Davis dies the hardway

Davis dies the Hard way - Digimon lemon by MISTER BIG T


"So this is the guy you want me to kill?" Mia asked, looking at a picture of Davis.
"Yes, he had been a real nuissance for way too long." TK told her, placing his hand gently over Kari's.
"He went too faar, when he tried to get me, by making Veemon rape Gatomon." Kari explained, slamming her fist against the desk of Mia.
"Very well, I'll do my job, but I want half the money already now." she replied with a giggle.


Davis looked towards the sky. He had just finnished his class and began to walk back home, when suddenly he realized a van had been following him. He decided to pretend that he did not notice and kept walking. However, suddenly the van drove ahead of him and suddenly someone pushed a chloroform rag against his mouth. Then everything went black.

When Davis woke up, he noted that he was in somekind of a old warehouse.

"Go ahead and scream all you want, no ones going to hear you." a voice spoke up.

Facing to the direction of the voice, Davis could see that the talker was actually a red haired girl in gray school costume. She had red eyes… Ruby red eyes… She came close to Davis and gently caressed his cheek. Davis wasn't tied up, but he did not know what to do, so he did not move even a muscle.

Suddenly, he noted that TK and Kari were observing him too. And that would be the final thing he'd see with his left eye, as suddenly Mia stabbed Davis into the eye with a fork, pulling it out and placing it in her mouth, grinning as she leaned towards Davis, so he could see the eye perfectly in her mouth. Some eye fluid got into her mouth. The taste was sweet, yet sour.

"AHHHHHHHHHH!YOU FUCKING BITCH!" Davis screamed, grabbing his bloody eye socket.
"Ewww…" Kari said, looking disgusted.
"I think I'm gonna be sick." TK stated, covering his mouth.

Davis knew that he couldn't stand a chance against her, so he began to stagger away bleeding heavily. However, Mia moved too fast and rubbed the eyesocket.

"I'm sorry, I was a meanie. Here, let me help. "she said, as she warmed a knife and stabbed at the wound making it close, as the blood in the socket boiled and the muscles fried close.

The scream was loud. TK and Kari looked away.

Mia spat the eyeball out, making it roll on the floor, leaving a trail of gooey substance.

"Your eyes don't taste as good as I hoped." she said, giving a shrug.
"You crazy whore!" he screamed in pain.
"Naughty word, didn't mother teach you, not to use your mouth for such a foul language?" she mocked, giggling.

Having given moral lecture, she took a large spike and rammed it from the left cheek to right, making few of the teeth of Davis rattle and tied the spike inside his mouth, leaving both cheek wounds uncovered. Davis screamed as the blood began to gush at insane rate now.

"Hmm, what to do, what to do" she pondered, warming the iron again, making the wounds close, yet leaving the spike, so it was through the cheeks and mouth.


"Damn, he doesn't even die from that. She is good." TK said.
"Now, what do you say to all these people you have been mean to?" Mia asked, pressing against the spike.
"MMMMPH!" was all Davis could give out.
"Cat got your tongue?" Mia questioned, giving a giggle.

Mia got near a drawer and pulled out a set of knifes, spikes and other torture equipment.

"Hmmm, Mexican Boot or glove?" she pondered, rubbing her chin.
"What's a mexican boot?" Kari asked from TK
"It's a horrendous torture device that's like a boot, but it's got a huge drill in it and when you begin to turn the screw Well, the drill goes up." TK explained.
"Oh." Kari silently replied, pondering for a second.


"Mia use the boot" she finally said with a grin.
"Glove has a similiar style, though there's five small drillsGuess where they are located. It's a glove and they go in your fingers!" TK said, shivering from the thought.
"Ooooo…Hey Mia give him both the glove AND the boot!" she responded, with a sadistic look on her face.
"But he may pass out from the sheer pain. Oh well, I know how to wake him up." Mia responded, as she switched her leg position. She was getting aroused.

She put the glove and boot into the position and tightened three screws in the glove and a little in the boot. If they wouldn't have been in a sound proof warehouse, where almost no sound escape from, everyone would have heard the cry of pain that Davis let out.

She then tightened all the screws as faar as they went. Davis passed out from the sheer pain at this point.

"Now while he is uncoucious. " she said, grabbing a saw and beginning to warm it. "This won't wake him up yet, but I must do it to prevent him from dying yet." she continued to explain.

She then sawed the gloved hand and the booted leg clean off, with the wounds burning close. She also ripped the spike off, allowing him to speak again.

"Okay." she said, kicking Davis in the chest, making him fall to the floor. "Pee over his face" she instructed TK and Kari.

