Lilith Runs Away into Trouble

Disclaimer: Doing anything to another without consent is not only wrong, it is evil. But there is a difference between fantasy rape and real rape. Although the following story is fictional, it based around a completely consensual role play indulged in by the author and her Master. Please enjoy! I know I did.

Lilith sat at the Greyhound Station in Birmingham, Alabama, and struggled not to cry as the last passenger disembarked from the bus from Memphis. Again, Justin hadn’t been on board. After her parents had forbidden to see her boyfriend again, they’d decided to run away together and get married. But when she’d arrived at the bus station, he sent her a text that his parents stopped him on the way out the door. He told her to go ahead to Birmingham, and he’d meet her there as soon as he could. That had been nearly a week ago, and she finally had to admit that he wasn’t coming.

She couldn’t call him because she’d lost her cell phone charger the very first day, and her phone battery had long been dead. She was so hungry and tired that she just wanted to go home, but she didn’t have any money for a bus ticket. She’d spent the last of her cash on breakfast the day before. She’d slept in the bus station last night and hadn’t had anything to eat in over a day. She looked at the pay phone on the wall. One of the few she’d ever seen. She thought about calling her parents for help, but her father was so strict she knew what he’d say. His voice echoed in her head. “You got yourself there. Get yourself back.”

“Hello,” a friendly voice said, and she looked up to see a man about her father’s age. He was thin and about an inch shorter than she was. He had short spiky hair, beautiful eyes, and a smile that put her at ease. “I don’t mean to bother you, but you look upset. and I have a daughter about your age. If you tell me what’s wrong, maybe I can help. My name’s Mr. DeSalle,” she thought he said, as he sat on the bench leaving plenty of space between them.

“Nobody can help me.” She broke down in sobs, embarrassed to be doing so in front of a stranger.

“Don’t cry, little girl,” he said, and put an arm around her. “There, there, just tell Mr. DeSalle your name and what’s wrong. Surely, they’ll be something I can do.”

His arm felt comforting, so she told him her name was Lilith. It wasn’t long before she’d told him the entire story of her father finding her boyfriend in her bedroom and throwing him out of the house. “We were only kissing,” she said. She told the kind stranger of their run-away plans, how Justin hadn’t shown up, and that she was now completely out of money. Mr. DeSalle held her and made soothing noises, so she told him what she really needed. “I need a $100 to buy a bus ticket home, but why would anyone give me that?”

Mr. DeSalle nodded sympathetically. “It is truly a selfish world. But I’d like to help you. Like I said, I have a daughter about your age.” He smiled at her, and Lilith began to hope that things would be okay after all. “I’ve been watching you for the last 20 minutes, and the one thing that struck me most is that you have a fantastic set of tits. I’d like a better look at them. I only live a block away. How about you come home with me, let me have a good long look at your tits, and I’ll give you $100?”

Lilith pushed him away. “How could you say something like that? I thought you were a nice man.”

Mr. DeSalle smiled in a way that no longer seemed friendly. “Lilith, I’m being incredibly generous. Do you know what most men would want from you before they gave you $100?” His eyes moved from her tits to her crotch, and Lilith felt stripped naked under his gaze. His eyes swept back up and met hers. “In fact, the going rate for an inexperienced whore like you is only $25. You’d have to fuck four men to get what I’m offering for nothing more than a look at your tits.”

Lilith hugged herself. She wanted to run away from Mr. DeSalle, but maybe he was right. A $100 was a lot for just letting him look at her tits. Besides, what choice did she have? “You’ll give me a $100, and all you do is look, right?”

He smiled at her tits. “I promise, Lilith.” He got out his wallet and removed five twenties.

“Take off your shirt and bra, and show me those nice big titties, and this is yours.”

Lilith couldn’t think of any other way to get the money she needed so easily, so she nodded. “Okay, I’ll do it. But you just look at them. That’s it.”

“That’s it, Lilith. You can trust me.” He stood up. “Come on, and you can be home by tomorrow.”

