Sarah left me 7

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This is the sequel to 'Sarah left me 1 to 6'. You will understand better if you read them first.

I woke up next morning and looked at Lilly's beautiful, naked body beside me. We had slept without even a sheet over us. I stroked her hip gently, not wanting to wake her, but she stirred, opened her eyes, and grinned.

“You know what? I could get used to waking up beside you.”

“Mmmm. Me too.”

Then I leaned in to kiss her. As I kissed her my hand explored her smooth skin until I found her pussy. By now she had her hand around my cock and it was fully erect again so she tugged the head towards her pussy, pushing my hand away as she guided me into her cunt again.

“Oh, god, Lilly! That feels so good.”

And I stroked gently in and out of her. We made love like that for the 10 minutes or so that it took for both of us to cum, then we lay together just enjoying the afterglow, and the pleasure of skin on skin.

Eventually we agreed to get up and take a shower together. When we got out of the shower we could smell a mixture of coffee and bacon smells. In the kitchen we found Angie, Tom, Dick, and Harriet enjoying their breakfast. They had made enough for us as well, so we sat down with them and caught up on their news.

They had plans to go to a nudist beach and invited us along but it was clear that whereas Lilly was now quite comfortable naked in this house, she wasn't ready to take everything off on a public beach.

“So tell me Angie,” Lilly wanted to know, “which one's your boyfriend? Tom or Dick?”

“Officially, Tom's my boyfriend and Dick is Harriet's.”

“What do you mean 'officially'?”

“That's what we tell Harriet's parents, and anyone else who is nosy.”

“And the reality?”

“We share. For instance last night Tom and Dick fucked Harriet first, one in her arse and one in her cunt. Then we sucked their dick's to get them hard again, and they both fucked me the same way. You should try two or three dicks at the same time. You wouldn't believe how nasty it feels.”

“Well, maybe later. I still haven't had much practice at being fucked in the arse. But I can see that if I hang around this house too much, I'll eventually have to try it. It's not something that I would ever have considered before I met you all.”

The kids went off to their nudist beach, leaving us wondering how to spend the day.

“Phil, I'd really like to go to the beach, just not to a nudist beach, but I haven't got my bikini with me. Do you think that I could borrow one from Angie or Sarah?”

“Why bother. We'll drive to Bondi beach and find a shop that sells costumes. We'll buy you one to keep here for the next time that you visit.”

“Oh, dear! I wish that I could afford that, but I'm an impoverished Uni student. I'm working at Sarah's work during the summer, but I've got to save all my money to make it through next year.”

“Don't be silly. When I said 'We'll buy you one.' I meant that you'll choose it and I'll pay for it. It will be a small token of my gratitude that you are sharing this weekend with me.”

“I can't let you do that.”

But eventually Lilly accepted my offer and we spent a very enjoyable day at the beach. Lilly, of course, looked stunning in her tiny bikini. No surprise really since she looks stunning nude.

It was another great chance to get to know each other. I was impressed to learn about her Uni studies. She was 2 years into a 3-year PhD in astronomy. She had a scholarship which she had to supplement with part-time work during term time and full-time during the summer. Her tiny flat near Uni and her aging car kept her poor.

Her studies required her to spend a few days each quarter at an observatory in the mountains west of Sydney, or at a radio-observatory further north. She had to explain to me what a radio-telescope is and how radio and optical pictures of a patch of the sky compliment each other.

Over dinner that night the kids told us about the sights to be seen at their nudist beach. Angie was amused by the fat men who were so uninhibited about revealing beer guts and other less-than beautiful bodies, whereas Harriet admired the sculpted young men playing volleyball and Tom and Dick were excited (aroused?) by the stunningly beautiful young naked women.

After dinner the kids went off to another party, leaving us alone together. We decided to skip watching TV and go to bed early. Lilly wanted to be fucked in the arse again, so of course we did.

“So, Lilly, did we practice that because you are thinking of accepting Angie's challenge to try a 2- or 3-hole fuck?”

“Oh! Do you think that I'm awful?”

“Why would I think that you are awful? I've been one of three cocks fucking Angie and Harriet. I still love them both. If you have an itch, I think that you should scratch.”

“Would you be the one in my arse?”

“Yes. I'd like that.”

We fell asleep in each other's arms. I had a smile on my face, I hope that Lilly did too.

We both woke early and Lilly wanted to be fucked in the arse again.

“Do you mind fucking me that way, Phil?”

“No. I really like it every bit as much as in your cunt. How about you? Do you like it?”

