words of wisdom for the day; break a leg everybody”.

As Joe was about to enter the rear end of the cow he was signalled by a secretive nod and wink towards Brendan. “Look what I have” he said holding the protective trousers Lyn wore during performances.

“You mean she is only in her panties”?

“Yes and not only that I told Dainty Denise that the spirit of the boards is active and to suck on a penis for best contact”.

“Brendan you mean not only do I get to grips with Lyn’s ass; I also get a blow job” asked a wide eyed Joe.

“Of course don’t I always look after my boys” Brendan smiled. “Oh just do one thing for me; when the cow moos three times stick your fingers up her ass. It will give me great pleasure knowing they are up there”.

“I owe you one Brendan” said Joe with a mischievous grin.

“Alright though remember stay professional about this and no groping until after playing your main part on stage. Then when you are in the background you can really get to grips with your role. Now be quick there’s your cue”.

Joe dashed stage side and entered the rear end of the cow with no time to spare. The part of the cow in the shows storyline was to produce magic milk for the Prince, Princess, fairies, elves, goblins etc.

On entry it would take centre stage along with the two main characters played by the stars. They would drink from the cows teats to gain magic powers and then tell all the cast to do likewise. That was the cows’ moment of fame; it would then dance to the back of the stage mooing to announce the arrival of the magic milk. The story would unfold in front of them and they would provide part of an interesting background interacting with the rest of the magical cast.

They played their main part which went without a hitch and Joe was at last free to get to grips with Lyn’s sexy ass. As they headed to the back of the stage he ran both of his hands over the smooth silk panties before fondling both soft cheeks. The machine to make the loud moo sound was turned on by the front end; so as promised to Brendan he stuck two fingers directly in the ass hole. He withdrew them then with every renewed moo pushed the entire length of them back up. He was surprised how easy they went up realising that Lyn was no stranger to anal.

His cock was now rock hard though due to his position could not get it anywhere near Lyn. However the magical creatures were now drinking from the cow and he shoved it inside one of the teats to await Dainty Denise. He did not have to wait long; soon he could feel strong sucking through the wafer thin fabric. With his fingers up Lyn’s ass being accompanied by a blow job he was in heaven.

“This is show business” he shouted.

He put one of his hands to the top of her panties and moved it teasingly around until it was directly above her pussy; he knew Lyn could offer no resistance. The tongue bashing he would receive was of little consequence; compared to the pleasure he was feeling and about to feel. He slowly moved his hand towards her pussy and then he felt it.

“What the fuck is that” he yelled out in horror. A couple of extra moo sounds were played to drown out his despair.

His hand had not made contact with a pussy; but a huge cock which was stiffer than his own. He could do nothing except move his hands well away from the area he had just fondled “The show must go on” he knew.

“Concentrate on the blow job; thank God for Dainty Denise” he mumbled as he received oral pleasure before a clueless packed audience.

His mind was scrambled until he had a huge thrilling orgasm with every drop of his load being swallowed; by real drinking from the cow. The scene ended and they made their way off stage.

“Who is in the front” he thought.

Backstage as he removed his costume he was aghast to discover it was Limp Lawrence; he normally played Queen Mermaid. He was gay personified; and in love with one of the mushroom gnomes.

Lawrence smiled at open mouthed Joe and said “Hello we have not been properly introduced; although I did shake your hand albeit not with my own”.

Just then his mushroom gnome lover ran in and jumped into Lawrence’s arms saying, “Oh sweets he does not delicious like you”. With that the gnome began kissing Lawrence and they exchanged liquids back and forth between their mouths.

“Oh I don’t know it is not bad for dairy produce” said Lawrence with a “Gotcha” smile.

Joe had to sit down with the horror of knowing that it had been the gnome who had given him the blow job. For once he was completely lost for words; he had been totally stitched up and outplayed.

Then Lyn came in dressed as Queen Mermaid; “Don’t I look wonderful Joe; shall I wear it for you tonight” she beamed.

Joe could not answer he was still in shock then as he looked up he was greeted by a smug Brendan. “That will teach you to leave your cow shoes on after performances; they stick out a mile when you are running down the corridor dressed as a tree. Well it could have been worse you still have your job”.

“Mmm well I suppose there is no harm done apart from my pride and at least my misdemeanour has got you promoted Lyn”.

“Oh no she has a price to pay you don’t get anything for nothing in this business” said Brendan knowingly.

“So Lyn you have been to see Miss Stern to earn your promotion then” asked Joe resigned to the fact.

“You mean he doesn’t know” a puzzled Lyn said to Brendan.

Brendan continued “As you know Joe a certain member of the current cast is very fond of Miss Stern; and this is taking up a lot of her time and duties. She does like to run things her way however and has came up with a solution; Lyn has to be more than nice to you for a full night. Miss Stern thinks not only will it make you a better performer but also eager to show the company your appreciation knowing how much you crave Lyn”.

“What about you Lyn do you mind being more than nice to me for a full night” he asked with a glint in his eye.

“No I don’t mind I am delighted; I only expected to be a fairy so to make Queen Mermaid is magical. I can also see you in a better light now you don’t have your face up my ass”.

“What about Lawrence is he demoted to the cow with me”?

“Don’t worry about Lawrence he is part of the furniture like me; it’s a happy ending for everyone” cheered Brendan.

“So when do we have this night” Joe asked curiously

“Joe you should listen; why do you think I said should I wear this for you tonight”? Lyn said coyly.

“Tonight” said Joe with an explosive grin.

Brendan handed him a key from his pocket saying “I think you know where the room is, there is only one bed made up and there is champagne on the table”.

“Oh just a minute there are no trees in there I hope” asked Joe with a naughty smirk.

“There are; but we have discovered they are safer laid down in a horizontal position for some reason” Brendan added with a wink.

Joe rose to his feet and gave Lyn a huge kiss which she gladly returned. They had not realised; but the whole changing room had been watching and listening. They all began clapping and cheering as one.

“Well thank you my friends” said an astounded Joe. “Do you think I should carry my bride for the night to the honeymoon suite”.

“Oh no” said Lawrence “There is only one way to travel” he said producing the cow suit; the idea was met with huge approval by the smiling audience.

Lyn took off her Queen uniform and stood in her famous panties and bra; just the way Joe had always lusted after her.

“Where’s my padded trousers Brendan”?

Brendan handed them to her. She then passed them to Lawrence saying “Here you will need these with this randy swine behind you”.

Brendan got into the costume behind her for the first time ever with her almost exposed beautiful rear finally at his mercy. They set off on their journey with a chorus of “Jingle Bells” ringing in their ears.

Joe managed only about ten steps down the corridor before he could resist temptation no longer; and a huge “Moooooooooooo” emitted from the front of the cow.

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