I have always been a daddy’s girl

I have always been a daddy’s girl. Even at a very young age I would sit on my daddy’s lap and want to be the center of his attention.

I didn’t have to work hard at being a daddy’s girl. Others could tell I had daddy rapped around my little finger and could get anything I wanted.

I was your typical little girl with long brunette hair and kept it tied back it either a pony tail or pig tails. It was soft as silk and flowed down my back to my bubble butt.

My eyes matched the color of my hair and when I smiled I had two deep dimples on either side of my cheeks and people always held my chin, lifting my head back and said things like, “you are as cute as a little bug,” and I would gush with pride and look at my dad and he would always look at me with his warm smile of approval.

When I reached my teen years I sure received my share of looks from boys and grown men alike. I had lost my “baby” fat and filled out in all the right places with nice sexy curves. I still didn’t have much in the way of boobs but they were still developing.

I was never embarrassed about my body and usually moved around the house scantly clothed when it was just Mom, Dad and me at home. I realized early on the fewer clothes I wore caused my Dad to look in my direction when I entered the room.

I was close to my mother and we had a great mother-daughter relationship and people were always saying I was the younger version of my mother because I took after her with looks and having a similar body build.

I clearly remember the day in High School, as if it were yesterday that my Aunt Julie came to the School to take me home. My mother had taken a flight back to Illinois to care for my Grandmother, who had recently fallen and broke her hip, so I was expecting my father to pick me up but here was my Aunt instead.

It was clear from the red eyes of my Aunt that she had been crying and was full of pain that she had something dreadful to tell me but wanted to wait until we were alone. I didn’t know what to make of it but I sensed I was not going to like what my Aunt had to tell me.

When we reach her car she didn’t bother to start the vehicle but turned sideways in the seat and looked deep into my eyes. I could see tears welling in her eyes and pain was all over her face. Her chin was quivering with the news she was about to share with me.

She started slow, “Kim, you know your mother took a flight this morning to go care for your Grandmother right?” I nodded my head acknowledging her question. She continued, “We don’t have many details yet…..” She paused. I reached over and touched her hand to comfort her. I thought something had happened to Grandmother.

After a long silence my Aunt made another attempt to start again. “There was a smaller aircraft that somehow………” She went silent again and my mind was starting to put the puzzle together that the dreaded news was not about my Grandmother but my Mother.

My Aunt said something about a smaller aircraft being on the wrong runway and there was a collision with my mother’s flight and it didn’t look like there were any survivors…….

I felt my ears go hot. My head began throbbing and I don’t remember much more after that which was said.

My father had immediately upon receiving news about mom’s flight had boarded the next available flight to Illinois.

I remained in my room crying and praying that this was all a bad dream and I would soon wake up.

Dad accompanied my mother’s body back home and we had a very nice funeral for her. I was in a daze and days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months. I was in my own world hurting. I wasn’t even sure about the pain dad was experiencing.

I graduate High School but spent most of my time in my bedroom listening to music. Dad checked on me from time to time and we would sit and talk and he would hold me. I will always be grateful to him for that time I needed hugs and reassurance.

I slowly was coming to grips with the loss of mom and started hanging out with friends again. I would come home and find dad asleep in the living room in his easy chair with his reading lamp on and a book in his lap along with his glasses. I guess he didn’t want to go to his own bedroom that held memories for him.

I found myself starting to think more about my dad’s needs and began helping more around the house. One night we were on the couch together watching a comedy movie and at one point we both were laughing at the scene and I realized we were going to be alright.

I guess because of mom being taken from us I had become a late bloomer in the sex department and was really naive. I had heard girl talk sure but I really didn’t know how it all worked.

It was around this time I became aware of my body. My breast had gotten bigger and my nipples seemed to be erect all the time. Once I wore a loose blouse with no bra and my nipples were stiff and the material was rubbing the tips making my nipples sore and tender.

I lay in bed rubbing and pinching my nipples to gain some relief and discovered this caused me to get wet between my legs and a tingling in my stomach.

