Snowbound Encounter

The snow had been relentless and my situation was growing increasingly dire by the minute. This whole trip had devolved into a comedy of errors but now I was courting disaster. I should never have tried to outrun this weather system, tried taking this stupid shortcut, or not fueled up at my last opportunity. The shortcut problem was only partly my fault though. It appeared that this remote rural expanse didn’t believe in road signs so every sparsely placed intersection was like playing Russian roulette. The snow was getting deep enough it was even difficult to pick out the road from the surrounding landscape. Fences, power poles and occasional mailboxes helped though. My phone had no reception out here in the middle of nowhere and my old paper road map wasn’t detailed enough to be very helpful.

Now, to make matters worse it was night and the snow was getting so deep I knew it was just a matter of time till my little sedan got high centered or stuck. It had been miles and miles since I’d seen any signs of civilization like houses. I made it almost another mile when my worst fear was realized. The snow was just too deep now for traction and I was stuck. I tried over and over to get moving again but it was no use. And even if I could get going the question loomed, go where? What now? It was in the low teens outside. Would I freeze to death here? Was this the end of my short twenty years of life? Such thoughts I knew would do me no good. This was a survival situation of my own making and I had to find a way out.

The car’s heater could be used only sparingly because my fuel was so low. Nobody on earth knew where I was, hell, I didn’t know where I was! To conserve resources I turned everything off. Due to the reflective nature of snow it wasn’t as dark as I imagined it would be. I decided to get out and evaluate things and see if there was anything such as a distant farmhouse around here. After bundling up the best I could I stood by the car and scanned the seeming endless horizon. Scattered silhouettes of naked trees, the usual old fences, and…..A LIGHT! I could barely make it out but it was there! It had to be a farm house. It was the only hope I had but only if I could reach it without literally freezing to death. Throwing some meager supplies in a small pack and securing the car the best I could I set off.

It was a long, slow, exhausting slog as biting cold wind stung my face. My hands were getting cold even though they were tucked in my coat pockets. Ever so slowly I could start to make out the form of a modest farm house where the light emanated. Soon I could make out windows that were lit as well, meaning someone was home! I just hoped they were friendly.

I was nervous as I approached. It was an old averaged sized house with a big porch probably dating to the early 1900s. Scattered out buildings, old cars and farm equipment, and a row of dormant poplar trees stood in defiance of the drifting snow. Curtains over the windows prevented my having any preview of the occupants. Now nearly frozen, I gathered all my courage and knocked on the doorframe.

Nothing happened, I tried again and this time heard movement. The door creaked open and a tall, well- built man in his forties looked down at me through the beat up screen door. “Yeah, can I help you?” he asked. In my case it was not a merely rhetorical question!

My teeth chattering from the cold I explained my predicament and hoped for a sympathetic response. He invited me in much to my profound relief! “Come warm up by the stove and take your coat and shoes off.” The house was a bit cluttered but warm and cozy, especially to me. My host pulled a chair over for me and I began to thaw myself out. I was glad to discover my hands and feet didn’t have frostbite. I heard some activity in the kitchen area but didn’t take much notice of it. A few minutes passed and a pleasant female voice asked timidly “Would you like some hot chocolate?” I looked to see a fairly attractive girl a year or two younger than me handing me a steaming mug. I thanked her politely. “This is my daughter Shari. I’m Rex. Let me catch you up to date. This storm is supposed to last another day or two and it’ll be at least that long till the road is plowed and passable for your car. The whole area is without power. The only reason we have it is that we have a dam on a creek nearby providing it. We have a landline but we must have a downed line somewhere. We’re so far out in the boonies we’re usually the last to get serviced.” None of what he had told me sounded at all encouraging.

About this point Shari nudged her father and gestured she wanted to talk with him privately. “Excuse us, we’ll be right back.” I said “No problem.” and realized I was now warm enough to begin feeling almost normal so I sat pondering my options, or the lack of them.

Shortly the two returned. This time I had thawed out to where I was much better able to observe and process things. Chief among them was Shari. She seemed different. No she wouldn’t win a beauty pageant but she had a wholesome “girl next door” look. With her perky face, dirty blonde ponytail spilling over her shoulders, short denim skirt, and long almost skinny legs she was quite cute. They sat down and offered me a bowl of warm stew which I readily accepted since I was starving.

It was hard for me to not stare at Shari. My girlfriend had broken up with me a couple months earlier and I hadn’t had sex since. As a result I was very horny below the surface but I did my best to keep it under control. Getting a hard-on with her dad here could be a very bad thing.

