Money Talks

Chapter 1

I met Carrie five years ago and we got married two years later. She had two kids from a previous relationship. A daughter, Nadine, who is now 20, and a son, Trent, who is now 18. Carrie was only 16 when Nadine was born. I'm seven years younger than Carrie which makes me only nine years older than Nadine.

Until recently, we lived a pretty typical middle-class family life. I definitely butted heads with the kids at times but overall we got along pretty well. Nadine moved in with her 22 year old boyfriend, Ethan, just over a year ago, and Trent is almost never home.

Ethan always seemed a little too confident to me but as he was smaller I just kind of attributed it to "small man's complex." He would often flirt with Carrie, hugging or touching her a little too often for my liking. When I would mention this she would just shrug and say that he was "just being friendly."

Physically, we are a fit bunch. We all exercise and eat right. I'm 6', 195 lbs., brown hair, brown eyes. Carrie is 5'3," 115 lbs., blonde hair, blue eyes. Nadine is 5'1," 105 lbs., reddish-brown hair, blue eyes. Trent is 5'8," 155 lbs., blonde hair, blue eyes. And Ethan is 5'5," 145 lbs., black hair, blue eyes.

Every thing changed when I got all of the lottery numbers right. Twenty million bucks! Holy shit!

We bought an excessively large, 9,000 square foot house on a 250 acre ranch. It had everything we wanted: indoor and outdoor swimming pools and hot tubs, riding rings and stables for horses, a recreation room with a billiards table, big screen TV, and a fully stocked bar. A four car garage held our new cars and truck. A workshop with every tool I could name and then some.

I was running a small business when we hit the jackpot and I figured that I would keep working, but not as hard. Carrie had worked from home, but decided to spend her time raising horses and taking care of the house.

One day I came home from work to find a moving truck in front of the house. Curious, I walked up and found two movers emptying stuff into the house. Once inside, I saw Carrie and asked what was going on. "Nadine and Ethan are moving in; this house is too big for just the three of us."

I must admit I was a little put off. I was kind of happy when Nadine moved out in the first place and I was biding time until Trent left so that Carrie and I could finally live alone. Now, not only was she moving back in, but she was bringing Ethan with her. What really got to me, though, was that nobody bothered to ask me.

After some time cooling off in my workshop I decided that maybe it wouldn't be that bad. After all, it was a huge house and they would have their own "apartment" with everything but a kitchen. Maybe I wouldn't even see them that much. They both worked shift work so how much could they be home?

Going back into the house I went to my bedroom to change. Carrie was in the two person bathtub and invited me in. I'd had a particularly strenuous day at work, and wasn't really in the mood, so I declined, telling her I would just have a quick shower instead. "Awww Rick, I'm horny though and I need you"

"Not right now, Carrie, I'm bushed." So she just pouted, started draining the tub, and got out. "Come to the rec room when you're done then," she said, "we'll just have a quiet evening together."

By the time I got out and got dressed Carrie, Nadine, and Ethan were "celebrating" their moving in the rec room. The music was louder than I usually like and Carrie and Nadine were dancing with Ethan looking on. "So much for the quiet evening," I muttered to myself.

I do enjoy having a few drinks, though, so I started draining a few beers. The three of them were just slamming them back. Carrie is capable of drinking many men under the table, but usually Nadine isn't much of a drinker, and Ethan, being smaller than average, wouldn't appear to last long at this rate. What I didn't know at the time was that Ethan and Nadine had taken magic mushrooms earlier. Not only that, they had given some to Carrie, who normally doesn't touch drugs but I guess she figured she would for this special occasion. They probably didn't offer me any, or bother to mention them to me, because I never touch drugs myself. For anyone that doesn't know about mushrooms, they give you the ability to drink far more alcohol and still seem to be fairly sober. They can also make you horny.

By 11:00 p.m. I was too tired to notice, though, and after four beers I just had to head to bed. I told this to Carrie and she just said "okay, 'night hun." I was a little surprised that she didn't even bother to try to get me to stay and party with them, but she was just having fun, so I figured I'd see her in the morning and help her nurse her hangover.

Something woke me up at about 4:00 a.m. and I looked over to find the rest of the king-size bed empty. Guessing that Carrie had probably passed out in the rec room I went to get her and bring her to bed. I had to pass Nadine and Ethan's room and as I passed I noticed the door wasn't completely shut. The walls and doors in our house are very thick and the bedrooms are almost sound-proof. With the door open a crack, though, I could hear the sounds of a very happy couple getting what sounded like the fuck of their lifetimes. In my mind I kind of wondered if she was faking it since, as I said, he's a smaller guy and really, how big could his cock be? But all that aside I had respect for him because he was sure going strong at four in the morning.

Upon my arrival to the rec room I found the lights off and the room quiet. Crossing the room to the far end where the big couch was I could hear a quiet snoring. I pulled the blanket off and picked up the passed out body of my woman and started walking back to bed. Just as I was passing a window moonlight shone in and out of the corner of my eye I saw the woman I was carrying had reddish-brown hair. WHAT THE FUCK - Carrie has blonde hair! Turning into the moonlight I confirmed that I was indeed carrying Nadine. That could only mean that Ethan was fucking my wife.

Strangely, I remained fairly calm and after placing Nadine on the couch and covering her up again, I walked back to the bedrooms. On the way I was just thinking. Why? Why would she screw this little bastard. Her daughter's boyfriend? She always said she only likes big cocks and at eight inches and thick I figured that, while hardly the biggest, I was plenty to satisfy her. Besides, this guy was seven inches shorter than me. How big could he be that she would cheat on me with him? He always wore baggy pants and I certainly never noticed any kind of tenting or bulging that indicated he could be very well endowed.

Arriving at the door I just stood and listened. The same noises were coming from the room. He was still fucking her. For some reason, instead of barging in the room, I slowly opened the door just enough to slip inside the room. The suite was L-shaped so they couldn't see me yet. The clothes Carrie had been wearing earlier were apparently torn off her and dropped on the floor on the way in. The only light in the suite was coming in from the full moon. There's a large mirror on the wall opposing the bed so, being careful to stay in the shadows, and leaning back against a wall, I got my first glimpse of my wife in bed with another man.

My chest felt heavy as I watched them fucking in the missionary position and heard her making sounds like she never had made with me. Why was I just watching? Why not go break it up? I thought about the fantasies I'd had about threesomes with my wife and either another woman or another man. Was this what was stopping me? I decided it was just curiosity. I really do love my wife but I'm not a selfish man, and she sure did seem to be having the best fuck of her life.

All of a sudden he just stopped fucking her, backed himself off the bed, and stood there. He sure does have a nice body. His shoulders, arms, and back were cut with perfect muscles. His legs were strong looking and his body was well proportioned. While I would normally consider myself a straight male, I caught myself staring at his ass. It was so desirable. And for the first time I noticed that my manhood was swollen. So far I couldn't see a hair on his body. As Carrie sat up to look at him her eyes just locked on to his cock with a look of wanton desire. He told her he wanted her to suck it and started moving to the side of the bed. Now I could see his cock and I was in total shock. As it swayed back and forth, I realized that I had seriously under-estimated his size. It was huge! At first I thought that it must be an illusion. I mean at 5'5" even my cock would look huge, wouldn't it?

It was when she grabbed it that I fully comprehended just how big it was. With both of her hands wrapped around his giant member there was still five or six inches uncovered. While she may have smaller hands, they are big enough to wrap easily around my prick, but not his. There was at least two inches left over between her finger tip and thumb tip. It was like she had gotten a hold of a tree branch and it appeared she would hold on for dear life. She started to lick it and then made an attempt to get some of it in her mouth. I'll give her this, she gives great head and I'm sure Ethan would agree with me. She was sucking him for all she was worth and he was loving it. She moved one hand to that rock-hard ass of his and began squeezing it. Then I saw her slip her fingers down into his crack and begin gently rubbing his asshole. While I couldn't see this, I knew what she was doing because she's done it to me and it feels incredible. Jerking his massive cock slowly, she withdrew it from her mouth and, looking him in the eyes, begged him to fuck her more.

With his huge dick twitching as though it had a mind of it's own, he grunted a "yes" and, first, pushing her flat on the bed, then rolled her over on her stomach and nudged his steel warrior into her waiting snatch. "You are so tight," he said, "just like Nadine when we first met." Chuckling, she told him, "Rick thinks I'm pretty loose, guess his little willy isn't as big as he thinks it is."

Now that hurt, as I said, I'm far from the biggest, but she'd always told me I was the biggest she'd ever had. With one exception, Wayne, but that's another story.

Once he had gotten as much of his cock in her as would fit, he fucked her hard through at least three orgasms that I counted, for about ten more minutes until, with guttural moans and a lot of shuddering, they came together in one final explosion. He must have pumped at least five shots of cum into her before he pulled out and, stroking that beautiful massive prick, starting shooting thick streams on to her ass, back, shoulders, and hair. After two amazing spurts, she flipped herself quickly onto her back and took the next shot right on her overly fucked pussy and ass crack. The last two explosions from that real man's weapon covered from her belly button to her forehead.

I remember hearing that the average man ejaculates somewhere around a tablespoon per session. Ethan is by no standard average. Each of the ten spurts from his soldier must have been at least twice or three times that much. What a man! I'd never really been attracted to a man before but I realized at that moment that I'd seldom wanted any woman as much as I wanted Ethan. I would have traded just about anything to have been able to walk up and lick up some of that cum. Preferably, off his shrinking but still stunning missile.

The thought triggered my own orgasm and while limping out of the bedroom I came in my own pants. Four big pulses and I was done. Ashamed, confused, and exhausted I headed back to my room. I took off my cum-soaked pajama bottoms, wiped myself, and laid in bed.

I wondered if Carrie would come back to our bed or just stay with Ethan. I didn't wonder long as our bedroom door quietly opened and Carrie stumbled in. She barely seemed to make it to the bed. As she flopped down she said, "so, did you enjoy the show?" Stunned, I just lay there in silence. How could she have known? I had made no sound and she had seemed to be pre-occupied. "The mirror looks both ways, you know. I saw you when I sat up to suck his dick." I opened my mouth to speak but couldn't form any words.