* * *

DeSade took Lilith’s hand firmly in his own. She was the best new recruit he’d found for his stables in nearly a month. His clients were rough on whores, so he was always needing new ones This one was young and stupid, so dumb that she hadn’t even heard his name correctly. But it was her tits that made her perfect. He licked his lips as he watched those large, nicely shaped tits bounce as she walked beside him. He always broke in the new girls himself, so he’d have plenty of fun with those tits before he passed them on to someone else. She wiped away a few tears. He’d need to toughen her up a little, but that was half the fun. He looked behind her and caught a glance of her ass. Hell yes, he’d enjoy beating on that meat.

Lilith looked around like she was having second thoughts, so he hurried her to his gray BMW. He opened the passenger side door for her. “You just going to look at my tits, right?” she asked again.

He put his hands on her shoulder, met the stupid slut’s eyes, and said with all the sincerity he could feign. “Lilith, I would never lie to you.”

After she got in and shut the door behind her, he grinned. The passenger door couldn’t be opened from the inside, so even if she tried to get away, it would be no use. Whistling he walked around to the driver’s door and got in.

He backed out of the parking space, and as he started to drive, he put his hand on her knee. “So Lilith, just how many times have you fucked your boyfriend?”

Lilith knocked his hand off her knee. “Never. I’m a virgin.”

DeSade looked at her and could tell she was lying. “Don’t lie to me, Lilith. With tits like these, you’re no virgin.” He grabbed her right tit and squeezed gently. Oh yes, he was going to have fun with those tits.

Lilith knocked his hand away and scooted as far away from him as the car allowed. “You said you were just going to look at them. Let me out.”

DeSade put his hand on her knee again. “Just one little squeeze because you lied to me. We both know you’ve fucked your boyfriend.”

Lilith’s eyes widened, and the fear he saw there went straight to his cock. “I have not. I’m saving myself for marriage.”

DeSade winked at her. “You let him fuck you in the ass instead, right? Keeps that hymen intact. I’ve heard a lot of good Baptist girls do that.”

Lilith drew herself up. “I don’t know what Baptist girls do. I’m a Mormon and a virgin.”

DeSade almost chuckled when he thought of how soon his cock would be in her ass. He took his hand off her knee. After another block, he pulled into the garage of what looked on the outside like a modest 4-bedroom house, not was in reality the kinkest whorehouse in all of Alabama. He lowered the garage door behind them, got out, and hurried around to open the door for his newest whore.

As he led Lilith inside, DeSade didn’t worry about the sounds from any of the other rooms scaring her. He’d paid a lot for good sound proofing. He took her into his own room. “Go ahead and sit on the bed, and I’ll set in this chair right here.” He sat in a chair that was about five feet from the bed.

* * *

Wishing she’d never got into the car with Mr. DeSalle, Lilith sat on the edge of the bed and took off her coat.

“The shirt and the bra, too,” he said.

Justin was the only one who’d ever seen her tits, but it was his fault she was in this mess. She drew her shirt over her head.

“Nice.” Mr. DeSalle got up and put his finger under the edge of her bra. It was her nicest bra. She thought she was going to wear it for Justin on their wedding night. “A pretty lacy bra like this, and you expect me to believe you’re a virgin.”

She flinched away. “I am a virgin, and you said you were just going to look at them.”

Mr. DeSalle got out his wallet and looked through his money. “It looks like I have $120 in here. You let me touch them, too, and you get the extra $20.” Lilith didn’t answer right away. “You’ll need something to eat, too.”

Lilith put her hand on her empty stomach. “Okay, but just my tits, right?”

The man smiled, but he no longer looked anything like a dad. “Just your tits, sweetheart. Now, take the bra off.”

Lilith looked up at the ceiling, as she reached behind her to unhook her bra. When she took it off, Mr. DeSalle threw it behind him, then he pushed her roughly back on the bed. He lay down beside her. He cupped her right tit, then began fondling them, and pinching her nipples. She closed her eyes, so she wouldn’t have to think about what he was doing.

She heard him open the bedside drawer. Next thing she knew she felt something cold and hard against her cheek. “Do you know what this is, you stupid slut?” He rubbed it down her cheek, jerked her head roughly back, and put a sharp edge against her throat. “It’s my favorite knife, whore, and I think I might just slit your throat with it.”

Lilith jerked her eyes, but there was no compassion or friendliness in his face. “Please, don’t hurt me, Mr. DeSalle.”

With his hand that wasn’t holding the knife, he slapped her tit hard. “You call me Master, and it’s DeSade, whore. Like the Marquis? But you’ve probably never heard of the Marquis de Sade, have you?”

