Still Daddy'sGirl

Chapter 15

I last left you with just having gone to the toy store with John’s aunt DeRonda. It turned out to be a porno shop where we brought some toys. We had forgotten them, as we were busy in the back room where there were glory holes. I also had my first taste of black cock and it was a huge black cock. I must say I rather enjoyed myself especially sucking on that big black cock.

We arrived back at DeRonda’s house; we had been gone for almost 3 hours. We found John fast asleep on the sofa. He was lying there with just a thin pair of shorts on. I walked over and I gave him a kiss on his forehead. He must have had a long hard workout because he was fast asleep. He never moved when I kissed him on his lips next.

“Let the dear sleep Janet,” “We will wake him after our shower,” DeRonda said with a smile.

“A shower does sound nice,” I replied.

I went into the bathroom and it was pretty much of a mess. I could tell that John had showered after his workout. Just as I do at his place, I did the same here; I picked up after him. I took my top off first it had a bunch of dried white spots all over it. I removed my jeans next; the crotch was wet and sticky. My pussy stunk really bad I could smell it as I sat down to pee.

DeRonda came in just as I got up off the pot. She was already naked; I smiled at her as I checked out those lovely big tits of hers. Her boobs were 44 DD’s for being so big they had very little sag to them. My eyes moved on down her body to a thick torso but not a big roll of fat or anything like that.

Her belly button was almost perfectly round. Her flaming red hair started right below her belly button in a straight line before it fanned out covering her pelvic area. She had a thick mat of red hair covering her whole pussy. I could see that she had some dried cum matted in her hair as well. DeRonda walked over and she embraced me.

“Dam girl we both fucking stink,” DeRonda said with a little laugh.

“Yes we do but I had so much fun,” “Thanks for taking me along,” I replied as I gave her a deep kiss on her lips.

“Your welcome Janet, John told me that you would enjoy the hole,” DeRonda said as she turned on the shower.

I just smiled at her knowing that John had set me up again. We both climbed into the shower, hell her shower was big enough for four or five people to get in. We washed ourselves off getting rid of the funky smell of dried cum and pussy juices all over us.

DeRonda had her back to the shower as I stood before her watching the water cascading down and over her lovely big boobs. The water even ran down and off her big hard nipples as she stood there. I could not contain myself any longer. I had to get my hands on to those big fucking tits. I moved toward her and placed my hands over her huge tits.

I rolled her fun bags in circles with my hands as I watched the water flow this way then that way across and down them. I caressed one in my hand before I lowered my face to it. I kissed and licked around her nipple never touching the nipple. I took her nipple into my mouth pulling on it with my lips.

I then sucked her nipple as well as part of her boob into my mouth. I suckled lovingly on her tit like a small child. I looked up at DeRonda who was just smiling with her eyes closed as I worked on her tit. She reminded me so much of John as she stood there with her eyes closed. I worked my way over to her other tit giving it the same type of pleasure.

“AHhhhh Janet your tongue feels so good on my nipples,” DeRonda cooed as I flicked my tongue on them.

I ran my tongue down the front of her sexy hot body. I ran my tongue in an circle around her belly button before I flicked my tongue into it. I squatted down in front of her, my face was level with her hairy red pussy. DeRonda's big over hanging boobs acted like a rain shield as the water cascaded from them over my head and onto my back. Her red wet hairy pussy was within my tongues reach. DeRonda moaned softly as she placed her hands to my head gentle pushing it toward her pussy.

I kissed my way down her thick patch of red pussy hair as DeRonda parted her legs. Her large meaty pussy lips came rolling out from under her red hair. I licked at her exposed hanging pussy lips with my tongue. I sucked her hanging lips into my mouth pulling them away from her pussy. I released her lips with my mouth as my tongue dove up into her pussy. I felt the water from the shower leave my back but it was now running down the wall so I figured she had turned the showerhead.

"Ahhh lick my pussy," DeRonda moaned out.

I heard her moan but could not see her as I buried my face fully into her pussy. I used my tongue on the very inside of her pussy. I slipped my thumb upward until I felt her small clit bump. I teased it with my thumb as I tongued out her pussy. Deronda’s clit grew hard against my thumb. I ran my thumb back and forth on it. I used my finger and my thumb on it pinching at it. I started to run my tongue in and out of her hole as I toyed with her clit. She started to grind her pussy into my face as I stuck my tongue deeply into her hot box.

