The Damage is Already Done

I’m Max, a 23-year-old black man recently commissioned as Second Lieutenant in the United States Air Force, serving at my first duty location, Mountain Home AFB, Idaho. While earning my degree at the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign, I thought that area was remote; but this place is really, I mean, really, really remote. Not only that, but I must be one of the nearly none black people in this area. There was a time in the not too distant past that black Airmen were given the option of declining assignment here since they would be virtually alone.

While attending college, I worked part time at a grocery store to pay my expenses, but found I really needed something that paid better, so I signed on with a male escort service just to see what would happen. The agency arranged plutonic dates for me. I could then provide extra services for whatever terms I could negotiate.

To my surprise, the well-to-do, mostly married, white ladies really liked the novelty of having a big, black, handsome (I’m told) college student. I started by delivering singing birthday greetings in costume and progressed to doing bachelorette parties, usually with full strip performances. For generous tips, I’d let the girls blow me and even fuck me. I just loved being paid to fuck the bride-to-be in front of all her cheering friends on the night before her marriage.

After developing a stable of regulars, I quit the agency and just freelanced, serving my regulars and doing referrals. I was amazed at the number of women who wanted me in their marital bed with hubby there either watching or helping. I even had a mother hire me to take her daughter’s virginity on her eighteenth birthday! She set up a hidden cam to film the event so she could give the recording to her daughter at some future date. “I wish I had a video record of my deflowering,” she confided.

I was getting all the pussy I wanted, and making good money doing it. Call me what you will, but it was great; I have no regrets.

Now, as I entered my first real career job, I was attending the annual Squadron picnic at the park. The enlisted guys were thoroughly enjoying themselves, mostly drinking themselves silly. Memories of frat days told me I should be joining them; but I knew the officers were expected to maintain some decorum and limit our fraternization with the enlisted troops. After enjoying some of the roast beef the guys had on the spit all day long, I wondered down to the water’s edge and discovered a young, beautiful girl. She was dressed in a little yellow sundress, it’s hem pulled up high as she sat on a large bolder tanning her legs while dangling her toes in the cool water.

“Penny for your thoughts,” I said, startling her.

“Oh, Hi; I didn’t hear you coming,” she said as she pulled her dress down, covering the white panties that had been peeking out.

“You’re missing out on the fun,” I said, “Can I get you a drink or something?”

“Thanks, but no, I can’t drink. I’m fine,” she replied, “My husband, Will, has been here all day cooking that half-cow, and he’s been drinking all day too. He’s drunk and I’m just waiting till he’s ready to go home.”

“I’m Max,” I introduced myself, “I’m in charge of the Maintenance Branch, and probably should know who you husband is, but I don’t recall the name. Are you new here?”

“Yeah, this is our first assignment. He just got out of tech school, and was assigned here. We married between his basic training and tech school. We had to do it over the weekend because he couldn’t get time off, so I haven’t even had time to see him very much. We just got here last Monday.”

“I’m kind of new here too, just two months since I arrived,” I told her, making small talk, “Mind if I sit with you?” I asked as I kicked off my sandals and joined the little blonde without waiting for an invite. She looked up at me and smiled as we sat closely, a necessity on the smallish bolder.

It was then I noticed, as I looked down the front of her sundress, she wasn’t wearing a bra and her otherwise perfect little body was distorted by an obvious tummy bulge.

“What’s gotten into you?” I jokingly asked with a wink as I lightly patted her bump. I immediately withdrew my hand, regretting my action. I didn’t know this little one well enough to do that and hoped I’d not offended her.

Thankfully, she just giggled, “Yeah, I’m about three and a half months now. That’s why Will and I got married, but I do love him so it’s all good,” she confided as if we were best friends. She paused, then continued, “but now, he seems to have lost interest. He doesn’t find me attractive now that I’m pregnant. He doesn’t even want to touch me. He even got drunk on our wedding night and didn’t want me. I told him if he didn’t want to be with me, I could find someone who would. He just laughed and told me, ‘The damage is already done, so if you want to fuck someone else, go for it.’ He even said he’d call a friend of his to come do me.”

“I’m sorry,” she choked as she wiped a tear from her face, “That was uncalled for. I don’t even know you and should not have burdened you with my problems. Please forget I said that. I’m so embarrassed. My hormones are just all wacky and I’m having difficulty keeping my emotions in check.”

I wanted to hug and comfort her, but we could be seen from the picnic grounds and I didn’t want to throw away my career just months into it. Instead, I candidly put my big black hand just above her knee on the inside of her perfect little thigh. My hand nearly encircled her smooth, thin leg, rivaling the size of my upper arm.

