Revenge is Sweet Part 2

Molly walked through the door after a long day at school. Brian wasn’t sitting in his chair. She walked upstairs. It was odd- ever day since her mother had been kicked out three months back. She missed her mother but preferred to live with Brian. Molly knew all about the affair- she had often watched her mother and Tom having sex. She never told Brian-Tom had told her she’d be in big trouble if she did. But when Brian sat her down the morning after it all kicked off- she saw how it had broke his heart- and that in turn had broken hers. She hated seeing Brian so upset and withdrawn- he would put on a show for her, smiling and laughing but she knew he was suffering. She regretted not telling him. Then acting like it was a surprise when he told her. She recalled the night she first caught them. She had woken up again- as she often did- and couldn’t get back to sleep. She decided to go and get some milk and try sleeping on the sofa. She opened her door and heard low moans and grunting. She crept forward and looked through the slightly ajar door. The bedside lamp was on and she could make out her mother’s naked body on top of a mans. She moved slightly to see the face- had Brian come home? No it was Uncle Tom. She had seen her mom and Brian having sex many times. But had never heard her mother groaning and moaning like she was now. She couldn’t believe her mom was sleeping with Tom. She was on her knees- and Tom was underneath her- his penis was hard and she was using her knees to push herself up and down onto his throbbing cock.’ She looked at Uncle Tom- she had always liked him- he was nice to her- and treated her like an adult. He was quite thin- but in a sexy way, and he had really good hair. Molly had always noticed how his hair always looked good- it was kinda spiky and because it was too long it flopped over. He always smelt great too. Molly moved back from the door as her mother moved off Tom. They were changing positions- Molly looked again. She could see Toms cock- it was hard and had her mothers pussy juices on it so it glistened almost. It was about 6 inches and quite thin. Molly reached into her pants- and pushed her hands down over her newly grown pubes. She found her sensitive clit and massaged it with a finger- noticing how wet she was. She continued wanking herself whilst her mother bent over and allowed Tom to enter her pussy once more. Molly’s knees were shaking as she continued to rub her little pink clit. She reached under her top and pinched her nipple softly.She knew she shouldn’t be watching- or even finding it sexy to watch her mother and uncle fucking- but she couldn’t help it. Tom was thrusting back and forth- and Molly could see his cock moving in and out.
‘Oh Tom- yes fuck me- yes YES!’ Her mother moaned
When tom pulled his cock out she saw even more juice on his cock- her mother had cum and that seemed to spur Tom on even more. He continued to thrust into her sopping went cunt- but faster. Molly could hear Toms balls bouncing off her mother ass- she continued to rub her clit but in time with Toms thrusting.
‘Oh oh- im going to cum’ Tom groaned.
Tom took his cock out of Carries pussy and shot a gooey load all over her back- shuddering as he did so. He waited a few moments- then pulled Carrie onto her knees- so she could lick up all the cum now on his softening cock. Molly let out a moan of pleasure. Then clasped a hand over her mouth realising her mistake.
‘Shh- someones outside’ Tom said pulling away and heading towards the door. Molly saw this and ran quickly but quietly into the bathroom hiding behind the door.
‘Who is it?’ Carrie asked. Molly could sense the fear in her voice.
‘No-one- must be my mind playing tricks’ Molly heard Tom shutting the door and heard the bed squeak as he sat on the bed. Molly sighed with relief- she would’ve been in such big trouble if she had of been caught. She creeped out of the bathroom and went back into her room. She continued rubbing her clit- thinking about Uncle Tom and his long cock. Eventually she had fell to sleep.
Molly looked into her parents’ bedroom and saw Brian coming out the bathroom. He had a towel wrapped around his waist- but was still wet. Molly noticed his line of hair running from his belly button down under the towel. She also saw a drop of water running from his shoulder down his pecs just missing his nipple. He must have been in the shower. The bed sheets were thrown in a corner to be washed.
‘Hiya sweetie- had a good day at school?’ Brian asked towelling his hair
‘Oh er yeah it was alright- you?’ Molly tried to act natural. She had had a crush on Brian for 2 years now. She denied those feelings. She used to cut her wrists to try and punish herself for feeling like that about her father. She knew it was wrong. But ever since she found her birth certificate and found out she wasn’t Brian’s daughter- she would masturbate in her bed about his fit muscled body. She didn’t let on that she knew the truth- she liked calling him daddy.