"Well," she said, "what did you think?"

"It was amazing," I managed to mumble. Curious, I asked, "how did it happen?"

"After you went to bed we just kept drinking. Nadine and I were dancing together. As you know she's a bit of a light-weight when in comes to booze so she passed out about an hour after you left. When I realized she was fast asleep I told Ethan that I was going to head to bed. He told me I should stay and keep dancing, but I said I didn't want to dance alone. So he got up and said he'd dance with me. After a few songs a slow one came on. He just grabbed me, wrapped his arms around my waist, and pulled me close. I guess it was just the mood I was in, but I didn't resist. I did tell you I was horny tonight. Once I felt his body close to mine I just lost control and started to kiss him. He's a great kisser and I just couldn't stop. One of his hands grabbed my ass and the other went up my shirt and squeezed my tits."

"You know that I only like really big cocks and I soon found that I would not be disappointed. I thought it was the drinks or maybe my imagination when I felt his bulge against me. I couldn't believe what I was feeling and I had to find out if it was true, so I reached down and felt it. It was so thick and hard that I knew that I wanted him to fuck me. You know, just thinking about it right now is making me even wetter right now. Why don't you feel for yourself?"

With that she took my hand and place it on her swollen, abused cunt. She was drenched. Cupping my hand she brought some of her and Ethan's mixed cum up to her face and licked my hand. Then repeating the process she said, "your turn."

Naturally, I was hesitant, but after hearing her openly confess to the night's events with no sign of remorse, obviously all rules had been thrown out the window, so I just figured, what the hell?

So, I licked their love juices off of my own hand. Having eating her many times, I well knew her taste. The addition of his salty, thick cum was like a finely blended cocktail. My desire for Ethan hadn't left my mind so as I savoured the flavour, I imagined the masterpiece of a man that it came from. Then she really surprised me.

"Now, eat my pussy. I'm going to be fucking that young stud an awful lot so you may as well get used to the taste now."

As hard as my cock already was, it got even harder. Without any more hesitation, I slid down her body and laid face to face with her sweet cunt. I started kissing her thighs and ass, and licking all around her used hole. I told her I wanted to hear the rest of her story. Then she grabbed my hair and pulled my head so that I had my mouth right on her pussy. The taste was indescribable, and I just couldn't get enough.

"So we're in the rec room and I have this monster serpent in my hand. He told me that he'd wanted me since he met me and that tonight was the night. Well, I wasn't about to argue, so I said ' then let's find a bed.' He told me that he planned on being tired by the time he was done with me so he suggested that we go to his room. That way he could just pass out after. Once we were in the bedroom door, he just tore my clothes off of me and pushed me to the bed. He told me to start undressing him. As I got his shirt off I realized just how hot of a body he has. Damn, he's gorgeous! Then, I undid his pants and slid them down. Obviously, I was watching his bulge and I couldn't believe how long it was. I realized he was WAY bigger than you."

"By the way," recalling what she said, "you told me I was the biggest beside Wayne."

"Umm," she said, "I may have exaggerated."

"Well," I asked, "then where do I fit in?" Shrugging her shoulders she told me, "I've been with twelve men including Ethan, and you'd be the twelfth biggest."

I'd have to bring that subject up again at a later date.

"Anyway, as I was saying, at that point he wasn't even fully erect. With his pants finally out of the way, I just ripped his boxers off and just about fainted. I immediately fell in love with his cock. I stammered out, 'just how big is this thing?'"

"By the time it's full-size it's about thirteen inches."

"I had my first orgasm of many at that point. That meant his cock was even bigger than Wayne's, and Wayne is 6'6," over a foot taller than Ethan. I started sucking him as best I could, and then, after him spending a half-hour eating my cunt, we fucked. And we fucked. And we fucked. By far the best fuck I've ever had. I've never been so satisfied in my life as I was with that pocket rocket in me. We carried on like that for almost four hours by the time I saw you. He must have cum in my mouth and cunt five times by then. A far cry from your best, eh? By the way, how are you doing down there?"

Still just loving the taste of this ultimate dessert I said, "I think I've just about got you cleaned up."

"How do you like man's cum?"

"It's incredible."

"Glad to hear you say that. Like I said I will be fucking Ethan's cock many, many more times, and you'll be on cleanup duty. Oh yeah, one more thing, you may even be invited in next time"

Chapter 2

Later that morning I woke up alone. After getting cleaned up, I headed to the kitchen to get something to eat. Carrie, Nadine, and Ethan were just finishing up breakfast at the kitchen table. As I walked in the room, Carrie said, "help yourself to what’s left." Hmm, usually she would get up and get me a plate. Oh well, I guessed she was just tired from last night.

As I sat down to eat, I noticed the expressions on their faces. Carrie seemed very content and kept glancing at Ethan. Nadine looked back and forth from her mother to her boyfriend with a knowing look tinged with jealousy. Ethan sat there with a smug look like the cock of the walk. Not too far from the truth, I suppose.

Then Nadine broke the silence. "So Mom, did you enjoy Ethan last night?"

I was a little shocked and I think I must have inhaled sharply.

"What," she asked, "didn’t you know?"

"He knew," Carrie scoffed, "he watched and he loved what he saw. Afterwards, he ate my pussy and told me he loved the taste of Ethan’s cum."

Nearly choking on my toast, I started blushing more than I ever had before, and stared at Carrie.

"Oh I see, you like men, too? Was that the first time you tasted a man’s cum?"

Not believing this conversation was taking place with my step-daughter, I just nodded my head.

"Well, you may get lucky again, because he’s so horny he’ll fuck anyone he can get his cock in to."

Ethan then stood up from the table, wearing only his boxer shorts, and my eyes locked on to the massive bulge.

"I’m going to have a swim," he said as he walked out of the room.

Carrie watched him walk away and then got up too and said, "and I have some shopping to do. Do you want to come along, Nadine?"

"Sure, sounds good. Let’s go spend some money."

Just like that I was alone. I cleaned up everyone’s dishes and went to the rec room to watch some TV. Lying there, I started thinking about Ethan and Carrie fucking, and before I knew it I had my clothes were on the floor and my erection in my hand.

I was jerking off with my eyes closed tight when I heard Trent’s voice. I didn’t expect him to be home. "So, I hear you like the taste of cum?" The tone of his voice was almost jeering. "I overheard you all talking in the kitchen." He then undid his pants and they fell down, exposing his hairless crotch. "Why don’t you try some of mine?"

I’d never seen Trent naked before and was quite surprised to see that he also had an impressive cock.

"Suck it now!"

I’d also never seen Trent so aggressive before, and soon realized that I was no longer the "king of the castle". These people all now knew that I was submissive and were going to exploit it. But his young cock just looked so damn good that I wasn’t about to say no.

Leaving my own cock alone I sat up and, licking my lips, leaned forward and started my first blow-job. I couldn’t believe how hot his dick felt on my tongue. The feeling of it hardening in my mouth made my own cock harden even more. His shaft was a little thinner than mine but, at full hardness, he was a full ten inches long, with a sexy little upward curve to it. As he fucked my mouth, I grabbed his tight ass with both hands and marveled at how smooth and taut his skin was. Letting one hand slip down, I gently rubbed his anus, like Carrie had done to me, before, and to Ethan last night.

After a few minutes he said, "you’re pretty good at this. We’ll have to do it often." Then, taking hold of my hair, he leaned his head back and, letting out a low growl, his rod became even more swollen. It started spewing his sweet cum into my mouth and down my throat. At first I gagged from the sheer volume, but by the fifth or sixth spurt I caught up and drank his semen eagerly. The taste was better than any treat I’ve ever had.

After licking his still-hard cock clean, he just pulled up his pants, turned, and starting walking out of the room. "Later," he called over his shoulder, and left me there on the couch, alone, with my hard-on.

Well, may as well take up where I left off. Leaning back, I closed my eyes and started stroking my throbbing member again.

As I was about ten strokes from an incredible explosion, I heard yet another voice. This time it was Ethan.

"I hear you’re giving blow-jobs in here. Let’s see if you can handle this."

I turned to look and my heart skipped a beat. There was Ethan, stark-naked, that giant sausage in his hand, and perfectly-toned body still dripping from his swim. Holy shit is he fucking gorgeous! Now, as he swaggered over to me, my heart raced.

I started to sit up, but, as he reached me, he pushed me back down. He straddled me and slapped his spear against my chest and face. As I stared into his beautiful blue eyes, I opened my mouth as wide as I could and he fed me his cock. I could barely breathe but, wanting to please this man, the man that fucked my beloved wife earlier that same day, I sucked for all I was worth, never getting more than half of it in my mouth and down my throat.

After five minutes or so, he pulled out that amazing man-meat and told me to get off the couch. He then sat back and told me to kneel in front of him and start sucking again. I did as I was told, stroking his serpent with one hand while my other rubbed his over-sized balls. He started pushing down on the back of my head and with great effort I got about ten inches of it down. About ten minutes later, I withdrew his cock and began licking his balls and asshole while jerking him with both hands.

While he seemed to be really enjoying my techniques, he sat up and told me to lean forward with my face in the back of the couch. Standing up, he went over to the cabinet beside us and took out a bottle of something.

"Luckily for you, I brought this in here yesterday. Believe me, you’re going to need it."

My eyes glimpsed enough of the label to tell me that he was holding some type of sex lube. It occurred to me then that I was about to be fucked by that monster-sized appendage of his. My first reaction was fear. "I’ve never been fucked before," I said weakly. That wasn’t entirely true, but, before it had only been one of Carrie’s slim vibrators. Hardly a comparison.

"Well then, you may want to grab a cushion so you can bite down on it," he said mockingly.

I took his advice, just as his huge head made contact. The pressure was unlike anything I had felt before. I vaguely remembered hearing once that pushing out made it easier to have anal sex. It may have made a difference, but, it certainly didn’t make it easy. Finally, he manage to work the head in. Suddenly, I had more sympathy for women giving birth. This man was massive.

Thankfully, he was patient, and took five minutes to work it in. Turning my head towards him I asked, "is it all the way in?"

Laughing he said, "no, five inches to go. Fuck, is your ass ever tight!"

