My Sister Kylee (minor changes and corrections)

READ THIS FIRST: anything in Parentheses is a mental thought to himself .Not straight up sex in the beginning so if you are just looking for a good time this story is not for you.

My name is Adain Porter I live with my mom and my older sister Kylee. My dad died in a plane crash when I was 6 mom never remarried something about dad being her soul mate are something like that. I’m only 15 Kylee is 16 we both go to the same high school and are both in the 9th grade. Kylee had to start school late because of her birth day. I have short black hair, blue eyes, I’m about 150 lbs. and 6ft. Kylee on the other hand has long black flowing hair that comes down about to her mid-back, green eyes, is about 110 lbs. and 5’6. She played volleyball, softball, and tennis during the school. I myself only played jv football I was the wide receiver and the coach told me that I had a place on the varsity team next year. Only being freshman we were pretty popular with the whole school.

“What do u want and why in the hell are you calling me at 7:30 in the morning”

“Dude me and some of the guy from school are going to the lake I thought you might want to come with”

“Why are going to the lake at 7 in the morning”

“We’re not going until 10 but I woke up early”

“then call me at 10 asshole”

“dude but its 7.………….. So do I need to give you a ride”

At this this point I’m going to go just so I can choke your ass I said to myself “yeah tell your BROTHER he can come get me if he wants and Pete, go to hell”. “Adain what the hell I’m coming to pick you up and your giving me all this shit man”, he said in a dazed voice. I sat up on my bed and rubbed the sleep out of my eyes and hung the phone up. I looked up to see my sister standing in my doorway “and what do you want this ungodly hour in the morning”, I said tiredly”. Mom wants you to take out the trash and walk me to the mall to buy a new bathing suit”, mumbling the last part so I could only barley here it. Fine but I don’t see why you can’t go on your own wait why do you need a new bathing suit”. Pete’s sister is coming to pick me at 10 we’re going to the lake with some of the girls from school so hurry up and take the trash out and get ready sleepy head”, she giggled and walked away.

I should of guessed Pete never tells you the whole story nor do I think he knows what’s going on half the time the fucking pot head. I got up took the trash out and jumped in the shower. I got clean got out and wrap a towel around my waste. I bumped into Kia on the way to my room (Kia is short for Kylee if you didn’t get that already) “um nasty naked boy in the hall”, she said jokingly.

“Did mom leave already”

“Like two hours ago she will not be back until next week I think, Wednesday”, dragging out the word Wednesday like she was unsure.

“I’ll just ask her then, so where’s breakfast woman”, I said with a smirk.

“You can buy me some at the mall when we get there”, she smiled and walked down stairs.

“get your shoes on and meet me out side”, I yelled down the stairs.

I ran out the door to find Kia sitting on the bottom step in front of the door. I continued walking down the driveway and she quickly started to follow me on my path to the mall. We arrived at the mall in about 15 minutes and then I was to suffer through Kia trying on swimsuits. “so how do I look”, she said twirling around. “It looks like the 9th swimsuit you’ve tried on today”, I sad kind of aggravated. She pushed out her lower lip and walked back into the changing room.

“Hey man how did you pick up such a hot girlfriend”

“girlfriend………O my girlfriend (he was obviously talking about Kia) umm I don’t know lucky I guess.

“I’d say, she has a fine ass man”

(ok because you would tell someone there girlfriend has a nice ass to their face) “yeah it’s pretty nice” (I mean what do I care she not really my girlfriend its still kind of weird some random ass guy came in to tell me that) “um do you need something “.

He just gave me your being a real dick look and walked away but whatever. Kia came out in another swimsuit and twirled around (damn she does have a nice ass, wait what ok that’s enough of that) “Kia are you ready to go yet”. “Yeah I know what I want”. “Then lets get out of here”, I said a little too harshly.(it’s just I was mad at myself for even thing something like that). Another 15 minutes and we were home. Pete would be here in about half an hour and I needed to get my shit ready.

