Jason, Laurie, and Nicole — Part 2

Hey guys, here is part two of the story. Please read part one before starting this one as you may miss out on understanding some things if you don’t. Also, as readers of the first part will notice, I’ve dropped the whole “Dear Journal” thing for this one because I felt it stopped the story from flowing well. This will now be a first person story, straight and simple, that picks up from where the previous one left off.

— —

I only stopped sprinting when Laurie’s house was no longer in sight. I just couldn’t risk any member of the family seeing me running shirtless away from the scene of the crime, if you can call sex with two incredibly hot girls a crime that is. As I approached my driveway, I attempted to calm my racing heartbeat and quiet my breathing a little. I still had to sneak back in without my parents noticing I had gone and that was going to be hard enough as it was.

I tried to put my shirt back on but it was no use. I was still so sweaty from the sex and the shock of almost being discovered by one of Laurie’s older sisters that the shirt just clung to the top of my back like a fly to a spider’s web. I made the life-changing decision to not put the shirt back on, and proceeded around the side of the house to the kitchen door in the back. Silently I eased open the door, one of the only well-oiled and blissfully silent ones in the entire house, and stepped in.

I tiptoed back to my room and closed the door. I knew I could finally relax a little and let out a deep sigh. THAT HAD ACTUALLY JUST FREAKING HAPPENED, OH MY GOD! I had lost my virginity to, and taken the virginities of, the two hottest girls I had ever seen in my life: Laurie and Nicole. As I began to take off my clothes and climb into bed, I began to fully think about what had just happened, and how I felt about it.

Obviously I had no regrets, but how did I feel about these girls really. I mean I was friendly with them, but they hadn’t really showed any real interest in me until this past week and, well, the sex. I also realized I knew almost nothing about either of them. Laurie I knew a bit more about than Nicole. Why you ask? Great question!

Laurie and I go to the same high school, while Nicole, unfortunately, does not. So, I see a lot more of Laurie at school, especially since we share three classes together. For such a hot, blond girl, she is really quite the intellectual. We share AP Biology, Honors Pre-Calculus, and Honors US History. These are three perfect classes to get to know a hot girl in because in History and Bio you can basically do whatever and the teacher doesn’t notice because the class is so big and he’s too busy droning on. It gives the bored student ample time to make chitchat, or flirty-time, with other bored students.

As I though about these two girls, I realized that I much preferred Laurie to Nicole. Firstly, despite Nicole having, for lack of a better word, majestic tits, Laurie was simple hotter than her. Everything about her was as sexy as I think a girl could be. Her hair was flawlessly shaped, with cute little curls at the bottom. Her face was jaw-droppingly well defined and beautiful, and she had the best ass I had ever seen in my life. Yeah, if I were to go after one of them it would be her. Who knows, maybe I’ll try something tomorrow (Monday) at school. Get to know her a little.

— —

My school is a small private school, and therefore does not come equipped with a very big student parking lot. That being the case, only upperclassmen are allowed to park on campus. Luckily, I happen to be a Junior! I pulled my car into a space. As I was about to get out of the car, I heard my phone beep in my backpack. I pulled it out to see a text from none other than Laurie.

Laurie: Hey Jason! Just saw you pull into school hottie. Wanna walk me to homeroom? (We have the same homeroom period with the same teacher)

Jason: Sure thing gorgeous, be there in a sec. ;-)

I was really putting on the charm today, I wanted to see where this could lead.

I grabbed my bag out of the car and locked it. I then glanced around towards the main buildings and saw that beautiful, flowing blond hair standing out against the brown walls. I walked over, trying to look as cool as possible, but found that I had somehow forgotten how to walk. Where did the left foot go after the right foot was in front of me? Why did this feel so awkward, was I suddenly shy or something?

“Hey Jason,” said Laurie as I stopped next to her. She pulled me suddenly into a hug. Drawing her cheek right against mine so her lips were by my ear she whispered: “I haven’t been able to stop thinking about yesterday big boy. I’ve been so horny thinking about you. My panties would be soaking wet right now, if I were wearing any…”

I couldn’t reply because my jaw had, after hearing probably the sexiest sentence of my life, promptly plummeted straight to the floor. I made a weak sort of stammering noise. Then, as soon as the heated moment had begun, it ended. She pulled away and started walking towards homeroom.

“Hurry up Jason, we don’t have all day!”

Oh okay, she wants to play the game, I can play the game. And I knew exactly when the perfect opportunity would come. Biology class, right after homeroom.