“AHhhhh Janet,” “You’re going to make me cum,” DeRonda cried out.

I just dug my tongue deeper into her pussy flicking it in every direction inside her pussy. I pulled and pinched hard at her clit with my thumb and finger. I felt her legs start to wobble and shake as I heard her moan loudly. DeRonda started to orgasm as she ground her pussy hard into my face. I licked at what juices that were leaking from her pussy. Her pussy juices tasted so sweet on my tongue. DeRonda's orgasm ended as she removed her hands from my head. However, I continued to kiss and lick at her pussy while I rubbed hard against her clit with my thumb. I moved my own hand down to my pussy digging at my hole with my fingers.

“Ooooh Janet you better stop or you are going to make me pee,” DeRonda rather squealed out.

I just rubbed her clit harder as I fingered my own pussy. I wanted to make her pee into my face. DeRonda started to dance around a little until she squealed again. When she did pee started to flow from her pussy. It ran slowly at first then it turned into a hard torrent of pee shooting from her pussy.

Her pee splashed on my face as I shook my face in it. I loved feeling her pee splashing into my face. My fingers digging at my own pussy gave me an orgasm of my own, which caused me to open my mouth. I just left her pee fill my mouth until it was over flowing out of it. Her stream slowed until it was just a few drips. I licked at her hanging pussy lips that still had pee dripping from them.

DeRonda reached down and she pulled me up to her; my face wet with her fresh pee, she smiled as she said, “Janet I think we are going to become very good friends.”

DeRonda kissed me fully and deeply on my lips. I returned her kiss by slipping my tongue deeply into her mouth. We swapped tongues as we kissed in the shower. After our kiss, she turned the shower back to my face as she washed my face with her soft soapy hands. She kissed me again before she turned the shower off and we stepped out.

As we dried, each other off I realized that I had only been with DeRonda a few times but each time my love for her was growing. I had grown very fond of her not only because of her being John's aunt. But to me at the time she was the perfect replacement for Kim. DeRonda walked me into her bedroom where she searched through a few drawers until she found something for me to put on. We both got dressed in her bedroom.

“These cum spotted clothes of yours, I will threw into the washer,” DeRonda said as we left her bedroom.

I walked out to find that John was still fast asleep on the sofa. His hot toned body laying there on the couch made my pussy twitch. John was laying on his back now I could see the outline of his cock encased in the thin shorts he wore. I did not wake him rather I sat in a chair across from him as he slept. I looked at the man I loved so dearly. I thought how wrong it was of me to lust after that big black cock I had earlier when I have all I need right there on the sofa.

I watched as his eyes roamed under his closed eyelids, I hoped he was dreaming of me. When I looked to his cock I sure in the hell hoped he was dreaming of me. His cock was growing until it had his shorts pushed out like a tent. About that time, DeRonda walked into the room.

She saw his hard cock as well and she said, “How sweet I bet he is dreaming about you Janet.”

I smiled as I replied, “Why don’t you suck him to see if he wakes up.”

DeRonda smiled as she went over to his hard cock. She slowly lifted his waistband up and over his hard cock. It was standing tall and throbbing in front of her. I could see his pre cum was leaking like crazy from the head of his cock. What ever he was dreaming about it must have been enjoyable.

DeRonda put her hands up onto the back of the sofa as she enclosed her mouth around his cock. John moved a little but did not wake up. DeRonda sucked and bobbed her head on his cock from a few seconds. She removed her mouth from his cock as she flicked her tongue at the pre cum oozing from the head of his cock. I saw John stir a bit as he reached out with his hand for DeRonda’s head.

John moaned as his hand touched her head and he said, “AHhhh suck it KIM.”

DeRonda drew her tongue back into her mouth. She shook her head as she slapped his cock with her hand as she yelled, “WAKE UP BOY!”

John woke up very fast giving out a little yelp as he said, “Hey damn it that hurt,” as he looked at his aunt.

“Good I am glad it did,” I replied as he glanced over to me.

“What I was just sleeping that’s all,” John replied giving us both his innocent look. “I am starving when we going to eat,” He added very smoothly trying to change the subject.

DeRonda and I both shook our heads as we got up and we walked to her kitchen. We talked as we threw together some sandwiches. DeRonda told me not to worry about what John had said while he was asleep. She told me that it was all just a dream. I thought it to be more like a nightmare.

