A Drive Home Fantasy

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It was a hot june afternoon. The sun was burning down like the glaze of a mirror, lucky though, I was inside the library. It was almost the end of

school and I only had one hour left. I was finishing up a project for physics class. Two computers to my right sat Ken. Ever since I started high

school, i had always had a major crush on her. Her face was unlike any other. It was more beautiful than any other girl. I still remember the first time i

saw her. I had to take a second and third look at her. She long luscous brown hair with the perfect eyebrows. She had a cute, perfectly round ass

and small tits. We both had a free period near the end of the day so i always saw her in the library. I just recently bought a new Toyota Camry so I

always left school early before the school buses came to drop all the kids back home. I was starting to get up and so to my car. Then out of nowhere

Ken stood up and asked me I was heading home. I said i was. She asked me if i could give her a ride home because she didn't want to wait for the


I had no problem with this because she was on my way, but I would get little alone time with her, but i never expected much to happen, but man was i wrong.

On the way home we started talking about the normal stuff, school, sports, relationships etc.. but then she asked me a random question. If i ever been with a girl. I knew the answer to her question, but i felt embarrassed. I was silent for a few seconds before i whispered out a quiet no.

She seemed to respond with a shock on her face. "wait so ur a virgin" she asked.
"Ya, unfortunately" I replied.

We had just pulled up into her house. She asked me if i had time to help her with her math homework. I didn't hesitate to respond. It was a quickly gleeful yes.

We walked inside and soon as we walked inside she closed the door. She told me to wait downstairs while she changed her clothes.

Right as she climbed up the stairs and went into her room, i slowly crept up the stairs as well. I saw a crack between the door and room frame and

slowly glazed in. In the room, i saw the most perfect goddess body anybody could ever imagine. She had just slid her uniform skirt off and getting

ready to unbutton her shirt. I was staring at the most perfect cute round ass, with cute white thong. As she turned around i caught a sight of her

victoria secret white bra with lace. she wearing a complete set, with lace. This seemed odd because we had just came back school, why would

anybody dress like that to school?

As i was staring my phone rang out loud.

Shit, i thought.

I knew that this it.

Ken quickly opened the door but much to my surprise, instead of punching me or screaming, her out her close to me and whispered into me "ill you have a piece of me" As soon her said this, my 6.5 inch cock stiffened and became rock hard. It could be seen through my pants.

We quickly started to make out while i slowly took off my pants and shirt.

Ken only had her bra and panties set on, which i only had my boxer on, with my cock pointing directly at her pussy.

I slowly worked my way back up kissing every inch of her torso pausing for a moment at her beautiful breasts then continuing kissing up to her neck and ear lobes.

After the kissing, I took off Ken's Bra and Panties, All she had at that moment was her stockings.

Slowly and gently I entered her with a small gasp. Ken moaned loudly as i was 6.5 inches deep inside of her.

It was incredible for both of us. She gently put her hands on both sides of my face and pulled me to her for a long passionate kiss almost breathless from the love making our mouths met with a passion that had never been known to the world.

As i was picking up speed, thrusting back and forth inside her, she moaned my name ..

"OMG BABY" she yelled as i saw her woman juice explode from her little girl hole.

Right after she squirted, Ken once again, whispered into my ear, "I want you to be the first to take my ass's dignity away.

My cock re-harded once again as Ken turn around to face me. I could now stare into her eyes, which were like the heavens, while i fucked her in the ass for the first time.

I slowly touched her anal ring with the tip of my cock, teasing her.

"fuck baby just put it in alright, she moaned"

I slowly inserted the tip of my cock inside her ass. She moaned so loud.

"fuck baby its to big, i don't think this is gonna work, she said.

But i didn't care, i thrusted my cock into me ass, 6.5 inches deep. I could feel her anus close in and grip my cock. It was an indescribable feeling.

I fucked her in the ass for another 15mins.

we started making out again before i got back into my car.

Since we both had a free period at the end of the day, we both agreed that the events that just took place would happen ever day from now on.

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