I thought to myself, "of course it’s tight, you’re as thick as a baseball bat!" Five more inches? I already felt so full…Luckily, he stopped trying to get more in and just started pumping slowly. As the pain started to subside, the feeling was unbelievable. I knew that to him I was just another fuck, but to me this was a new role that I would have to adjust to. I knew that, whenever, wherever, this young stud wanted me, I would always submit.. Never again would I be the same.

He must have fucked me for half an hour. I would sort of pass out, now and again, only to awaken to his pounding of my ass. He was in my all the way now and I could feel his golf ball-sized testes hitting mine. I think he was proving a point. He was showing me that he owned me and that he would always take what he wanted. Earlier this morning it was my wife, now it was me.

I could feel wetness on the end of my penis. Reaching down, I scooped some up and brought it to my mouth. I could tell, right away, that it was his seed. That meant that he had already cum in me at least once and yet he was still fucking for all that he was worth. What a fuck machine! No wonder Nadine had moved in with him so fast. She was addicted to his cock, just like I am now. And no doubt Carrie is, too.

Finally, his pounding slowed and his gargantuan member got even bigger. His orgasm felt like it might send me through the back of the couch. The pulsating of his love missile sent me to my own orgasm. One like I have never felt. I sprayed my load all over the floor. After he had finished, I felt his dick begin to get smaller, if you can even call it that. He slipped out of my abused ass and stood up. Picking my tee-shirt up off the floor he wiped his still huge cock off and then dropped the shirt beside me.

As he was walking out of the room, he turned and said, "get yourself and this mess cleaned up, I’m having company over soon."

Hmm, what company? I would have to think about that later. Right now, my main concern was whether or not I could walk. After wiping up myself and the floor, I found I could, but just barely. I slowly made my way to my bedroom and drew a bath.

After a good long soak in the tub, I decided that I’d better have a sleep. Boy, it’s a good thing it was Saturday. No way would I be going in to work today.

Chapter 3

It was about three hours later when I awoke with a mouth on my cock. It was wide awake and as hard as ever. Letting out a small moan, I asked, "how was the shopping Carrie?" I was shocked as the answer came.

"Shopping was great, but my name is Nadine."

Quickly, I sat up on the bed and confirmed that it was indeed my step-daughter that had been giving me head.

"It’s so much easier sucking a smaller cock. I can actually deep-throat yours. Besides, I figured if Ethan can fuck Mom, then I should be able to suck you off."

While she resumed the blow-job, I just laid back and decided that I was in no position to argue. She was indeed deep-throating my member and I was loving it. It wasn’t long before I felt a finger probing my still stretched asshole. "So, did you enjoy getting fucked by Ethan? I know Mom sure did; it was all she could talk about when we were out."

News sure traveled fast in this house.

I just answered with a grunt as my balls tightened and I began shooting my load into her waiting mouth.

After catching my breath, I said, "he’s unbelievable. How is it that a guy of his height has such a jumbo-sized dick like that?"

"I don’t know," she said, licking my cum off her lips, "when I first saw it I almost cried. It took me a week to recover from the first time with him."

"By the way, where is your Mom? And Ethan said something about company, who’s coming?"

"His brother, Chuck. He’s here now. Mom and them said something about getting some drinks and then sitting in the hot tub."

I got up and grabbed some shorts. While slipping them on, Nadine said, "Ethan told me it was a private party."

"What? This is still my house! If I want to go sit in the hot tub with my wife I will."

"Whatever, just don’t say I didn’t warn you…"

I had let Ethan fuck my wife. I had even let him fuck me. But there way no way that he would be telling me where or when I could be in my own house.

Slowing down slightly on route to the hot tub, I started to recall what I knew of Chuck. He was known as quite a bad-ass. He had allegedly run guns and drugs for bikers. I’d met him once before and, while he was a little intimidating, I wasn’t afraid of him. He stood about 6’1", about 175 lbs., black hair and blue eyes. He was stunningly handsome and had a very nice body. I remember Carrie making a comment about how hot he was. Some tattoos were noticeable on his muscular arms but that doesn’t make someone tough.

Walking into the hot tub/exercise room, I caught the eye of Ethan. "I told Nadine to tell you that this was a private party," he said with a challenge to his tone.

"She told me. I decided that I wanted to sit in MY hot tub."

Chuck, who was sitting on the edge of the tub, with his incredibly-toned, tattooed back to me, said, "you should do what you’re told."

"This is MY house. You are a guest, so I suggest, if you want to be welcome here, you don’t try and tell me anything."

Not saying another word he just stood up, moved quickly towards me, and shoved me back into a chair. For the first time I noticed he was naked. He was more wiry than I had expected, and stronger than me. Lightning quick, he had me by the throat and said, "Ethan, grab the tie strings off of those bath robes over there."

Ethan, who was also free of clothing, quickly got the strings and the two of them moved me underneath a chin-up bar where they first tied my wrists, and then my arms up over my head. Then Chuck grabbed my legs and Ethan tied them to a heavy barbell. Easily overpowered by the two, my resisting was useless.

When they were done, they just stood back, smiled, and began stroking their cocks. "What are we going to do with him?" Chuck asked Ethan. "Let’s leave him there for now. He can just watch."

They walked over towards Carrie, who had, up until now, just stayed quietly in the tub.

"Let’s give your old man a show," Chuck said. His organ was now fully erect. Comparing it too his brother’s, his was slightly shorter, but just as thick. What was it with these guys?

Carrie walked over to them and Chuck just pushed her down to her knees. Ethan slid underneath her, into a sort of 69 position, his huge, hard dick just flopping on to his six-pack stomach. Chuck offered his long english to her and she started to lick it immediately, while squeezing his massive sack gently. Once she had his giant mushroom head in her mouth, she reached her free hand down and started stroking Ethan. He re-paid her by going to town on her dripping wet cunt.

The sounds of her sucking Chuck, and Ethan eating her out, were hypnotizing me. I couldn’t take my eyes off the whole scene. Before I knew it, even in the helpless situation I was in, my own cock was rock hard causing quite a tent in my loose-fitting shorts.

After about five minutes in that position, Chuck pulled his cock out of Carrie’s mouth and told her to suck on Ethan’s. She happily complied as Chuck walked around behind her. Kneeling down, with his back to me, his legs on either side of his brother’s head, he entered Carrie’s hot, wet snatch. His ass looked like it had been sculpted by a master artist. Her muffled screams were tell-tale of the fact that she was loving every minute of it. Ethan’s mouth and tongue began alternating from my wife’s swollen clit to his brother’s big balls and anus. Seeing his brother’s tongue licking and fucking Chuck’s tight, puckered hole turned me on even more. I was guessing that Ethan had done this for his older brother before.

Occasionally, Chuck would allow his thick pole to slip out of Carrie’s pussy and Ethan would lick and suck it like a pro, before sliding it back in to my wife’s stretched vagina. Then, as Chuck’s pace increased, and Carrie let out a loud scream, the two of them came together with so much force that I felt it across the room.

Carrie and Chuck just collapsed on to the floor together, facing me. Ethan got up, his cock bigger than life, and walked over to me. Noticing my erection, he whipped my shorts down and started laughing. "Hey, Chuck, apparently Rick enjoyed watching us. I think he really likes our big schlongs." He untied my arms, while leaving my wrists bound, from the chin-up bar. He then kicked me in the ass, causing me to fall forward on to my knees. He quickly tied me to the universal gym and, from somewhere nearby, grabbed more of that lube he had used earlier.

Here I am, bound to the exercise equipment, totally helpless with my ass sticking up in the air, and Chuck and Ethan are laughing at my expense. Even Carrie had a big smile on her face.

Ethan knelt down behind me and started smacking his heavy pipe on my back and ass. He then slid it down to my still-sensitive asshole and, when it was lined up, cruelly impaled me on his meat. This time there was no patience or gentleness. As far as he was concerned I had disobeyed the order he had given to leave them alone, and now he was going to punish me for it. Thankfully, he had used the lube. Of course, without it he may have just been to big to penetrate me.

Relentlessly, he pounded my ass with all his might. His hands were on my hips pulling me back to meet his every thrust. His giant balls smashed mine like a jackhammer.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw Chuck get up and start towards us. His beautiful cock swaying back and forth, I noticed that some of his and Carrie’s cum was still clinging to it. Even soft, his cock was bigger than mine ever gets. He knelt in front of me and I knew exactly what he wanted. Without a word I opened my mouth and took in his dick.

Once again I was amazed at how good it felt to have a penis growing in my mouth. I could easily make out the cum from deep inside my wife’s cunt, added to the sweet semen of Chuck. It didn’t stay soft long and soon I was gagging on it. He grabbed my hair and forced more and more of it in until I could feel his soft, curly pubic hair on my nose. He then started pumping, although luckily, not as hard as Ethan was. Never before today had I sucked a cock, and here I was on my third. Suddenly, my ass was empty and I heard Ethan say, "switch."

Chuck complied, pulling his twelve inches out of my throat. Before I knew what was happening, Chuck was filling up my ass again, and Ethan my mouth. This went on for about ten minutes when both of them started coordinating their strokes. First I felt Ethan’s dick swell and then Chuck’s. Suddenly, I was having jism pumped into me from both ends. What seemed like gallons combined, delivered from over two feet of cock, filled my ass and mouth. Ethan removed his python and then started to smack my face and head with it. Chuck pulled his still humongous meat out of me and his hot cum started to run out of my loose ass, down my balls and still-stiff prick.

They then untied me and I just fell to the floor. "You’re not done, yet. Your wife’s cunt still needs to be cleaned." Like a beaten dog, I crawled over and placed my face at my wife’s cum-soaked pussy. She took me by the back of the head and, pulling me in, I started lapping up Chuck’s juices. I think maybe he came even more than Ethan because it just kept pouring out. I worked hard until I had swallowed all of it.

"Are you finished? If you are then fuck off and don’t come back unless we call you.," Ethan ordered.

Looking into my wife’s eyes as I struggled to stand, she just shrugged and said, "bye."

For the second time today, I limped back to my bedroom. Nadine was still laying on the bed, but now she had one of her mother’s extra-large dongs in her pussy. She just looked me up and down and said "I told you so."