I told her I was fine with it. However, I had lied to her I was not fine with it at all. John was dreaming about Kim and not about me. I thought about it some more, but I suppose I would let it slide this time after all I more or less was daydreaming about having another big black cock.

The rest of December flew by; I spent a wonderful Christmas with John and his family and a very special Christmas with DeRonda. She had a swinger’s party that she called, “Waiting for Santa.” That will be a holiday story later this year it was a blast. John and I spent New Years Eve alone at his place I tried to call Kim to invite her over but she was not at home.

When school started up again I waited for Kim each day by her locker. Kim never returned to school and I heard from another girl at my high school that she had dropped out of school. I had to find out why so I called her house many times. But each time I called her brother or mom would tell me that Kim was not at home. I even went over but they told me the same thing each time I went.

I was a little worried about her but at the same time DeRonda was filling in nicely for her so to speak. But I was concerned about her just the same. I could not stand not knowing what was going on with her. It got to the point where I was only thinking about Kim. It drove me crazy not knowing if she was OK.

I had not heard from Kim at all for about three and a half months. I finally made up my mind; I was going to go see just what was going on. I was going to go see if she was home when her mom and brother were at work.

I had skipped school that day to go shopping. I decided to check up on her while I was out. I drove over to her place; her mom’s car and her brothers car were gone. Kim’s car was there in the drive way. I knocked again and again but no one answered the door. I could hear the TV so I knew someone was at home

“Kim if you are in there please let me know that you are OK,” I yelled at the front door.

I saw some movement inside and then I heard Kim reply with the door closed, “I am OK Janet just been sick that is all.”

“Kim let me in I want to see you,” I replied but got no answer.

I stood there pleading with her to let me in. I told her I was not leaving until she left me see her. After a few minute of begging from me, Kim swung the front door open. I walked in as Kim stood behind the door, she closed the door. I turned around and what I saw made my jaw hit the floor.

There was Kim closing her front door, she was dressed in a pair of baggy sweat pants and a sweatshirt. Her butt was huge in those jogging pants. Her hair was a mess and as she turned toward me I saw that she had no make up on her now chubby face. My eyes went to those big tits of hers, her goddamn tits were fucking huge pressing against her sweatshirt. Her huge tits matched the belly sticking out below them. I closed my mouth as Kim raised her lowered head as she managed to flash me an smile.

“KIM you’re pregnant,” I yelled out in total shock.

Kim just shook her head yes, as tears filled her eyes. Her tears started to stream down her cheeks. I rushed to her and I put my arm around her. I whispered that everything was going to be OK into her ear. I walked her over to her sofa and I sat down with her. Kim grabbed some tissues and she wiped her tears from her eyes.

“KIM why didn’t you tell me you were pregnant?” I asked as I held onto her hand.

“I just could not tell you Janet, I just couldn’t,” Kim replied crying some more.

I sat there just wondering why. Then it hit me like an 2 by 4 up along side of my head. Just whose baby was she carrying? Was she pregnant with John’s baby? My own life so far with John flashed before me as I just sat there staring at Kim. I saw John slowly fading from my life.

Kim must have seen the look I had on my face and between her sobs she said, “No Janet it is not John’s.”

“Kim, are you sure about that?” I asked just to ease my mind.

“Yes I had my period in October and I had not been with John since,” Kim replied. “Janet I know now that John loves you very much,” Kim added as she wiped her tears again.

“How did you figure that out Kim?” I asked her as I patted her hand.

“Because I tired to get him to have sex with me many times a couple of months ago when you were not around,” Kim replied. “However he would not do it,” Kim added.

I looked deeply into Kim’s eyes as I asked, “Kim is that why you have been acting like you have toward me?”

Kim told me yes and she went on to explain. I was pregnant and I did not know what to do. I was going to get John to have sex with me and tell him that he got me pregnant. However, I realized after weeks of trying to get him to have sex with me. That my plan was never going to work all because he loves you so much.

“Janet please forgive me, I am sorry I even hatched a plan like that,” “I do love John much more than he will ever know.” “But I found out his heart lies with you and you only,” Kim said to me as her tears flowed once more.

“I forgive you Kim,” I replied as tears ran down my own cheeks.

I could tell from the look in her eyes that she meant every word of it. I gave her a big long hug as we sat together. Kim told me that the baby was most likely Tim our math teacher or her very own brother Bill. I asked Kim just what she was going to do.

