I Didn't Mean To Kill My Girlfriend_(0)

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I didn't mean to kill my girlfriend! I know it's cliche but, in my case it's true. Let me tell you my story and than you can judge for your self. Now understand that my story will contain me fucking my dead and dying girlfriend so if this is not what your looking for please find another story.

I was sitting in the living room watching tv with my feet propped up on the coffee table. I heard my girlfriend get out of the shower and start her cleansing which she did most every evening. She was going to the bar to find some guy to fuck.

Sadly after 4 years that guy was no longer me. she exited the bathroom her beautiful C cup tits standing proud, her nipples pointing out straight, and her pussy lips bald and dripping water. I started to argue about having to pay all the bills, take care of both her and myself, and every single evening she would go out and fuck some stranger who could be carrying who knows what.

She simply didn't care, as we got louder she started to shove me and I shoved back. Her feet still wet slipped on the tile floor. It seemed to happen in slow motion. She flailed wildly trying to catch her balance, me reaching out to catch her hands to no avail. I watched as the corner of her head hit the coffee table. She hit the floor with a sickening thud and didn't move. I ran to her side but she was unresponsive. The light's were on but there was no longer anybody home. I had always wanted to have sex with someone against there will, but had never found someone who was willing to role play.

Now I had my chance I bent down and french kissed my girlfriend, her head bleeding from the open wound. She didn't kiss back she didn't even make a sound. I stood up and stripped naked. My 6 inch cock now standing at full attention. I moved down her body to her lovely nipples and nibbled and sucked on the large nubs. I kissed down her stomach to her full pussy lips and sucked them into my mouth tasting her cum that flowed from her pussy. I worked my finger's into her lovely pink petals.

I grew more and more bold working my whole hand into her wet sex. I pushed my hand deeper until I felt her cervix. I pushed and prodded her cervix until my finger slipped inside. If my girlfriend was conscious I'm sure that what she would have felt would have been painful. I didn't really care at that point though. I continued to feel around her womb entrance with my finger. I worked another finger into her cervix and started spreading my finger's apart stretching her hole. I worked with her small opening for a bit and eventually got my whole hand inside her womb.

I could feel her pussy muscles clenching down on my arm and her sex was dripping her sweet love juice. I moved down to my arm and licked up some of her sweet sex juice. I have always loved the way she taste's. Never bitter or musky just a sweet creamy taste like sweet milk. I now had my whole hand in her womb. I reached over to the coffee table and pulled my phone down. I really wished that I had thought of this sooner. I hit record and started filming my hand roughly fisting her womb.

I could see a solid outline of my hand pushing up on her stomach. I looked down and my cock was leaking precum all over her leg. I continued moving my hand inside of her womb as roughly and forcefully as I liked. I could even see my fingers as I pushed them into her fallopian tubes and fondled her ovaries. Her pussy was really pushing down on my arm at this point. I roughly pulled my fist from her womb and watched as her cervix became prolapsed from her pussy.

She was dripping cum and her cervix was wide and exposed. My cock came all down her leg without me ever touching it. I bent down and began to suck at her cervix. When would I ever have a chance like this again, never. I continued recording getting close up shots of my face and my tongue entering her cervix. I was actually licking the inside of her womb. I could see her eyes were starting to fade and she would be gone soon, her breating was also becoming shallow. I got the enema bag that she kept hanging from the shower that she had used not to long ago to clean out her ass. I pushed the tube up her pee hole and allowed her urine to drain into the bag. When there was nothing left in her bladder I removed the tube and began to finger fuck her urethra.

I pushed into her using my pinky at first. Still recording I was fingering her piss tube, watching the light fade from her eyes, and her lips grow blue. I sat

recording her face as the last breath left her body. I was actually very sad at that moment and had to stop recording, I broke down into tears. I pulled my self together after a half hour of balling tears. I wasn't down with my girlfriend

after all. My cock still hard was now able to enter her pee hole. Her body was relaxed and there was no resistance to my penetration. My cock slid deep into her urethra and right into her bladder. It was only about ten minutes until my cock squirted cum deep inside her bladder.

I leaned down to kiss her cold dead lips, slid her eyes shut and got ready to dispose of the body. I wrapped her body in an old worn out rug after wrapping her in plastic just so no blood or fluids would leak out. I put her body into the trunk of my old caddy. The trunk was more than well equipped to hold her. I got out the old mop and a couple of bottles of bleach and began cleaning the blood off of the tile floor.

It was about 1 a.m. when the floor looked good but, there was still more to do. I got dressed and drove the car out to a spot that was near the bar and tossed her body into the ditch to be found later. During the process a car approached and I quickly put my hand up. It shielded my face but also the idiots had their high beams on. After they passed I quickly got into my car and headed back home. I remopped the floor one more time for good measure than went out and started our old fire pit which was just a large concave spot in the ground.

I doused the old rug and mop in lighter fluid and set it alight. After watching it burn and making sure that there was little to no evidence. I went into my room down loaded the video from my phone to my computer, than transferred it to two separate flash drives just in case. I deleted the video from my phone and my computer than stripped naked and jacked off to the video of me fist fucking my girlfriend.

I fell asleep contented for the first time in a long time. I awoke around 10, and walked around the house naked. It was kinda quiet without my girlfriend their. I reached for my cell and called the police to claim that my girlfriend was missing. I acted distressed by biting my nails and looking at my cell. After taking a statement and giving me a case number the officers left. Two day's later one of them returned to tell me that they had found my girlfriend's body dead right where I had left her, but they didn't know that part and I wasn't going to tell them.

The officer also told me that a man had been arrested and was being charged with her murder. I was in shock to say the least as it was not me in handcuffs. They claimed to have talked to the bar man who was working the night of her death.

A few nights before she had gotten into it was a man who didn't like being told no. They searched his car and although they didn't find my girl's blood they did find hair and fibers from 3 other girl's who had gone missing near here. I broke down into tears again and thanked the officer for all their fine work. I watched the court case on the tv and the man's

execution. I will be leaving my house tomorrow and moving to another city nearby. I don't regret what I did and I still enjoy watching the video I recorded. I have a new girlfriend that I am starting a new life with. I don't think I will have the same problem with her, and I think I'm going to be very happy now. THE END

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