I said hi to some friends in homeroom and then headed out the door straight for Bio, leaving Laurie behind on purpose. She caught up with me and shot me a mischievous grin. It took me a moment to realize just how close to me she was walking. And I wasn’t the only one to notice. One of my friends noticed and I saw him get ready for a high five. So that Laurie wouldn’t notice, I reached my hand not facing towards her behind me and felt a little bit of excitement as my friend’s hand slapped mine.

Fast forward to Bio class. Let me start off my explaining how the class is set up so you’ll understand how perfect this was going to be. Class is usually just watching a long presentation or video on the board via projector, so the lights are always off. The desks are set up in such a way that there are two chairs to a desk, both facing forwards. The desks have a front panel that prevents people from seeing what’s underneath. I’ve never been sure exactly what fucking purpose those actually serve, but they were going to serve mine just fine. Also, the desks are arranged quite far way from each other in each row.

When Laurie and I walked in the video was just starting, everyone else was seated, and all was calm. I proceeded to sit down in the desk right at the left end of the back row, as far away from the teacher as possible. Laurie sat down next to me and we put our stuff on the table in front of us. I could already see people starting to fall asleep. Now that my part of the game was about to begin, I was a little nervous. But that quickly went away when I looked over and saw how hot Laurie looked even in her school uniform. The collared polo shirt somehow accentuated her perfect breasts while showing her flat stomach, and the skirt was short enough to look sexy but not so much as to be completely disgusting and slutty. Also, defying all laws of uniforms skirt physics, the skirt actually made her ass stand out in a super attractive way. As I looked down at said skirt I remembered what she said about not wearing any underwear, and immediately felt a stirring in my pants.

I waited for the video to get a few minutes in and then set my plan in motion. I leaned over towards Laurie so my lips were right near her ear and whispered:

“So, Laurie, you say you couldn’t stop thinking about me? That you are all wet even right now being such a naughty little girl with no panties on?”

She just nodded her head, and I could immediately tell that the public setting made her uncomfortable. However, I saw that her nipples were standing out from her polo, and the room was definitely not cold, so she must have been turned on by it. Oh this was going to be SO much fun. I leaned over again.

“Do you remember what it felt like? Do you remember what if felt like to have your tight little virgin pussy filled to the brim with my dick you little slut?”

“Jason, no. We…we can’t do this in a classroom, you can’t talk like that here, people will hear us.”

Despite what she was saying, I could hear her breaths beginning to quicken, and I could tell this really turned her on. But, being in a classroom, she could do nothing about it. I moved on to the next stage. I breathed on my hand to warm it up and then slowly slid it over to touch her left breast. She was sitting to the right of me and I was using my right hand. She did a small intake of breath as I cupped her perfectly rounded tits, and then began to rub her nipple between my index finger and thumb. She drew in another ragged breath as her lip began to quiver with excitement.

Then, slowly, ever so slowly, I traced my hand down her toned stomach and to the point over her skirt where I knew her pussy was. I started rubbing her recently de-cherried mound rhythmically back and forth, but in a way so that nobody who happened to glance back would be able to tell what I was doing. As I did this, she began to slowly grind into my hand and tenderly bite her lower lip.

To top it all off, I slowly, teasingly, hiked up her skirt, slid my middle finger along her slit, and then with no warning plunged it straight into her tight little pussy. She stifled a moan and I felt her flinch at the sudden penetration.

“Wow girl, you weren’t kidding when you said you were wet down here haha. And such a little sexy slut, not wearing any underwear.”

I checked to see that nobody was looking and then slowly leaned my mouth over and nibbled on her ear lobe. I checked again and then planted a hot kiss on the nape of her neck, while moving my thumb over her trembling clit and beginning to rub. I could feel she was close, and struggling with all her might to not make a sound. Just as I felt her pussy muscles begin to tense up I pulled my hand out and moved away from her.

Her eyes, which had been closed in bliss, opened in surprise as her orgasm had been taken away from her. Then she looked over at me with such a look of lust and longing that I almost came right there in my pants.

Before I could have time to silently celebrate my little victory in seducing her, the bell rang for the end of class. As I headed out the door, she caught up with me. We had different classes now, not together, but then an hour long lunch period. She leaned in close and whispered in my ear:

“Meet me by the storage room in the science building at the beginning of lunch.”

Her tone was deep and breathy, and so sexy it had my knees practically trembling. She quickly glanced around, then seized the phone out of my bag. Before I could ask what the hell she was doing she reached under her skirt and took a photo of her pussy.

“Something to help you pass the time.” Then she turned and walked away, her tight young ass swaying from side to side seductively.

The lunch bell could not come soon enough.

— —

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed the second part of this story. Please leave comments below. I appreciate any and all input or feedback that can help me improve my writing. Currently I have a few plans for other stories but no other series, so I am not sure if I am going to continue this one. If I get good feedback for this second part I probably will keep writing the series.

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