Young love_(2)

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Text Mik- hey owen i got a volleyball game, come and watch me.
Owen- yeah definently i will be there, score me some kills:P.
Mik- for you, anything.
I met Mikayla at a camp a long while back, she Was 12. I was 16. Yeah big difference. But what can i say she was gorgous looked a lot older, dirty blond hair, cute little ass, tanned skin. This would be the first time seeing her since then, now i’m 19 in university in another state back for reading break. Now let me tell you about myself, im 6’2 180, no fat on me, surprising for how much I eat. But yeah I play soccer which is why I consider my ripped. 7 inch cock, not to big not to small.
Well anyways back to the story. I get up at 10:30 took my car and drove down to the game, it’s been so long that i was probably not going to notice her, thank god for facebook eh:P. Well i get there a few minutes late game started at 11:15. When i first walked in to the gym, I saw her. Pretty hard not to she was sexy, not this cute little 12 year old, she had long smooth legs this gorgous ass, she even grew some nice tits, probably C not to big but you can’t get everything. Well that game was good she had four kills that i saw. Well after the game i texted her and told her that i couldn’t make it, i saw her pick up the phone and she looked really depressed. Yeah i know i’m a dick. I knew she was waiting for her parents cus she told them she would have me drive her. Well as she was calling her mother i grabbed her by the waist and picked her up like a feather. She screamed and turned her head around. OMG Owen your such a dick, i know I just wanted to surprise you even more giving her a wink, so Mik want to grab a bite to eat. U paying she said? Of course i said, its not every day i get to buy dinner for volleyball pro i joked. Fuck you owen. as we got in the car i swear i felt her hand stroke my six pack and pelvis, i was forcing my self to think, she’s 15 she’s like a little sister. I tried to keep my mind on my driving. While i was driving she was just staring at me, every time i looked over she was looking me straight in the eyes. She then said lets go to MC Dicks and then to bar ok? I was shocked, what how the hell are u getting in? She just smiled and said my sister gave me her ID. “ok then i’m fine with that but don’t you need to be home?. I told my mom and dad i was sleeping over at a friend’s house then winked. So your sleeping in my house ? ummm yeah ur parents are gone you told me, and i’m taking there queen. I just stared at her, for some reason i felt a little sad but i just said ok thats fine by me. Atleast now i thought nothing would happen. Well after food we went to the bar, it was really busy she had gotten dressed in my car while i was out of the car in the middle of November and the worst was my car is tinted . Well when we got in there shit hit the fan. Like it was going well we were buying double shots of rum and coke. Yeah i’m a light weight, i had about 4 or 5 and had a good buz. Me and Mik were having a good time until i had to use the pisser. While i was in there some fuckin ass hole started flirting with her and majorly hitting on her. I walked out and saw him trying to pick up but mik wasn’t having any of it, as i came back all she says is you better watch out or my bf will kick the shit out of you, he laughed and just grabbed her head and forced a kiss,mik just slapped the fucked out of him, that was when it got bad, the guy bitch slapped her and grabbed her hair. “Im going to fuck your brains out bitch” mikayla started crying. that was my last straw i lunged right in and grabbed him. smashed his face on the bar stool and threw 5 punch’s at the guy until the bouncer grabbed me and held me off him,once i regain my composer i picked up mikayla and took her too my car. She was pretty emotional about it. we got home without saying a word. I showed her up to my parents room and was about to leave until i hear her say wait. As i tured around she jumped on me, put her legs around my waist and kissed me long and hard, i was dumbstruck, she stopped looked into my eyes and said owen i love you, i loved you since i first saw u, ever since i was 12 i wanted you to be my first. Owen i want you to fuck me right now. I couldn’t believe what i was hearing, and really this is what i wanted too, deep down inside i wanted her as much as she wanted me but the age was so different. I then lost all sense and i slid off her dress while still holding her up she ripped my shirt. Then through on my bed and took off her white panties. I saw she had trimmed her pussy, it looked so hot. I then went down on her and stuck my mouth right in her pussy. Now i had always hated pussy, i guess the pussy i had was just not good, but mikaylas was fuckin amazing for some reason. I started licking her clit and after a couple of minutes i heard her bassicly screaming. OH OWEN I WANT THAT COCK IN MY MOUTH SO BAD, I NEED IT, DON’T MAKE ME CUM YET, I WANT THAT COCK IN MY PUSSY FOR WHEN I CUM. I then stopped and slid off my pants she then slid down on her knees and started sucking on my cock, she was doing great. She then just started teasing the head of my cock, it was unbearable, all of a sudden she stopped. She crawled her way up and kissed my lips, she then looked deep in my eyes and slid my cock in her pussy, she screamed in what looked like pin but then changed in to a deep moan. I started fucking her, she was soo tight it was amazing, O MY GOD OWEN I I WANT U TO CUM IN MY PUSSY OMG THIS FEELS SO GOOD, PLEASE OWEN FUCK ME HARD. I then slowly picked her up and carried her to a wall and started slamming her even harder, i couldn’t take any more and she knew, she then just bit right on my neck as i felt her pussy tighten and it started to cum.i then came right in her pussycat the same time. I don’t know who screamed louder, it was fucking amazing. Amazingly i was also still hard. She then grabbed my cock, and made me sit on the side of the bed, she then turned around bent over and slid my soaking wet cock deep in her ass, i let out a huge moan, it was tighter then her fucking pussy, she then just started screaming even louder, OMG FUCK MY VIRGIN ASS IT FEEELS FUCKIN AMAZING, I ONLY EVER WANT YOUR FUCKING COCK IN MY ASS, after fuckin her for a good 10 minutes she came again and then i came right in her ass. After this hour of heaven we collapsed on each other in the bed. The last thing we said to each other was,i love you mikayla, i know just promise me you will never leave me owen.. I promise babe.

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