If things had been different - Ch 3_(0)

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"What name do you give this child?" asked the priest of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Newark, the church that had been the family church of both families for as long as anyone could remember. There had been countless christenings, confirmations, marriages and funerals and this was one to add to that list.

"Michelle Sarah Julie Lynch," said Sarah firmly and her husband John nodded in agreement though the rows they had to get that point had been countless over the past few weeks.


"So who is this bloody Mary Poppins that I have yet to ever meet?" John had raged a few days before as they had discussed names for little Michelle.

Sighing Sarah went over it again one more time, "John as we agreed, Michelle is her first name, Sarah is mine and your mother's middle name and my mother's middle name and it even ticks the biblical box. That means we have one name space spare to keep with tradition of three first names and rather than upset anyone I have decided that we should choose Julie as she was so kind to me when I was in London before we met.

John knew when he was beaten and although he got his way on most things, on this occasion he decided to concede but not before taking a final swipe. " So every year she sends you a Birthday Card and a Christmas Card, yet you have no idea where the hell she even is in the world, that's a strange friend in my book. I am surprised you didn't want to make Mary Poppins her bloody Godmother as well." John stared hard at his wife as he said the last words to show there was no compromise, the god parents were chosen and would remain chosen.

Sarah stared at John's retreating back as she recalled each card that Julie had sent which she had treasured and stored carefully along with the envelopes. There was never a return address and the cards would turn up with exoctic stamps from all over the world and would always say the same thing. 'Hey SS, as agreed love J xxx.' When they had moved recently Sarah went frantic insisting that post had to be redirected, yet her card turned up with her new address carefully written on the outside. After that Sarah hadn't even bothered trying to worry about telling Julie about the christening as she had a feeling that Julie would either be there or not, but she would know when and where it was.


The priest's voice jerked Sarah back into the ceremony and just as she was about to move to the font Sarah caught a flash of white out of the corner of her eye. In the very far corner of the church it looked like her but Sarah couldn't be sure, and what she wanted to do was run over and check but knew that would be madness. Then she found herself being swept towards altar and lost sight of her in that moment.

After the ceremony, as they stood on the steps of the church posing for people to take pictures Sarah scanned up and down the road and the park opposite wondering if was just her imagination playing tricks on her, then she spotted her leaning against the railings watched the christening party with a wry smile on her face. Gone was the rebel on the motorbike that Sarah had spent time with in Mexico, in her place was a tall sophisticated woman wrapped in an ankle length grey leather coat with dark wrap around shades concealing her eyes. Walking with she hoped was a casual demeanour, yet inside she wanted to run over screaming and whooping with joy, Sarah strolled up to the woman still not 100% convinced her mind wasn't playing tricks on her and uttered one word, 'Julie?"

"Hi Short Stuff, nice turn out" Julie said, her face spilt in a huge grin.

"I would have made you a God Mother," Sarah blurted out still over whelmed by the fact Julie was there.

Julie threw back her head and roared with laughter, "Me a God Mother, would I have to have made someone an offer they couldn't refuse?. No love I think Romans One, verse twenty six probably counts me out for that," then seeing the confused look on Sarah's face she went on, "Because of this, God gave them over to shameful lusts. Even their women exchanged natural sexual relations for unnatural ones." Then laughing as she said, "that reminds me you still pussy munching behind hubby's back or just waiting on me turning up?"

Before Sarah could reply her husband John was there next to his wife, "So you must be the infamous Julie I have heard so much about and that seems to have had such an influence on my wife. You must join us back at the house and I want you to tell me all about the wild times in London before I came on the scene. and I have to say you don't look at all like Mary Poppins, unless you have lost your umbrella somewhere."

"I would be delighted John," and then linking her arm in his ,"Oh and she tried to lead me astray many times I can tell you with her late night drinking and dancing semi-naked on table, In fact there was time in the Punch & Judy in Covent Garden " Sarah wasn't quite sure whether to laugh, cry or have kittens as she watched them chattering like a pair who had known each other for years and although she had no idea what Julie might say, the one thing she did know was her husband was safe with Julie. She couldn't help but giggle as at one point she was sure she could hear Julie singing, 'spoonful of sugar.'

For most of the afternoon Julie avoided Michelle, passing lots of effusive compliments on how beautiful she was of course, but avoiding actually holding her. Then Sarah decided she just had to have a picture and almost thrusting Michelle into Julie's arms put her arms round her best friend and insisted on a picture being taken of the three of them. Julie whispered in Sarah's ear, "she is beautiful short stuff and I will always look out for her," then joked loudly about how she was worried about dropping the baby so she had better give her back.


