A Night Out_(6)

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Elle hadn’t been to a bar in a very long time. Her work had been so busy lately; it must have been nearly a year since she tasted bad martinis under low lighting, watching men in ill-fitting suits sidling up to young girls in short dresses.

She had already been approached twice in the first half-hour. One was at least a decade older, forty maybe. His breath made her skin crawl and his body was unpleasant, to say the least. The other was closer to her age, perhaps he was thirty too. Creepy and too eager, she thought.

She ordered another drink and was considering making it her last. She remembered why she hated bars.

“You don’t want the martinis here. They taste like paint-stripper,” a voice from next to her said. She shifted her body towards the deep voice and found herself looking at a young man. Nineteen, maybe twenty. But not a boy, that was certain.

His eyes were clear, bright, intelligent. A beautiful suit, well cut for his athletic body. Well groomed, unlike almost every other man there. She smiled as she found herself wondering what was underneath that suit.

“Hello. I’m James,” the young man said, confidence exuding from his face. She took his hand delicately and replied with a flirtatious smile,

“Well hello James, I’m Elle. You’re right about the martinis, they’re terrible.”

He suddenly leaned close to her ear, her soft hand in his firm grip still,

“Tell me something Elle. Why is a thirty-year old woman talking to a twenty-year old boy in a dark bar that can’t even make a good martini? Why aren’t you at home, being fucked by, I don’t know, a barrister, or surgeon, or an author of high regard?”

Taken aback by his words, she was speechless. He let go of her hand, and she could feel her fingers throb just a little. Why was her heart pounding? He wasn’t that good looking. But there was something, a tingle between her legs, a slight blush to her décolletage. This man was not a boy, it was certainly clear. He knew exactly what he was doing.

“Why don’t you take me back to your place Elle? I can feel how tense you just got, let me relax you,” James said, his hand placed on her black skirt, and pushed her legs apart a little.

“O-ok, J-j-ames,” she stuttered back. What was she doing? Elle thought, he’s said no more than a hundred words to me.

He dropped some notes on the bar and grabbed her hand, leading her through the crowd to the door. He practically dragged her into a taxi. She hadn’t been this nervous in years.

They sat in the back of the taxi, his fingers began to roam on her body. She moaned a little when he put his tongue in her mouth, he was so dominant. She was giving herself to him, he didn’t even need to ask, he demanded and she obeyed.

They fled the taxi, James again shoving a handful of notes into the driver’s hand. In the lift up to her apartment on the 10th floor he owned her again, his big hands on her breasts, hers on his firm arse.

They practically fell out the lift, hands all over each other.

He kissed her hard against the wall outside her apartment. His lips on her mouth, her neck, the top of her breasts. He bit the side of her neck, and she shuddered. Too long, she thought, it had been too long.

They entered the apartment, mouths still locked together. She pushed him onto the sofa in her front room. He stopped kissing her and grabbed her arse hard enough to hurt and make her moan,

“Stand up and strip for me Elle. I want to see you remove your clothes,” James commanded.

She stood up in the middle of the room, now unsure of herself. She felt nervous, like the first time again. She desperately wanted to please him.

“Take off your skirt. Now,” said James. He watched as she slowly unzipped the side of her short skirt and let it slide to the floor seductively.

James looked at her naked legs, the small gap at the top of her thighs tempted him, but he knew he had to remain in control.

“Now, the shirt.”

Her face blushed crimson as she undid the buttons one by one. The first sight of her black-lace bra caused James’s cock to stir a little. The baggy shirt had hidden her large firm breasts well; he hadn’t guessed she was so…fleshy. She finished undoing her shirt and glided it off her shoulders, slowly brushing her hair back as she did.

“Give me a twirl, let me see you.”

She turned on her tiny feet; her back arched a little as her whole body blushed. She couldn’t believe what he could make her do, what he could make her want. James caught his breath as he followed a bead of sweat from her hair down her soft back, over her round arse, and down to her feet. He looked forward to tracing it with his tongue.

“Remove the bra.”

She put her hands behind her back and undid the lacy bra. She felt a little humiliated, but more aroused than she had ever felt before. She so wanted him to like her body.

She dropped her bra to reveal the perfect pair of breasts. James felt his mouth water as he looked at her hard nipples and large aureoles. For thirty, her breasts were very perky, considering their size. He guessed she was a 32D, though it was hard to tell in the soft light.

He stood up and removed his shirt. She breathed in sharply when she saw his body; he was very athletic toned, with those visible hip bones that she loved. He slid off his trousers to reveal a semi-erect cock in tight briefs. It looked thick, very thick.

When he took a step towards her, her stomach twisted. What was he going to do? She asked herself.

As he stepped so close he could feel her breath on his chest, he kissed her deeply and pinched her nipples. She gasped and kissed back. She wanted him to take her and make her his.

“Take off my briefs Elle. On your knees,” James said confidently.

She moved down his chest, licking and kissing his sculpted body. Her hands reached his tight briefs, the cock bulging huge in front of her. It was his turn to shiver as he felt her breath so close.

She looked him in the eyes. He only realised how truly beautiful her eyes were just then.

She pulled the briefs down and a gorgeous cock came into view. He kicked them off his ankles and she held the now fully stiff dick in front of her. It throbbed in her hand, and she licked a drop of precum off the tip, which made it jump.

As just began to slowly work her hand up and down the shaft, gentle kisses on the large head, she tried to measure it in her mind. Seven. Maybe seven and a half inches. And so fucking thick. It would hurt, she realised, hurt so good.

