The Babysitter Made Me Do It

My name is Aaron. I am a 36 year old married man. My wife Lauren and I have been married for 12 years now. We have 2 kids, Laura, is 9 and Daniel is 6. My wife and I have always had a great sex life together. I met her back in college, but we went our separate ways for a while, until I moved back to where I went to school at and found out she was still living there. Her parents didn’t agree with our marriage at first, because they were still from the older days, when interracial relationships were not acceptable. I stand about 5’ 11” with short black hair and brown eyes. I am very muscular, weighing about 225lbs., and try to work out every few days. My wife stands about 5’6” with long red hair and blue eyes. She still looks very good for having 2 kids, weighing about 140lbs.

My wife and I work about the same hours, but at different places. She is a teller at bank, while I work in the IT department of an insurance company. One day I got off work a couple hours earlier than usual. We have a babysitter that comes to our house every morning to watch the kids for the day. Most of the time it is the same one, but today it was a new girl that I had never seen before. With this being a college town, you can usually find a student that doesn’t have classes on some days.

I drove up into my drive and walked into the house. As I walked into the front room, the babysitter was sitting on the couch watching TV. “Hi there,” I said as I walked in. She turned around to look at me, “Hi, what are you doing here so early? Your wife said you guys would be home for a few more hours.” I smiled as I looked at her, “well I got off early for once. So you are?”

She smiled back, “I’m Jessica.” She extended her hand out to shake mine, I shook her hand. Her hand looking tiny compared to mine. “I’ve never seen you before.” I smiled as I sat on the couch next to her. “Yeah, this is the first time I’ve ever babysat for you guys, but I must say, your kids are the best behaved I have ever had.” I looked on at her. She was wearing a tight tank top, with extremely short, jean shorts. She had long brown hair, with green eyes. She was probably a little shorter than my wife, but with bigger tits that my wife’s. I would guess at least a D-cup. But her body was very skinny otherwise. Her jean shorts did little to cover her ass as she crossed her legs. I let out a low groan as I saw firm ass poking out of her tight shorts.
“Is something wrong Mr. Roberts?” She asked, smiling at me. I looked at her a little confused, “oh no nothing. So what are you going to school for Jessica?” I asked trying to take my mind off of the sight in front of me. She smiled wider, “I am going to be an elementary teacher.” I could not contain myself and blurted out, “damn I wish you would have been my teacher.” She lightly giggled at that comment, “why do you say that Mr. Roberts?”

I smiled at her, “please call me Aaron. Because you are one fine looking girl, you would have really kept my attention during class.” She giggled more as she laid her tiny hand on my knee. My dick twitched in my pants as I looked down at her hand. “So is there a boyfriend?” I nonchalantly asked her. She blushed a little as she looked at me, “no, I’ve never had one.” I was shocked, “You’re lying to me, a girl as pretty as you, with no boyfriend.” She shook her head at that comment, “well I did have one in high school, he was my first and only, because most of them are only looking for one thing.”

“Well that is true.” I chuckled as looked at her and noticed her nipples beginning to harden against the too small tank top. My dick surged even more in my pants as I groaned even more. She giggled, “Are you sure you’re alright Aaron?” I could only nod as I looked down at her smooth, tanned legs. Her hand slowly began to move up my thigh as I said, “well if you want to take off you can, where are the kids at anyway?” She smiled, “they are both taking a nap, I laid them down about 30 minutes ago.”
My legs involuntarily spread open as her hand moved even closer to my crotch, “Umm Jessica.” I couldn’t say anything else as her hand moved up my inner thigh grazing against my growing erection. “Mmm?” Was all she said as her breathing began to get deeper. “What are doing?” I asked, liking the attention, but unsure what to do.

“Is it true about black men?” She asked looking up at me. I was dumbfounded, “Is what true?” She lightly laughed, “that they are much bigger than white guys?” Her hand was moving up and down my dick that was resting against my inner thigh, as it began to get even harder. “I think you should leave Jessica.” I said as she grabbed my dick through my pants and lightly squeezed it. She yelped in excitement as it throbbed in her tiny hand. “Please let me see if it true first Aaron, I won’t tell, I promise.” She almost moaned as her hips began to move on the couch.

I stood up off of the couch and turned to face her, “Jessica I’m married, you need to leave right now.” She reached out and grabbed the waist line of my pants. As she start to unbutton them, “I will leave once I find out if it’s true.” I tried to pull her hands away, but it was too late, she hand my pants undone and was working on sliding them down. My 11” erection was pinned between my boxers and leg as she pulled my pants completely down. She screeched out, “Oh my god, it is true, holy shit that thing is huge.” My dick throbbed against my boxers, begging for release.

At that time my dick took over my thoughts and I knew I was going to have sex with this girl, but I couldn’t. She was our babysitter, and I was married. But as she started to slide my boxers down, freeing my hard dick, I quickly lost that thought and knew I wanted to be in her tight pussy. Jessica cooed as she wrapped her tiny hand around my 8” thick dick and slowly began to stroke it. “This is only the third dick I have ever seen, but it is by far the biggest, how can your wife take this inside of her?” She asked as she looked up at me, stroking my dick slowly. “I just had to take my time and let her pussy get used to it.” I smiled down at her as I reached down and grabbed one of her fat tits in my hand.

