Who’s Cum Is This

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Who’s Cum Is This

When I got home my husband stopped me before I could get to the bathroom and clean up. Lately he had been suspicious, but I thought that I had calmed him down. He was normally a very peaceful loving man. That was what had drawn me to him in the first place.

Over the last year I had begun to wonder what it would be like to be with another man. I had done some casual flirting at work and it had paid off. I had gotten a promotion to the President’s Personal Secretary. It came with a raise in salary and a few extra hours of work. It also came with me providing the boss with some sexual fringe benefits.

Basically I had let my boss look up my skirt, down my blouse, and I had allowed him an occasional fuck. Although once a week was just not enough for him. It quickly escalated to him reaching into my bra and playing with my nipples as I typed, reaching up under my skirt and fingering my pussy as I filed reports away, and then me sucking his cock during a meeting with his vice-presidents. I was hiding under his big oak desk where no one could see me but I was still scared to death.

Then he told me to stop wearing panties to the office. That was then followed by me not wearing a bra to the office either. Then he insisted that my skirts got shorter and that my blouses got more sheer. Soon I was embarrassed to walk from my car to my desk knowing that my breasts were quite visible. Somewhere along the way I was not allowed any bathroom breaks to relieve myself either.

Then at the end of the day he started fucking me from behind as I was bent over his big oak desk taking dictation. Right afterwards he would then walk me to my car to make sure that I didn’t clean myself up before I got home.

That fateful night as I was making my way to the bathroom my husband reached out and grabbed my wrist. I didn’t even know that he had come home early, I hadn’t seen his car in the driveway, and he startled me. He wanted to know where I was going in such a hurry and I told him to the bathroom to pee. He held my wrist tightly in one hand and then he slipped the other hand up under my short skirt. My boss had conditioned me to open my legs whenever he did that so I instinctively opened my legs and allowed my husband full access. I could feel his fingers poking at my pussy lips and I knew what he was after so I didn’t disappoint him. I tightened my stomach muscles and forced a gush of my boss’ cum to flow out.

When my husband removed his hand from between my legs I looked down. His hand was covered with a shiny slim. A big translucent gob was making its way down his long fingers to form a puddle in his palm.

He asked, “Who’s cum is this?”

I hesitated and he once again asked, “Who’s cum is this?”

I whispered, “My boss.”

He asked, “How long have you been fucking your boss?”

I replied, “I’ll tell you everything if you let me go pee first.”

All he did was look around, empty a candy dish on the coffee table, and shove it between my legs. I knew that I didn’t deserve any better than that. I relaxed my muscles and started to pee in that candy dish. It felt so good to be able to relieve myself that I must have moaned in pleasure. I peed for a very long time. I wondered if I would overflow the candy dish. I never once thought of what I was going to tell my husband.

When I finally finished, my husband removed the candy dish from between my legs. It was almost half full of very dark urine. I had not been drinking enough since I was not allowed to pee at work. I knew that my doctor would not approve of the rich golden color.

My husband asked again, “So how long have you been fucking your boss?”

I knew that I now had nothing to hide from my husband. We had been happily married for twenty-five years, we had three wonderful children, and we had six beautiful grandchildren.

So I stood there and told my husband everything that he wanted to know, about how it all started, and how quickly it had escalated into what he had seen just minutes ago.

I waited for the bomb to drop. My whole marriage flew before my eyes. I was wondering what my life would be like without him.

Then my husband pushed me over the back of the couch and started to fuck me from behind, just as I had described it to him. My skirt had been lifted up onto my back, my left ass cheek had been smacked hard, and he was squeezing my right tit in his strong hand. I could feel his thrusts and knew that he was excited to fuck me. He always had a sense of forcefulness whenever he was extremely excited. I hadn’t felt that intense feeling in quite a while. It was nice. It also told me that things were not as bad as I had imagined. He thrusted into my ass hard forcing my pelvis into the rough texture of the couch and giving me a much better feeling than my boss ever had. This was love. It was forceful, it was revengeful, but it was also very loving too. With my boss it was just sex and nothing more.