“Yes. It doesn't feel weird anymore. I really like it too.”

“So? What do you want to do today?”

“I'd really like to go for a long run, but I don't have my running shoes with me. Do you think I could borrow some from Sarah or Angie?”

“I'm afraid not. Sarah doesn't have any and Angie's would be too small. However I have a suggestion. Let's go to the beach and run barefoot along the sand. I haven't been for a run since Sarah left us. I really need the exercise.”


Lilly put on her new bikini and I my budgie smugglers. We took beach towels, block out, books to read, etc. We left a note for Angie, saying where we were going and drove to the beach. Trying to keep up with Lilly as we ran convinced me that I should get back into the habit of running regularly if I wanted to be fit.

After about an hour running back and forward along the beach I was relieved when Lilly was ready to stop. Then we went to a cafe across from the beach, sat at a table on the footpath and ordered breakfast. No one seemed surprised that we were dressed only in our swimming costumes.

After breakfast we took our towels from my car and went to lie on the beach again. Lilly asked me about how I had coped when Sarah moved out, and I told her about how it had changed my relationship with my daughter. Lilly told me a bit about what Sarah had told her about the wild sex parties with Dick and Doris and whoever else.

It was the excitement with which Sarah related these episodes that really got Lilly thinking about sex again, especially the type of uncommitted sex which so turned Sarah on. Then when Sarah suggested that I might be a good casual partner for her, she was wet thinking about it, even before she had set eyes on me.

Just when I was thinking that it might be lunch time, my phone rang. It was Sarah.

“Hello Sarah. Where are you?”

“I came home to see how you and Lilly are getting on. There's no one here. Where is everyone?”

“Lilly and I are on Bondi beach, soaking up the sun. Angie was still in bed, with her three playmates, when we left home. Should we come home to be with you?”

“No. If it's all right with you two, I'll come to Bondi. Have you had lunch yet?”

“Of course it's all right. No we haven't eaten yet. I was just thinking about it. Could you bring shorts and a T-shirt for me and something for Lilly to wear, so that we can go to a half decent restaurant? We only have our swimmers on.”

“OK. See you soon.”

Ten minutes later Sarah rang again.

“I've just parked in the parking area. Where are you?”

“We're just coming up the steps nearest to the surf club pavilion. We'll walk towards you. Which way should we turn?”

“I'm right down at the southern end of the beach.”

“OK. We'll turn left.”

Actually, Bondi Beach is more nearly east-west than north-south, but because it is on the east coast of Australia, people tend to think of it as north-south. I knew what she meant.

We met Sarah, slipped our clothes on over our swimmers and headed to a pleasant restaurant overlooking the beach, that I knew to be reasonable.

“So Sarah, I didn't expect you home this early on a Sunday. How come?”

“I wanted to see how you two were getting on.”

“Not jealous, I hope.”

“Not at all. I'm glad to see that you seem very comfortable with each other. Am I right?”

Lilly got into the conversation. “We've been having a wonderful time, at least I have and Phil seems to have too.”

“Great. I really look forward to the sex we'll have this afternoon.”

“Do you want me to go home and leave you two together?”

“Fuck no! Lilly! I want the three of us to fuck like animals. Are you up for it?”


“And you Phil?”

“Bring it on.”

As soon as we had finished our lunch I paid and we headed for home. Sarah asked Lilly to ride with her on the way home. When we got home Sarah came straight to the point.

“Phil. I've asked Lilly to move in with us. I hope that that is OK with you. It makes sense for her because she can save on rent and food costs, plus she assures me that she loves fucking with you and she is even considering a 3-cock fuck with you, Tom, and Dick. It makes sense for me because I like fucking you but I'll like it even more sharing you with her. Finally, I'm hoping that it makes sense for you because you seem very happy when you are with her. What do you say?”

What could I say? I was surprised by how sudden this proposal was, but when I thought about it I really liked the idea.

“What a great idea. Did Lilly say yes?”

“She's waiting to see your reaction before she answers, but I think that she is interested, keen even.”

“So Lilly? Is it yes? We'll have to find a way to give you a quiet corner to study in. Is there anything else that you'll need before you can accept?”

Instead of speaking, Lilly replied by rushing to me, wrapping her arms around me and kissing me in the way that I liked so much. Then she turned to Sarah and kissed her, also full on the lips.

We were quickly naked and in bed together. I was on my back with my cock inside Lilly's cunt while Sarah was squatting over my face with my tongue in her cunt, then licking up her slit to her clit. I couldn't see what Sarah and Lilly were doing to each other, but I learnt later that they were squeezing each other's nipples and kissing, with lots of tongue.