She asked what had happened and after explaining she said she would take care of me. She got in the bath with me, helped me get cleaned up, and then we went back to the bed. She then asked, "did you cum?"


"Oh, okay, I’ll take care of that."

With me flat on my back she climbed on top. She felt so firm and yet soft at the same time. Her perfect tits resting on my chest, she reached back between her legs and stroked my cock. It was already very hard so she rubbed it on her inviting lips, and then, in one quick movement, she slipped it into her clean-shaven pussy. It felt so good. Like silk. She then sat up and rode me like an expert. I guess after having to fuck Ethan’s anaconda, she would be as good as it gets. It took me only about five minutes to cum but it was amazing. Leaning forward again she kissed me soundly and then rolled off.

"Now for the payment," she said.

I just looked at her inquisitively.

"Well, Ethan would probably be pissed if he found out that you fucked me. You’d better clean it up."

I hadn’t eaten my own cum, yet, but I figured it was no different than anyone else’s, so I went back to work. My cum didn’t have the sweetness of Ethan’s, Trent’s, or Chuck’s, but it wasn’t too bad, and I didn’t want to make Ethan mad again. I would have to stay out of his way for a few days to let my ass recover. Once finished, Nadine got up to leave.

Looking back at me on her way out the door she said, "Just so you know, Chuck’s moving in, too. Mom told him it was alright. She also told us we didn’t need to work anymore so we all quit our jobs. See you later."

Chapter 4

It's been two weeks since Ethan, Nadine, and Chuck moved in. In that time I've managed to avoid pissing them off. I keep feeling like I have to regain control of my house but it not easy when your wife is enjoying the situation. I've slept with Carrie twice since she first had Ethan and Chuck, and Nadine nine times. Nadine is extremely horny and seems to be able to fuck 24/7.

I woke up alone, in my new bedroom. Chuck spent the night in the master bedroom and decided he liked the bed. I got tired of sleeping on the floor, listening to him fucking Carrie all night, and chose to take another room.

Being a Saturday I wouldn't go in to work but probably just play in my workshop all day. I enjoyed my hot shower and as I got to the dresser to get some clothes Nadine walked in the room. She was wearing a damp bikini and told me that she had just come in from the outdoor pool.

Whenever she comes to my room it's obvious what she wants. I just dropped my towel on the floor as she removed her swim suit, and, without a word, she laid back on the bed with her legs spread, and her bald snatch there for the taking. She moaned as I took my familiar spot, kneeling on the floor, and began to devour her.

After some time in this position, she told me to lie down on the bed, with my head at the foot of the bed, and climbed in to a 69 position. Her mouth felt great on my cock and I was just loving her pussy.

We had been enjoying ourselves for about 15 minutes when I heard Trent's voice from the doorway. "Well, well, what do we have here?"

He sure was good at sneaking up on me. I stopped what I was doing and, looking over at him, I noticed an evil grin on his face.

"This looks fun, maybe I should join in." With that he closed the door and started removing his clothes as he walked over to us.

"So you like eating out my sister? She does have a nice cunt, doesn't she? Mind if I borrow his mouth for a second, Nadine?" As he said this he fed his cock to me. It was soft at first, but I felt it turn to steel shortly after I started sucking it. Carrie just chuckled and said, "go ahead, bro."

So I'm lying on my bed with my stepdaughter's firm body on top of me, her mouth sucking my cock, and her brother's steel shaft in my mouth. Things sure had changed. At this moment I didn't really mind, though.

After about ten minutes, Trent pulled his cock out of my throat and said, "time to feel that nice cunt for myself."

Nadine was so worked up by this point that Trent had no problem slipping his ten-incher into her pussy. The sucking on my cock increased as she bucked back to meet his thrusts. Meanwhile, my mouth and tongue went to work on his balls and anus, as well as Nadine's clit. Her juices were flowing and dripping on to my waiting tongue. My hands reached back and grabbed Trent's sexy young ass and I could feel it tightening with each stroke. I rubbed one of my fingers on Nadine's lips and, using that as lubrication, slipped in his ass. He just moaned and started fucking even harder.

Just as I knew I couldn't hold back my load any longer, Trent groaned and began filling up his sister's love hole with his spunk. My own cock exploded in to Nadine's mouth and the shuddering of her body told me that we had all cum at the same time. Fuck, what could be hotter than this?

Trent's still-hard dick slid out of Nadine's pussy and right in to my ready mouth. I licked it clean and then went straight to the creamy snatch in front of my face and did the same. At the same time, Nadine continued to gently kiss and lick my cock until it reversed direction and started getting hard again. Once that had been accomplished she rolled off of me and said, "now you fuck me, Rick."

Doing as I was told, I mounted her and started pumping in and out of the cunt that her brother had just blown his load in. It was like heaven. Just as I was really getting in to it, I felt Trent climbing on to the bed. I glanced back just as I felt his rock hard manhood between my cheeks. As it found it's way to my hole, I buried myself in Nadine and enjoyed the feeling of being taken. His rod is thinner than Ethan's and Chuck's so there was little pain and great pleasure as he began working in and out of me. Once he had established a rhythm, I began fucking Nadine at the same pace. It was so incredible! Fucking and being fucked at the same time. And with my step-kids, no less!

Trent leaned forward and began french-kissing Nadine while I squeezed her hard nipples. We were a sandwich and I was in the filling, surrounded by two perfect, young bodies.

I knew when he was about to cum as his strokes got faster and faster; his taut body on mine as he pounded me harder and harder. I started shaking as my cock started throbbing and I sent my seed deep in to Nadine's sweetness. As I was just finishing, Trent shoved his member in as deep as it would go and filled my ass with his semen.

We lay there, on our sides, for a few minutes, my softening cock still in Nadine, and Trent's still in me. Trent got up, and, with a firm smack on my ass, said, "that was fun, you make a good bitch, Rick." He then grabbed his clothes and left.

Nadine then got up and got her things and said, "did you hear that Chuck's having a couple of friends over tonight? He said you could be the bartender."

"Wow, that's nice of him. Who's coming?"

"Just a couple of guys."


"They'll be here about six."

Chapter 5

As I got myself cleaned up I started worrying. Why would Chuck say I could tend bar for him and his friends. Somehow I didn’t believe I would just be mixing drinks. After getting dressed I headed for the kitchen to get a bite to eat.

As I passed the master bedroom I caught a glimpse of Carrie alone on the bed. She saw me, too, and beckoned me in.

"What’s new?"

"Not much," I answered. "How about you?"

"I haven’t had a break. I can barely walk. Chuck is a fucking machine and never seems to get enough. We have sex four to six times a day, up to two hours at a time, and that’s not including the times Ethan joins in. Between those two massive dicks I seldom get to rest."

"Gee, I feel terrible for you Carrie," the sarcasm was thick. "What about us? Do you ever think about me anymore? Do you even still care or love me? I mean, I have no control of my own home, and, I don’t get to sleep with my wife. If it wasn’t for Chuck’s ‘friends’ I would have done something by now but you seem to be really enjoying yourself."

"Well, it’s just that Chuck is so damn gorgeous, and incredible in bed. Not to mention Ethan. I guess I’m just addicted to their man meat. Having those two hunks doing me over and over again would be almost impossible to give up."

"And what about us," I asked, "what am I supposed to do for sex and happiness?"

"It’s not like Nadine hasn’t been paying attention to you. And I hear Trent enjoys fucking you, too. By the way, I heard you had a threesome this morning with them. Why don’t you play with my cunt and tell me all about my sexy daughter and hot son, and what they did to you?"

I pulled off my clothes and climbed in to the bed with her, laying down between her legs. The scent of Chuck’s love juice and the wetness of her pussy told me that she had had him recently and hadn’t yet had a bath. As I related the morning’s events to her I began to finger her and at times lick her pungent snatch, always tasting a mixture of her and Chuck’s cum.

As I was telling her about sucking Trent’s cock she told me she had never seen it and wanted me to describe it. "It’s ten inches long, a little thinner than mine, with a little upward curve."

"Mmm," she moaned, "sounds nice. And what does Nadine’s pussy taste like?"

"A lot like yours but it always has a tinge of Ethan on it."

As I finished up my story my cock was so hard I could have drilled a hole through the bed. Now it was her turn. "I can tell you just had Chuck. Where is he now?"

"He and Ethan said they had some things to do. They took your Viper, by the way." She made that last comment sound like she was almost daring me to get angry. That’s my baby and no one else drives it. I kept my mouth on her pussy though and she asked, "you’ve always sort of been bi-curious haven’t you?"

That question surprised me but I kind of realized that I had. "What makes you say that?"

"You always seemed to really like it when I would fuck you with one of my dildos or stick my finger up your ass; and don’t forget the times I caught you looking at naked men on the internet. I saw the look on your face when Chuck and Ethan were ramming your ass and mouth. Obviously, there is pain when the cock is so huge, but I definitely saw lust in your eyes. And let’s face it, Ethan is pretty hot and Chuck is absolutely gorgeous. Chuck is by far the best looking man I’ve been with and probably among the best I’ve ever seen. What do you think?"

As I continued eating Chuck’s delicious spunk out of my wife’s pussy I had to agree. "I’ve never seen better. And having a weapon like that between his legs…he is perfect, isn’t he?"

She didn’t say another word but I knew she was envisioning Chuck and started a trembling, earth-shuddering orgasm which I caught most of in my open mouth. As it subsided, she said, "get yourself off, now. I’d let you fuck me but I have to rest up for Chuck. They’ll be home within a couple of hours and we’d better have this place ready for their friends."

It took me about ten pumps and I shot my load all over the bed. After wiping up and getting dressed I said, "you’d better change the sheets now, Carrie. I’ll go and get the rec room ready."

By about 5:00 Carrie and I had the house cleaned and the bar all stocked, but Chuck and Ethan hadn’t returned yet. It was a minute later I heard my Viper roar up to the house. The guys walked in and Chuck walked over to Carrie, grabbed her ass, and as he gave her a kiss asked, "you and the bitch get the house cleaned?"

Carrie just melted in to his body and replied, "yes, stud, we’re all ready."