“There are those of us who find pregnant women extraordinarily sexy,” I truthfully told her, “There’s nothing more beautiful than a young, fertile girl showing the world that she’s fulfilled her primal role in life, taking a man’s seed and growing a baby. It’s undeniable, obvious proof of the ultimate sex act, and it’s exceptionally hot to see a little one like you showing,” I concluded.

“That’s just a little bit creepy, you know, but I think you meant it to be nice. I think you are nice,” she said, “my name is Suzie,” she introduced herself. She looked up at me with a big smile and slowly, but very intentionally, let her legs spread apart.

I smiled back and slowly moved my hand up her thigh, watching closely for any signs of protest. When my fingers brushed against those white panties with no objection, I couldn’t resist slipping a finger under the fabric. It melted right into a very wet, warm, ready pussy.

“Ohhhh,” she moaned. I worked it in and out, giving both of us a thrill, then, as much as I loved finger fucking the young, pregnant girl, I withdrew. We’d certainly be noticed if I continued.

“Perhaps when you’re ready to leave, since your husband is already drunk, you’ll let me see that you both get home safely. I could take you home and bring you back here tomorrow to pick up your car,” I suggested, inferring I’d spend the night. Fearing immediate rejection if I pushed the issue, I excused myself to mingle with the crowd, giving her time to think about it.

Suzie kept an eye on me the rest of the evening and smiled every time she caught my eye. Just as the sun was beginning to set, she came to me with her totally inebriated husband hanging over her shoulder, stumbling along.

“Let me help you,” I said as I put an arm around Will to steady him and walked them both to my car. I put her drunken husband in the back where he passed out. Suzie sat up front with me. As she gave directions to their trailer in a nearby mobile home park, she leaned against the door and playfully put her left foot up on the center console, letting her yellow sundress rise up her thigh. Sometime in the couple of hours from our initial encounter, the girl had shed her panties and was now teasing me glimpses of her pink slit.

When we arrived, I leaned over toward her and she reciprocated with a warm, passionate kiss. “Just leave him here and come in with me,” she suggested; but I was afraid the kid might puke in my car so insisted on carrying him in. I dumped him on the couch and followed Suzie into the bedroom. She left the door open, insisting that even if Will stumbled in, he wouldn’t care.

“He thinks he’s God’s gift to women,” Suzie told me with contempt, “In High School, he had a reputation for being well endowed, and all the girls wanted him, just to see if it was true and what it’s like to do him. Everyone knew he only dated to have sex. He’d come right out and ask girls if they were on the pill and if not, before he’d take them out, he’d ask when their period was due. Then he’d refuse to go out unless they just finished it or it was expected again in a week or so. “I only do bareback,” he always told anyone who’d go out with him.

He’s had lots of girls, but I’ve only had sex with him. I wanted to lose my virginity and my girlfriend suggested I go on a date with Will. It was a sure thing. Go out with Will, and you’d be fucked…period; and it’d be, “With someone who’s got a man’s equipment who knows how to use it,” my friend told me.

I lied about when my last period ended. We went out and it was so fucking great! I had to have more and so we did it again the next night. I didn’t think I’d get pregnant the first time I did it, but that’s exactly what happened, and a week later he went off to basic military training. There were two other girls he knocked up that I know of, but they got abortions. I couldn’t do that. My parents made him marry me, and now he doesn’t want me. He told me pregnant women are not sexy; but I still have needs,” she confessed.

I pulled the little one’s sundress up by its straps while she lifted her arms to assist. She stood before me completely naked, the top of her head nearly reaching my nips. “Oh, Suzie, you’re magnificent!” I told her as I bent down to explored her body. I gently caressed her, one hand on her bulging baby bump, and the other alternately lifting and spreading her firm little ass cheeks.

“Your turn,” she said as she stepped away and flopped onto the bed, propping herself up on both elbows to watch. As I undressed, she raised her knees, and then let them fall to each side, exposing a gorgeous pussy. She was already glistening with moisture. Her lips were parted and her sizable clit stood proudly, like a hard, little dick. It was somehow shocking to find such a young, petite girl with a fully developed, ready-to-fuck cunt gaping open, begging to be filled. An old, misogynistic joke flashed through my mind; ‘Definition of a woman: Life support system for a pussy.’ It was sick, but the joke fit. This little one was supporting the most beautiful, fully developed, well formed, perfect pussy; not the tiny slit of a little girl.