‘Erm- yeah. Managed to get a lot done. Your mother came by, she’s not doing to well- we’re going through with a divorce. Im sorry’ He walked forward and hugged her- his arm around her head holding her close. Molly breathed in the smell of his shower gel, and pressed her cheek against his chest. She could feel her cunt getting wet.
‘oh daddy, its ok’ Brian moved out the hug and looked at her. ‘But i want to stay here- with you’
‘Oh darling- your not going anywhere! Your mother is in no fit state to look after you- im going to fight for custody for you- i want you here’ Brian moved over to the back of bed and bent down pulling out the built in draw to get some fresh bed clothes.
Molly knew what Brian meant when he said her mom ‘was in no fit state’ she was on drugs- just like uncle Tom. She’d found him snorting coke .
She had walked in on him sniffing white powder in the toilet one time- and he grabbed her arm- pulling her into the bathroom with him and shutting the door behind him.
‘What are you doing? You shouldn’t sneak around watching people’ Tom was inches away from her face- his hand still gripping her arm- hard.
‘I wasn’t sneaking- i need the toilet- I’m sorry’ she looked over at the powder on the toilet lid.
He followed her eyes. ‘That’s your uncle’s medicine- leave it’ she looked at him- his eyes were glossing over.
‘I learnt about that stuff in school- it’s not medicine its drugs’
‘right you’ he pushed her up the door. ‘you are going to shut your mouth-else uncle tom will have to punish you’ he grabbed her young wrists with his one hand and lifted them above her head. She was still wearing her school uniform and her blouse was now pulled across her breasts. He looked down and licked his lips. With his free hand he stoked her leg, from her knee up the outside of her thighs.
‘Tom stop it- i don’t like it- stop it’ Molly wriggled to get free
‘this is your punishment- you have to take it else mommy will be very mad at you if i tell her about you spying’
‘i told you i wasn’t spying on you- i needed the toilet’ Molly tried to pull away.
‘Oh not now- i saw you watching the other night- when me and your mom were fucking- i knew you were there Molly- i saw you playing with your little cunt and tits’ He moved his hand and stroked her breasts through the white shirt. He saw a smile flash across her face for a second then disappear.
‘You saw me?’ Molly liked Tom but not enough to lose her virginity to him- she liked how it felt though when he touched her. She wriggled again- she thought she better make some effort to try and get away so it seemed like she didn’t like it.
‘Yes- and you enjoyed watching me fuck your mommy didn’t you? The question is Molly- are you going to tell Daddy? Or am i really going to have to punish you? Really hard’ His hand went back down to her thighs, stroking them each time getting closer to her pussy.
‘I’m not going to tell Daddy- but you cant tell mom that i saw you-Deal? Molly moved her pussy towards him- giving him the signal she wanted to take her punishment.
‘You are a naughty girl aren’t you- have you had any boys touch you before Molly?’ Tom could feel his cock growing hard inside his jeans and had to adjust himself. He couldn’t believe that he would soon be fucking the daughter- after fucking the mother for weeks.
‘No not a lot- i touch myself- where’s mom? I don’t want her walking in and seeing me in here with you’ Tom had let go of her and she sat on the laundry basket, legs crossed.
‘She getting the lawn mower out the shed- then shes going to mow the lawn. Your going to what i tell you Molly- im going to teach you a few things- now pull down your skirt and open your legs’
Molly did as she was told- she undid her skirt and bent down pulling her skirt as she did so- and stepped out of it. She then sat back down legs open so that Tom could see a small wet patch where her juices had seeped through. Tom reached down and rubbed the wet patch with a finger then put it in his mouth
‘you taste good baby- now’ He undid his jeans and pulled down his boxers at the same time. Molly leant forward slightly. Excited to see a penis up close for the first time. As he pulled his boxers down, his hard cock was pulled down with them and the bounced back up. Molly sat there and stared at his penis. It was moving slightly. She looked down at his balls. She wanted to touch it- but didn’t want to seem to forward.
‘Now take off you panties- then ill let you touch me’ Tom unbuttoned her shirt as she took her pants off and wriggled out of them. He stood back rubbing his shaft and looked at her. His 13 year old ‘niece’ completely naked. Her curly hair was falling around her shoulders- and he noticed that it reached her nipples. Her big blue eyes were glued to his cock. Her perfect perky breasts. Her hard nipples and her young wet pussy.