“No,” her voice trembled, but Justin had shown her about the marquis. She started to tremble as she remembered what the Marquis de Sade did to women.

He hit her tit even harder. “That’s no, sir, if you want to keep on breathing. Do you understand, you stupid cunt?”

“Yes, sir, please, don’t hurt me.”

He pinched her nipple and moved the knife down her neck and across her breast. “Whether you live or not depends completely on you. Perhaps I’ll just cut off a nipple for now.”

She whimpered, “Please, sir, don’t hurt me. I’ll let you do whatever you want.”

Master DeSade laughed. “You don’t seem to understand the situation, whore. I’m going to do to you whatever I want whether or not you ‘let’ me. Right now, I think I want to cut off a nipple.”

Lilith panicked as he pinched her nipple. “Please, sir, don’t. Please don’t hurt me.”

“I don’t like the way you’re looking at me, whore.” He grabbed the bandana she used to tie back her hair and pulled it over her eyes. “I don’t want to see your pathetic fear. I’m quite fond of cutting off stupid slut’s nipples.” He moved the knife up to her throat again. “I’m fond of slitting their throats, too.” He rolled on top of her, pining down both of her arms with his knees. “But do you know what I’m even more fond of?” He licked her face and her neck. When she didn’t answer, he hit her hit even harder than before. “When I ask you question, you answer it, cunt.”

Lilith whimpered. “Yes, sir. I don’t know, sir.”

He licked down her neck and across her tits. “Money, whore. I can make a lots of it with whores that are properly trained and obedient. But I have no use for sluts who don’t do what they’re told.” He pressed the knife against her neck again.

More than anything now, Lilith didn’t want to die. “I’ll do what I’m told. I’ll be obedient.”

He slapped her hard across the face, grabbed her hair, jerked her head back, and pressed the knife against her neck until she felt a trickle of blood. “I told you to call me, sir.”

“Yes, sir. I’m sorry, sir.”

He let go of her hair and ran the knife over her tits again. “Forget again, and I’ll bury you in the woods next to the last whore who couldn’t do what she was told. He pinched a nipple and pressed the knife against it.

“Please, don’t hurt me, sir. I won’t forget again, sir.”

“See that you don’t.” He let go of her nipple and squeezed her tit. Then he took her other nipple in his mouth and sucked it. “You have beautiful tits.”

Lilith clutched the bed cover in her hands and prayed that he wouldn’t kill her. He slapped her hard again. “When I tell you you’re beautiful, you thank me. You don’t lay there like a dumb cunt. Do you understand or should I cut off that nipple?”

“I understand, sir. Please don’t hurt me, sir.”

“Let’s try that again.” He took her nipple back in his mouth and sucked hard. After a moment, he released it and licked her tits. “You have beautiful tits, whore.”

“Thank you, sir.”

“Good girl. Now shut the fuck up while I play with them for a little bit.”

Lilith lay there and tried not to cry as Master DeSade’s mouth, tongue, and hands were all over her tits.

* * *

After playing with his new whore’s tits for a while, DeSade sat back and smiled down at them. They were lovely. It would be a shame to mar them. Lilith was trembling badly, so she seemed plenty scared. As long as she stayed that way, he shouldn’t have to until they’d made him thousands. After she was no longer fresh, he could indulge his own pleasures with her. But now, he needed to teach her how to serve and give her enough hope to motivate her to serve well.

He eased his knees off his arms. “I’m getting up now, but if you want to live, don’t move. Do you understand?”

“Yes, sir,” she said, with a tremor in her voice that went straight to his cock.

When he got up, the whore lay obediently still. He set up his spanking bench, arranged his implements on a nearby tray, and got rope ready. When everything was arranged to his liking, he went back to the bed. “Sit up,” he ordered.

When Lilith obeyed, he licked her face and pinched both of her nipples. “That’s a good, whore. Stand up.” He pulled her nipples toward him, and Lilith stood. Pulling on her nipples, he led her over to the spanking bench. He lined her up in front of in, pulled her jeans and panties, and pushed her forward. “Kneel on that and spread your legs wide.”

As she did as she was told, Lilith asked. “What are you going to do to me, sir?”