That evening as John & Sarah were getting ready for bed and Michelle was settled down , Sarah casually dropped into the conversation, "was a surprise seeing Julie there,"

"What a gal," John enthused, "she is positively charming and such good fun as well, she can actually drive a shift stick, can you believe that? and a motorbike as well. She has seen lion and tigers in the wild, at different times of course. Not quite sure what her husband does, or even if there is one but we didn't really talk about that. Oh and tomorrow night is fine by the way, my Mom will help me look after Mitchie so you go and have a good time and relive some old memories, and like Julie said, better you stay over than try to travel home afterwards"

Sarah had to try keep a straight face as she had no idea what John was talking about but she could feel the cogs whir in her head and drop into place as she recalled the last thing Julie had whispered in her ear she had left that afternoon, "Waldorf Astoria, 8 o'clock Monday, foyer."


Sarah stood outside the Waldorf and looked up at the elegant building that took her breath away every time she saw it. Walking in suddenly Sarah's confidence oozed away as it dawned on her she had no idea how to contact Julie, what room she was in or anything. She almost gave a little cry of relief as the bell boy walked past with a display sign saying message for 'Mrs Sarah Lynch."

"That's me," Sarah said taking the package and tipping the bell boy a dollar who stood there looking at her and said "I was told to wait for your reply Madam."

Looking curious Sarah opened the envelope and inside was a note written in Julie's familiar hand writing, 'Hi Short Stuff, go the ladies rest room, remove your panties and put them in the envelope and then give the package back to him . J xxx."

Sarah felt herself flush and was sure the bell boy looked at her strangely, in fact Sarah was sure all the staff were looking at her, then she shook her head and turning to the bell boy said, "where is the powder room please?"

As Sarah's eyes followed his directions she asked herself, 'was that a smile on the bell boy's face?' or the smug look of someone who knew what she was about to do as she handed him her small overnight bag and hurried to the ladies room. Removing her knickers Sarah smoothed her short cocktail dress down and then stuffed the panties inside the envelope though now there was a bulge to the envelope and it didn't seal fully. Handing the envelope to the bell boy he simply replied with, "The Cole Porter Suite, 35th Floor," and then left, with her bag, blending back into the crowds of people as he made his way to the service elevator. Standing in the lift that rose soundlessly and smoothly higher and higher Sarah happened to glance down and realised that the highly polished tiled floor was like a mirror, meaning that anyone could look up her dress and see she was naked under. Sarah was not able to resist and opening her legs glanced, then stared at her own pussy. She actually found herself wondering how she would taste when at that exact moment her day dream was broken by the lift door opening and a sweet old couple stepping in.

Closing her legs quickly Sarah was still lost in her thoughts and hardly heard the woman talking until she caught the words, " are you going all the way?" Sarah nearly screamed before she realised the woman was referring to the observation level and trying not to move around too much Sarah shook her head and tried to position herself so that she hoped anyone would get the minimum view, but most importantly she just hoped that the nice old couple opposite would not look down.

Sarah was silently begging the lift to go faster when her thoughts were broken this time by the old man saying, "it's a lovely view." Sarah blushed bright red and drew her ankles together so that her shoes clicked as the old man went on , " from the observation level."

Finally the lift arrived on the 35th floor and making her way to the Cole Porter suite Sarah found that she was hugely excited and that she was damp between her thighs. She went to knock but the door swung open at her touch, and the room took her breath away as it was massive and the view from the window absolutely stunning as she stood there trying to drink in all the luxury before her.

Beyond the living space was an open door that led to a bedroom, and as Sarah entered the dimly lit room she looked in awe at the bed that was the most massive luxurious thing she had ever seen. The bathroom door was ajar and Julie called out, "Hey short stuff come join me, the water's warm, the champagne is still cold and dinner isn't being served until nine." As Sarah walked towards the light she couldn't help but glance at the bed and saw a huge strap on dildo in a harness lying on the bed, and pushing open the door saw Julie lying there up to her neck in bubbles. "Hey sexy, get undressed and come and join me, well you are half undressed anyway." Julie said giggling.

"I see you bought back up," Sarah said nodding over her shoulder in the general direction on the monster lying on the bed.

"Don't worry about Roger, he will wait patiently until we are ready for him, now kit off or I will pull you in as you are," said Julie reaching for a second glass and pouring it from the bottle of champagne nestling in the ice bucket on the side of the marble bath.

Julie watched as Sarah slowly undressed taking in the little changes in her body since the last time they had been naked together. Clearly life had treated her well, but she had stayed in good shape and got back most of her pre-natal figure, Julie smiled as Sarah let the dress fall to the floor as she was indeed naked under and couldn't help commenting, "well done girl glad you made the bell boy happy."

"What do you mean?" Sarah stammered as she slide into the warm water opposite Julie.

"Well I told him that Sharon Stone was visiting the hotel in secret as a Mrs Sarah Lynch and if he gave her this note she would give him her knickers as a present," then brayed with laughter as Sarah blushed bright red before going on, "don't worry he thinks I am Kate Winslet and I have given him two pairs already."

