Games with waffi

It wasn't an effort to spice up our love life; there were no problems there.. at least, none that I was aware of. The 'games' we started to play were just a bit of fun, and a way of exploring our sexualities, fetishes, likes & dislikes. It was all a Pandora's box though in hindsight; dark psychic elements forcing their way into the light, playing psychic puppetry with willing accomplices. I guess we'll begin from the couch..

It was a Tuesday evening around 10; Aoife was sitting on the couch scheduling her week ahead while I got something to eat from the kitchen. 'You nearly done?' i asked, frustrated at how long she was taking. 'Why?' Aoife replied, knowing full-well what was on my mind. 'You're taking ages'. 'Not this shit again John; how many times I'm working.' 'It's 10 at night; you couldn't do that earlier?'. 'Boring John. So very boring.' 'It wouldn't irritate me so much if you made it fun for me y'know?' 'On about your games again are you.. not going to happen. Give it up.'

The 'games' she was on about was something quite specific.. something i'd been trying to initiate over the past few days. I wanted to experience the thrill of cuckoldry, but in a very vanilla way. I enjoyed that rush of the dual sensation of jealousy and arousal, and wanted the woman i love to instigate such feelings in me. There was more though; the inherently submissive element. I loved it when she dominted me.. those occassions when i willingly submitted to her feminine power, her womanly control. I never completely relinquished my masculinity.. she'd lose all respect for me, and I definitely didn't want that. I wanted well, there it is. It was what I wanted. So who was ever actually submitting? Sure, I wanted other people involved in our game, but they would always be oblivious to the 'game' at hand. There had to be rules.. true love is too precious a thing.

'It wouldn't hurt to try hon.. I mean' 'Oh for fuck sake' she interjected, 'come here and kneel down by the side of the couch.' I was taken aback by this. 'I'll give it a go. Pass me my phone and kneel down.' She took her phone, and I kneeled down. 'So this game of yours You get irritated when i use my phone, hate me being in touch with my friends all the time, loathe when i contact certain people.. yet you want me to do it more than usual, just to deliberately make you sick with jealousy. Is that it? You want me to make you feel in second place to everyone else? Is that it?' Er, yes, I replied. 'You want to feel cuckolded and dominated, without me even fucking anyone else, yes? Tell me John what the fuck is in it for me so? If I'm doing this, I'm getting my kicks too; understand? And I'll decide what they'll be. You'll just have to remember that this was all your idea. I didn't want this. Remember?' Yes, i replied again. There was a pang of doubt now. Control is illusory after all. Its a transient thing. Not real. If you unleash a force of nature, someone's dark side, something uncontrollable what can you expect?

'You can't actually see what I'm doing on my phone, can you?' No, I can't. 'I could be texting anyone right now, couldn't I? Someone you really wish I wouldn't have anything to do with?' You could hon; it's entirely up to you where you take this. 'It's the limit of your imagination John, isn't it? That I'd play your little game within parameters defined by you. If I was going to have some fun, it'd be with someone you know nothing about. Sure why would I leave even a hint of a clue if I was fucking someone behind your spineless back? I'm too clever for that John. No. You want to hear all the usual names just to get you off don't you? Like right now I'm texting Vincent, or John, or Danny or someone. Fucking useless. You never listen.. all the times I told you I'm not interested in them.'

My mind was in a spin. I had thought she'd use the usual names names she called out while we fucked just to make me cum. But someone else? What the fuck was going on here? Aoife undid her blouse and, with her left hand still massaging her phone screen, began to stroke between her breasts.

'So what do you think I'm doing with my phone now John? Who do you think I'm texting?' I don't know love.. who is it? 'I'm not texting anyone my love. I'm in a chat room. It's a hardcore sex chatroom.. variously inhabited by old, wanker fucks like you, and people like me; people in control, and who like taking control of old wanker cunts like you. You are an old cunt hon, aren't you?' Yes love. 'Loving my tight, 27yr old pussy?' Yes love. Shit.. she had me fucking mesmerised. What was she texting, and to who?! My cock was beginning to ache. Her tactics were brilliant.

'What time is it love?' It's 10.45 now hon. 'Bring me my coat.' I stood up. 'Why do you want your coat?' SUBMIT! Bring me my fucking coat now.' I did as I was told. 'You're going out?' I asked.. seriously confused now.. this wasnt part of my original plan! 'I'm going out. I'll be back in two hours. Have some food ready for when i get in.' I will love. It was all I could say. And that was how it started.

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