“You’ll find out soon enough, you stupid cunt.” He pushed her forward so that her tits rested on the top and her sweet ass stuck out invitingly. He reached a hand between her legs, and to his surprise, he found her pussy wet. “You’re enjoying this, aren’t you, whore?” He rubbed a finger over her clit.

She squirmed. “No, sir.”

He picked up the thicker cane and brought it down hard across her ass. She screamed and brought her hands around to cover her ass. He grabbed her hands and threw them back on top of the bench. “Don’t ever break position, whore, and don’t you ever lie to me again.” He reached through her legs and played with her clit again. “Sweet Jesus, cunt, you’re practically gushing.”

Lilith made little noises that were a mixture of pleasure and fear. The little slut actually spread her legs further and pushed her pussy against his hand. She was going to make him so much money. Her noises grew louder and more intense, but he took his hand away before she came.

He picked up his rope and tied her legs, one to the each side of the spanking bench. “My whores serve a special type of client. Ones that like to do much more than fuck slimy cunts. They pay more, too, so if you’re a good girl and do as you’re told, I can make a couple of thousand off you in a week. Once you’ve made me $5000, I’ll let you go. Do you understand, cunt?”

“Yes, sir. I’ll be a good whore for you. Just don’t hurt me, sir.”

DeSade laughed and put his hand back between her legs, massaging her clit. “I’m going to hurt you plenty, but if you obey me, I won’t cut you.” He put two fingers in her cunt and started to finger fuck her. She moaned and pushed back against his fingers. He freed his cock and put her hand on it. “You stroke my cock. When it’s hard, I’m going to fuck you. You want me to fuck you, don’t you, whore?”

Continuing to moan, she stroked his cock like a pro. “No, sir, please, don’t fuck me.”

He picked up the cane and gave her two hard strokes. “I told you not to lie to me. The only use I have for liars is to slit their throat and bury them in the woods. Do you understand that, cunt?”

With tears running down her cheeks, she said, “Yes, sir. I won’t lie.”

She’d stopped stroking his cock, so he hit her with the cane again. “I didn’t tell you to stop stroking, whore.” She returned to stroking, and he pinched her soaking clit. “You’re so wet you can’t hide how much this is turning you on. You want me to fuck you, don’t you, whore?” He started finger fucking her again.

“Yes, sir.”

As his cock started to harden, he finger fucked her faster. “Beg me to do it, whore. Tell me how much you want to be fucked.”

“Oh, god. Oh, god!” The whore grounded her pussy against his hand. “Please, fuck me, sir. I want you to fuck me so bad. Oh god, fuck me! Fuck me!” she screamed out an orgasm.

He chuckled and took his fingers out of her cunt. “Be a good little whore, and you’ll get a lot more of those.” His cock was now rock hard, so he threw off her hand, stepped behind her, and slipped his cock inside her sweet, soaping pussy.” As he pushed in, he didn’t encounter a hymen. He started fucking her slowly. “You lied to me about being a virgin, didn’t you, whore?”

“Yes, sir. Please, don’t kill me, sir. I won’t lie again. I promise, sir.” The little whore was actually fucking him back.

Sweet Jesus, her tight little cunt squeezed his cock. He wasn’t going to last long. Lilith started making noises again, and it about drove him mad. “Fuck!” he cried out, speeding up his rhythm. “Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” He thrust hard, and his cum shot inside her. The whore cried out with her second orgasm. He thrust a couple more times as the last of the cum gushed into her. “Fuck!” he said more quietly, as he pulled out.

He got a wash cloth and cleaned his cock and her pussy. Then he grabbed her hands, yanked them above her head, and tied them together. “I’m going to take your blindfold off now, so that you can see what I’m going to do to you.” As he took the blindfold off, he pushed the tray containing his spanking implements into her view. She whimpered.

He picked up the implement with two leather straps. “This is called a tawse. Remember that, cunt.” He hit her with it, but not too hard yet. “I’m going to teach you what each of these implements are and how to use them properly.” He hit her again a little harder, and she flinched. “Some of my clients are going to want to beat your sweet ass.” He brought it down three times hard in the same spot, and Lilith cried out. He rubbed her ass with his hand. “But some of them like to be beaten, and they’ll pay a lot for a sweet cunt who can do it properly. You learn well, and you might be able to go home in a couple of weeks. You don’t”--he hit her three more times in the same spot, and she screamed-- “and there’s always that spot in the woods. So pay attention. You understand, whore?”