Ethan looked to me and said, "Tell Nadine that we’re here and go park the car. We’re going be in the rec room. When our friends get here bring them there and then you can start serving."

I didn’t like the implication of "serving" but I did what he said. At almost exactly six o’clock a car pulled up. I went to the door and, upon opening it, looked up to see two very big, very tough looking men. "You must be Rick, I’m Jake and this is Johnny." The man who had spoken to me was black, 6’6" and looked like he could be a model. He was wearing tight white shirt that showed off a perfect upper-body and next to Chuck he was the best looking man I could recall seeing. The other man was about 6’3", more muscular than Jake, and looked to be Italian. He was also very good-looking and wore a very smug expression on his face. I just stood there for a moment and realized that I was intimidated not only by their size but also by their good looks. I felt like a school girl that has just come face to face with the most popular boys. Finally, I regained my composure and said, "come on in, they’re in the rec room."

They followed me in and once there Chuck jumped up and greeted them. Ethan and Nadine followed and were introduced. I hadn’t realized that, while they knew of them, they had not met them. Carrie was looking a little disheveled as she got up. I guess Chuck’s hands had been busy while waiting on his buddies. I also noticed that the girls had gotten in to some very sexy clothing. When Chuck introduced Carrie to them they both gave her big hugs and kisses. She was in her glory. Now she had two more hot men paying attention to her.

After they had all sat down and told me what they wanted, I started serving the drinks. As I gave Carrie her drink she just looked up at me and gave me a look like a kid on their birthday. Not feeling welcome, I just went back to the bar, sat by myself and listened to them talk.

After a few more rounds, Carrie got up, turned on the music, and started dancing. Ethan told Nadine to join her and soon they were putting on quite a show. They started caressing each other in a way that made all of the men pay attention. Then Carrie leaned in and, with her hands cupping Nadine’s pert tits, shoved her tongue in her daughter’s mouth. Nadine kissed back and the guys all started cheering.

After a few minutes of this Jake stood up and I saw an immense bulge in his semi-loose jeans. He sauntered over to the girls and took up a place behind Carrie. His large hands started rubbing her tits and belly, and he leaned down and kissed her. Nadine knelt down and lifted Carrie’s short skirt to reveal a sexy thong. Moving that out of the way, she began kissing and licking her mother’s sweet, mostly shaven pussy. This brought Johnny in to the action. Revealing another large tent he laid on the soft carpet and after moving her thong out of the way, inserted his tongue in Nadine’s cunt.

Peeling my eyes away from this action, I glanced over to see that the brothers had stood up and started undressing, giving me yet another eyeful of their anacondas. By this time, my dick was as hard as a rock and I undid my pants and started to stroke it.

Nadine stopped licking Carrie’s snatch and slid down Johnny’s body, and they began to kiss passionately, Nadine rubbing her bare pussy on his bulge. Carrie turned to face Jake and just fell in to his strong arms. He carried her over to the couch and sat her down. She undid first his belt and then his pants, letting them fall to the floor. There was no hiding the fact that he surpassed her requirements for large cocks. She had some trouble getting his boxers off as his manhood was now fully erect and pointing upwards. Finally, she succeeded and then gasped. His sausage was even bigger than Ethan’s. It must have been fourteen inches long and thicker than a beer bottle. It was amazing. It took Carrie a minute before she started to touch and lick it. She was like a deer in headlights. As she started shuddering I knew that she had her first of what would probably be countless orgasms.

Meanwhile, Nadine had her clothes off and was working on removing Johnny’s. With his shirt off, I saw that he had a body that would have made the Greeks gods jealous. Totally fit, large muscles, and not an ounce of fat. His arms were covered in tattoos and as they flexed I knew I would never want to anger this man. He was a powerhouse. Nadine finished stripping Johnny and uncovered yet another monster appendage. His was about the size of Chuck’s although slightly thicker. This was amazing; fifty-one inches of cock not including my own.

My wife and step-daughter sure knew how to entertain company.

Ethan laid down on the floor beside Johnny and told Nadine to ride him. Johnny stood up and attempted to fed Nadine his man meat. She gave her best effort and Johnny seemed to appreciate it. His rock hard ass cheeks were clenching and looked as though they could flatten a steel pipe. Oh, how I wanted to get a feel of those. I was tempted to walk over and take a bite, but I was afraid of the consequences.

Carrie was now sitting on Chuck’s dick and still sucking off Jake. Her hands were firmly gripping his sculpted ass and she had managed to get him an astounding nine inches deep in her mouth and throat. His gigantic balls were swaying back and forth as he started pumping in and out. She began to resemble a pelican as his huge cock worked it’s way around. I never knew a throat could stretch like that. She reached one hand down to work his balls but they were so big she could only grab one at a time.

Over the course of the next hour and a half they switched places, switched women, never ceasing the fucking of a mouth or pussy. The girls had cum over and over and they were exhausted. I myself had blown two loads and was still stroking my overworked penis. As the girls called a time out and ordered more drinks, I quickly tucked away my pecker, washed my hands, and got everyone another round.

As I was serving them Ethan said, "well the girls may need a rest, but I’m not done, yet."

The others agreed and Jake stated, "then we need a bitch."

Suddenly, I felt I should run. Any one of these guys can do damage, but four? Johnny set down his drink and grabbed my arm, forcing me to drop the empty tray. "I guess you’ll just have to do," he said forcefully.

Before I knew it all four men were ripping off my clothes. Ethan had grabbed his magic lube and then joined the other three on one couch. While Jake, Chuck, and Ethan stroked their immense hard-ons, I knelt down in front of Johnny and began licking and stroking his cock, balls, and asshole. He then grabbed me roughly, by the hair, and forced his cock in to my mouth and then down my throat. I reached up and caressed and pinched his hard nipples and incredible chest. Even choking on his dick I was so attracted to this aggressive man. I wondered if he would be interested in a permanent love slave.

He was enjoying my actions and started pumping his hips up and down. On one upward pump, I reached my hand under him and got a handful of his ass. It felt even better than I had imagined. In a different situation, I would have loved to get some massage oil and just rub him all over.

Suddenly, Jake reached over and grabbed my hair, pulling me toward that awe-inspiring horse-cock of his. As I performed a similar treatment as just had, Johnny got up off the couch, applied some lube, and knelt behind me. Fortunately, I had been drinking and this wasn’t my first time in this position because he just rammed his dick past my prostate and up around the bend. If Jake’s cock hadn’t been about eleven inches past my lips I would have screamed. Johnny started rough and didn’t stop fucking me that way for about fifteen minutes. Finally, I felt his cock swell to even more amazing proportions and, grabbing my hips, he unloaded in me. His seed burned in me in the best way possible. I loved it.

Now it was Chuck’s turn for head and, as Johnny withdrew, Jake pushed me over to him and took over fucking my ass. As I said before, Jake’s cock was unbelievably huge and, even after the pounding Johnny had just given me, I couldn’t be prepared for it. It stretched my hole more than any dick before, but at least he was gentle. His rhythm made it so enjoyable and soon caused me to shoot my wad on the floor. As he pumped in and out I felt his jumbo kiwi-sized balls gently pushing mine. Maybe Jake needs a love slave, too.

Unfortunately, before long, I felt his cock swell up and begin pumping even more cum in me. I was then pushed over to suck Ethan while Chuck fucked me almost as hard as Johnny had. Chuck then grabbed me, threw me to the floor, pulled my legs over his shoulders, and started pounding with all his might. I noticed I hadn’t felt Ethan’s cock in my mouth again, when suddenly, I felt a mouth on my once-again hard cock. It was Nadine. She then straddled my face and I began lapping up a mixture of the four men’s spunk. Her pussy was so abused that I felt that I needed to lick it back to health. I didn’t make her orgasm but that didn’t stop me from having yet another one. I came for the forth time since our guests had arrived.

When Chuck had made a very large deposit in my ass, and Nadine rolled off, I sat up to see Ethan buried in Carrie’s drenched snatch. He was on his back and she was leaning back on his chest. She had so much cum in her, that every time he inserted his beautiful salami, some more would run out of her and down his cock, balls and in to his crack. For the first time, I decided to do something aggressive and, crawling over to the two of them, I started licking them all over. I kissed her deeply, sucked cum off her beautiful breasts and belly, and devoured all of the juices off of both of them. I spent extra time with Ethan’s balls and loved every minute of it. I slid my tongue in and out of his ass and when he said he was coming, I pulled his cock out of my wife’s cunt and swallowed every drop of it.

We all showered off and then went for a swim in the outdoor pool. After Jake and Johnny had gotten dressed they both kissed Carrie for a few minutes each and then said they looked forward to next time. When they had driven off, and Chuck and Ethan had gone back in the house, I asked her what they meant by "next time".

She leaned in to me and hugged me for the first time in two weeks. "They invited me to go stay with them for a weekend. I’ll leave in two weeks. While I’m gone you’ll have to keep Chuck happy. So good luck to both of us."

Chapter 6

Today is Sunday. Carrie’s been gone since Friday morning. I’m sure she’s having more fun with Jake and Johnny than I’m having with Chuck.

Ethan, Nadine, and Trent left on Friday as well, for a holiday. Like they need a holiday from not doing anything? Everybody’s due back tonight.

I have a surprise planned. It couldn’t come at a better time.

Chuck has become cruel. He’s been getting worse lately with everyone.

A few days before she left he even smacked Carrie across the face. We were in the rec room and he was quite drunk and decided he wanted a blowjob. She said she was too tired. So he just lost it. He started throwing things and yelling, and when she went to calm him she got smacked for it. I ran up to do something about it but he just ducked low and tackled me. With the wind knocked out of me I was helpless. He told Carrie to go to the bedroom and wait for him there or things would get worse. With a hesitation, she left me alone with him. He grabbed me by the throat and told me that if I didn’t take care of his hard-on, she would suffer for it.

Knowing I had only one choice, I reached for his belt and undid it. Then, pulling down his pants, I saw that he did indeed have a hard-on to be taken care of. As it was freed from the confines of his jeans, it sprang up and hit me hard in the chin. His mighty cock looked even larger and more menacing under these circumstances.