The feeling confused me and not having anyone else to talk to about it I decided to ask dad since we were very close and talked about everything and anything.

As I made my way into the living room I could see the glow from dad’s reading lamp and thought I heard him moaning softly. I thought something was wrong so I was moving slowly but quietly. When dad came into view I could see movement from his lap area.

There were some larger pieces of furniture in the living room which allowed me to get very close yet stay hidden from dad’s view. My eyes bugged out when I saw what dad was doing. He had his dick out of his zipper hole and he had his hand around it and slowly moving his hand up and down on his shaft.

I know it was wrong and I should have given him privacy and gone back to my room but I couldn’t help myself this was the first time I had seen a guy’s thing and to see anyone masturbate.

I don’t know how long I watched but after a while his hand became a blur and soon his body tensed and he reached for a tissue beside his easy chair and placed the tissue over his thing and his body relaxed so I made my way back to my bedroom.

I lay in bed thinking about what I had seen and then became aware how wet I was between my legs. I thought I had peed myself in fear of getting caught but this was different; the wetness was milky and sticky so I knew this wasn’t pee but I was also unsure what it was. I cleaned up and lay back in bed, my head swirling with thoughts and questions.

My nipples were hurting again and very hard so I was rubbing them and I felt wet again and I was like, “What the hell!” I touched myself between my legs and it felt like I had been struck by a lightning bolt but it was a good feeling. I touch myself some more and liked it.

I began to think about dad, sex, that wetness I experienced, the warm tingling sensation I felt while touching myself between my legs….all this was new territory for me.

In the days that followed I became aware of my dad more in a sexual way; not about having sex with him but the sexual needs of man and things like that. I didn’t know women have sexual needs also.

I caught dad looking at me strangely in the mornings when I was in my night clothes and raiding the refrigerator for orange juice or a snack. I sensed I had a power over my dad and that thought gave me a strange feeling.

I went online and read about masturbation of men and women and understood about the wetness between my legs.

I wanted to watch dad again and devised a plan.

I began to wear just panties and a loose top around the house and I caught dad looking in my direction several times.

I would bend over and allow my father to view my panties stretched over my bubble butt. I would lean over in front of him knowing he could see down my loose top and perhaps see my hard nipples.

I did this up until it was bed time. I would wait about 30 minutes after I told dad I was headed to bed and sneak out to the living room.

My plan worked I caught him masturbating almost every night about the same time but it was disappointing because I couldn’t see much because he kept his pants on and brought his manhood through the zipper hole.

One night after he had finished and he placed the tissue over his dick I decided to stay a little longer. At one point He removed the tissue to the side and he took his finger and gathered what was collected in the tissue and brought it up to his nose then placed it on his tongue and I thought, “ whew!” But it also made me wonder what it tasted like what he had placed on his tongue.

I had been out with friends and told dad I would be sleeping over at her house but she had a fight with her boyfriend and the two was trying to work things out so I decided to come back home.

I entered the house through the back entrance and made my way to the living room to check on dad and got a surprise. Dad was in his easy chair completely naked and had an empty pint whiskey bottle next to him on the coffee table.

I figured he was wasted and I was going to cover him up and went to get a blanket from the hall closet.

Dad’s dick was lying on his stomach.

I thought I might not ever again get to see a dick up close and personal again so I was going to take advantage of dad’s drunkenness.

I placed the blanket on the floor for padding and knelt beside his easy chair. I softly called dad to wake up and he did not so I proceeded with caution.

I touched his dick. It was very soft and warm. I watched his face and wrapped my hand around his shaft but couldn’t get my fingers all the way around it.

I lifted it up off his belly and noticed liquid dripping from the tip. I took my finger and scooped up some of the liquid and placed it on the tip of my tongue.

It tasted different. Not bad just different. It tasted kind of starchy with a hint of saltiness.

Then I became very brave and leaned over his crotch area and took his shaft into my mouth and listened for any changes in his breathing that might give any indication he was waking up.