“So, now you know the situation. You’re basically stuck here with us and that’s ok. You can stay here and we’ll put you up and feed you till things improve enough for you to leave but you need to help us with some things in return.” Rex explained. “Oh sure, absolutely, just name it. I promise to do anything you want.” I said with grateful sincerity. Of course I was expecting a list of chores like chopping wood, feeding farm animals, helping clean, working on broken down gear and other such stuff.

“Excellent, glad to hear that, I think we’ll all get along great. “ Rex told me. Shari took my bowl to the kitchen and returned. “Ready to get started? Follow us. “They got up and started down a short hallway as I tagged along behind bursting from curiosity concerning what they had in mind. When I spotted the bathroom I excused myself, ducked in, made good use of it and rejoined them. We then entered a bedroom that was clearly Shari’s. “What was going on?” I wondered.

What came next about blew my mind.” The first thing you need to do is take my daughter’s virginity while I watch. She just turned eighteen and is still untouched. The few boys we have around these parts are as stupid and clumsy as cavemen and could never do it properly. We can tell you’re from the city and more refined. Besides, she likes you.” At this Shari blushed like a schoolgirl confirming the truth of the statement. Needless to say I was totally stunned! Did I REALLY here him right! “You’re not serious!” I blurted. But Rex just nodded and said “Absolutely, like a heart attack. And after you two are done there’s something else you need to do for me but I’ll leave that till later. Shari, I think we should show him how serious we are, go ahead, you know what to do.”

On that cue Shari pulled off her top revealing her perky little breasts with big, dark nipples. The shoes went next then she loosened her skirt and dropped it to the floor. Staring straight at me her hands went to her narrow hips and slowly pulled down her lacy white panties which she quickly stepped out of and stood before me in naked splendor. At this I felt my penis lurch to full erection.

Shari had a lovely little body! She was maybe five feet tall, was slim and lean but not skinny, and had only a token patch of light brown pubic hair that did nothing to hide the plump lips between her thighs and the slit between.

“You’re way over dressed son, let her help you.” Rex said as he stood out of my field of vision. With that Shari came to me and gently began removing my clothes and making as much body contact as possible in the process. The next thing I knew my briefs were pulled down and my erect organ popped up finally freed from the restraining fabric. My heart thumping heavily, she grabbed my wrist and led me to the bed.

I’d been so wrapped up with Shari that I had forgotten her dad was in the room someplace! I glanced around and was startled to see the big, powerful man had stripped also and was now sitting in a chair sporting a fully erect cock that was easily eight inches long! Catching my gaze he said “Just get on with it, pretend I’m not here.” Then Shari kissed me hard on the lips causing my attention to instantly return to her and we started getting into some serious lovemaking. Frankly, she was horny as hell and before long I was at her level!

Outside the window the howling gusts of the blizzard blasted icy barrages against the house causing it to shutter and creak as our hot, lusty young bodies entwined. Taking plenty of time and as gently as possible I tutored her body in the ways of pleasure. With a charming sense of wonder and fear she had explored my balls and penis and I worked fingers into her feminine passage finding it slick with her juices. She, I knew, was more than ready for me. “Ready?” I said. She responded with a shy nod and I wasted no time positioning myself between her thighs. I found her entrance and slowly started to work my way in when her hymen offered some slight resistance. This caused her pretty face some minor distress but it passed quickly. Then my penis slipped easily into the sensual Eden of her tight, youthful vagina and her virginity became but a memory.

Shari clamped her arms and legs around me as I reveled in the delicious sensations of my cock moving within her. I could tell by her face she was lost in the sensuous moment as much as I was. Her legs came up higher and higher till her ankles were over my shoulders. I plumbed the greatest depths of her titillating tunnel which spasmed round me. But I wasn’t done.

She got on top and rode me hard for a long time. Finally I had her get on all fours so I could watch myself fucking her. Her baby smooth buttocks, little butthole, and my big dick sliding in and out of her moist cunt lips was gorgeous! Soon she moaned loudly and I felt her vaginal walls quiver and then grip my penis hard. It was the final straw. My semen burst in diminishing waves into Shari’s now deflowered vagina. “Are you ok?” I asked in genuine concern as I pulled out. Nearly breathless she flopped over on her back and enthusiastically gasped, “OH YES! THANK YOU SO MUCH! It was wonderful!”

Clapping came from the other side of the room and a husky voice said “Good job kid! That was quite a show! Wish you could have seen it! Thanks!” I had understandably been so caught up in my lovemaking I had totally forgotten about Shari’s dad watching us! It was a relief to know they were both happy with me even though I though the whole thing was rather weird.

Then I remembered He’d mentioned there was something else he wanted me to do for him and asked about it. I was not prepared for the answer. Rex got up and came toward me with his big penis looking more intimidating with each step he took. “Ever been with a man?” This caught me way off guard and I stumbled for words. I was also a bit scared. “Uh……uh…n… no!” I managed to reply.