“Oh my God!” Suzie exclaimed, eyes as big as saucers when my last piece of clothing came off, “You’re way big. Even Will has nothing compared to you! I don’t know if I can do this. I’ve never done anyone but Will, and I never ever thought about doing it with a black man; especially a black man with a penis like that! I don’t think I can,” she concluded as she closed her legs and sat up on the bed.

I sat next to her and took her in my arms. I kissed her and played with her tits, tweaking her hard, protruding nipples and ran my hand repeatedly over her firm, rounded, bulging tummy. A low moan escaped her throat. She reached for my cock and balls.

She got to her knees and nuzzled my neck with her open mouth and tongue. Her legs parted over my thigh. She actually glided back and forth from knee to groin, sliding in her own lube, masturbating herself on my thigh. She was panting and would never be hotter to fuck.

“Oh, fuck,” she moaned. She stroked my fully erect twelve inches, and then pushed the foreskin completely off the bulbous, mushroom head while kissing her way down my chest and over my belly. She took the head into her mouth and sucked vigorously while pumping the shaft, working out what I knew to be a mouthful of precum. “Mmmmmm,” she moaned, “Do me Max. Fuck me. Even if I beg you to stop; don’t! I need to be fucked hard. Use me. Pump your load into me. Please, Max, I need it,” she begged as she lay back with wide-spread legs.

I fully intended to do as the girl wished, but before fucking her, I had to taste that hot, juicy pussy. I dove head first between her legs and wrapped my arms around her upper thighs, putting my hands on each side of her mound to pull her pussy up and apart. Using a flat, wide tongue, I licked her from ass hole to clit. She grabbed my head and humped my face. I pointed my tongue and fucked her hole with it, then locked my lips around her clit and sucked hard while flicking it with my tongue.

“Oh shit! Fuck! Oh my God!” she screamed with no apparent concern about her husband asleep on the other side of the wall. “No one has ever done that to me! Oh my God! Stop! Stop!” she screamed while pushing my head away. “I can’t take it!” she pleaded as she had her first cum of the night.

I let her push me away, but before she came down from her climax, I crawled up between her legs, pushing them apart with my thighs. To ease the initial penetration, I spit into my hand, rubbed the saliva over the head of my cock, then positioned it. I felt the hot, tight, wet ring of flesh kissing the blunt head and paused there, letting the little girl savor the moment, anticipating the thrill of being stretched by a big black cock for the first time.

“Are you ready?” I asked; and then, without waiting for a reply, I thrust my hips forward.

“Aaggghhhhh!” Suzie screamed out as the plumb sized head pushed through the elastic ring of flesh guarding the depths of her vagina. The entire head popped into her and was now trapped by the tightly stretched opening. “Oh shit, it hurts so good; but stop, Max; you’re too big!”

I of course ignored her. Even if she hadn’t begged me earlier to fuck her no matter how she protested, I was well beyond the point of no return. The little girl was not coming off my cock until I dumped my seed deep inside her belly.

I urgently needed to push it in, but considering how little this girl was, I forced myself to slow down and give her time. I worked in and out a little at a time until I had half of it in, then Suzie kind of took over.

“Oh yeah, that’s it! That’s it! Fuck my pussy, Black Boy!” Suzie pleaded. She tried to wrap her legs around my hips, but found she was too small to make that happen. She grabbed both of her ankles and held her legs up and apart, rocking her pussy up toward my cock for deeper penetration. “Do it!” she pleaded, “I want it all!”

I lifted myself on straight arms above her body and slammed my hips forward. My cock plunged into her, all twelve inches of it! I was concerned about injuring her baby, but not enough to slow down. If Suzie didn’t resist, she was going to get the hardest fuck I could give her.

“Oh, Shit, Suzie!” I grunted as our eyes locked, “You’re the best fuck ever!” I moaned as we rutted. I was pumping the whole length of my thick member in and out of her sloppy wet pussy. The squishing sounds and occasional pussy fart coming from her loving hole added to the intensity. ‘What the fuck was wrong with her husband, turning down such a hot wife,’ I wondered for a millisecond before my mind was back on the matter at hand; I mean cock.