From checking out masturbation online I had also read about blow jobs and how to roll my lips back to cover my teeth so it wouldn’t hurt a guy’s dick. So I began to moving his dick in and out of my mouth and sucking and to my utter amazement his shaft started to grow bigger and get hard like my nipples do sometimes.

I really liked the idea I could make dad’s dick hard and then it shot a white milky substance down my throat causing me to rear back in surprise and choke. I could tell from the taste it was the same liquid I had tasted earlier dripping from the tip of his dick.

I cover his naked form up with the blanket and headed to my bedroom. My heart was racing and the wetness between my legs was like a fucking river.

I started touching my nipples and I felt that tingling between my legs so I used my free hand to rub my pussy mound and oh my god the feeling was so intense.

I used more pressure and moved my hand faster like I had seen dad do on himself and shortly a powerful feeling of pleasure wracked my body.

Not only was I wet but some liquid shot out of my pussy hole like the liquid had done with dad’s dick.

The liquid was white and creamy like dads but mine was more like water than thick goo but I concluded whatever had happen to dad just happened to me and it was so intense that it made my whole body shake and tremble.

I had never felt anything else that even compared to this experience.

I thought I could learn from my dad so I devised yet another wicked plan. I did my teasing early in the evening then I’d tell dad I was going to my friend’s house for several hours and then I would secretly sneak back into the house to catch dad masturbating.

Dad thought he was alone in the house and would take his clothes off to masturbate and this allowed me to get a very good view. This was all part of my plan and my sex education.

The first time I sneaked into the house and made my way to the living room He had already begun stroking his hard meat. His balls were bouncing and making a slapping sound.

The head of his cock was a deep purple color and the veins on his shaft were sticking out.

He looked so hard, like a steel rod.

His dick had an arch to it and was able to touch his belly button.

He took a hold of his shaft with his strong hands and was moving up and down slowly and moaning softly.

I could tell he was feeling a lot of pleasure like I had when I had touched myself. After some time he picked up the pace of his movement but had a steady rhythm.

I knew he was close when his hand movement became a blur.

Suddenly his legs went rigged and he was bucking his hips. He arched his back and made a loud grunt.

If I didn’t know better I would have thought he was moaning in pain. With another loud grunt he thrust his hips hard into the air and white goo shot from his cock and landed on his neck and chest.

He bucked his hips a couple more times and each time shot a rope of hot cum into the air.

Then he went limp and released his grip on his cock and placed his arms on either side of his hips but his cock seemed alive and was jumping with each beat of his heart and throbbing.

White goo continued to ooze from the tip of his dick. Then he reached for tissue and I put together what the tissue was for and what he had tasted the other night.

I went to my room and threw off my clothes and crawled onto my bed and began to rub my drenched pussy.

I start bucking my hips and quivering and within seconds I was squirting that white liquid all over my hand and running down my ass and soaking my sheet.

I became bolder as time went on and I would only wear one of dad’s large T shirts and no panties and bring a towel with me to watch dad’s night routine.

I would watch dad stroke his hot cock while I rubbed my pussy. I got so good at it I could time my climax with his.

A couple times I accidentally made a noise but luckily dad couldn’t hear me over his own grunting.

I had been watching porn on the Internet and I had so many questions about sex and knew there was more to all this than I was experiencing and I wanted to experience it all.

I decided to chance the losing my show of dad masturbating to learning more by pretending to catch dad doing the dirty deed and have that over his head as leverage to get what I needed.

As it turned out I didn’t need to do that because dad was willing to teach me.

I wanted this to happen so badly that I was going to behave very badly.

I came into the same room my dad was in wearing only my big T shirt and nothing underneath. My nipples were very hard and were very visible poking out into the thin cotton material.

I sat cross legged across from dad and opened my leg to allow him to see my shaved pussy but pretended to be unaware of my exposure.

I wanted him all worked up.

After a while I gave dad my story again about spending time away from the house.

I knew I would catch him completely naked and that’s what I wanted so I left the house and waited for a while for dad to feel safe and comfortable.

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