He immediately and roughly started fucking my throat with it. Obviously I gagged, but, after having serviced these giant organs for weeks now, I was becoming accustomed to it. Soon I felt the tickle of his pubic hairs on the tip of my nose signaling 12 inches of thick dick had passed my lips. I wanted this blowjob to end quickly so I started to rub his balls with one hand and finger his ass with the other.

He fucked my face for ten minutes before I felt his giant sack tighten and his shaft swell to an even more amazing thickness. Then, he grabbed my hair, pulled me tight to him, and unloaded down my throat. I swallowed every drop until at last he slid it out.

One problem. It wasn’t getting smaller.

“Get some of that lube, Bitch, I’m not done with you yet.”

All I could think of is, ‘why did this guy have to be such a fuck machine?’

So used to being the ‘bitch’ I just complied with what he said.

Handing the lube to him, I undid and removed my own pants, and then he bent me over the arm of the sofa.

He was working the lube on to his serpent with one hand and poured some more on my hole. He then shoved one, two, and then three fingers up my ass to prepare it for the invasion. Next, I felt the massive mushroom head of his manhood seeking entry deep in to my body. It found it in one quick movement as, in an instant, I had a foot of rigid meat in my innermost parts.

I soon forgot why I was mad at Chuck. I think I almost forgot my name, too. I would be lying if I said I didn’t absolutely love getting my ass pounded by this perfect specimen of a man. His flawless body, his gorgeous face, his rock-hard ass, and his awe-inspiring penis made him everything I never knew that I had wanted all my life.

But I am not a fool. I knew that he didn’t care about me and that I was just a fuck slave to satisfy his needs. But did I mind? Not right now, not while he’s fucking me.

He was relentless for about twenty minutes, until at last he started dumping load after load of his cum in me. I felt his cock begin to shrink, almost down to my full size. He withdrew and, after a hard smack on my ass cheek, said, “I guess Carrie gets to rest up after all. Good night, Bitch.”

I slid forward on to the sofa, exhausted, and watched as he bent over and picked up his clothes. Damn, what a fine ass! His now soft dick, shriveled down to about eight inches, swayed back and forth as he walked out of the room. Doubtlessly, heading to my old bedroom to sleep beside my wife.

Suddenly, free of the trance of seeing Chuck’s naked body, I remembered what had occurred. Tomorrow, I would have to make some phone calls.

This weekend has been tiring to say the least.

Since everyone left, Chuck has been even more aggressive. All weekend he’s walked around nude and, without having Carrie around, I’ve had to service him non-stop. Twice I resisted, only finding my efforts seemed to excite him more. My ass paid dearly for it both times. He loves being in control of me and constantly has me cooking for him or serving him drinks. That is, when he’s not having me suck his dick or bending over for yet another fucking. I’ve lost track of the times.

I’m growing to hate the fact that I’ve given up my masculinity, but I don’t seem to have any control over that now. If I even look at him wrong, he’ll punch me in the stomach and nearly knock me out.

I was in the middle of giving him a full body massage when the family all got home. Chuck’s muscles were glistening with the edible body oil as he lay on his stomach. His massive sausage and huge sack were pointed down between his spread legs. I would often lean forward and lick my way from the top of his crack, stick my tongue in his hole, then carry on down between his balls, to the end of his beautiful cock and back up again. I had just completed this maneuver for about the twentieth time when I looked up to see my wife watching us. Beside her Ethan, Nadine, and Trent were chuckling to themselves and I heard Ethan say, “he’s sure got his bitch well trained.”

Then they all disrobed and started on each other. Carrie dropped to her knees and took turns sucking Ethan and Trent’s growing cocks in to her mouth. Nadine lay down with her pussy facing the boys and began to ravage her mother’s wet cunt.

Chuck rolled over on to his back and grabbed me by the back of my head. He loved proving to everyone that he was the “boss” and showed it as often as possible. As I was sucking his swollen member, I glanced over and noticed that Ethan was no longer with the others. An instant later I felt a squirt of the oil running over my asshole and prepared myself to be taken. He was gentle at first, but was soon fucking me hard, deep, and fast.

Carrie and her kids were having fun. She had leaned over in to a 69 with Nadine and Trent was fucking Carrie from behind. His lean, fit body was moving with a quick rhythm that Carrie seemed to be enjoying. Meanwhile, Nadine licked his balls and anus, and occasionally nibbled on her mom’s clit. After about ten minutes, Trent slid out of Carrie’s snatch and in to his sister’s mouth. She sucked him for all she was worth until he called to Ethan to throw him the oil.

Once received, he lubed up his long, thin, upturned cock as well as Carrie’s tight asshole and then proceeded to fuck her slowly and gently. Carrie wouldn’t let anyone but her baby boy fuck her that way. Not even me. Nadine turned her full attention to tonguing Carrie’s dripping box.

Chuck and Ethan continued fucking me from both ends, and, about forty-five minutes after this had all begun, everyone started cumming. First, Trent pulled out his dick and started spraying all over Carrie’s cunt and Nadine’s face. Nadine cleaned up the cum off of her mother, and then Carrie spun around and sucked Trent’s prick clean before licking up the rest from Nadine’s face.

Chuck was next as he poured shot after shot deep down my throat and in to my belly. Ethan was last but not least as he unloaded an amazing twelve spurts up my ass. Everyone had cum – except me.

I still had a raging erection, but, as I looked for someone to fuck, they all just got up and jumped in to the hot tub.

Feeling dejected, I just stroked myself off and shot my load in to a nearby towel. Then, to make matters worse, they all demanded that I grab them a drink. I pulled on my shorts and started heading to the bar. Fuck, had I ever become a wimp. What ever happened to being the man of my own house?

I was just nearing the bar as I heard the doorbell ring. I knew with the noise from the music my “family” had just turned on they wouldn’t hear it. They would have told me to get it anyway.

Suddenly, it dawned on me who it would be at the door. My surprise for the others was here at last. I could feel the testosterone building in me again.

I started to shake as I opened the door. I would have the upper hand once again.

“Hello,” the deep voice rumbled, “you must be Mr. Williams.”

“I sure am. You must be Kenny. Good to finally meet you in person. Come on in and follow me.”

I led him to the rec room and offered him a drink. He declined and said “never while on the job. Assuming I am on the job, that is.”

“Yes, I’d love for you to start right away. Your main job here will be security, but first I have some people here who have out-stayed their welcome.”

As he stood there, I appraised my new employee. He was an awesome example of a man. He was black and, while he didn’t quite have the looks of Jake, was very handsome. He was wearing a tight fitting black t-shirt and baggy blue jeans. His muscles rippled as he moved and I found myself staring too long at him. I even felt my prick start to harden. He just looked back at me as though he was used to people gawking and gave me a quick grin. From his resume I knew he was 6’10”, 325 lbs. (not an ounce of which was fat), and extremely knowledgeable in multiple fighting techniques. Thankfully, he was on my side.

Time to introduce him to the group. I couldn’t fight back my grin as I lead him to the hot tub room.

I told Kenny to wait outside the room for a second. As I walked in the door Chuck looked over at me and said, “Where are the fucking drinks, Bitch?”

“Get your own fucking drinks! I’m not serving anyone anymore. Oh, by the way, you kids better start packing, you’ll be leaving soon.”

He sat there in shock for a long moment and then he and Ethan climbed out of the tub and started towards me. I glanced down and could almost see their monster cocks growing harder with the anticipation of kicking my ass. My heart beat faster as they neared. Not in fear, though, but excitement.

Just as they got to me, Kenny stepped in the room. They both stopped dead in their tracks, wide-eyed at the appearance of this incredibly powerful man standing beside me. He grabbed both of them by their large pricks and quietly said, “you heard the man. Get your shit together and get ready to leave.”

Carrie came running up and grabbed me by the arm. “What’s going on, Rick? What the hell are you doing?”

“It’s time for the kids to go, Honey. I’m not going to be a servant in my own house anymore. Chuck, Ethan, Nadine, and Trent are all going to be moving out. I bought a four-bedroom house for them in the city and they can stay there free for as long as they like. Kenny is here to make sure that what I say goes from now on. I want you to know that you have a choice: either stay here with me and be happy, or go live with the kids and we’ll split up the money.”

“Rick, you know I love you. I’ll never leave you. Things just got out of hand, that’s all. I’m sorry…will you forgive me?”

“Of course, I’m just happy things will get back to normal.” Actually, I have to admit, I was going to miss most of the sex that had been happening with these young, hard-bodied, kids. I loved fucking Nadine, sucking or being fucked by Trent, and I would even miss some things about Ethan and Chuck; namely, just watching them strut around or when I was playing with their jumbo man-meat.

By this time, Kenny had let go of the boys, Trent and Nadine had joined them, and they were all in the process of picking their clothes up off the floor. For the first time since this started, I glanced at Kenny and my eyes noticed a massive bulge running down his leg. It looked like a woman’s arm in his pants. Apparently, he very excited by the possibility of the brothers putting up a fight. Either that, or, he was enjoying the nude bodies surrounding him. He was definitely paying Carrie some attention, and she noticed. I had a feeling she was already lining up a replacement for Chuck’s sausage.

An hour later, the kids had all their stuff loaded in the SUV that I had also bought for them. Kenny and I watched from inside as Carrie went out to send them off.

First, she gave Nadine a big hug and a passionate kiss. Then, the same for Ethan, but she added a long, firm squeeze of his tight butt. Trent was next; she was a little more motherly with him, but basically the same. Finally, with the other three in the truck, waiting for him to drive, she got to Chuck. He leaned forward and shoved his tongue in to her mouth. A moment later her hand grabbed his huge trouser snake and started rubbing.

I knew it would be hard on her to have him go. They had fucked countless times in the last month and she would miss that. I almost felt bad for her. Almost.

She was still stroking him and had moved the other hand to cup his perfect ass. His hands had moved up under her shirt and were squeezing her beautiful tits.

Kenny had kept quiet up until now but finally broke the silence. “Doesn’t it bother you to watch your wife doing that?”

“You know Kenny,” I replied, “I love my wife so much that, if she wants to fuck a huge dick, which I don’t have, I won’t get in her way. But this whole situation just got out of control. I became a slave in my own house, got kicked out of my own bedroom, and rarely fucked my wife. That’s why I called you.”