“Well, that’s about to change. The other thing I want you to do for me is to let me fuck you in the butt. You did promise to do “anything” you know.” Rex said staring into my face. This was the last thing on earth I wanted to do! My mind raced to find a way out of this but came up empty and now I really was scared. There simply were no other options. I couldn’t leave without risking my life and I desperately needed his help and resources. There was no choice but to accept his request. With my heart thumping I shyly muttered, “What do you want me to do? And is she goin to watch?” I asked worriedly. “Well, I’m going to stick my dick in that sexy bottom of yours and take your virginity like you took my daughter’s. And, of course she’ll be watching.”

I gulped at his intentions being so blatantly laid out like that and instantly got very nervous. “Come stand over here and turn around, I want to see your body.” Rex ordered. Still very naked I stood before him and turned in slow a circle displaying all sides of my body to his view. “Very, very, nice! Let me see your backside again.” I did and he massaged my shoulders, arms, legs and back. Then his hands roamed over my smooth buttocks and a finger, starting at my lower back, slid down the crevice between them causing a shiver to shoot through me when it touched my hole.

“Shari, do you have something I can use to lube him up?” I heard a drawer open and some obvious rummaging around then I heard her say “Lotion?” “Sure, that’ll do it, thanks.” was her father’s response. The digit left me but soon returned and now slick as a greased frog, slid effortlessly into my bottom hole. It surprised me and I let out a gulp. It felt strange as it moved around inside me. “There, now that feels nice doesn’t it?” he asked as his other hand reached around and started fondling my boy parts. A strange, never before felt yearning began growing in my body especially in my pelvis. “Yes.” I admitted. Another finger joined the first and he whispered in my ear, “How’s that?” Although I was really scared about where this was going I had to give him another yes. This was met with: ”Good, now get on the bed.”

Shari’s father followed me onto the bed and I got an even better view of his still very erect and anxious organ. I trembled knowing what he intended to do with it. He directed me to get on all fours and I did so. His hands gently laid down a light film of lotion on my thighs and buttocks then all over my now spent balls and dick. “How did it feel having this in my daughter’s cunt?” The question seemed so weird in a way but I just told him “Really nice.” There was some movement on the bed behind me. “Now you’re going to feel something else really nice.” With that statement the plumb-like tip pushed suddenly against my anus and I trembled fearing the worst. Somewhere in my being though was a suppressed mix of excitement, curiosity, and physical longing. Doing everything I could to get my tight ring of muscle to let down its guard, it slowly started to expand. “That’s it, just a bit more.” he encouraged. As his words ended my struggle ended too. Rex’s penis passed the clenching flesh of my anus and slowly buried itself deeply in the engulfing warm walls of my rectum!

At first I didn’t know what to think but then I realized I was ok. After waiting a moment he started slowly moving back and forth within me. Now I knew he had been right when he said it would feel really nice. This was more than just really nice, this felt FANTASTIC! His big hands gripped my waist and I heard the rhythmic slapping sound as his groin pounded against the soft cheeks of my butt. My eyes had been closed as I had gotten caught up in the sensations of Rex’s entry into my body. Suddenly they snapped wide open when a feminine voice asked in an almost child-like way “Do you like it? Do you like having it in your butt?” I’d virtually forgotten about Shari and there she was still naked from our fuck kneeling and staring into my face. “Yeah, yeah, I do.” I gasped as her father’s cock started humping me even harder. “It looks really cool, I like watching it go in and out of you!” she said with much enthusiasm. Then, still on all fours she turned around so her butt and cunt lips, dripping with my cum, were nearly in my face. “Lick it.” she ordered with surprising assertiveness. As her dad continued fucking me, my tongue traveled over her clit, outer and inner lips, and cunt, sometimes licking up my own semen.

Rex pulled out of me and stood by the bed. He had me lie on my back on the edge then bring my legs back all the way. Still standing, he slid easily back into my rectum but this position felt different. His organ was rubbing against something inside me that felt amazing! I held my legs up and simply reveled in how great it felt. Shari then reached in and started pumping my dick with her small hand. After just a few minutes Shari cranking on my cock and her thrusting away inside me hitting that tickle spot came again. Rex rammed me harder and deeper than ever and I suddenly felt his cock erupt his juices far into my bowels! Then he pulled it slowly from my butt.

“There, how was that?! You liked having my hard cock in you didn’t you?! “Rex asked not really looking for an answer. I couldn’t believe my own response when I gushed, ”THAT WAS AMAZING!”

It was now getting really late so Rex left the room and snuggled up behind Shari in a spooning position with both of us still naked. Sleep came quickly and the night passed in a blink.