‘Right- you see how im wanking my cock?’ The lawn mower started outside- Tom moved the curtains aside- and saw Carrie mowing the lawn outside. ‘OK weve got about half an hour before she’ll be finished- now do what I’m doing with your hand’ Molly reached out and held his cock in her hand. It felt heavy.
‘Oh yeah- ok now move your hand up and down- use both hands’ Tom started fondling her breasts roughly. ‘Thats it- ok, now lick the top- like an ice cream’ Molly held the cock- still moving the skin backwards and forwards and put her tongue on the head. It tasted salty.
‘Now put it in your mouth- no move your hands towards the bottom- still wanking- and use your lips to massage the head’ She did as she was told- partly enjoying it- but also not wanting him to tell her mom. Tom reached over to the white powder and lifted some into his fingertips and snorted it- then some more in the other nostril.
‘Oh yeah- thats it Molly- now use one of your hands to massage my balls- gently’ Molly was now squeezing his balls gently- his pubic hair tickling her palm. The other hand was wanking the shaft and her mouth was wrapped around his head- her tongue moving around the tip. Toms breathing got quicker and his penis was throbbing.
‘God your a quick learner- your making me cum! Now- gets ready to take it in your mouth and swallow it like medicine’ Tom took over wanking and held Molly’s head so that she’d catch his load in her mouth.
Molly nervous- she didn’t want to swallow his cum. She had tasted his penis and it tasted nasty. She hadn’t enjoyed it- but enjoyed him feeling her breasts. Her pussy was wet and she couldn’t wait for uncle tom to start doing stuff to her- but she still didn’t want that penis in her.
‘ohh ohhhh get ready’ Molly closed her eyes tight and felt Tom’s hand in her hair- he was holding real tight so she couldn’t pull away. She felt warm liquid shoot into her mouth and she moved her tongue so it wouldn’t go down her throat- she gagged then felt another load in her mouth.
‘Swallow it!’ Tom wanked slower- concentrating on the head trying to squeeze the last of it out into her mouth. She gagged again and a little slid down her throat. She ducked out of Toms reach and threw up in the sink.
‘Im sorry- i didn’t like it. It was gooey and warm.’
‘you ungrateful little bitch’ Tom slapped her around the face. ‘Your a dirty little slut- and your going to make me cum again- but this time im going fuck your tight little hole- im going to break you in. Then when im about to cum your going to swallow every little bit’ Tom was angry. Molly noticed how his penis was soft again and had shrunk to half its size.
‘No! I don’t want to have sex with you! Your not going to touch me anymore! If youd i’ll tell Daddy about you fucking mom- then forcing me to suck your cock! Keep away from me’ Molly was shaking with anger. She regretted getting undressed- she felt dirty. She thought uncle Tom was a nice man- but he wasn’t he just wanted to fuck her because she was a virgin. She picked up her clothes whilst uncle Tom stood there.
‘You wont say a word to daddy Baby- because if you do i’ll fuck you so hard ill make you bleed- and ill fuck your ass too! Keep your dirty mouth shut- and ill see you soon. One night- ill come into your room and ill tie you up whilst your moms asleep and ill fuck you!’ Tom opened the door and slapped her ass as she walked out. Molly walked across the hallway, she could hear the lawnmower going in the back garden. She sat on her bed and started scratching violently at her wrists with her fingernails.

Molly shuddered, but quickly recomposed herself so that Brian wouldn’t notice. That was the only time Tom had ever touched her- she had kept out of his way. She hated him. He was a dirty druggie- and knowing that her mom was like that too made her glad that she had Brian. But she could never tell Brian about it- it would ruin everything. Brian was still hunting around in the drawer for some sheets.
‘Er Daddy?’
‘Yeah’ He said continuing to root around in the drawer.
‘Why is this cucumber up here? And these ropes?’ Molly looked over at him quizzingly.
‘Oh er- no reason’ He stood up and walked over to the table- but his towel dropped to the floor as he did so. Molly stared at his cock. Although it was soft it was big and thick. Brian looked from Molly to his cock and back again- then shook his head and turned round picking up the towel as he did so and wrapping it around his waist again. When he turned around Molly could see him blushing.
‘erm sorry- maybe you should go downstairs now and er get some milk and watch TV? Im just erm going to get dressed and erm make the bed and er ill be down’ Brian walked into the bathroom leaving molly in the bedroom alone. She wanted that cock- inside her. She wanted to suck it and fuck it and ride it. She just needed to find away to get Brian to agree with her that it was ok to do it

Part three coming soon.. please leave comments

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