Hotel bang 1 and 2

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Hotel bang.

Not long ago my wife and I had a weekend away at a posh Hotel. We do this every so often away from the kids to spice up our sex life and keep it interesting. Karen, my wife, packs all her sexy undies and toys and we take the camera and film ourselves at it. This always gets Karen going so I knew we”d have a good night. Karen has a good body with 36Ds and I love spunking over those big tits.
On Saturday night Karen dressed herself up in her tight black dress with buttons all the way up the front, black hold up stockings, little black lacy knickers and her push-up bra which made her tits look even bigger. We made our way to the bar and settled in to have a few drinks. Karen was being eyed up by the few single men in there and I knew that turned her on even more. As the night wore on we were both quite merry and I was expecting to have a good fuck later. I told Karen I was going up to the room to set the camera up so to give me half hour and all would be ready. Unfortunately when I got up there I passed out from to much drink. When I woke up two hours had gone by and Karen was nowhere to be seen. I left the room to look for her but I hadn’t gone too far down the corridor when I came across a door slightly open. Being a nosy bastard I stuck my head round and could hear the distinct sounds of sex. As I crept in it was a massive suite with the bed so far down the room this end was in virtual darkness. What I saw gave me the biggest hard-on im ever likely to get.
There bending over the bed was Karen. She had her dress up round her waist and her knickers were stuffed in her mouth. Standing behind her one of the men we had seen in the bar was sticking two fingers up her wet pussy. Even with her mouth full I could hear her moaning with pleasure. At the other side of the bed another man was getting undressed. He climbed on the bed, pulled the knickers out of her mouth and tolled her to start sucking. I must admit this was really turning me on. We had talked about this before but I thought it would always be just fantasy. Now I knew if I stayed in the shadows I could watch and she wouldn’t even know I was there. Result!
When she sucks cock Karen its like fucking a porn star. She’s so good I knew the bloke would have to take it easy. But that’s not what Karen wanted “ fuck my mouth I wanna taste your spunk you dirty bastard!” She can talk like a whore when she wants and she wanted it now. “cum on my face , im gonna suck you dry” This was enough for him, he grabbed her hair and rammed his cock right in. She started to gag but his balls were banging against her chin. Finally he pulled out and shot his spunk over her face and in her hair. By now I had my cock out and it was all I could do to stop myself cumming. She was licking all she could of his cock and then scooping it off her face to lick of her fingers. What a slut! By now the bloke behind her had replaced his fingers with his cock and was banging for all he was worth. The buttons of her dress were ripped open and her tits pulled roughly out of her bra. “fucking size of them!” he said as he grabbed a big handful. “just fuck my cunt as fast and as hard as you can and you can do whatever you like!” This was the dirty bitch Karen I loved so much! I watched for another couple of minutes till he pulled out and spunked over her ass and then I made my way back to our room.

Another hour later Karen came back. I pretended to be asleep while she had a shower then joined me in bed. “sorry love, I just crashed out” I lied . “thats ok I had another couple of drinks and came straight up” she said. I turned over and turned everything over in my head that I had just seen. What a fucking turn on!

The next morning I woke first and was going to pull the curtains open when I saw a memory card had been pushed under the door. I had my laptop with me so I put it in. It opened up with my wife sitting in a chair with a cock in either hand and a man’s voice telling her she was going to be fucked good and proper. It was all and more from last night. I took the laptop in the bathroom where I could have a wank while I watched it all again. But what made it better was at the end Karen was making arrangements to meet them again and for them to bring their mates for a proper gang bang! My wife then left the room and one of the blokes looked straight at the camera and said “we know you were watching and we knew you enjoyed it. Phone this number to be there next time” This was something I wasn’t going to miss. How long could Karen keep it a secret and more to the point how long could I?

Hotel Bang Part 2

As it says this is the continuing story of my wife Karen and her dirty sexual adventures. Please feel free to comment and let me know what you think.

After the weekend we had just had I was a bundle of nerves. I so wanted to see my wife get fucked like that again that I was walking around with a permanent stiffy. Lucky for me within a fortnight Karen was informing me that she had arranged a stopover on a Saturday night at a friends house. Could this be what I was waiting for? As soon as I could I called the number I was given. Sure enough it was. I was given details of where to go and what time to be there. Things were looking good!