They both blinked, yet eventually she dropped her pants and so did TK. They dropped their undergarments aswell and then urinated on the face of Davis, at the same time.

"Hmmm, he does seem uncoucious still." Mia pondered.
"Ya." Kari responded, as she and TK stopped urinating and got decent.
"Well, then I guess I'll have to do this.." Mia said, dropping her skirt and pulling her panties down. TK and Kari didn't see it, but Mia had a grin on her face.

She then sat on the face of Davis and peed DIRECTLY into the nosetrils and the eyesocket.

"Is he awake yet? " Mia asked, while getting up to see.
"WHAT THE FUCK?!?! MY HAND!" Davis exclaimed, gagging from the urine.

He tried to get up, but he fell on his face.

"My foot.THAT SLUT CUT MY FUCKING LEG OFF!" Davis screamed.
"Heads up!" Mia yelled, still peeing a little towards Davis face. "Mmm, that hit the spot." she moaned, as she rubbed her pussy.
"You crazy slut!" he yelled as disgusted.
"Now, now, is that how you call someone, who can cause you more pain, than you can even dream?" she asked putting her panties and skirt back on. Her panties were getting wet, but not from pee.

She then searched the drawer and pulled out a huge machete. Then, she swiftly pried the skin off from the healthy leg of Davis. The exposed muscles and flesh spat blood at an insane rate and Davis fell to the ground twitching in a sheer agony. He desperately tried to move towards Kari and took hold of her leg.

"Kari help me!" he begged, tears running down his face.
"Ack! Ewww!" she proclaimed, shivering a little.
"Kari, do you want me to give him mercy? He IS afterall, already begging." Mia asked, looking at the helpless Davis. She was getting really wet from this all.
"Oh allright, he's had enough." Kari said, feeling kinda sorry for Davis.
"Want me to patch him up or kill?" Mia asked, slightly dissapointed.
"Do whatever you feel is best." Kari replied, giving a shrug.
"Oh God I'm gonna die…" Davis cried.

Mia giggled and put the leg's skin over the muscles and began to stitch it around, leaving it badly bleeding. She then put few bandages around the leg.

"I won't kill youInstead..You have to live like that and I hope you enjoy that time." she purred into his ear.
"Oh God. I'm a fucking freak!" Davis screamed.
"You certainly are, however if you want, I may return your eye." she said, looking at him with innocent eyes.
"Fine…" he gagled, trying to hide his digust.

Hearing this, she took hold of it and "accidentally" dropped it, getting it smashed to floor.

"Whoops. Clumsy me. No wonder I wasn't ever let into the football team." she said giving a shrug.
"YOU BITCH! YOU SMASHED MY EYE!" Davis screamed hysterically.
"Yes, I suppose I did." she responded with a giggle.

She got closer to Davis and gave a kiss to his cheek.

"I hope you have a long life hon." she smirked.
"I hope you rot in the hell you cunt!" Davis growled.
"I have seen the fires of hell and they aren't as great, as they have made out to be. I'd complain
to the travel agency, if there would be one." she joked, giving a devilish grin.

Now TK and Kari had seen enough and they walked next to Mia.

"What are we going to do with him anyway? Letting him live is..Well, you think he'd just forgive you? And what if he talks to cops?" TK asked.
"Yeah… But we also promised not to kill him…" Kari reminded him.
"Well." Mia responded, taking hold of the Machette again.

Mia then took hold of Davis and his tongue and brought the machette close enough to leave
a slight mark in the tongue.

"Either you never talk about it or I'll get an insurance to make sure that you won't." she said with a serious face.
"I won't talk I swear!" Davis screamed in a desperation.
"Good. And if you ever even consider on doing so Me and Mr knife will come back at you And then you'll be really sorry for trying to talk about it." she told him, while letting go off him.


The black van drove at the front of Davis home and Mia kicked the bloody body of Davis outside and then drove away. Veemon who had been laying in their pool, suddenly dropped the magazine in a shock and ran to his friend.

"Davis! What happened to you??" he screamed in a sheer terror.
"They did terrible things to me…" Davis gaggled.

Veemon turned to look at the black van, which had nearly disapeared from sight. It had no registration plate.

"I'll call the cops." Veemon said, getting up.
"NO! Don't! Promise me Veemon, you won't tell ANYONE! PROMISE ME!" Davis screamed
"B-bu…" Veemon began to protest, but was interfered by Davis.
"PROMISE!" Davis yelled.
"I promise." Veemon vowed, bowing his head lightly.

The person who did the bloody deed never was caught.

Mia is still an assasin

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