"Oh I have missed you so much," said Sarah as she sank into the bath and the two women started to catch up though as normal Sarah did most of the talking. Soon Sarah found Julie's toes were starting to wander and probe at her pussy under the water.

"Now it's your turn to talkkkkkk, " said Sarah, the last word shuddering out as Julie toe dipped inside her.

"Talk about what darling?" Julie smiled as she started to move her toe in and out of Sarah's pussy, "about what my toe is doing perhaps?"

"No about " Sarah brain had stopped working and the only thing she could focus on was the toe penetrating inside her, seeming like it was so much bigger than it was. After a few minutes of probing suddenly the toe was removed and Julie lifted Sarah up so she sat on edge of the bath, her legs placed wide apart, revealing her open pussy. Julie leant forward between her legs and inhaled deeply, "You still smell divine," Julie sighed before burying her face into Sarah wetness. Julie delved deeply inside collecting and swallowing juices whenever and wherever she could coating her face with her lovers nectar as Sarah moaned with pleasure, her fingers tight in Julie's hair urging her on.

Before Sarh could reach a climax Julie stood and scooped Sarah in her arms and carried her to the bedroom. Kissing as they staggered round the room Julie kicked the door shut before depositing Sarah on her back on the bed. Picking up the strap on Sarah waved it about, giggling as it wobbled, "are you going to use this on little ole me."

Taking it from her and climbing into the harness, the securing the straps to keep it in place, Julie grasped it by the base and waved it in Sarah's direction, "payback time for Mexico," Julie laughed as she grabbed one of Sarah's ankles in each hand, holding her them wide apart.

"Oh yes please," Sarah moaned, "pay me back good," then groaned as Julie thrust her hips slowly forward allowing her weight to push the dildo slowly into her willing body. Finally coming to a rest with Sarah's ankles resting on her shoulder Julie bent and kissed Sarah with a passion of nearly five years apart.

Looking at Sarah beneath her Julie couldn't help but laugh as she said, "still short I see."

Sarah thought her heart would burst with joy as she replied, "still bald I noticed,"

Sarah loved her husband very much but at that moment in time all thoughts of him had gone from her head as she wrapped her legs round Julie's waist and pulled her in. "Oh Julie that feels wonderful, fuck me harder."

Julie fucked Sarah varying her strokes with much greater control than a man ever could as it was only the friction from the base that affected her rather than the tightness of Sarah's pussy clamping on the rubber cock. Julie would take Sarah almost to the brink of an orgasm with frantic fucking, then slow the pace as she moaned and writhed under her. Sweat was slicked on both woman's bodies as Julie withdrew until just the tip was inside Sarah's pussy and teasing her with little movements looked down at her and said softly, "what was that word again?bed? or leg?" As Sarah tried to understand Julie slammed her hips forward in a single powerful thrust and this time held deep inside as she leant forward and whispered in Sarah's ear, "that was it beg."

Reaching up and gripping Julie by the hair on either side of her head, Sarah pulled Julie's face close to hers. With her eyes wild Sarah half moaned, half screamed, "By everything that is holy fuck me till I CUM I BEG YOU," the last words drawn out and at full volume.

Neither women heard the room service waiter nearly drop the tray from outside in the main part of the suite as Julie gritted her teeth and increased the pace and speed thrusting into Sarah burying the dildo deep each time. Sarah dug her nails deep into Julie's back as she lifted herself off the bed and deeper onto the cock as it seemed like the whole world exploded from between her legs. At the same time hearing her lover explode sent Julie over the top and she climaxed though clearly not as loud as Sarah who was still cumming as Julie collapsed on top of her totally spent.

After a few minutes of catching their breath Julie rolled off and slipped out of the harness before rolling back and cuddling Sarah tightly. "Have missed you short stuff," Julie said as she kissed the tip of Sarah's nose.

"I am starving," Sarah said as she bounded to her feet grabbing a robe, I need food then we have a whole lot more catching up to do. Oh and I have to say I love Roger nodding towards the strap on still glistening from her juices."

They sat opposite each other at the table, both dressed in white robes as they started to eat the food that still had some warmth left in it. When they got to the gooey chocolate dessert, Julie stood and shed her robe, "well we want to keep it clean don't we?"

"I agree," said Sarah shedding hers so both were naked, "and it doesn't look like they have sent any spoons," clearly picking up the spoons provided and dropping then in the waste bin."

"Oh dear," smiled Julie, "whatever shall we do now?" Her voice trying to supress the laughter as the two women acted out the farce.