As that last gob of his cum was deposited deep in my womb I had an intense orgasm, the kind I only get from my husband. As I lay there bent over the couch I said, “I love you.”

To which he replied, “I love you too.”

Moments later he added, “I now have flexible hours at work. From now on I’ll be fucking you every morning and taking you to work so your boss will find my cum in you. Then I’ll pick you up after work too and see if his mess is bigger. Oh by the way I like your new look but you won’t be needing any clothes in the house from now on…will you?”

I smiled and replied, “No Honey, I won’t.”

Then he said, “Go clean up, put on your shortest skirt and your sheerest blouse, and you don’t need any underwear either. I’m taking you out to dinner.”

I was going to hurry but then I decided not too. I gave myself a vinegar douche, took a nice long hot shower, and then I fixed my hair, applied some makeup, and then I got dressed in an outfit that I would not wear to work…however this was for my husband…the man that I love.

When I came out of the bedroom I was greeted to a standing ovation. My husband was standing and clapping as he made wolf whistles. His cock was also standing at attention. I asked my husband if I should take care of his ‘not so little problem’ and he told me, maybe later.

As I passed by the mirror in the hallway I admired myself in the mirror. What had I become? Was I my boss’ slut, a prostitute on the job, or was I exactly what my husband had always asked me to be. My blouse was transparent and my breasts were fully visible. My nipples were hard from rubbing against the silky material and my areolas were crinkled from my excitement. My pussy was already dripping from expectation. My skirt was high enough to see my panties, if I were wearing any. At least I believed that anyone could see my pussy as I walked. I was equally sure that the bottom of my rounded ass was also sticking out from below my skirt. I just might die of humiliation but this was for my husband and I loved him enough to do this for him.

At the restaurant I blushed when my husband asked the waitress to put us someplace dark and quiet where we could be quite naughty. She giggled and took us to a far corner. She took our drink order and when she returned with them none of the buttons on my sheer blouse were attached. My nipples were just barely covered, if sheer material is considered a covering. I had done that at my husband’s request. Our waitress looked directly at my heaving chest and smiled at me and then she looked at my husband and giggled. He ordered a second round of drinks right away.

When she brought the drinks that time I was on my knees under the table sucking my husband’s cock. I made sure that my feet were sticking out so that she would know where I was. I was sure that my ass was sticking out and that my pussy juices had glistened my thighs.

I felt her foot slip between my legs so I opened my knees up for her. She was in no hurry to leave and made small talk with my husband as I sucked on his cock. She asked if we needed another drink soon, she told him about the specials again, and she dropped a napkin onto the floor so that she could squat down for it. As she squatted down she opened her knees up wide for us. I glanced over to see her pink panties pressed tightly into her pussy lips. I was sure that my husband had just as good a view, since his cock had hardened even more in my mouth. I felt her hand make its way to my pussy, cupping it, and then she inserted a finger. As I sucked my husband’s cock she proceeded to finger fuck me. He could not have known what she was doing to me but I knew that he could see my hand go to her pussy and return the favor. For the next minute or two we had a very sexy threesome going on. Then he cum, I orgasmed, and so did she. I crawled out from under the table, my blouse was fully open, I had some cum on my lips, and then she kissed me. It was the first sexual kiss that I had ever received from a woman. She cupped one of my breasts as she kissed me deeply and licked the cum from my lips. All the time my husband was watching us. My finger was back in her pussy too as we kissed. Finally we broke apart and I smelled her fragrance on my finger before I placed it in my mouth and sucked her juices off from it.

Throughout the rest of our meal she brought us drinks, extra plates of food, and she kept a very close eye on us. She would kiss me and she would let my husband feel her up.

