Mark & The submissve Milfs

Oh yeah mom suck it Mark exclaimed , Joyce was deepthroating the 10.5 wang down to the base , it was a Tuesday afternoon & 19 year old Mark Evans was in ecstasy as his stepfather Bill filmed the xxx taboo festivities on Joyce's cellphone for posterity . Mark loved the fact that his mom slave had taboo recordings on her phone for she now belonged to him . Occasionally he'd let her wack Bill off as they watched their xxx scenes. As Joyce swallowed her only son's jism , Mark pointed towards the the bathroom & she knew what that meant . Bill kept filming , while his 49 year old wife who was nude except for her 3inch heels got in the tub & Mark sprayed her face , tits & hair with his piss. After the golden shower was over , the two taboo lovers took a water shower together & cleaned up. Mark was taking Joyce to meet his newest sexslave. Joyce told Bill not to wait up , they wouldnt be back til tomorrow.

Todd was a cuckold , he 19 years old & attended the same college as his friend Mark but last week Mark had brainwashed him &his stepdad & his foxy mom Franny. Two days ago , his stepdad filmed his mom FRANNY getting ravaged by his school chum Mark . Yesterday he watched it on dvd , ( he had a class when it happened) He couldnt believe his community respected mom began by licking Mark's asshole before she moved up & sucked his balls , & then his enormous cock after he turned his mom over who naked except for her heels . Franny was in the doggy-style position & Mark put a dog-collar on her that read " Whore" & chain leash , as he fucked her wet pussy & spanked her fat ass .( Todd couldnt take it any longer & began to jerk his 5 inch dink ) , later Mark grabbed a bottle of lube & started fingering his mom's butthole. Oh please Sir i've never been fucked up the ass pleaded Franny . Oh you'll enjoy it Mark smirked . As he slowed stuffed his 10.5 inch dong up her 3rd hole, Franny ,screamed in pain & ecstasy . Before Mark pulled out & gave Franny a giant load of jizz all over her face. To clean off the man dessert Mark pissed all over her face tits & hair ( it was Franny's 1st golden shower ) As the dvd ended Todd's stepdad Ernie mopped the urine left on the floor as Franny who was still covered in jism & piss was led like a dog collared & leashed to the bathroom where she & master Mark took a water shower together & cleaned up.

Todd was now going to do the filming , 2 days ago his stepdad had the honour , today it was his . Todd opened the door , & was very surprised at what he saw his mom Franny had told him that Mark had another sexslave beside her but he never expected it wouldbe his own mother Joyce , He had a crush on her for a long time & he already had a hardon thinking what Mark was going to the two old sluts . 47 year old blonde 36dd 5ft 6 Franny french kissed 49 yr old 5ft4 inch 40dd Joyce Franny was wearing a lime green thong bikini & thigh high hooker boots , under her overcoat Joyce was completely naked except for her red thigh high hooker boots which contrasted against Franny's black ones . Unknown to Todd , Bill & Ernie had bought that them for their enslaved wives on order from their master.

Master Mark began by french kissing Franny & then his mom Joyce. Then Joyce got down on her knees & deepthroated Marks dong until it was stiff as a board . . Then Franny laid down on the floor & Joyce sat on Franny's face as Franny got fucked by Marks schlong . (Todd could barely take it , & wanted to wack off but he kew Master Mark wanted the memory , maybe he'd let him watch it later he thought ) Franny had only eaten pussy in college , but riding a bicycle it came back to her. Joyce knew that Franny had an experienced tongue . 7 minutes later Joyce achieved blissful orgasm. Next Todd who was still hard & hadnt cum yet had decided to get nasty with the old bitches & he stood up and Todd filmed his mom Franny lick manass (behind) while Joyce was (on the front end ) sucking her son's balls while he jerked off , until he exploded all over Joyce's face & gave her a facial creampie . Franny shared the man dessert as he Todd kept filming .

Both faces were covered in Mark's goo so he took both ladies to the washroom . This time though Mark wanted to something different & he had Joyce give Franny a pissfacial & Franny did the same Joyce. (Todd loved it lezzie watersports ) After Franny & Joyce washed in a lezzie shower .

Master Mark was holding Joyce Evans by the leash as they watched a mom xxx movie , it was very nasty xxx movie some guy named Gunter who was 25 yrs of age from Germany was skullfucking his mom Mildred she still had a gag reflex & was choking on it . As Mark watched the movie Joyce licked her sons ass , Gunter was still trying to get Mildred to deepthroat his wang but instead he became so frustrated , that he gave her the biggest piss facial he had ever seen , humiliated the 54yr old German slut crawled to the bathroom where a young 20 year old femdom named Marina was waiting to also piss on her useless face.

Mark loved the scene & as Joyce continued licking her son/master ass until he covered her face, tits & hair in cum The End

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