"Well I have an idea," said Sarah pushing Julie gently to the floor to lie on her back in front of the huge picture window that looked out over the New York skyline. Pouring a small amount of the gooey chocolate Julie felt it trickle on her breasts and down her cleavage before Sarah bent her head and started to lick every last drop making Julie moan and writhe with pleasure. As Sarah poured and licked she worked her way downwards, noticing the odd scar here and there that she had never seen before. Finally Sarah wiggled between Julie's legs and poured the very last drop that slowly trickled down each of her groins. Julie was tugging at her hair as Sarah lifted her head and said "I think that's all gone now."

"There is one drop you have missed," Julie panted, "let me show you," and guided Sarah's willing and eager mouth between her legs and directly onto her pussy. At the very first touch Julie exploded but Sarah had no intention of stopping as she licked and lapped until finally Julie collapsed on her back totally spend and floating in orgasmic bliss.


After starting a room service breakfast that ended up with more touching, that developed into sex, that involved another shower, that developed into more sex the two women finally dressed. Sarah decided to say nothing as her overnight bag was devoid of any knickers but she didn't really care as long as she was with Julie. As they sat there Sarah asked, "so what do you want to do today? John isn't picking me up until four o'clock, so I have the rest of the morning," then glancing at her watch showing nearly midday, "well afternoon at leisure."

"Please can we go to the Zoo?" Julie asked like a small child as she clapped her hands, '"then we can come back her and fuck some more."

An hour later the two women strolled through Central Park Zoo linking arms like good friends rather than holding hands like they lovers they were. As they reached the enclosure of Gus the Polar Bear, Sarah pulled Julie to a standstill and faced her. "So Julie it's about time you told me a little bit more about yourself rather than you left home at 16 and have had it tough. There is a whole lot of years between then and now and there is a whole lot of marks on your body you didn't have the last time we were naked together." Sarah folded her arms determined to try to get something from this mystery woman she was deeply in love with.

Julie looked at her and smiled as she said, "yes I suppose it is time I owe you that much at least. Well after I split with Mary I moved to central London and we met then after we parted I "

Sarah watched in horror as Julie's eyes suddenly rolled into the back of her head and she collapsed on the floor in front of Sarah. "Julie Julie please wake up," Sarah cried cradling Julie's head before screaming at the top of her voice "SOMEONE HELP ME PLEASE."


Two hours later Sarah sat by Julie's bedside listening to the machine's making their steady beeping sound as numbers and lines rolled across the screen. The doctor in attendance, a pleasant looking young man, came in with a clip board and looked at Sarah and said, "There are a few questions I need to ask you about your friend."

"Yes," stammered Sarah.

"We have had the preliminary blood results and they are a little strange. Has she recently been to Africa?" He asked.

"Ummm I don't know." Sarah replied.

"Where is her husband?" The doctor asked.

"She isn't married," Sarah replied.

"Really?" Said the doctor looking disapproving. "her boyfriend then."

"Doctor, she doesn't have one, she is a lesbian." Sarah blushed as she replied.

"Really? Of course she is, well let's start with an easy question, what's her full name?" He asked and looked a bit perplexed at Sarah's lack of immediate response.

"I don't know," Sarah said quietly almost in tears.

"Her date of birth." The doctor continued firmly.

"I don't know," Sarah said a tear splashing on the tiled floor, "I just know I love her."

"You don't know her full name, her date of birth, yet you claim to be her best friend," the doctor said with a frown on his face as he left the room to speak with security about this strange woman.

A thought hit Sarah as she knew Julie would never have left the hotel without her passport so she must have hidden them somewhere and started to feel the lining of the coat carefully until she felt the outline of something passport shaped. Careful examination revealed a concealed Velcro pocket in the lining and as Sarah pulled the package free, not one but three passports clattered to the floor.


An hour later Sarah stood in front of an officious man at the British Embassy as she explained the story of her friend and the passports. The man looked at each of the passports, carefully feeding the details into a machine in front of him, before asking Sarah to take a seat, as he went to walk away he asked casually , "so where is your Julie friend now?"

Sarah blurted out, "CityMD, 944 2nd Ave,". The man nodded and left requesting Sarah wait there.

Two hours later Sarah went to the desk and asked again what was happening. "With what Madam?" A different man said with a stone face.

"My friend with three passports in City MD, the one who collapsed," cursing thinking that the British were supposed to be good at admin.

The man looked at her with his poker face as he said, "Madam must be mistaken British citizens only hold one passport, so clearly your friend could not have had three."

A cold fear gripped Sarah's heart as she ran outside and sprinted the few blocks to the hospital, taking the stairs two at a time until she came to Julie's room., her chest heaving as she tried to catch her breath. Flinging open the door she stared at the empty bed and crumpled to floor sobbing.

One of the nurses who had seen Sarah at Julie's bedside stopped and put her arm round Sarah, "Some nice British men took your friend away about two hours ago. The doctor was most upset saying that in her condition she should see an Obstetrician before being released, but they were very firm."

"A what?" said Sarah as the word obstetrician slowly permeated her brain.

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