Little Stacey - Part 2

Laying there with my hard dick between my little sisters ass cheeks thinking about what I had just done kept me hard and slowly getting even harder. Especially considering that Stacey kept wriggling her little bum into it.
Starting to feel slightly unconfutable with the way it was being pressed against her ass I reached down and maneuvered it so that it was instead resting between her legs against her little pussy. Mmmmm I thought, that’s better. Having my dick pressed up against her little pussy was making me extremely horny again, so I started rubbing it up and down her slit. The result of this was my pre-cum lubing her up quite nicely and making it feel even better.
After rubbing against her for a while I decided to move to get a better angle. Once settled I continued pumping my dick up and down her pussy lips. This angle was so much better. As I lay there thrusting between her legs she moved her bum up a bit and before I realized she had moved my dick went straight up into her little pussy. She let out a soft little moan and wiggled her bum back a bit into me. What a warm soft and tight feeling it was, even better than her mouth.
I had frozen when my dick had entered her just staring at her back. Then started to think, O well may as well carry on. So I pushed forward burying my dick deeper and deeper in her little pussy. After what seemed like forever I was finally all the way inside her. I started slowly pushing in and out of her making her moan each time I went all the way in. this new feeling brought me to cum very quickly and what a feeling it was shooting a load of cum into my sisters pussy. The funny thing is my dick didn’t even try to get soft after my orgasm. So I carried on, but this time I held her hips and pounded harder. My dick pushing the load of my cum out around it so it ran down her leg and bum. In all my enjoyment I didn’t realize that she had awoken and was now moaning louder, it was only when she said to me “harder Fred harder” that I realized she was now awake. Well she wasn’t screaming and crying so I gave her what she wanted. I held her hips tighter and I thrust my dick as hard and deep as I possibly could. It only took 3 of these thrusts for her pussy to squeeze my dick lick a vice grip while she screamed out in ecstasy of her orgasm. The way her pussy squeezed my dick was the limit, I offloaded another load of cum deep inside her. We both lay there panting trying to catch our breath for the longest time.
Finally she pulled forward releasing my dick from the tight grips of her pussy and turned to face me. She looked me in the eyes and said that dream was amazing. She closed her eyes and fell asleep. I followed suit not long after with my hands wrapped around her.
My dreams were filled with Stacey sucking my dick and begging me to fuck her. My last dream I was laying on my back while she buried my dick in her throat. Opening my eyes I realized it wasn’t a dream, my dick was really down her throat. I grabbed her hair and held her head tight as I thrust up and let loose a load of cum down her throat. After my recovery from the unexpected orgasm I released her hair and she sat up with a big smile saying “morning sleepy”
All I could respond was “morning”
She slung her leg over me and guided my semi hard dick into her not slowing at all till it was all the way inside her. She sat there looking at me. “thanks for letting me sleep with you Freddie, I really enjoyed my dreams” she said with a big grin.
“anytime sis, I did as well” was my reply to her. “you better get off, mom and dad should be home”
She grinded back n forth moaning a few times before she hoped off and went to her room.
Seeing as it was Saturday I stayed in my boxers for the day. My mom called us down for breakfast not long after Stacey left my room to come and eat, when I got there my dad was already sitting there with his face buried in the newspaper, Stacey was sitting to his right and there was my breakfast opposite her. My mom said she was going to the shop quickly to get some things she wanted for dinner and with a quick kiss to my dad she disappeared leaving us all at the table.
Stacey looked back and forth between me and my dad as if she was trying to figure us both out. Without a sound she disappeared under the table. A few seconds later I felt her hands take my dick out the front of my boxers and she shoved it all the way in. I almost had a heart attack, don’t get me wrong, it was amazing but our dad was sitting right there next to us. She sucked on it for a bit before getting back up into her chair and finishing her breakfast, leaving me with an exposed hard dick under the table.
The rest of the day went on as normal without us really speaking or coming into contact with each other at all, except for lunch time. Which I unfortunately didn’t get any surprise blowjobs. Then at around 4 in the afternoon there was a knock at my door and Stacey asked if she could come in to which I replied “sure” she bounced in with a cute friend of hers on her heels and said with the biggest grin I had even seen on her lips “Freddie, this is Tarryn, she is staying for the night”

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