I could tell that Carrie was getting lost in the moment with Chuck. She had undone his pants and was jerking him off with both hands. She backed away from his kiss and knelt down, right there in the driveway, to suck the giant head of his member.

Kenny was watching intently and the whole scene was having an effect on his organ. He started, I think subconsciously, to rub his own shaft through his pants. Without taking my eyes off of his stroking hand, I said, “no need to hide that. No one else does around here.”

As he continued watching my wife give expert head, he undid his pants and let them fall to the floor. You would think that after seeing Ethan and Chuck’s massive pricks so much, I wouldn’t have been shocked by what appeared beside me.

Speaking of Chuck’s massive prick, it was now buried in Carrie’s cunt. He had lifted up her skirt, was holding her up, and she had wrapped her slender legs around his waist.

Kenny was in a class all on his own. As I watched him double-fisting his black anaconda, I guessed that his must have been at least fifteen inches long and a fair bit thicker than Ethan’s. My mouth started watering as this incredible man jerked his beautiful manhood less than a foot from me. I’m not sure why I chose this moment to say this but I just muttered, “Fuck, you are HUGE!”

He glanced over at me and smiled, “do you think your wife might like this in her hot snatch?”

Just as he said that, Chuck pulled Carrie right down and started pumping another of his extra large loads of hot cum deep inside her. They kissed for a while in that position before Chuck set her down gently. He then pulled up his pants, turned away, got in the truck, and drove off.

“I would bet anything that she would, Kenny. Why don’t you ask her when she comes in?”

Carrie limped her way to the door and slowly opened it. She had a sad, but satisfied look in her eyes. A second didn’t go by, though, before her line of vision locked in on the fresh meat.

“Kenny was just wondering if you’d like to fuck him sometime. I figured you would but didn’t want to answer for you.”

She finally snapped out of her shock and just nodded. “Did my husband tell you that he LOVES to drink men’s cum? Either out of my pussy or right from the source.”

“Well,” the deep voice replied, “I’m not bi-sexual, so, I guess he’ll have to get it from your pussy.”

“Follow me to the guest room, Kenny,” Carrie purred. “Let’s get you all set up.”

Kenny just slipped his jeans off of his feet. He then removed his shirt and socks, leaving both Carrie and I panting over his naked body. He was so chiseled that I wondered if his body could be real. He picked up his clothes and his suitcase and followed my wife to his new suite. I just tagged along behind, staring at his sensational ass. As he walked, his muscles rippled and flexed and I knew that if he wanted to, he could throw me around like a rag-doll. Right now that didn’t sound too bad.

In his room, Carrie took his things and placed them neatly on the floor. She told him to lie down on the bed and relax for a minute. She ran in to his bathroom and quickly returned with massage oil. With a coy look on her face she asked, “where can I start? Front or back?”

He answered, “You pick. You’re the boss.” With that she squirted oil all over his massive chest and began to work it in.

As she leaned forward her luscious tits were separated by his giant appendage and she started to rock back and forth to caress his cock. I had been standing behind her up to this point, taking it all in, but I could hold back no longer. My eyes were locked on to her freshly fucked pussy and the thick jizm oozing out of it. This might be the last time I tasted Chuck’s cum, so I was going to take advantage.

I gently eased up behind her and started by cleaning the small river running down her inner thighs. She barely seemed to notice as she was almost completely pre-occupied by Kenny’s flawless body. Chuck had indeed left a huge deposit of semen in Carrie’s cooze but I made sure I drank it all. It was my last act of submission for the man that had been sleeping with my wife every night.

When I was done, I told them both that I would leave them alone to get to know each other. I told Carrie that I was looking forward to sharing a bed with her again. She told me I could stay, but I explained that I was exhausted from the weekend and that I doubted they would miss me. I took one last look at Kenny’s body and huge cock and headed to my room.

It was about three hours later when Carrie flopped on to our bed. I had purposely avoided jerking off just to see if I could share a load with my beautiful wife. “Well?” I asked, as though she had just tried on some new shoes.

“All I can say is WOW! Oh yeah, and THANK YOU!”

“He was that good?”

“Better. He really knows how to use his equipment.”

I stroked my dick and said, “tell me more.”

“After you left I just kept massaging his chest while he tit-fucked me. His humongous black serpent just kept growing even bigger. I thought I would tease him a little so I lowered my head to his waist and started kissing my way back up. His cock was just throbbing as I ran my lips and tongue up those perfect abs of his. By the time I got to the end of his salami, I was at his chest. That thing is HUGE.”

I was really pumping my cock fast now, just imagining being able to do these things to that ebony god. The way my wife was telling the story made me very thankful that I chose to replace Chuck and Ethan with Kenny. He wouldn’t abuse me, and yet my lovely wife would still get the pleasure. I could suddenly smell his musky odor on her. My mouth started to water.

“Then he grabbed me, pulled my up to look in his deep brown eyes, and kissed me. The passion was almost too much. His kiss was so soft and sweet, and yet I knew that he was in total control. His lips just covered mine and swallowed them whole. Then, gently, he slid his tongue in to my mouth. I’m telling you; it’s probably longer and thicker that some penises out there. I felt like I was giving head.”

The more she talked the harder I got. Finally, I couldn’t wait any longer and had to taste his juices.

“We kissed like that for a few minutes. By then, my pussy was dripping wet and I wanted that steel pipe of his in me. But first I wanted to taste it, so I ran my tongue down his throat, across that massive chest, and suddenly there it was.

“As I took a hold of it, I felt like I had just grabbed a fire hose. I could feel his pulse through the massive veins that fed it to its monster size. It was like a separate being, with a mind of its own. The head was about the size of a mandarin orange. The pre-cum oozing out of it and down his chocolate shaft was about as much as you normally cum in a session, so I started by licking all of it up. It tasted like honey.”

I had started by licking Carrie’s breasts and could already taste what I had smelled. She was right – it did taste like honey. I slid my tongue down to her belly button and found a little pool of his cum. After cleaning that up I slid farther down.

“I tried my best, but I just couldn’t get it in my mouth. So instead I just got both arms in to it and started to pump him. That was quite the workout I must say! His dick is as much thicker than Ethan’s as Ethan’s is than yours. My two hands together just barely fit around the shaft. I hadn’t stroked him long though when he sat up, grabbed me around the waist, and said ‘I hope you’re ready for this’. He lifted me up, so that my whole body was above that giant spear, and slowly set me down.

“My cunt was so wet that I was dripping juices on to his dickhead. Luckily that was the case or I doubt he would have ever gotten it in. Still, he held me up in place until finally, with a popping sound, he entered me. All I could do was scream. Then he just dropped me and, as his cock thrust it’s way inside, I lost the ability to make a sound. His pole was buried in me as far as it would go, and he still had five inches to spare. Luckily, Chuck and Ethan broke me in somewhat.”

I was busy lapping up his juices the crack of her ass, thinking of the gigantic tool that had delivered it there.

“The next thing I knew, he stood up and started walking around. I could tell that my body weight was nothing for him. He is so powerful, Rick, I’d love to see you wrestle him sometime. He’d flop you around like a stuffed animal. Then, if he fucked you, you would beg to have the boys back.”

I was busy feasting at the time but I stopped to say, “do you have a dong as big as him?”

“You know what’s funny? I just bought one this weekend that’s probably almost his size. I got it to remind me of Jake but it was bigger than him. It’s even black.”

I moved so she could get up and said, “Go get it. I want you to fuck me with it.”

She got an evil look in her eye and jumped out of bed. “Bend over, Bitch. This is gonna hurt you more than it’s gonna hurt me!”

I heard her squirt some lube on it and then felt the familiar feeling of it on my asshole and running down my crack. The next thing I felt was the massive artificial penis as she smacked it hard on my ass. A tear ran down my cheek as she did it another three times. Then came the pressure. Like Chuck, but bigger. A lot bigger.

As she pushed the giant head past my rim, I whimpered, “Please, finish the story.”

“I was cumming so much that I blacked out for a while, but I remember, by looking at the clock, that I came to about an hour after he stood up. He was still pounding me for all he was worth. I felt like a blow-up doll but I’ve never been happier. The thought that I might actually be pleasing this hunk made it all worthwhile.”

She was starting to really drive the dong hard in to my ass now. It was so immense that the pain was almost equal to the pleasure, but all I had to do was imagine that it was Kenny fucking me and the pain just disappeared. Also, she had started pumping my dick with her free hand. I wouldn’t hold out much longer.

“Shortly after that, he lay me down on the bed again and began doing me faster and harder. After another half hour or so, I felt his python swell to an even scarier thickness and he started to cum. The force of the first spurt sent me to yet another of my countless orgasms. I lost count of those jets of jizm, but I know one thing, he probably came twice as much as Chuck. And can he ever aim that thing. As he pulled it out of my cunt, I tilted up my head, hoping to catch some in my mouth. He sent at least six shots straight down my throat.”

By this point I could take no more and cried, “I’M CUMMING!”

Carrie quickly laid her head under my crotch, forced that monster dong as far up my ass as possible, deep-throated my eight inches, and proceeded to swallow every drop of the biggest ejaculation I had had to date. My body shook uncontrollably until I fell over on to my back, drained of semen and energy.

About fifteen minutes later I woke up with “Mr. Black” still in me. Carrie was just looking at me with a faint smile on her face.

“When we were done, we lay on his bed and talked. I told him that I had really messed up with you and that I really needed to fix our relationship. We agreed that he and I should only get together once in a while.”

“Thanks Carrie. You know I don’t mind you fucking around, so long as I know you only love me.”

“I know, Sweetie. By the way, I was thinking it might be nice to have a maid around here. Do you think you could start looking for one soon?”

I immediately realized what she was doing. Telling me to find someone to live at the house for me to fuck around with. “You bet Carrie. I’ll try tomorrow. And you know what? I really love you.”

“I love you too, Rick, but I’m afraid I’m going to have to get my dong back now.”