She moaned in pleasure as she moved closer to my dick, “I have got to try this dick, please Aaron.” She looked up at me with pleading eyes. “Well let’s see how it looks in your mouth first Jessica.” I smiled as I lightly squeezed her tit, feeling her nipple harden even more against my hand. She moaned in response and she opened her mouth wide and slowly wrapped her lips around the tip of my dick. I let out a long, low moan of pleasure as I felt the heat of her mouth against the head of my dick.

Her hand moved to the base of my shaft as she tried to take more of my dick into her mouth. Her mouth stretched as wide as it could go as she only able to get a few inches into her mouth. Her tongue rubbed against the bottom of my dick as she moaned, vibrating my dick. I moaned even louder as I laid my hand on the back of her head, holding her in place. “Oh my god Jessica, that feels so good, yeah suck that fat dick of mine. MMM.” I moaned in pleasure as I tried to push a little more into her tiny mouth, causing to her gag a little. I pulled back to allow her to breath, then pushed back in until she gagged again, her spit shooting out around my dick, hitting the base of my dick and ball sack.

We did this a few more times until she tried to pull away completely, looking up at me with pleading eyes, that she had, had enough. I release her head as I moved back a little. “You ok Jessica?” I asked as offered my hand to help her up. She nodded as she grabbed my hand and pulled herself up. “That felt so good baby, it’s been so long since my dick has been sucked on.” I said smiling at her. She smiled back as she started undoing her shorts and sliding them down her legs. She stood back up with her red thong still on, she started grabbing at the waist line of them to pull them down. I grabbed her hand to stop her, “leave them on baby.”

She nodded as I helped her sit down on the couch. I knelt on the floor in front of her and spread her legs apart, noticing a slight wet spot on her thong. “Is someone excited?” She moaned in agreement as I slid my hands up her inner thighs towards her covered pussy. I could see that there was no hair whatsoever on her pussy as her lips pushed against the thong. I lightly rubbed my thumb across her pussy lips, causing her body to tremble in excitement. I put my thumb under her thong and slowly pushed it aside, exposing her tight, young pussy to me. “Oh my god,” I whispered as I lowered my head between her legs.
I very lightly ran the tip of my tongue across her tight slit, from the bottom up to her budding clit. She squealed in pleasure as the tip of my tongue brushed against her clit. Her hands grabbed the sides of my head, trying to pull me into her pussy. I resisted her pulling me in, “just give it time baby, it will come.” I whispered as I spread her outer pussy lips open with my fingers. Her pink sides were quickly become engorged with blood, as she got more excited. I lightly pushed my tongue into the inner folds of her pussy as her hips lifted off of the couch and into my face.

“OH SHIT!” She yelled out as she squeezed my head tighter. I ran my tongue up to top of her slit again, this time flicking the tip against her clit harder. Her whole body shook as she tried push her pussy into me more. I lightly chuckled to myself as I knew this was probably the first time she had ever had a guy do this to her. I moved my tongue back down to her hole and started to push it into her. I got it in as far as I could as my nose rested against her now hard clit. Her hips were bucking against my face as I started to tongue fuck her hole as fast as I could. Her body was shaking uncontrollably as she moaned louder and louder. “OH FUCK, OH FUCK!” She pushed her hips up into me as hard as she could as her pussy tightened around my tongue. She let out a long moan, then started screaming, “HOLY FUCK, I’M CUMMING YES!” Her hips bucked hard against as her orgasm took over. I greeted by a small rush of pussy juice running out and down my chin as she held my head into her pussy.

After about a minute her ass fell back to the couch as she released my head. Her breathing was ragged as she looked at me in joy. “Holy shit Aaron, that was intense.” I lightly laughed smiling at her. “That is first time I have ever experienced that.”

“What an orgasm?” I asked. “No someone going down on my pussy like that.” I smiled at her, “I see, well you think you’re ready for me to enter you now?” She lightly laughed, still a little breathless, “please go slow though.”

I knelt up between her legs, my raging hard on now dripping pre-cum, “ok baby, let me know if it hurts.” She slowly nodded as I grabbed my dick and began to move closer to her. As the tip of my dick brushed up against her outer lips, she let out a soft moan. I brushed my dick up and down her slit, trying to get it wet with her juices to make it easier for entry. After a few sweeps up and down, I figured it was wet enough.
I lined up the tip of my dick with her tiny opening and slowly began to push in. She squeezed her eyes shut as the head began to slowly sink in. Her breathing became rapid as she opened her mouth as if to scream out, but nothing came out. I sat there for a bit, with just the head of my dick in her tight opening. I knew this was going to be a slow process of getting it inside of this tight girl. After I thought she was comfortable, I tried to push in a little more. Tears started to well up in her eyes as more of my dick slowly sank into her. “Are you ok baby?” I asked as I stopped there. She nodded quickly, her breathing still really rapid, as her pussy tried to grow accustomed to the invasion.

