An Unexpected Workout

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Her hands gripped the handlebars, while her feet pushed down on the peddles at a steady pace. It was just a normal afternoon at the gym for Karen. A few beads of sweat formed on her brow, as she laboriously carried out her weekly workout.
Some guys were on the other machines nearby, watching her every move.
She knew this. But she didn't care.
She stopped peddling and elegantly lifted her leg over the bike, then slowly slid off the seat - glancing over at the young men opposite.
Although she did find them quite attractive, there was only one man she was interested in.
She turned off her mp3 and began to make her way downstairs.
The other level of the gym was almost deserted. Karen walked in cautiously, before finding a seat on a mat usually used for sit-ups.
"Finally! I've been looking for you everywhere!" She looked up, to see her friend Hannah walking towards her.
"I thought you were going to stay upstairs!" Hannah laughed, as she jokingly punched Karen in the arm.
"Well, I got bored waiting for you!" she said, with a slightly smug grin on her face.
"Whatever. Look, I'm really sorry, but I'm gonna have to go. Holly’s been locked out.again"
"Oh, okay then."
"I'll be online later!"
Hannah quickly gave her a quick hug before briskly walking out of the gym.
"Wait! Who's gonna help me do my sit-ups?!" Karen shouted.
"I will."
She was startled by the deep, husky voice that replied to her enquiry. She slowly, almost nervously looked round. Standing at the other end of the gym was a tall, dark handsome figure. He was wearing grey jogging bottoms and a tight black top. His hair was glistening with sweat.
He slowly began walking towards her, taking calm, but confident strides.
Karen could hardly believe it. She'd seen him around the gym a few times and fancied him like crazy.
"The name's John."
"Um. I'm Karen" she uttered, almost lost for words.
"So, about those sit-ups?"
John carefully placed his strong, manly hands around Karen's slender ankles. He looked up at Karen and gave a warm smile, which made her cheeks glow a slight shade of pink.
Karen started her sit-ups. Slowly pushing herself up towards John, then gently falling back onto the soft mat.

"I'm getting a little tired" she panted. "I don't think I can do anymore."
"That's okay, sweetheart. You've done good! I was watching you earlier, too. You've been working hard today."
"Thank you" Karen blushed. "You've been a real help this afternoon" she continued. "Is there anything I can do for you?"
Before giving him a chance to think, she ran her hand along the inside of his thigh, before gently stroking his cock through his jogging bottoms.
He closed his eyes and let out a deep moan. She began stroking it harder and faster until his erection was straining against the material. He leant forward and started kissing and licking her neck, which caused her to let out a gentle sigh.
"I want to fuck you right here" he whispered softly in her ear.
"But what if we get caught?" she asked worriedly.
"We wont - I promise."
He put his hands around her waist and slowly lifted up her vest top. Karen leant into him and kissed him passionately on the lips, their tongues gently massaging each other. She unhooked her bra and freely allowed him to explore her breasts. John caressed her smooth, supple breasts, causing her to moan quietly, whilst running his fingers through her long, slightly matted brown hair.
Karen tugged at his shirt and lifted it over his head. She paused for a moment to admire his toned abs and tanned body. He stood up and removed his sweaty jogging bottoms, which he tossed to the side of the mat.
"I..I've never done this before" she said quietly, almost whispering.
"It's okay. We'll just take it slow. No-one will be in here 'til later on. I promise."
John smiled sweetly and stroked the side of her face. Although she was clearly in the mood, he could see she was still nervous at the prospect of having sex with him.
He laid down on the mat, and Karen laid next to him.
Within seconds, they were locked in a passionate embrace. One of his hands was playfully rubbing her nipples, while the other was in her knickers.
Karen's moans got louder and louder as his finger stroked her clit faster and faster, before slipping it into her warm wet hole. In between her moans, she had managed to free his large, stiff cock from his boxers and began massaging the tip with small, circular motions.
She paused for a moment.
"What's wrong?" John asked.
"I can hear someone! What the fuck are we gonna do?!"
John quickly grabbed their clothes and took Karen's hand.
"Where are we going?!" she squealed, a sense of excitement in her voice.
"You'll see!"
He dragged her into the showers which were fortunately empty.
She took the clothes off him, dumped them in the corner, and slowly led him into one of the shower cubicles, seductively biting her lip as she did so.
He firmly pushed her against the wall and put his strong, muscular arms around her. She leant forward and kissed him softly on the lips.
"Are you sure you want to do this?"
She nodded, whilst running her slender fingers over his chest.
John turned the shower on, and watched as the refreshing droplets of water ran down Karen's petite figure.
He moved closer and grabbed her hips, then lifted her up. He gazed at her for a few seconds, before slowly entering her. She tensed up for a second, before slowly relaxing again.
John pulled out and then thrust all the way back in again, causing Karen to scream in pleasure.
He started to fuck her faster and harder. Her screams got louder and louder. Some of the cleaning staff nearby heard her, but she didn't care. She continued to moan in ecstasy, whilst pulling at John's hair slightly.
He gently pulled out of her, and she dropped to her knees. She took his cock in her hand and began licking up and down the sides. John could hardly mask his moans of delight.
Karen teased the tip with the end of her tongue, before taking him all in.
John looked down and watched as she sucked him off and began teasing the tip again.
He then helped her to her feet and knelt down in front of her.

John took his index finger and rubbed along her wet slit. Karen closed her eyes and sighed gently.
He ran his tongue around her clit before slipping it into her, causing her to gasp slightly.
John then stood up and pushed Karen back against the wall. He slid his cock back into her with ease and continued thrusting.
Karen's moans continued to increase in volume.
He too, began to moan louder as he became closer and closer to coming. He took her right nipple in his mouth and sucked on it furiously, while she tightened her legs around him in an attempt to pull him in even deeper.
With one final thrust, he blew his load inside her.
He stood there, panting, with Karen still in his arms.
She began kissing him again and John rubbed his hands down her wet back, before gently putting her down.
He quickly dried off and got changed.
"I have to go" he stated.
"Oh, okay" Karen replied. There was no mistaking the disappointment in her voice.
"I'll see you next week" he winked.
He walked over to her, gave her one final kissed and left.
She quickly got ready and waited outside the meet her dad, like nothing had ever happened.
That was one workout she'd never forget.

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