Kim told me that her mom was going to make her give the baby up for adoption. Kim told me it was for the best as she was not ready for a kid yet. I asked her about school and she told me that she was going to take a test in April to get her GED. Kim also told me that her mom was sending her away to live with her aunt until she had the baby. That way no one in our small town would know about it.

“Janet would you please not tell John about this other than I went away to live with my aunt,” “Tell him that she is sick or something and I went away to take care of her,” Kim asked me as tears flowed again.

“Yes I will Kim it will be our little secret,” I replied as we hugged again.

I stayed with Kim for a few hours before we told each other a tearful good bye. Kim would write and we talked on the phone every now and then while she was gone. Kim was to return to town in late July. At least I knew why she had been acting the way she had been. I truly felt sorry for her and I hated to see her leave but she will return to me.

After I had went and saw Kim I went home. I had a little talk with my mom about Kim. I told her about Kim being pregnant. Mom being an mom told me that she hoped she would not have to deal with her daughter getting pregnant. I told she would not have to at least until I was ready to have kids. My dad came home from work about then and I left the two of them alone.

I watched from around the corner as my dad kissed her and fondled her boobs. He asked her to go into work late today. He wanted her to join him in the shower for a little fun. However, mom blew him off telling him that she had to get to work.

I watched my dad just shake his head as my mom walked out the door on her way to work. I felt sorry for him as he was always really trying to love her. I know my mom had really changed from when they had met. She looked like I did back then but now she had left herself go. To be truthful I did not know why my dad even wanted to have sex with her but I suppose it was that he still loved her.

I went into my room and I closed the door. I sat on my bed wondering just how sex with him again was going to feel like. I was not for sure I would enjoy it or not, I was afraid it would end like the sex with my brother had. I heard my dad go into the shower I thought about joining him so I took my clothes off. But I figured I would wait until he came out of the shower. I waited until I heard him go into their room.

I went to his bedroom door that he had left open. I watched as my dad got up onto his bed. I thought maybe that he was going to lie down for a while. That was until I seen him reach into the nightstand and pull some magazines out. My dad was going to beat his meat I thought. I was going to go in and tell him he did not have to do that but I stopped because I had never watched him do it.

Dad started to look through the magazine as he rubbed his cock. He must have found a good photo or something because his cock got hard and he started to pump his hand up and down on it. He was on his back with the book in one hand and his cock in the other. To watch his hand on his cock I thought it looked liked John’s cock as he jacked it off. My pussy throbbed and my nipples grew hard.

I stood there rubbing my pussy and feeling up my own tits as I watched him beating on his cock. My dad would stop every now and then to shake his cock. I had seen John do that before as well. I still do not know why you guys do that. My pussy was twitching as I played with it and it needed a cock in it.

“DADDY what are you doing?” I yelled as I entered his bedroom.

“SHIT Janet, I did not know you were home,” Dad replied almost jumping off the bed.

I saw that his cock just up and died when I scared him, I said, “Sorry if I scared you,” as I pointed to his softened cock.

“That’s OK it was not feeling good anyways,” Daddy replied.

“Maybe I can help,” I said as I climbed up onto the bed with him.

I crawled up and as I lay on my belly, I took his cock into my hand. I pumped on his cock a few times while I rubbed at his balls with my other hand. Daddy’s cock slowly started to get hard in my hand as I pumped on it. In no time, his cock was harder than before I had came into his room.

“Lets 69,” Daddy said.

Before I could say anything or do anything daddy had pulled me onto my back. He climbed on top of me burying his face into my hairless pussy. I had never 69 before with the man on top of me. This was new to me but I took his cock into my mouth. Daddy’s tongue was lapping at my pussy wildly as I sucked and licked on his cock.

I felt my pussy throbbing and getting wetter with each lick from his tongue. I knew then that doing it with daddy was still the same not like when I tried to have sex with my brother. I took his cock from my mouth and I licked at his balls hanging down in my face. I ran my hands over his butt as I was licking at his balls. I pulled his butt cheeks apart and I saw his little butt hole staring at me.

I stuck my finger into my mouth getting it wet with my saliva. I took my wet finger and I ran it around his butt hole for a while. I then slipped my finger right up into my daddy’s asshole. I took his cock back into my mouth sucking it deeply into my mouth. Daddy moaned into my pussy as I ran my finger in and out of his asshole.