I looked down at where my dick was entering her and saw her pussy stretched tight around my invading member as I pushed a little more into her. I had about 4” inside of her now, and I knew I was going to be able to get all of it inside of her small body, but I was going to get as much as I could. After resting a bit I pushed a little more into her. Her breathing slowly starting slow again as she still squeezed her eyes shut, pushing at my stomach with her hand. After a while she relaxed her hand and I pushed into her until I felt the tip of my dick reach bottom. I still had about 3” left to go in, but knew that her pussy was filled to max. “Well I reached bottom baby.” She looked up at me and giggle lightly, “damn this dick is so fucking big.” She almost spit as she spoke.

I lightly laughed as I stayed there in place for about 5 minutes. I then started to slowly pull back out, watching her tight hole being pulled out a little around my dick. I pulled back until just the head was inside of her. “Ok baby now it’s time to fuck you.” I said as grabbed on to her hips for support. I slowly sank back into her pussy until I reached bottom once again. “Oh my god Aaron, I know this only the second dick I have ever had in me, but I never felt this full before. Your dick feels like it’s in my stomach.” She groaned as I started to pull back out again slowly. As my dick was almost out, I pushed back into her, a little more forcefully this time. “Oh yes Aaron, fuck my pussy, make it yours.” She moaned looking up at me.

I started a steady rhythm of pulling almost out, then sinking back into her tight pussy. Her muscles contracting around it hard each time I pulled it back. Each time I sank back into her, I did a little harder. I did this until I was forcefully driving my dick into the back of her pussy as her hips moved to meet my thrusts. I grunted each time I hit bottom as my heavy balls swung free under me. “Yes Aaron, oh fuck yes, fuck me, harder.” She yelled out as she grabbed my ass, trying to pull me into her harder. I still wasn’t able to get my dick fully into her tiny body, but the tightness of her pussy was almost too much for me. It had been way too long since I have felt something that tight wrapped around my dick.

Jessica’s hip movement was becoming more forceful as I pounded into her as hard as I could. “Please make me cum again Aaron, oh fuck I want to cum again.” I put my thumb on her clit and started rubbing it hard as I drove in and out of her faster and harder. “OH FUCK, YES I’M GONNA CUM, FUCK!” Her ass lifted off of the couch again as I felt her pussy grow even tighter around my dick, trying to push it out of her. She put her hand on my stomach trying to push me away as her body bucked off of the couch. I reluctantly pulled my dick out of her as her ass lifted high off of the couch. “HOLY FUCK! FUCK YEAAAAAAAAA!” She yelled out as I watched her pussy muscles contract in her now gaping hole and was greeted with a shot of pussy juice splashing against my chest. Her ass fell back to the couch as she frigged her clit hard with her hand, then she lifted her ass again, and more pussy juice came shooting out, hitting my chest again.
I must admit that was the hottest thing I had ever seen in my life. She squirted only the two times but as her orgasm began to slowly subside, her pussy was still leaking the juices on to the couch. Her breathing more ragged that the first time she came. “Oh my god, that was too intense.” I chuckled, “You’re telling me, I have never seen that before in person.” She smiled lightly, “that has never happened to me before either.”

I moved back towards her to re-enter again when she stopped me with her hands. “You can’t cum inside me ok Aaron.” I nodded as I guided my dick back into. I knew I was going to pull out of this tight girl in time, after watching this girl squirt, I wasn’t going to last long anyways. I started pounding in and out of her pussy again as I felt my balls beginning to tighten against my body for my impending ejaculation. I groaned as her pussy squeezed and released my dick as I moved in and out of her, her moans of pleasure just bringing me closer to the end. I felt my dick begin to get harder for ejaculation. I thought I should pull out, but her pussy felt so good. I knelt up high as my dick surged harder, “Oooooooo.” I groaned out as the my dick throbbed deep inside of her, shooting deep in her. She looked up at me in fear, “what the hell are you doing?” She was trying to push me away as my dick throbbed again and shot more into her. “No you can’t cum in me, I can feel it, pull out now. NOOOOO!” She yelled out as my dick throbbed and shot even more into her. I can’t remember the last time I had ever cum that hard. I collapsed on top of her, my dick still throbbing deep in, emptying all of its contents into this fertile girl. She started to cry and push me off of her. “Get off of me you asshole, I told you not to cum inside of me.”

I finally got enough strength and withdrew my dick. I looked down at her gaping pussy as some of cum ran down her ass crack, to the floor. She reached down and put her hand against her pussy as more of my cum ran out, “I can’t believe you did this, you weren’t supposed to cum in me.” She slapped me as she got up off of the couch, still covering her pussy with her hand. My cum was running down the inner part of her leg as she ran to the bathroom.

I got up off of the floor and collapsed onto the couch, exhausted. I closed my eyes to drift off to sleep when I heard the front door open… Should I continue on? Let me know. Constructive feedback please.

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