“So you think I have a nice ass huh”

“WHAT”!(did I say that out loud )

“I heard you at the mall talking with that guy so do you huh boyfriend”.

“haha I just didn’t think you wanted every creep that comes up to know your single but if you would rather next time I’ll just put your shit out in the open.”

“AWWWW is my little brother looking out for me”, she sighed mockingly.

“Fine next time I’ll introduce you and then he can introduce you to the woman he was with, his mommy”.

“Hahahaha no way”, she said nearly doubling over with laughter.

“Well I have to get ready and get all the shit we need ready to go….so go bug someone else.”

“Fine whatever”, she said as she walked away but not be for shaking her ass at me.
Johnny (Pete’s brother) finally pulled up in front of the house I dragged out a cooler full of water and pop
and tossed it up into his SUV as Karen pulled up in her car with some girls I recognized from school.(Hmmm ride in a truck full of guys or a car full of hot girls this really wasn’t going to be a hard choice) Hey Johnny I’m going to let you give my sister a ride to the lake and I’ll just get a ride from your sister”, I said in a tone like I was losing in some way. he just chuckled and said “ok but you trust a bunch of guys with your sister“. (well see in a normal situation hell no but in as seeing one of the guy’s there if could he find his dick wouldn’t know how to use it anyway and the others didn’t have the balls do anything anyway so I felt it pretty safe) “Yeah, have fun”. I jumped in the back seat of Karen’s car ,Karen just laughed and pull out of my drive way as Kylee walked out to see me in her ride and gave me the finger.

You’re going to hear about that all day from her Adain”

“Oh well Karen she has a hour drive to cool down “.

“You know ever since Bobby cheated on her she won’t even talk to another guy”

“that’s really not my problem I told her he was an asshole”.

I only didn’t recognize one of the girls in the car but that didn’t stop her from talking to me “so you got really tall huh Adain” Yeah I hit that growth spurt in the middle of the school year”,(Why cant I remember this girl I mean she’s really cute long curly brown hair blue eyes, nice tit’s a good C cup I just wish I could remember her name). She must have saw the look on my face, “We had gym together my name is Casey”. “oh yeah the chick with the braces”, (I shouldn’t have that out loud ) “Well I know who I want to spend the rest of my day with”, putting a quick fix to the problem but it worked she smiled and blushed a little.
She scooted closer to me so she could lay her head on my chest she obviously didn’t like to waste time letting the other girls know that I was off limits. Witch I didn’t mind if I have to spend the whole day with someone she might as well be hot and I didn’t have to waste time wondering if she like me. We pulled into the parking lot of the lake and I was pulled out of the car by Kia and smack right a crossed the face. What the fuck Kia”. “No what the fuck is you leaving me with a truck load of horny guys” she yelled in a furies rage and walked of to the beach. I got up and went to help unload the stuff for the beach while feeling a little bad for what I did to Kia. After everything was setup the girls put on some emo rock shit and I planted myself down in a lounge chair.

Casey came over and sat in my lap and lay down so our faces were right next to each other I started kissing the back of her neck a she started grinding her hips into my crouch. She got up and took me by my hand and pulled me along the beach until we got to a more secluded place on the beach. We sat in the sand “you know I’ve had a crush on you even since the beginning of the school year”, “Is that right mmfff”, she cu t me off with a passionate kiss her lips were so soft it was amazing it seemed nothing else matter like time stopped she rolled over and straddled my waist reaching behind her and undoing her top. I pulled her down so I could stick one of her tits in my mouth while I pinched and tweaked the other. I slid my remaining hand down her back and between her legs to rub her now hot wet pussy.