“Yes, sir,” she cried.

He showed her how to raise her hand and just bring the tawse down. “Vary how hard you hit.” He gave her a few light strokes, and when you want it to hurt, flick your wrist.” He did so, and she cried out again. He continued to beat her, further explaining the technique as he did so. “Your ass is already getting red. When it’s bright enough, I’m going to slip my cock between your cheeks, and fuck your ass. Have you ever been fucked in the ass, whore? And remember you better not lie to me.” He ran the tawse over her ass, waiting for her to answer.

“Yes, sir,” she said.

He gave her a few medium strokes, followed by two hard ones. “Who fucked you in the ass?” Before she could answer, he landed the five hardest ones yet.

She screamed, and then answered. “My boyfriend, Justin, sir. We were supposed to get married.”

He put down the tawse, picked up a braided whip, and gave her a medium stroke. “This one hurts a little more, doesn’t it, whore?”

She tried to flinch away from the pain. “Yes, sir.”

He explained how to use the whip as he beat her with it. “When your father caught you in bed with Justin, what were you really do, slut?” He hit her with a harder stroke.

She cried out and tried to move away, but she was securely tied. “We were fucking, sir. Justin was fucking me.”

He gave her fewer strokes with the whip than he had with the tawse. He rubbed her ass, impressed by how red it was already. He picked up the strap. He showed her how to use it and gave her fifty good strokes. Her ass was a deep scarlet before he finished with it. The redness of her ass contrasted beautifully with the lily whiteness of her skin. He moved through each of his implements, explaining how to use them, and beating her ass raw. While he was using the cane, she started to bleed.

* * *

As Master DeSade hit her ass with stroke after stroke, Lilith cried and screamed. She didn’t want to die, but her ass hurt so badly it was hard to play attention to his explanations of how to use each implement. Eventually, he stopped explaining and just beat her. Even though he hit her harder and harder, the pain seemed to recede, or rather she seemed to float above it. When she floated like this, Master DeSade’s continued strokes almost felt good. She felt her clit start tingled. “Oh, god! Oh god!” she cried out as the sensation in her clit intensified. “God! God! God!” she screamed, as she came harder than she ever had. The intensity of the orgasm almost made the beating she’d taken worth it. “Oh, god!” she screamed again. “I am a whore! I’m a dirty, little slut!”

DeSade chuckled. “That you are, Lilith.” He patted her ass, untied her hands, and put her hand on his cock again.

She stroked it without waiting for him to tell her, too. Her clit tingled as she felt him grow hard under her touch.

He leaned his head back and made a sound of pleasure. “You’re such a filthy whore you came from me beating you. You want me to fuck you in the ass now, don’t you, Lilith?”

“Yes, sir,” she said, and she was ashamed that she wasn’t lying. When he’d fucked her pussy, it had felt so much better than Justin’s fucking ever had. She thrust her ass out as far as she could. “Please, fuck my ass, sir. Please, fuck me in the ass.”

His cock now hard, he moved behind her. She wiggled her ass in anticipation and then cursed herself for being such a whore. She was going to hell. She was going to burn forever, but she couldn’t help how much she wanted Master DeSade’s cock in her ass.

He squeezed something cold on her asshole and rubbed it around. She closed her eyes as he pressed the head of his cock against her hole. She worked to relax her muscles as he slowly pushed his way inside. She made a whimper half way between pleasure and pain as he slowly began to fuck. “Oh, god,” she cried, as his cock rubbed against a spot that she didn’t think Justin had ever found. “Oh, god!” she screamed louder as Master DeSade thrust harder and faster. As he fucked her, she pressed her ass back to meet every thrust, and the sensation in her sweet spot built and built until all she could do was scream mindlessly, “Oh, god!” over and over again.

Master DeSade fucked harder and harder, then he cried out, “Fuck! Fuck! Oh Fuck!” As he shot her intestines full of his cum, she screamed, and her own pleasure exploded within her.

When the waves of pleasure had past and the Master had removed his cock, Lilith dissolved in tears. She was nothing but a dirty, little whore. Maybe Master DeSade had been right to kidnap her.

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