I wanted to slow down and make it last, but Susie was totally out of control and urging me on, thrusting her hips to meet my penetrations, intent on milking me. I’d been pumping it to her for only two or three minutes and could not hold back. “Here it cums!” I moaned as I fell down on top of her. I cupped her little ass cheeks in my hands and pulled her tightly against me while pushing my hips forward, taking her as deeply as possible. I held myself there, motionlessly except for the throbbing of my spurting cock. Jets of hot, sticky, thick black baby batter splattered the inside of her pussy, totally filling what little space it could find and oozing out at our union. I only regretted it would go to waste; and then fantasized of a day when I could actually impregnate her.

When finished, I pulled out and moved up to her mouth while still hard, “Clean it, Suzie. Lick the cum and pussy juice from my cock and balls.” It’s just something I’d learned to do. I liked it and almost never found a girl who wouldn’t do it.

When she finished, she spread her legs. Cum was dripping from her well fucked pussy and running down the crack of her ass, puddling on the sheets. “Your turn now,” she told me, pushing me down.

“I don’t eat pussy after I’ve fucked it,” I told her as I slid a couple of fingers in. She easily took them, so I added a third. My load just poured out of her as I repeatedly curled my fingers inside her. She was moaning again and humping my fingers, so I added my pinky finger and worked her clit with my thumb. Suzie was having another orgasm as I stretched her tightly, pushing my fingers knuckle-deep into her. She was totally out of control hot and grabbed my forearm, trying to control the action; initially holding me out; then pulling me in.

“Holy shit, Suzie! I can’t believe you’re doing this! You’ve got my hand in you! I’m in past my knuckles!” I whispered as she rocked her hips and humped my hand, “If you let me keep seeing you, I’ll be getting my whole fist into that hungry pussy.”

“Oh Yeah! Oh, Do It! And suck me, please lick me again Max! Lick my clitty while you stretch me open!” she cried out while thrusting against my hand.

I’d never eaten a girl after fucking her. I always left that to the husband, if he was around, or simply said no, I’m just not a cum eater, but she wanted it so badly. I locked my lips over her clit, sucked and licked while pumping my hand inside her. She again had a massive, whole- body, wreathing climax and then went completely limp. I sat up and slowly pulled my cum-drenched fingers from her radically stretched hole.

We lie next to each other, exhausted, and fell asleep. Throughout the night, whenever one of us woke, the other was brought back to life. We fucked each other several more times. She sucked me till I filled her mouth with cum and swallowed every drop. Her side of the bed was soaked, but the girl sleeping in it didn’t care.

As the sun came up, I awoke to another blowjob. She learned throughout the night that it excited me when she touched my ass hole, and she definitely wanted to please. This time, as she filled her mouth with my glans, she slid a spit lubed thumb completely into my ass; and OMG, it was so good.

“Who the FUCK are you?!” Will’s voice boomed in a threatening tone from the doorway. Suzie glanced up, then returned to my cock, bobbing her head so Will could clearly see she was sucking a big black cock.

I’d had quite a few experiences with married couples, but never with such a young couple; and in every case, I was the subservient one, doing as I was told to please both husband and wife. I always wanted to be the dominant bull, in charge of the action, so I assumed the role, hoping it would work.

“You know who the fuck I am, boy, so watch your tone,” I responded without raising my voice, “ If you insist on talking to me, you’ll address me as ‘Sir’, just like you do at work, or ‘Master.’ While I’m here in your bed, fucking your wife, you’d be wise in keeping your mouth shut. Now go stand in the corner. You may watch as long as you keep your mouth shut. One more word from you, just one, and you can stand facing the corner until I’m finished with this slut. Understand?” I told him, hoping it would work.

“Yes, Sir,” Will replied, not realizing he could easily have turned the table on me. I’d gladly be his sub as long as he let me fuck his hot wife, but he retreated to the corner without so much as a whimper.

Suzie loved “putting him in his place”. While looking Will straitht in the eyes as he stroked his cock, she straddled me and lowered her ready pussy onto my rigid cock, taking me balls deep. She placed her hands on my chest and worked her ass back and forth rapidly, begging for another load.

“Get over here, Cucky. Get down between my legs. I want you to see how your wife’s pussy is milking out my nut. Watch closely as I pump another big load deep into your hot wife’s cunt,” I told Will.

Without a word, the obedient kid followed my direction. I pulled Suzie’s ass cheeks apart, giving her husband the optimal view of my big black cock pumping into his wife’s eager pussy. When I felt my nut about to burst, I told Will, “Suck my balls, Cuck, help me dump a bigger load into your wife.”

Feeling no mouth action, I demanded, “Bitch, I said lick my balls. You better do it now, or get the fuck out. If you ever want to be here again when I’m using your wife, you’ll do exactly what you’re told and do it when I tell you!”