As she served my husband his desert our waitress leaned over and whispered something into his ear. He said okay and then she crawled underneath the table. At first I thought that she was going to suck my husband’s cock but then I felt her soft warm hands on my inner thighs pushing them apart. I opened my knees wide for her. I felt her grab my ass and pull me forward so I cooperated. Then I felt her lips kissing my pussy and her licking right up my slit. I felt her teeth scrap my clit lightly and the start of the best orgasm of my life. In that public restaurant with my breasts totally exposed and that waitress lightly biting my clit I let out a string of utterances unlike any other to pass my lips. I made so much noise that I drew the attention of everyone in the place from the customers and waitresses to the bartender and the owner. When our waitress finally stopped and came up for air the owner was staring at her. I didn’t want to see her get into trouble so I unzipped his pants, pulled out his cock, and gave him the best blowjob that I could. By the end he was shouting out his pleasure even louder than I had. With my mouth full of his cum our waitress kissed me and took half of it into her own mouth, and then she thanked me.

By the end of the evening my husband had negotiated to buy the restaurant, for me to quit my job, and for me to run our new business. Of course our waitress was immediately promoted and we talked about putting in a few more ‘private’ booths for our more daring customers.

I never closed my blouse or even buttoned it up until we were ready to leave. Our waitress Jeneffer suggested that my micro miniskirt and see through blouse become our new dress code. She also suggested that the younger waitresses be replaced with more mature and discreet women. I totally agreed.

As it turned out I was forty-four and Jeneffer was thirty-six. Her husband was four years older than she was and she had three children too, but no grandchildren yet.

The next day I walked into work, packed up my personal items, and quit. As I walked out in my micro miniskirt and see through blouse I made sure to say goodbye to everyone. I kissed the men and I kissed the women, I held the men’s crotches and I held the women’s breasts, and I made sure to tell each and every one of them what a pitiful fuck their boss really was. That got a giggle from most of the women.

In a week all of the paperwork was done, the lawyers had read everything over, and the restaurant was ours, or rather mine.

The waitresses knew what was coming and most of them were not comfortable about it and gave me their notice. A couple of the older waitresses seemed to like the idea a little bit and decided to stay on. Through them I interviewed a few more mature women that were willing to flaunt their assets for generous tips.

In a month we were taking reservations for our six private booths. Our waitresses became quite confident with their attire as I had. The staff was doing a great job and our clientele was really nice. At first we expected a lot of perverts coping feels but as it turned out they were nice guys that copped feels and we let them. The tips were more than double what they used to be and the waitresses were very pleased. Whenever one of the waitress’ husbands would come, in I would personally wait on him, let him feel me up all he wanted too, and I never give him a bill.

Business was great and my sex life at home was even better than that.

One evening my ex-boss came in for dinner with my replacement. I knew her and I knew her husband too. She was wearing almost the same outfit that my waitresses and I were wearing. I smiled and slapped his hand as he reached for my pussy. However, I reached for her pussy and gave her a rather nice kiss too.

I looked at the slim on my fingers and asked, “Who’s cum is this?”

She blushed and just looked at her boss.

I decided to wait on them myself. Whenever he asked for a drink I gave him double shots of booze. I felt her up every chance that I got. I reached into her blouse and played with her nipples, I reached under her skirt and played with her pussy, and I let her play with my pussy too. At the end of their meal I stood up on their table, squatted down in front of her, and pulled her face into my crotch. She took the hint and started licking my pussy for me. While she was busy I handed him his bill. He looked upset because I had charged him double for all of his drinks and I had brought him plenty of them too. He threw down enough money to pay his bill twice (nice tip) and then dragged her away from my pussy. She hadn’t wanted to stop and I hadn’t wanted her too either.

On the way past me she whispered in my ear, “Do you need any more waitresses?”

I whispered back, “You can start tomorrow.”

She kept looking back at me and smiled all the way out the door.

The End
Who’s Cum Is This

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