That Saturday morning Karen left the house to go to her “friends”. This gave me plenty of time as I knew things were not going to happen to the afternoon at the earliest. I checked Karen”s underwear draw and all the best stuff was gone. She was making sure she looked good for a hard fucking. I picked up my camera and left to meet up with the blokes who were going to make sure she got what she wanted.

When I got to the place I was surprised to see that it wasn’t a house but what looked like an old office block. I made my way in and soon met up with the two men from the Hotel. “she likes a bit of cock your missus, don’t she?” said one. Laughing I had to agree. “too right, nothings too much for her! Now, what you got planned?” The more I was told the stiffer my cock became. In the middle of what looked like an old boardroom there was a huge double bed. Either side of that were tripods with video cameras attached. Not only was she going to get fucked but i”d get a souvenir DVD as well! I was then taken to the next room where from several holes drilled in the wall I would be able to see everything. Roll on the entertainment! I was left with a fridge full of beers while the men went to meet my wife.

Three hours later and I was not only on my way to being pissed but beginning to think i”d been stitched up. As I was thinking of leaving I heard talking from next door. Looking through the peep-hole I saw Karen with the two men plus two more. They had all been drinking and Karen seemed to be really up for it. One of the men, I think his name was Tom, whispered in her ear and she nodded and grabbed her overnight bag and left the room. Tom looked in my direction and gave the thumbs up. Ten minutes later Karen was back and she looked fantastic.

She wore red fishnet stockings and a little red g-string to match. Red high heels and a tight black lacy corset which made her tits stand out even more finished it off. To whistles from the men she walked over to the bed. “who”s gonna have some of this first?” she said. “no rush love, plenty of time. First you gotta make us all nice and hard, get on your knees” This was the other man, Steve talking. They all stripped off and surrounded my wife. She giggled as she began playing with all that meat but soon she was sucking for all she was worth, going from one to another,groaning as she did it. “blimey, you were right when you said she was a dirty bitch” this was one of the new fellas ,
“suck my cock you little slut, and make it filthy”. “im gonna be a fucking whore today, make you cum like its your first time!” With that Karen grabbed his balls and deep throated his shaft. Up and down she went till he couldn’t hold back . Not letting go of his cock she swallowed his spunk while sticking her finger up his arse. He weren’t expecting that! “you fucking slut, your gonna pay for that”. “i hope so, I want this to be a night to remember, so get your cocks good and hard and lets start fucking!” When Karen”s in the mood she fucks and cums like a train and she was definitely up for this one. I had to get my cock out and stroke it as I watched her being treated like the whore she wanted to be.

Two of the men picked her up and threw her on the bed and began tying her hands to the bedstead. The other two grabbed her ankles and spread her legs wide open and then tied them to the bottom of the bed. “lets see if the cunt likes a bit of bondage” Tom said. “ I like anything as long as you make me cum now come and fuck my pussy”. No more was needed to be said. Her knickers were ripped off and her corset was pulled apart to expose her big juicy tits. Steve got between her legs and began to eat her pussy. “she”s fucking soaking, who”s gonna fuck it first?” Andy,one of the new blokes, stepped forward. From where I was standing his cock looked enormous. “go on Andy, show the slut what she”s been missing all these years!” With that he entered my whore of a wife. “oh you bastard, that’s fucking big!” Karen managed to cry-out before her mouth was rammed with another stiff prick. She was being fucked good and hard in two of her holes, would it be all three?. Andy pulled out of her cunt and another cock took his place. “where’s the big one gone? I want more of that!” “shut your mouth bitch im fucking you now” Tony, the last of them entered her wet pussy but he didn’t last long. He was soon cumming up her hole. He pulled out and spunk run down her legs. “i want someone to last not like him he”s useless” Karen said. With that Tony smacked her across the face. “don’t worry slut,plenty more to come you’ll regret that by the end of the night”. I didn’t know whether to be angry or turned on. He then began fingering her cunt and soon had his whole hand up there. “is that good enough for you?” “go on fist fuck my cunt I love it!” This surprised even me, I had never known her so turned on. The cameras were rolling and I knew this would look fucking great on my big screen TV.

There’s more to tell, shall I have part 3? you decide


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