She took him in her mouth, her tongue working the head. Dropping further and further down, she eventually took five inches of the seven and a half, and wanted to go further, but he stopped her. He pulled out of her mouth, saliva dripping off the big cock.
Grabbing her roughly he kissed her again, their tongues entwined, her cunt dripping juice, his cock twitching.

He pushed her against the wall again, hard enough to make her moan, light enough not to hurt. He rolled down her panties, staring up and down her legs for a while. Elle waited in breathless anticipation.

Finally he planted a kiss on the inside of her thigh, soft and tender. It made her shake a little. He looked up at her face and smiled as he felt her thrust her cunt towards him, desperate for his tongue.

He pushed her thighs apart and began kissing and biting up one leg, then skipping her wet cunt, before going down the other leg. She began to worry the hair on her cunt was off-putting.

Her fears were assuaged as her body trembled when he finally ran his tongue over her clit. The taste was exquisite, thought James. Fresh and deep, strong and delicious.

He attacked her cunt with tongue and fingers, curling two inside her, making her ride his hand to orgasm. She moaned and pushed her body against his tongue, clit throbbing in pleasure and thighs slick with her wetness.

She felt herself reaching an orgasm, she was close.

Putting one of her hands on the back of his head she forced his tongue and fingers deeper inside her as she grinded against him. Her other hand squeezed her nipples, so erect now.

“James you’re so good at that. Tongue-fuck me, make me cum on your tongue, I want you to taste me, feel my juices run all over your mouth. Fuckkkkk that’s good James, I’m cumming! I’m cumming for you!” she moaned so deeply and slid down the wall a little, her legs nearly giving way.

Instead of letting up, James held her against the wall still, and pushed his cock against the entrance to her cunt. His body held her up as he slowly forced his dick into her tight cunt, he was so thick, Elle thought.

He fucked all the way inside her, his cock totally enveloped by her wet pussy. It hurt so much but she couldn’t let him go, just let her cunt throb and squeeze and pull on his dick.

She gasped and moaned as he pulled out and thrust back in, over and over again, picking up speed.

Her legs wrapped around his buttocks, squeezing him tightly, her hands draped over his strong back. He moved his hips firmly and quickly, as she slid up and down his thick cock.

“Fuck me James. Fuck me hard, I need your cock inside me deep, can you feel how soaking wet I am for you? I’ve never been this wet before.”

He bit her neck again, fuck, she loved that. Then he whispered in her ear, almost violently,

“I’m going to make you cum over and over tonight. No work for you tomorrow Elle. You’ll be recovering from the best night of your life, your clit and cunt will be so sore and used. And you’ll beg for it again tomorrow night.”

Oh god, he was right, she thought. Already she could feel herself slipping into a small orgasm. He stretched her cunt perfectly, just a hint of pain with the pleasure.

“I’m cumming James. Oooohhhhhhhhh that’s so fucking good.”

James smiled and kissed and sucked her breasts as she squirmed on his cock. Her juice ran down her thighs as she shuddered into another orgasm.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck. James you’re perfect. Oh fuck, I’m your little slut, aren’t I? Tell me I’m your slut.”

“You are my little slut Elle. You’ll beg for my cock and worship it. I’ll give you what you want and you’ll know what a dirty little whore you are.”

“Oh James, just don’t stop fucking me ever.”

She could feel it build, a tremendous orgasm, so strong it might ruin her. She couldn’t breathe properly, ragged and deep. He was so deep inside her, he was using her cunt and she was begging for more.

She whispered in his ear, “It’s coming James, another one, it’s going to finish me. It’s coming, oh I’m so close.”

He laughed a little and stopped his thrusts against the wall. She moaned as he withdrew from her, and carried her through to her bedroom, throwing her on top of the sheets. Her cunt was dripping now, his roughness, his dominance was so arousing.

“On all fours, now, Elle. And beg me to cum, I want to hear you beg for it,” he said as he stroked up and down his thick cock.

“Please James, stick it in. All the way. Put that big, fat cock deep in cunt and make me cum. I need you right now, I’ll be your little slut if you just make me cum right now.”

He chuckled a little and slapped her pert buttocks a couple of times, eliciting more moans and a slight trickle of liquid from her cunt. One hand went to her breasts to maul and twist and pinch, whilst the other grabbed the back of her hair.

She moved one hand back and grasped his cock. God, it’s so thick, she thought. She guided him into her, feeling his whole length inside her; she moaned deeply and arched her back, her legs nearly giving way.

He slid all the way out, then thrust in, his body smacking against her firm arse. She began to moan and beg again,

“Oh fuck, James. Give it me James, make me your slut, I’m fucking yours James. Make me cum so hard for you, make me cum all over that big dick, I want you to feel my juices running down your cock! Fuck me, fuck me, FUCK ME!”

Her moans and screams become a garbled mess of pleasure as he fucked her as hard he could, his own orgasm approaching. He moved his hand away from her large breasts and reached around to play with her clit, rubbing furiously. He pinched it hard and pushed her over the edge,

“Ohhhhh fuuuucccckkkkkk James! I’m cumming on your cock, shit, fucking shit I’m cumming all over your stiff prick. That’s it, keep fucking me like a stud, ohh fuck please, please I’m yours. I’m your little cumslut James, just make me cum like that every day,” she moaned as her cunt started to convulse and her clit began to throb hard, her whole body began to shake and shudder.

The sensation of her tight, hot, wet cunt gripping and spasming on his thick cock was too much for James. He roared as he buried himself in her totally, her body still writhing underneath from her extended orgasm. His balls emptied inside her, his stiff cock shot four, five, six heavy loads, mixing their juices together inside her hot cunt. He could feel her liquid running down his shaft and onto his now-empty balls.
He kissed her hard on the mouth.

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