After Practice_(1)

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My muscles ached as I lumbered towards the locker room. My Varsity Football team had just one 48-41 against a really tough team from upstate. As I got closer to the locker room, I started to take off my shoulder pads and undo my belt. I wasn’t the most athletic or good looking guy in the world. I’m about 270 lbs and 6’4” and I was starting defensive and offensive tackle (naturally).

The pads slipped off my sweaty broad shoulders and fell to the floor. I took off my cleats, and lower pads until I was in my boxers. As I took off my boxers I grabbed a towel from my locker. My cock wasn’t anything special. It’s about 6” when hard and about 3” thick. Right now it was pretty flaccid and sat comfortably on my balls. I wrapped the towel around my waist and walked toward the showers. Luckily I knew the rest of the team had left for some party so I wouldn’t be disturbed.

I layed the towel in a nearby bench and turned the water on. As I stood underneath the warm water, my muscles started to relax and I felt incredible. Suddenly I heard the locker room door open. Being self-conscious about my body, I grabbed the towel and went to go see who it was. To my surprise it was Emily, one of the cheerleader captains.

Emily is absolutely stunning. She’s actually what a stereotype cheerleader looks like. She had bright blue eyes and blonde hair that fell down to her shoulders. Emily was probably a C cup and had a lovely toned stomach and tight ass. She had a bag with her and headphones in. She walked over to a bench and put her bag down, giving me a good look up her skirt right at her cheerleader panties. My dick started to get hard when she turned and gasped.

“Cameron?!? What are you doing here?” Emily asked.

“I could ask you the same thing” I responded.

“The showers in the girl’s locker room are too cold. Why aren’t you at the party with the rest of the team?” She asked.

“I don’t do well at parties. And besides I have better things to do.” I said as I attempted to sound confident.

“Yea right, you were probably gonna go home and jerk off and play video games or something.” Emily laughed.

I started to blush hard and she noticed. “Aww don’t be embarrassed Cam. Every guy does it. Hell even most of us girls do it!” Her eyes seemed to light up.

“Well most guys don’t like to talk about it. And besides the guys on the team have a girl or two to go home to. I don’t.” I said while looking at the floor.

“Wait, you don’t have a girlfriend? Have you ever had sex?” She asked while slowly approaching me.

I shook my head. I was the only guy on the team who was a virgin and who has never had a girlfriend. I’ve actually never even kissed a girl.

“Cam you’re on the goddamn varsity football team! You can have any girl you want!” She laughed

“Well no girl has shown interest in me so.look I should go. Enjoy your shower.”

As I started to walk past her she stepped in front of me. “Cam lucky for you my boyfriend broke up with me a few weeks ago and I haven’t had sex in awhile.”

Her hand drifted down to my hardening cock. “Is this for me?” She said while giggling.

My face turned crimson as she looked at me seductively. Emily turned and grinded against me before going over to her bag. While facing the lockers, Emily bent forward and pulled down her skirt, exposing her white Calvin Klein thong. Then she stood up and took off her top and undershirt to reveal a matching white sports bra. My dick felt like it was going to tear through the towel. She pulled off her bra and I could see the side of her boobs fall out. Emily placed her hands over her nipples and walked over to me. “Have you ever touched boobs before Cameron?” She asked.

I furiously shook my head and she dropped her hands, revealing her beautiful tits. They were big and perk with hard dark nipples. She grabbed my hands and put them on her waist. I traced my hands over her toned stomach and up to her boobs. I felt like I died and went to heaven when I touched my first boobs. I slowly kneaded them and gently pinched her nipples with my thumb and pointer finger. After a few minutes of that, I lowered my mouth onto her right nipple. As I started to flick it with my tounge, Emily let out a moan and grabbed my shirt brown hair. “Wow Cam, for never doing this before you sure do know how to touch some boobs!” She moaned

I switched over to her other nipple and felt Emily move a little. Suddenly she grabbed my right hand and placed it on her hot and wet pussy. I gasped and looked at her. “Let me help you s little sweetie.” said Emily.

I found her hole and slid my finger inside her tight cunt. I slowly started moving it in and out while Emily rubbed her clit. Soon my towel fell and she grabbed my hard cock. My knees buckled and I moaned as she moved to my lips and started to kiss me. Soon I knew I was going to cum, and she knew it too. Suddenly Emily stopped and walked over to the wall. “Come here big boy.” I walked over and rubbed my dick against her pussy.

Slowly I pushed into her. Emily’s hot cunt swallowed my virgin dick. I moaned loudly as I hit her cervix. “Damn Cameron, I had no idea you were this thick.” She moaned as I moved my hips. I started to pick up the lace and her cunt tightened around my dick. “After a little bit I said “Emily I’m not sure how long I’m gonna last. You’re squeezing me!”

She turned to look at me with her electric blue eyes. “Go hard Cammy. Show me what you’re made of!”

I grabbed her hips and started pounding into her causing Emily to scream in ecstasy. “Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck oh fuccccckkkk! Cammy I’m gonnna cum!” As she said that Emily screamed and her pussy started to tighten around my cock and she squirted all over my balls. “Fuck Emily I’m gonna cum!”

I pulled out and she got on her knees. Emily grabbed my throbbing cock and pushed it between her tits. Then she started sucking my dick while I titty fucked her. Suddenly my balls churned and I erupted cum all over her tits. My knees gave in and I sat on the floor, exhausted. Emily giggled and licked some cum off her fingers. “Not bad for your first time Cammy. You lasted pretty long. If you want some more, come to my house this Friday.”

Emily kissed me on the cheek, grabbed her bag and walked out. I layed my head back and sighed. “Bestdayever”


So this is my first story so please leave some constructive criticism! Anything I should change? Maybe expand on Cameron?

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