“Mmmm don’t stop”, she said while moving down to kiss me roughly on the lips. She moved her hands to my waist band and pulled down my shorts down. “oh my god its so huge”, she said with big eyes. I just chuckled to myself, “I’ll be gentle”. I leaned in to kiss her while taking off her bikini bottom. She got on her knees and positioned herself over my dick she slowly move down on top of me letting my dick slide in her inch by inch “uunnnhh give me a sec I’ve never done this be for”, she moaned. She was only a few inches down my 8 inch cock. She put her hands on my chest to better manage her wait and started sliding down until she had all 8” fully in her. Her pussy was unbelievable tight. At first I was doing all the work seeing in I was the only one with any experience. But then she started meeting my upwards thrusts with her own downwards ones. I would completely withdraw from her pussy and then shove it back in causing her to bite down on my bottom lip. Witch really hurt but I was focusing more on what I was doing. I couldn’t see myself lasting much longer so I moved my hand down to her clit and gently rubbed it moving my finger in circles. “ ohhh shit I uhhh I’m gohhhin to cum”, she moaned into my ear witch pushed me over the edge I pushed my dick as far as it would go into her hot cunt and exploded. We just laid there holding each other for a good 10 minutes be for I said anything

“ Well should we get back to the others”

“Aww do we have to lets just stay here”

I got up and jump in the lake to clean off and she eventually followed. We got dressed and started walking back to the others.

“Why is the beach so empty on such a nice day”

“Jonny rented it out for the day so we could stay all day and not have to worry about other people complaining about our music and stuff plus latter tonight were going to have a bond fire didn’t anybody tell you”

“Pete called me”

She moved closer to me and clung to my body as we walked down the beach “do you need to get anything considering we didn’t use protection back there”, I said a little worried. I’m on the pill don’t worry about it”, she said reassuring me.

We got back to the party and sat down in the chair we left. “so where did you two go huh Adain” , Kia said sounding more interested than she should be. “None of your business Kia”, I said hatefully. Kia grabbed my hand and jerks me up from my comfortable seat with Casey. “Hey what’s your problem Kylee”, I shouted as she dragged me along the beach. Why are you being such a dick to me today” she yelled with tears in her eyes.(Ok now I fell like a dick) “I’m sorry Kia I wasn’t meaning to really”, I said apologetically. I wiped the tears from her eyes “let’s get back to the party ok”. “Ok I guess I was being kind of silly”, she pouted. “No I have been kind of a dick to you today I’m really sorry”, I said still feeling bad.

We walked back to the others and got more involved in the party I dance with Casey and Kia had no problem find someone to dance with. A few more people showed up that were invited and later that night we got a fire started. Casey clung to me though out the whole party . We finally ended up leaving about 1 in the mooring I kissed Casey goodbye and got out of the car. I walked through the front with Kia about 2:15
“well i’m going to bed so goodnight “, I said tiredly. I got changed into some athletic shorts and a light shirt and went to bed.

“Adain, Adain wake up”


“I had the dream again”

(Ever since dad died Kia has this nightmare about dad’s plane crash) “Ok come here”, I said rubbing my eyes. I opened up my cover and she got in and got comfortable. I ran my hand through her hair “ the last time we did this we were like 11”, I whispered. I kept running my hand through her hair comforting her until she fell asleep. I woke up a few minutes later with something on top of me my eyes opened it was Kia. “Kia, KIA wake up”. I am awake”, she said innocently. “What”, I said confused. She looked up and kissed me. I rolled over making her tumble to the floor.

“What the hell Kia”.

“ O come on haven’t you ever thought about it”

“Thought about what, fucking my sister umm no“!

She shot a look at me that could kill someone in their tracks. “Fine have it your way”. And with that she walked out of my room and slammed the door. (What the hell has gotten into her…….. o my god she wasn’t mad at me at the lake she was jealous) It took me forever to calm down and get back to sleep but I kind of wanted to make sure Kylee wasn’t coming back. About an hour later I felt like someone was watching me and I jolted awake everything looked ok but I couldn’t move my hands. What the hell they were cuffed to my bed! And then Kylee appeared right over my face. “You know we could have had fun but no you had to be an ass”, she said sounding mad because I wouldn’t give her what she wanted. “Kia you know this is wrong I mean I’m your fucking brother for god’s sake“!, I yelled. “Yeah but it’s going to feel sooo good “, she said grinning. She grabbed my waist band and pulled on my shorts.


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