Daddy worked his hand under my own butt as he licked at my clit. I was raising my hips as his tongue flicked against it. Daddy got his hand under my butt and he poked with his own finger until he too had his finger buried in my butt. Daddy sucked my clit into his mouth as he ran his finger in and out of my asshole. He had my juices ready to splash what with him sucking at my clit and fingering my asshole.

“AHhhh Daddy,” I cried out taking my mouth off his cock as I felt him sucking hard on my clit.

I felt my orgasm coming over my body I pushed my finger deeply into his ass. I felt daddy jerk then his cock throb as his cum filled my mouth. It was as if I had hit a button inside his ass, which turned his cum maker on.

My dad came hard into my mouth as my own juices splashed from my pussy. I would have moaned loudly if not for his cock shooting cum deep into my mouth. I had sucked my daddy’s cock many times but never had he shot so much cum as he did just then. I almost choked on it trying to swallow it all.

I finally got it all down and I released his cock from my mouth. I pulled my finger from his asshole at the same time. Daddy left out a soft moan as I removed my finger from back there. He gave my clit one more lick and he rolled off me.

I sat up as I said, “Dam Daddy you shot so much cum into my mouth.”

Daddy gave me a little laugh as he pulled me next to him and he replied, “Well you touched that spot up there.”

I lie there next to him and I asked him what spot? Daddy told me about the male prostate gland in the man ass that if you touched it just right it gave the male great pleasure. I thought about what he had told me for a few seconds.

“So men have a G spot too,” I said.

Daddy just laughed as he told me yeah I guess you could call it that. I laid there for a while with him talking. He asked me how everything was going with John. I told him everything was fine and that he was really working out at his aunt DeRonda’s house everyday. I told my dad he would have to meet her some day he would like her.

Daddy gave another little laugh as he replied, “Oh I know her pretty good already.”

“What do you mean?” I asked him as I sat up in bed.

“Your mom and I used to go to her house parties a lot back in the days,” dad replied with a smile.

“DADDY you and mom are swingers?” I asked with a questioned look on my face.

“We used to be but your mom lost interest in it some time ago,” daddy replied.

I rolled over on top of him with my legs spread apart to each side of him. My big tits were hanging down in his face. I swung my hanging tits back and forth against his face. I was rubbing my wet pussy on him just above his cock at the same time.

“I bet you loved DeRonda’s big fucking tits didn’t you daddy,” I said.

Daddy did not say anything he just took a hold of my tits as he buried his face between them. Daddy kissed and licked at my hanging breasts before he started to suck at them. Daddy took his hands to each side of my breasts and he smashed them together as he sucked at both my nipples at the same time.

If you play with my tits you will make my pussy juices drip, my pussy started to throb as he sucked on my tits. I scooted down a little on my dad until I felt his cock touch against my pussy. His cock was not hard yet but I could feel it start to grow as I rubbed my pussy back and forth on it.

My pussy lips centered his cock right between them as I slid back and forth. Daddy’s cock grew hard and it slipped right up into my wet pussy. I closed my eyes as I rode his cock while he sucked on my breasts. I could feel my juices coating his cock. I sat up and I ground my pussy into his cock as he manhandled my tits. I was having my orgasm when I felt daddies cock throb in my pussy.

“AHHhhhh John,” I moaned out loudly as I felt his cock throb and shot off in my pussy.

I rocked my pussy down hard onto his cock as I enjoyed my orgasm. I slowly came back down to earth from my orgasm. I opened my eyes and my dad had this look and this funny smile on his face as I slid off his cock.

“WHAT,” I asked as I slipped along side of him in the bed giving him a look of my own.

“Janet you called me John,” daddy replied with a little laugh.

“I did, did I,” I replied with a smile of my own.

"Yes you did," "But you're still daddies little girl for now," daddy said to me as I lie there in his arms.

That will bring this chapter to an end. In this chapter, I had found out the reason Kim had been acting the way she had. Kim will return into my life and she will be that nice fun loving Kim I grew to love. I also found out that I could still get off having sex with my dad even if I had a little slip of my tongue in that I called him John.

Besides finding out that, Kim was pregnant. What did I learned the most in this chapter?I found out that I really enjoyed my time with DeRonda. I had found my replacement for Kim for at least while she was away. However, I also had something else on my mind and that was John dreaming about Kim. I did not dwell on it but it was on my mind. But I wondered who else he had on his mind.

Hope you enjoyed this one as well as the others. Please let me know that you did. It was a short chapter and in my next chapter, I get myself into a little trouble all on my own.

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