Sin - 5

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Sin 5

"Well Sin? Would you like to talk about the Chicago trip with Carla? Because I know what happened, so we can discuss the details if you like?"

No response.

"Tell you what, I'm going to take a shower, it's been a long night for me. I didn't get a ton of sleep to begin with, then I had to go help YOUR friend this morning, maybe when I get out you'll be a bit more talkative. Ok? .Ok."

Jake walked toward their shower, stopping only to shed his clothes into the hamper. From Cindy's seat on the corner of the bed she had a perfect view of his sculptured body as he walked into the shower naked. Years at the gym and good genetics had given him a well defined body. Cindy loved his body, she loved him, everything about him. She just couldn't help it though, she loved dick, and not just Jake's. She didn't know where they stood right now in their relationship, she always figured if Jake found out about that trip that they would be done. She could only hope that Carla did some damage control for her earlier when they were together. She would have to call her later and find out. However, right now she would try to do a little damage control herself. Cindy stood up, still a little sore from the pounding Mark, or actually, Jake had given her the night before. She laughed to herself when she thought back about the events that happened in the suv last night as she pulled off her top and then slid off her bottoms. She admired her body in the mirror. Beautiful skin, long dark hair, cute heart shaped little ass, and perky tits. "Wow, I do look awesome, no wonder guys like to fuck me.", Cindy said as she admired her own reflection. She then made her way into the bathroom and saw Jake with his back to her, out stretched arms leaning against the wall of their tiled shower. Both shower heads were pointing on him and steam was enveloping his muscular frame. Cindy had just showered not even two hours ago, however this wasn't about getting clean. This was about trying not to lose the most important thing in her life. She slid up behind Jake and wrapped herself around him from behind. Leaving her left hand on his shoulder as she massaged his chiseled frame she slid her right arm around him and rubbed his chest, slowly sliding it down his six pack and reaching her goal. Cindy slowly pulled at his growing member and heard Jake breath in deeply.

Jake loved the feeling of Cindy's little hands wrapped around his cock. Sometimes they would lay in bed for hours and talk, the whole time she would slowly rub him and stroke his cock. Sometimes it would lead to blow jobs, sometimes just to a nap or sleep, but more often than not it would lead to her climbing up on his dick and going to "work." Jake breathed in deeply as Cindy continued working her magic. He had just got done fucking Carla not even an hour ago and figured he'd take a shower so Cindy wouldn't notice just in case. He was rock hard again thanks to a combination of Cindy in the shower and the events of the last 24 hours playing over and over again in his mind.

"Do you still love me? Can you ever forgive me Jake?", as she squeezed his cock running her hand from base to tip just like he liked it. Rubbing his muscular shoulders with her other hand. He didn't answer, but he didn't resist or pull back from her which gave her hope. "You know I love you Jake, only you, I've always loved you. Since the day we met, there's never been anyone else. At least, there's never been any one that I've loved. Just you Jake. That stuff in Chicago, we You and I Jake, we were in a really bad place Jake. I I really thought our marriage was over. And i was so drunk, I mean that's not an excuse, but I was . I just wish I could take it back.", Cindy continued to stroke him as she slid around front moving her head under his arm and standing in front of him. She switched hands now and pulled on his cock with her left as she ran her hand up and down his left arm squeezing his bicep and triceps. She could feel her insides heating up and getting wet as she felt him flex making his arms as hard as his dick. She loved Jake's arms, she always had, and he knew this. She would always watch him at the gym when they went together. She would be on the treadmill getting wetter and wetter until she couldn't take it anymore. She admitted to Jake once that on more than one occasion she had to leave the gym early and hit the showers just to get the relief she needed. "Can you Jake, can you forgive me? Do you still love me?"

Jake opened up his eyes as the water ran down his face and across his body. He stared deep into her eyes and then reached passed her turning off the water. He simply said,"We'll talk now.", as he walked out of the shower and started to towel off. When he was finished he threw his towel in the hamper and walked to their bed. He laid down on his back with his now semi had cock leaning to the side. Cindy followed once dry and laid down next to him placing her leg across his leg barely touching his now limp cock. She laid her head on his shoulder and placed her hand on his hairless chest preparing herself for the worse. Jake took in a deep breath and said,"Tell me everything."

"Well, Carla and I were done shopping for the day and we."

"No.", Jake cut her off, "I know about that, I want to know everything else. I want to know about all the times you were with other guys since we've been together. From the beginning. From the time we started dating to now, I want to know everything. Then and only then will I answer your questions."

"Jake there wasn't any-"

"STOP FUCKING LYING!", Jake said raising his voice, but not quite yelling. "It doesn't matter anymore, I'll explain that later, but right now you just need to be honest. From the beginning Sin, you need to tell me about all of them. And if you're thinking about holding out, keep in mind that I found out a lot more than about your Chicago trip last night from you AND Karla. So if you hold out at all, if you leave anyone or anything out and I find out about it", he paused, "This is your only chance to be honest with me Sin. You will not get a second chance.

Cindy thought about it. What did she have to lose now? She had been carrying all this guilt with her for years, it would be good for her to get it off her chest, off her conscious. "Are you sure Jake? You want to know everything? Not just when and who, but details? You want to know EXACTLY what I did with these guys? How it happened, EVERYTHING?"

"Yes.", Jake said as his limp cock involuntarily jumped just a bit rubbing against Cindy's knee while he breathed in and out heavily, the same way he did when she was getting ready to go down on him.

Cindy felt Jake's reaction and she begun to understand, but was still cautious. She moved her knee ever so slightly so as to be in complete contact with him. "Once I tell you Jake, once I tell you about all the guys I fucked Jake" She could feel him start to swell. "Once I tell you Jake you can't go back, you can't unknown it Jake. And Jake?"

"Yeah?", he responded quietly breathing slowly.

"There were a bunch of guys Jake, I've been fucked a lot. And not just by you, so you need to tell me that you're sure you want this, that you want to know?" Cindy could feel his tool now, granite, hard as steel, against her leg and growing. She fully understood where this was going now and why he wanted to know. She decided that she would tell him everything and accept what ever happened.

"Yes.", Jake whispered, "Tell me everything"

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