And there it was. The boy was sucking on my balls and fondling what little of my cock wasn’t buried in his wife’s pussy. This was going to be good. The boy was mine to control, just like his wife.

When I finished, I told Will to stay where he was but to roll onto his back; then I whispered to Suzie, “I pumped a big load into you again. I want you to get off me and plant that messy pussy right on Will’s mouth.”

“He’ll kill me. He won’t like it!” she whispered back in objection.

“He’ll open his mouth and eagerly suck the cum out of you. He’s going to swallow it all. Just do it!” I demanded.

As she slowly slid her loaded pussy off my dick, I told Will, “Open your mouth wide, Cuck. Your wife is going to feed you. Make sure you swallow every drop!”

I anticipated his objection, but it didn’t come. Suzie lowered her well filled pussy onto his open mouth just as the first big, thick glob of cum dripped from her well filled, still gaping open hole.

“Aaaahhhggg,” she moaned while reaching between her legs to steady his head as she slid her messy pussy over her husband’s face from chin to nose. “Oh fuck, Willie, Lick it! Suck the cum out of me!” she pleaded as she used his mouth for her pleasure.

As I stood to give Suzie my cock for cleaning, I could look down over her belly and intermittently see her husband’s eyes. Whenever she moved her pussy forward for a nose to clit bump, her belly obscured his eyes, then when she moved back for a good tongue lashing and chin ride, I’d see his eyes again. He no doubt was intermittently seeing me as well as my cock plunged in and out of his wife’s mouth.

Suzie leaned forward, intent on licking the length of my cock like an oversized lollipop, but I stopped her. “Let’s let your Cuck take care of clean-up,” I told her, loud enough so the Cuck could hear.

Will was enjoying being “forced” to eat out his well-fucked wife and didn’t seem repulsed by the thought of cleaning up my dick and balls. His fist was moving in a blur, pumping his impressive sized cock. After Suzie had another wild orgasm from riding his face, she fell forward and lay face down on the bed. Will climbed up between her legs, intent on fucking her.

“Where the fuck do you think you’re going, Cucky?” I stopped him, “Get over here and clean me up.” I demanded as I lay on my back, legs spread widely.

Will hesitated, shaking his head, “I don’t think so. I’m not gay.”

“I don’t care if you’re gay or not, Cuck, and don’t forget your place. You are to address me properly and never object to my demands. I did you the favor of fucking your wife, and the least you can do is clean up the mess. Now get over here and do what you’re told.”

Will crawled up between my legs, and as he licked and sucked me, he continued to stroke his cock. “That’s better,” I told him, “It’s obvious you are a natural cock sucker. You like it or you wouldn’t be jerking off. I’m going to forgive your lapse of judgment this time, but don’t ever question me again.”

Suzie sat up in the bed, anxious to see her macho, womanizing husband sucking cock. As the young stud took me into his mouth, she actually put her hand on the back of his head and repeatedly pushed it, helping him work on my dick. “That’s it honey! Suck it! Oh, you naughty boy…you’re just a little cock sucker; aren’t you?” she teased him.

Will seemed to get off on the humiliation. He eagerly sucked, licked and stroked me while busily stroking his own member with the other hand. When he started splashing cum all over the bed, I pushed him off my dick and onto his back for the ultimate humiliation.

“Now lick my ass, Cucky, show your wife what an obedient little slut you are,” I demanded as I held my cheeks apart and lowered my ass to his mouth. He was still spurting, splashing his load over my chest and belly while he pushed his tongue into my butt. I loved it cause I knew I’d be making him lick it up while his wife watched.

When I’d finished with them and was getting dressed, Will again tried to mount his wife.

“Hey, Shit Head, leave her alone!” I demanded. “That’s my pussy. She’s your wife; but my slut. She only fucks me or whomever I give her to, and it sure as fuck isn’t going to be you. Now get dressed so I can take you to your car.”

On the way, I stopped at the adult bookstore. I was surprised to see one here, but it catered to the men at the Air Base. “Come with me,” I told Will.

I zeroed in on the cock cages and ***********ed one of the larger, pink, plastic models that I thought would be a tight fit for Will. I made him pay for it and walked him back to the car. “Put it on, Cuck,” I demanded.

“What?” he asked, not even recognizing what it was, let alone how to put it on.

“Okay, dumbass,” I told him, “I’m only going to do this once so watch closely. If you’re ever allowed out of this, you will be expected to put it back on by yourself.”