With moans and groans we all came, me first then Lilly and finally Sarah. As we finished Angie walked into our bedroom looking to see what was causing all the noise.

“It looks like I've missed out on all the fun. Has everyone had a good weekend? How come your home early, Sarah?”

“I came home to check on Phil and Lilly. After all, I had pushed them together then gone off and left them to their own devices. It turns out that they've been having a ball.”

“So you needn't have come home early?”

“Perhaps not, but I'm glad that I did. That fuck that we just had was better than any I'd had all weekend. How's your weekend been, Angie? And where are your three playmates?”

“My weekend's been great. Parties Friday and Saturday nights. Great sex with Tom, Dick, and Harriet both nights, and recovery on our favourite nudist beach yesterday and today. My playmates have all gone home to touch base with their families, but will all be back after dinner.”

“There's some news.” I told Angie, “Lilly's agreed to move in with us.”

“Wow! That was quick. Where will she sleep?”

“Sarah, Lilly and I will sleep here. If you're home alone there will be room for you too. But I'm afraid that if you and Harriet are both here, there really wont be enough room for the two of you.”

Sarah then changed the subject. “Angie, do you think that Tom and Dick would be up for fucking Lilly tonight? She confessed to me just now that she is ready to take up your challenge to her. She wants to have her first 3-hole fuck whenever it can be arranged.”

“Really? Lilly? You are a wild one. I'd be astounded if Tom and Dick weren't enthusiastic for a session like that.”

“Well, I've been practicing arse-fucking with Phil, as you suggested. I'm pretty comfortable about that now, so I guess I'd like to take the next step. But I'd like to watch someone else fucked that way first. Is that OK?”

Sarah replied, “Angie, Harriet and I will draw lots for who goes first, you will be second and we'll see how many more the men can manage. Like Angie I would be astounded if Tom or Dick said no. For everyone to get a turn we may have to continue another day.”

Eventually Dick and Harriet turned up together. Not surprisingly they were enthusiastic about our plans.

“It'll be a sort of initiation ceremony for Lilly, into this house.” was Harriet's comment.

Tom turned up about half an hour later and he too, was all for triple fucking everyone. Angie drew the first fuck. By now this was a pretty routine fuck for Angie, as she had had our three cocks in her three holes quite a few times. As soon as we had all cum, I turned to Lilly to see her reaction.

“So, Lilly. What do you think? Are you ready to experience that?”

“Oh! Yes! I was close to cumming just watching. How long before you are all ready to go again?”

“That depends on how hard you girls suck our cocks.”

Sarah and Lilly shared my cock and my balls, while Angie and Harriet attended to Tom and Dick. I don't know which girl was sucking which dick, but I don't suppose it matters really. Usually it takes me a bit longer to regain my erection than for the two younger men, but with both Sarah and Lilly working their magic I was the first to be ready.

We went through the now familiar process, except that this time it was Lilly's holes that we were filling. Lilly gave little moans as each of her holes was filled, when Tom put his cock into her mouth the final moan was stifled by the meat in her mouth. Then, before we had started to stroke in and out of her it became obvious that a massive orgasm was shaking her whole body. As we each stroked in and out of her her orgasm seemed only to get stronger; I had never seen anyone cum like that.

Lilly was so obviously enjoying herself that it was only a few minutes before I was cumming in her arsehole. Tom and Dick must have been similarly affected because they were not much behind me, dumping their loads in her cunt and down her throat.

As Tom pulled his cock from her mouth she let out a keening scream. She was shaking violently. Alarmed, I pulled out of her arsehole and lay beside her on the bed, wanting to comfort her. She scrambled into my arms pressing her body against mine. Her head was resting on my left arm and with my right hand I was stroking her back from her neck down to her bum and back up again. When she started kissing my shoulder I relaxed, no longer afraid that it had been a disaster.

“Are you all right , Lilly?” I asked.

“Oh! Yes! Oh! I've never experienced anything so intense. Please just hold me.”

Well, I had no problem with just lying there holding her, in fact it was a delightful feeling after an intense fuck. The others were all standing around the bed watching us. To start with they had had worried looks on their faces, but now they were just grinning at us.

“I'm afraid that you'll have to manage without us for the rest of the evening.”

Then I heard Lilly snoring lightly. She had fallen asleep!

The others all headed out of the room in the direction of Angie's bedroom. Soon afterwards I also fell asleep, with Lilly still in my arms.

To be continued in “Sarah left me 8”

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