After a delicious breakfast the next morning I was helping Shari with the dishes when she caught me off guard. “When we finish with this I want you to fuck me the way that dad fucked you last night. I want to know what it’s like getting it in the butt.” A deep male voice suddenly interrupted before I had fully processed Shari’s words saying “Ok daughter, he’s all yours after I’m done with him.”

Soon we were all naked in Shari’s room again and Rex’s finger was in my butt. Shari, obviously fascinated, asked, “Can I do that? I’ve never felt inside a boy’s butt before.” Her dad replied “Let me see your nails.” They met his approval and in no time her cautious well-lubed finger was probing inside me. “Wow, it’s so warm and soft in there!” It was weird wrapping my head around the fact that a female body part was penetrating me! Another and then another of her slender digits joined the first and this “play” went on for a few minutes. “Ok sweetheart, he’s ready for me now, pull em out. Thanks. ” She did as he said and dried her hand while keeping a watchful eye on me.

He said “Get up for a minute.” and then placed pillow on the center of the bed. “Now lie back with this under your hips. I want to see how deep you can really take it but I won’t make you cum. You need to save that for her.” My fear was largely gone now, replaced by anticipation and a thumping heart as I did as he said. “Bring your legs back as far as you can and relax your ass.” I did and being quite flexible my thighs pressed hard against my chest. I watched between my calves as the big hairy man positioned himself and lowered his powerful, stallion-like member to my entrance and started to push. Thanks to Shari’s preparing me so well there was only moderate resistance. Then in a single continuous motion his entire very lengthy penis sank to the deepest possible level of my bottom and I felt his loins and ball sack press hard against me. “WOW!” I thought. Rex was overcome by lust and in no mood for a gentle session as he started fucking me as hard as a jack hammer.

Shari watched her father pound me from every angle she could think of but didn’t participate at all this time. My legs rested on his broad shoulders with his face right above my own and I searched it constantly for sign that he might cum soon. At his pace it didn’t take long, he made a loud gasp and once again his semen shot far into my bowels. I’d loved every second of it!

Rex pulled out and I sat up trying to come down from the sexual high I’d just experienced when Shari practically burst, “MY TURN! I can’t wait! Stick it in my ass now!” With that she got in the same position on the pillow that I had just been in with her knees pulled back to her chest. “We have to get your hole ready before we do that.” I reminded her. “Oh, I did that that while dad was fucking you. I already fingered my hole like crazy. Please hurry, I want to feel you in my butt!” Looking down I could see her plainly bared rosebud glistening from a copious amount of lube. In all honesty, I was just as horny as she was, this would be my first time at butt fucking.

As fast as I could I slathered lotion on my rock hard erection and placed the head against her little entrance. I stretched out above her lovely, petite, body and let her calves rest on my shoulders. “Do it! Fuck me in the ass like my dad did to you!” she said as I looked down her cute smiling face.

I lowered my pelvis and at first encountered resistance but applying more pressure my tip popped through her muscular sphincter and she gasped loudly! “You ok?” I asked, genuinely concerned for her comfort. Her eyes twinkled and she shook her head enthusiastically. With this confirmation, I proceeded to slide my penis to the hilt in the hot, creamy soft depths of Shari’s Rectum! My GOD IT FELT GOOD! It took all I had to not cum at once. I lay still for a moment to get used to these wonderful new sensations and then started gently humping. Shari was as lost in it as I was saying “OH YEAH! FUCK ME! Fuck in the ass!” And I did, like a fucking machine till I started to wonder about another position and withdrew my cock. At first she wasn’t pleased but on hearing the plan she excitedly got on all fours with her legs bent a little and let me get behind her. Carefully I slid my cock back into her cute feminine bottom and fucked it relentlessly as she cued and let out other cute, girly sounds. I loved looking down and watching my own cock gliding back and forth in her widely stretched but tight anus. I knew I was reaching the point of no return when big hands suddenly gripped my hips and something large slid between MY buttocks! Her dad’s big cock slipped deep into my own ass as I frantically fucked hers! He hit that spot inside me again and I blasted my sperm harmlessly into Shari’s rectal cavern as unspeakable pleasure flooded through my lust-ridden young body! A moment later rex did the same in mine! Utterly spent, we just lay there like limp rags for several minutes then slowly snapped out of it and got dressed.

We had several more sessions like these in the couple days we were snowed in. Phone service was restored and the road was eventually plowed. Rex and Shari kept their promise to help me and pulled my car out after giving me detailed directions to the interstate. After a very fond farewell I got in my car and drove off, sad that it was all over.

About two years later I stopped in to say hello and learned that Shari was off to college but Rex took the opportunity to fuck my butt just like before. Those two turned me bisexual and to this day snow always makes me horny!

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