I made him pull his pants off right there in the parking lot. I leaned over and closed the locking ring together behind his cock and balls. He apparently liked the attention and started erecting.

“That’s not going to do, Cucky. One of the prime functions of this device is to preclude that. The next piece is not going to go on if you’re already boned up. I’m going to give you about one minute to lose that, or I’ll help you with it.” I promised.

I sat back and watched as his cock boned up even harder. He wrapped a fist around it and started jerking, thinking that’s what I meant. I knew he misunderstood my threat of helping him with his condition if he didn’t remedy it on his own, but he was about to receive clarification by demonstration.

“No, no, no! That’s not what I meant,” I scolded as I smacked his hand away, “The other function of this devise it to prohibit that, or any other manipulation of your cock.”

He sat back in the seat, his fully engorged cock bobbing up and down of its own accord. I cocked my middle finger against my thumb and reached over, snapping the head of his dick as hard as I possibly could.

Will doubled over in pain, “Owwweee!” he screamed like a little girl, making me laugh. “That really fuckin hurt!” he cried out as tears ran down his face.

“Man up, bitch,” I told him, pushing him back up in his seat. I took the down-curved plastic tube and slid it over his now flaccid dick, stuffing it in all the way to the end. It left absolutely no room for expansion. ‘Awesome,’ I thought, ‘This fucker was going to be miserable!’ I pushed it against the locking ring and inserted the little pad lock, securing it in place.

“You may want to avoid the gang showers at the base gym,” I laughed, “I’ll keep the keys for now. Next time I fuck your wife, I might share one with her if you promise not to beg her to unlock you. If she ever wants you released, she’ll decide that for herself. Got it?”

“Yes, Sir,” he obediently replied.

“Don’t even think about breaking out of this. If I see it’s been tampered with, I’ll put you into a steel one with spikes on the inside; and yes, they do make them. This cage will be very uncomfortable, maybe even painful, until you learn some self-control and can suppress your urges to erect. But I promise that if I put you into a spiked steel model, you’ll be in agony,” I assured him.

“How am I supposed to pee with this on?” he sobbed.

“Sitting down, of course, like all good sissies. Your days of using the men’s urinal are done,” I laughed, “Imagine what the guy at the next stall would think, seeing that! Besides, I chose one with a sprinkler tip. Look at it.”

Will lifted the pink tube to check out the rounded end, discovering a series of tiny holes in concentric circles.

“When you piss, it’s going to do just like your mom’s flower watering sprinkler; piss is going to sprinkle everywhere. If you don’t keep it in the toilet bowl, you’ll be pissing all over yourself,” I explained.

Will was hung-over and tired, an emotional wreck and totally lost it. “Please, Sir, please don’t do this to me,” he pleaded as tears ran down his face, “I promise not to fuck Suzie if you take this off me. I can’t even jerk off with this!”

I had to laugh out loud. “This is your own fault, Cucky. You should have treated your wife better and kept her sexually satisfied. Now it falls to me. Your roll has changed. Your duty is begging me to fuck your wife, prepping and cleaning for both of us, and thanking me for breeding her. That’s your role in life from now on. You’ll learn to get off in new ways. You ever been pegged?”

“Pegged, uh, I don’t think so, Sir,” he replied, having no clue what I was talking about.

“You have a lot to learn, Cucky. Another thing you should think about is dealing with a mixed race family. You have already bred your wife for the first kid, but the next one’s going to be black.”

Before giving him his car keys so he could drive home, I told him, “I’ll want to fuck your wife again tonight. You can bring her to my house at seven o’clock. When you get here, Suzie and I will decide if you may watch or if you’re going to wait in the car. Be sure to shave her pubes. I want her delivered clean and smooth. I’ll decide later, after talking with Suzie, if you are going to shave. She might like you smooth, legs and all.”

“You can park behind the house,” I told him, then in a not so veiled threat, I said, “After all, we don’t want anyone to know you are a cock sucking, ass licking cuckold that brings his wife to a black bull to be fucked; right?”

“No, Sir,” he responded as a tears continued to flow.

I was absolutely giddy on my way home. My long, dry spell had ended in the most unexpected and delightful way. Will’s wife was absolutely gorgeous, and she loved fucking. And Will; well, he’s the perfect cuckold. It’s going to be such fun keeping him in a constant state of arousal as he helps me fuck his little wife. He’s so needy and willing to do anything in hopes of satisfying his own needs; which both Suzie and I love denying. Maybe, I thought, I’d let him fuck his wife a couple of times before his baby is born. After all, the damage is already done.

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