Being filthy for an old man, 19 year old encounter

The wind was whipping around the thin streets and tall buildings of the seaside town I lived in. I pulled my winter coat closer around me as protection against the cold air which was gusting up my dress and around my chest. My nipples were rock hard from the chill. I looked around to cross the street and noted the area was empty, so as I tightened my scarf around my neck I allowed myself to sharply pinch my erect nipples. The pleasure and pain sensations shuddered down my spine, it was definitely a better experience than the winter weather.

I was on my way walking to the shops in town to pick up some cleaning detergent for my clothes. We had run out of the washing machine powder a few days ago, and it seemed all my house-mates were stubbornly holding out on buying the next packet. I had taken it upon myself to head out and purchase the detergent, and not out of good will to my house mates but because selfishly I needed some more as I was personally running low on clothes. Rummaging through my bag as I went I seemed unable to find a lighter for my cigarette. I was wearing a short dress in the cold purely because my jeans and sweatpants were all in need of a clean. There were so few clean items in my wardrobe now, that I just my favourite black lacy bra on and nothing on my bottom half, except the long black socks and boots I was wearing.

There was a nice smell of warm nuts coming from the end of the very thin street. I watched as an elderly gentleman of at least 65 or more years paid for a pouch of nuts, and noticed a gold cigarette lighter in his hand as he counted out the change. He turned and walked down the lane towards me, so when he approached I asked politely if I could borrow his lighter. He smiled at me, bent towards me and lit the cigarette that was in my mouth.

I inhaled on the cigarette as the gentleman said to me, "Young pretty things like you shouldn't be smoking, it'll make you as wrinkly as I am before your time. Not many smokers make it to my age without an illness. lots of my mates ended up dying from smoking. Even though you look as sexy as hell pursing your smooth pink lips around the butt of that cigarette and sucking in the smoke, it makes you're breath and clothes smell so bad no one will want to come close!"

"No one has complained much so far," I retorted. "My last boyfriend had no problem."

"Ahh hunny," He responded, "How about when you're as old as I am. The only way I can get my lips kissed, let alone any other part of me, is when I hand over money. No sexy thing wants me now, and the women my age don't like the smoking or smell around them. You wouldn't want an old smelly dirty man like me!"

"Now I don't know" I said teasingly, stubbing my cigarette out under the heel of my boot and playing into the situation. "Sometimes a girl like me finds herself wanting an 'old smelly dirty man' like you. Some of us get a kick from turning on a man so much older than them."

"Hah! Well I have yet to find a girl like that!" He chortled, and then looked closer at me.

"One day you might." I said and winked, and went to walk off past him.

"Too right." He said, and stepped closer invading my personal space. "One day I will get a girl like that, I may have just found myself lady like that otherwise why would you be saying these things. Unless you're a little tease, and there's nothing good about a teasing young woman who leads a old horny and desperate man on."

He was so close to me that I could feel his warm breath on my face and neck in contrast to the cold winter air. I could smell the tobacco on his breath, and my hair started to stand to attention with goosebumps appearing all over my body. It was cold and icy, running off seemed unwise as there was a high potential that I would slip and fall while sprinting over the frozen pools of ice and slush trying to get away. I looked left and right for another person nearby but there was no-one around and the nut seller was out of sight. He was so much more powerful than me, even at his age. Another shiver ran down my spine, this time a mix of adrenaline, fear and a sexual thrill.

He grabbed my wrists with a strong grip, and pinned my hands to the wall either side of my head. He leant his face close to mine, "So, kiss my lips then." It was more a statement than a question, as I had no way out. His old chapped lips moved in against my soft warm mouth. First he kissed me full on the mouth, and then went to suck on my top and then bottom lip over and over as if he was trying to be erotic in some form of tantric fashion. I had no option but to allow him to probe his tongue deep into my mouth, and I responded first without much passion, but as I resigned myself to the fact he was kissing me I started to allow myself to enjoy his tongue. I imagined myself doing him the biggest favour of his life, giving him the best birthday and Christmas present he was going to receive before he died.

I returned his kiss now warmly, and in response he pushed his whole body against mine, pressing me to the wall. He released my wrists from his tight grip as his weight now had me locked into a fixed position, and quickly he reached to my top. He unbuttoned the top of my coat and his fingers roamed across my breast. His fingers were ice cold against my warm skin as he pulled and manipulated my breasts, pinching my nipples harder than I would to myself and causing me to gasp out loud from the pleasure and pain sensation. He then slid two of his fingers deep into my throat and made me gag on his hand.

"Little slut, I'm going to warm my two fingers up deep in your pussy. I sure hope you're wet little girl as I'm going to ram my fingers as deep into your young supple body as I can." His hand slid up my thigh swiftly, then I saw a look of shock followed by a filthy grin as he realised I had no underwear covering my hairless mound. "Oh baby, you've just shown me a sign that you were ready and wanting this tonight, you came along perfectly ready for all I'm about to do to you. First though, I want you to say out loud that you agree. Tell me you want me to fuck you little girl, say 'yes old man, I want you to use me' to me, I want to hear you say it." He pulled my top down so that both of my breasts would stay exposed to him.

I looked up at his face, I could see the lust and enjoyment he was getting from this situation. My pussy had become very wet since he had invaded my personal space. I looked at him deep in the eye and responded a bit shakily, "I want to feel you touch me more you dirty old man, I want to let you use me, I want you to use me."

With that he forced his two broad fingers straight into my pussy, until they were completely inside. It felt like he was stretching me so wide. "Now, Now," He said, "Don't make too much noise." He was pushed up so close and I was so enveloped by his coat you could barely see me from behind him. I could feel him wriggling his fingers and bending them inside me, and pushing at the walls inside my pussy. Then he started to ram his ringers in and out of me, firmly and hard, so that each time it sent a huge wave of pleasure through me as he roughly filled my pussy. Then I felt a third finger slide in and I could do little to hide a whimper as he stretched my pussy so wide.

I had been so caught up in the sensation of him stuffing my pussy with his fingers that I hadn't realised that he had managed to undo his flies on his trousers with his other hand. He had exposed his short but very thick cock to me, with a large bulbous head. His wrinkled balls drooped down bellow. He said nothing as he spread my legs wide and pushed me up the wall, so he could lean forwards and penetrate my soaking wet and pulsing pussy. He filled me with his thick shaft, the feeling was so pleasurable and so naughty. Here in the street he thrust his hips into me and forced his cock into my young pussy.

He fucked me harder and harder, his pace increasing and his balls now slapping against my skin. I was panting against his chest, my face pushed into him. I could feel his thrusts becoming more urgent, and his legs started to shake. He raised his right hand and spanked my ass cheek hard as he thrust as hard and deep as he could into my pussy. I could feel him pumping his sperm deep into my cunt.

"Ohhh yes you naughty girl," He groaned into my ear, "You're so dirty, you deserve another spank later, take my semen." Then he slid his cock out holding it tightly by the base, directing it so that the final string of thick cum shot upwards across my chest, coating my dress and tits.

He tucked his now shrinking cock into his boxers, and did his trousers and coat back up. He lent forward and gave me a surprisingly gentle kiss on my forehead, "Thank you, you filthy little girl, you've restored my faith in women." Then he was off and away down the street before I could even catch my surprisingly sexy predators name.

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