Chapter 7

It's been about six months since my husband Rick last told our story. Life has been great since then. After a lot of initial spending we started investing and getting involved in some business opportunities and now we're worth about five times what we won. Kenny is still working for us (THANK GOD!) and Rick hired a beautiful Chinese girl by the name of Lily as our housekeeper. She keeps him very busy when Kenny and I get together and it seems like a perfect arrangement.

I had almost forgotten just how bi-sexual he is when recently he started looking for a personal assistant. He was leaving on a two-week business trip to look in to our investments in a couple of days and needed someone to help him.

I just assumed he was trying to work another woman into his life when I saw the applicants that had made the short list. He had them all come to the house. They were all well-dressed men, between 18 and 25 years old, and absolutely gorgeous. Any one of them could be a model.

Rick's eyes just brightened as he saw them and I knew the worst thing about this for him would be having to pick just one. It became evident as the five men walked in that they were either bi or gay because none of them gave me more than a passing glance but all smiled and gathered around Rick.

As I looked them all over one really began to stand out. He was Hispanic, 24 years old, about 6'3", lean at about 190 lbs., with dark eyes and shoulder length black hair. He introduced himself to me as Juan, and I felt weak in the knees as he looked deep in to my eyes. He smiled, no doubt used to having this effect on women and turned back his attention to Rick.

It was then that I noticed Rick's bulge. The luscious males standing in our front room visibly excited him. He then said, "did everyone bring shorts?" With a bunch of affirmatives he added, "then lets go take a dip."

He led the way outside to the pool where he started to undress. I was about to point the way to the change room when they all just slowly started changing in to their swimsuits right in front of me. If only I had had a camera at that moment. I just about got whiplash trying to take in all of that man flesh around me. All different body styles but they were all perfect.

Each of them had a nice tight ass, some slender and some muscular. Their cocks were all different too. Not one of them was small, but some were bigger than others were. There was short and thick, long and thin, long and thick, cut and uncut, all of them looked great to me. Only one of the men had a hard-on though, and that was my beloved Rick, the smallest of them all.

As a side note, Rick likes to think his cock is eight inches. Maybe once it got that long but normally he never gets past about six. Also, it's thinner than Trent's. I guess it's hard for him to tell that though.

They were all wearing tight, revealing shorts and stood there talking for few minutes. For the first time, Rick spoke to me and asked me to grab them some beers. I quickly headed to the poolside bar and opened six bottles. It wasn't long before I was grabbing more, and more, and more. I turned on some music and the party was going full swing.

They were all starting to get a buzz going and Rick was pulling them aside one at a time to talk privately at one of the tables. Each time they would sit quite close and there was always some type of contact. Rick's hand would touch an arm, or a shoulder, or even rub a thigh. As he was finished talking to them he would get up give them a handshake, and tell them he would let them know his decision. I would then watch as they got dressed and then I would show them out.

He kept Juan waiting the longest. I didn't mind though, as he was the only one that started talking to me; that and the fact he was fucking hot. I was quite wet as I got up to show the second to last guy out. By the time I got back, Rick and Juan were standing in the pool.

The sexual tension was palpable as I neared. Neither of them acknowledged my presence, as they were too interested in each other. It was then that I noticed the shorts on the ground. As I brought them fresh drinks I could see that Rick's erect cock was pointing straight towards Juan's bigger, but still only semi-hard, uncut prick. At that moment, that was the only thing "straight" about my husband. I could tell that Rick had made his choice.

As much as I wanted to get in between those two dicks right now I knew that I wouldn't be welcome.

I headed for Kenny's room. He wasn't there but I soon found him in the workout room.

He was doing bench presses and the sight of his huge muscular body made me forget about my husband. His every muscle tightened as massive arms moved some unnaturally heavy amount of weight up and down. I stripped down and waited for him to finish his set.

Ever since the first time I had sex with Kenny I have loved the way my entire cunt tingles when I know it's coming. He was leaving on holidays for three weeks the next day, and I knew I would truly miss him.

As he rested the barbell on the support I sauntered up to him. He always made me feel so tiny and meek. I looked at his shorts as they started getting tighter and tighter. I peeled them back to reveal my favorite cock. While I do truly love Rick, he just cannot in any way compare to Kenny as a lover. His dick size, endurance, technique are all so completely overshadowed. For that matter Rick doesn't really compare to any man I've been with in bed. That includes my son Trent; and he's only 18. Maybe penis size doesn't matter to some women but it sure does to me. To be honest, Rick's little dick can't even get me off anymore, but I'll never tell him that.

As I leaned forward to kiss and lick Kenny's anaconda it leapt up to meet me halfway. He has more muscle control than anyone I've ever met does. I spent some time with it and then licked my way down to his sweaty, musky balls. His scent makes me even hornier. There's nothing like the smell of a real man to get me worked up.

Another thing I really like about Kenny is the fact that he's 100 percent straight. While I find Rick's bi-sexuality interesting at times, it's nice for a change to be with a man who's not begging to be fucked up the ass by a dildo or another man while you are in bed with him. Not to mention the fact that Rick is kind of a pussy. That's just another way that my husband can't compare; there's not a single thing wimpy about Kenny. I always feel safer when I'm with my giant black lover.

As I finished up tongue-bathing his giant sac, he lifted me off the floor, spun me around, and planted my cunt on his oversized mouth. Sometimes I feel like he's going to swallow me whole. His huge tongue never fails to drive me to orgasm. Believe it or not it's thicker than Rick's dick and almost as long. He even hits my g-spot with it.

Once I was sufficiently soaked he again hoisted me, this time suspending me above his immense, and completely vertical, mammoth dong. It never fails to amaze me how incredible the sensation is as it plows it's way through my now stretched opening. At that moment I wouldn't want to be anywhere else with anyone else. No matter how much I love Rick, I am so obsessed with the jumbo schlong in my cunt that I probably couldn't tell you his name to save his life.

Kenny fucked me all over that room that day, spinning me like a top on his pole. After he had cum in me three times, and two hours had passed, he carried me back to my room and told me he had to go pack. As I watched his awesome ass walk away I sighed, missing him already.

After a long bath I figured I would see what Rick and his new friend were up to.

It took a while to find them but I finally located them in Lily's room.

Juan was lying back on the bed with Rick, ass in the air, trying to deep-throat his meat. Lily was underneath Rick sucking his cock and fucking him with a dildo.

While I was tempted to join in, I wasn't about to disturb them. Besides, I'd just fucked Kenny and there was nothing better than that. I was content to just watch for a while.

Juan looked so hot grabbing my husband's head; his flawless body tense as Rick did what he loves most; sucked dick. As Rick came up for air, I finally got to see Juan's tool. It was probably over eleven inches long, quite thick, and as I said before, uncut. Like Trent's, it curved upwards. "Well done Rick!" I thought to myself, "you got yourself a nice big toy." The problem was, his girlfriend Lily was already eyeing up Juan's big dick. "Won't be long before she's thinking of him while you're fucking her."

As if on cue Lily slid Rick's member out of her mouth, flipped over, and wiggled her way up to lick Juan's big balls. A moment later she even went so far as to pull Juan's cock out of my husband's mouth and start sucking it. Rick looked a little hurt as she had just deserted his cock and left the dildo up his ass, but he just moved over a little and let it all happen.

Juan saw the look on Rick's face though and roughly grabbed Lily by the hair, pulling her away with a yelp. "Sorry Lily, you're cute and all, but I prefer men. Stick around though, we'll still need you." Lily just bowed her head in shame but did as she was told.

Then Juan got up, walked around behind Rick, removed the dildo, and proceeded to slowly and gently fuck his ass. I could tell Rick was in instant ecstasy. It had been months since he'd actually had a real dick in him, and this was a very nice dick. Juan then grabbed Lily's hair again and told her to lick his anus and balls. She complied without argument and started to fuck her own pussy with another vibrator.

Juan's rhythm slowed and quickened and I could soon tell he was a great lover. I would really have been thinking of fucking him but that stopped when I saw what happened when Lily tried to push her way in. She was continuing her rimjob and looked ready to cum.

Her cunt was so wet and tasty looking that my instincts took over. While I had decided to leave them alone I couldn't refuse that sweet Asian pussy any more. I walked straight to the bed and buried my face in Lily's juicy crotch.

After about 15 minutes had passed I licked my way up and kissed her sweet eraser nipples and looked up to see, not a foot from my face, Juan's love missile fucking my husband's ass. My eyes traveled slowly up his taut, hard body until I reached his eyes. I was surprised to see that he was looking at me too. He flashed a quick grin, and motioned me up. As I came up beside him he leaned over and kissed me hard. Then he began whispering to in my ear.

"Your husband loves my cock."

"My husband loves all big cocks."

"What about you?"

"I love all big cocks, too."

"Then why are you with him?"

"Because I fell in love."

"Do you mind me fucking him like this?"

"No, because he loves it. Fuck him harder. Rape his ass. He loves it."

With that he just gave me one more kiss and said, "soon it will be your turn." He then turned his full attention to giving Rick the hardest fuck of his life. For the next 20 minutes Rick screamed with pain/pleasure as he took it like a man. Then Juan slowed his pumping and loosed his load deep in to Rick. As he pulled out he grabbed Lily and had her suck his slowly shrinking cock clean. Then Lily slid up beside Rick, said sorry, and kissed him deeply.

There I was, sitting on the corner of the bed, watching this sweet girl making out with my man, still horny as I didn't orgasm. Ah well, I guess I'd just have to go interrupt Kenny again. The problem was, tomorrow morning, Kenny and Lily would be on their separate holidays for three weeks. Rick and his Latino superstud would be leaving at the same time. I'd already talked to the kids and they all had plans. What the hell was I going to do to keep busy?

On my way to Kenny's room the phone rang. It was my ex-husband Dale.

I'd never really stopped loving him. Our relationship was just too explosive. Our fights were legendary but so was the lovemaking. After he smacked me around though I just couldn't stay, so I grabbed the kids and left. I hadn't seen or spoken to him in years. I wondered what he was like now.

"I'm going to be in town tomorrow," he said. "I was wondering if maybe we could meet for coffee or something?"

It didn't seem to take me very long to say, "Here's my address, be here around three"

What fun we'll have now is another story I'm hoping to explore to the fullest.

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