Sister -- Brother -- Lover 4

Sister – Brother – Lover

Chapter Four

My sister Pat seemed to be handling her condition OK. I, on the other hand was a bit confused. On the one hand I had spent last night enjoying a nice set of tits and getting a double blow job. I was feeling pretty good about that.

But too much good luck makes a person wonder if it will suddenly turn as bad as it was good. My sister might go bonkers. My parents might catch us. The entire school might find out that I had been fooling around with my sister who was really my brother.

On the other hand I didn’t see much I could do about it. I wasn’t hitting on Pat. She was coming to me. I suppose I could say no but it is not that easy. First of all she seemed to need me. And then there was the sex. Was I really going to say no to the hottest girl I knew?

When I got home from school I started reading this book we had been assigned. I didn’t get far before mom poked her head in my door and announced she was meeting a friend at the mall but would be back for dinner.

I heard her leave and started wondering how long it would be before … Just then Pat came walking into my room. She sat on my bed and fidgeted. I kept reading waiting for her to say something. Don’t ask me what I was reading. I was too distracted thinking about what she might say.

Finally she spoke. “I was wondering if you would be willing to do me a favor.”

This was the girl who discussed blowjobs without a blush so what could be making her nervous? “I’ll help if I can.” I closed the book and set it down.

Pat looked down at her feet. “I am still worried that I don’t look normal down there.” She looked up at me. “Would you check and tell me if a boy is going to think I am deformed?”

I should have seen this coming but I still couldn’t believe I was hearing this. My sister was asking me to inspect her pussy.

She must have mistaken my surprise for unwillingness. “If you think it is too weird or gross then I will understand.” She blurted out.

I reminded myself to play it cool. “It seemed a little strange but I understand why you need to know. Just let me know when you want to do it.”

Pat looked at me like I was stupid. “Mom is gone. What’s wrong with right now?”

“You’re right. Now is a good time.” I waited to see what she would do.

She went over and locked my door and then walked back to the bed. Her movements were quick and nervous as she unzipped the skirt she was wearing and stepped out of it. Her legs were fantastic. That perfect skin of hers made most girls look plain in comparison.

She pushed her panties down and then sat on the bed to remove them. She was staring straight ahead instead of at me. I realized she was waiting for me so I wheeled my desk chair over to her. Pat slowly spread her knees keeping her gaze on the wall behind me.

I had to keep reminding myself that she wanted me to look so I didn’t have to be shy about it. I looked at her pussy and my already hard cock throbbed in excitement. I studied it trying to memorize each detail.

“I can’t see it all.” I told her. “Could you lean back?”

Pat didn’t answer but just lay back on the bed. Her entire pussy was right in front of me.

After a few minutes Pat prompted me. “Well?”

I could hear the concern in her voice. “It looks perfect to me.”

She seemed to relax a bit. “Are you sure?”

“Well, you don’t have any hair there. Do you shave it?” I was genuinely curious.

“No.” she replied sounding embarrassed. “It never grew.”

“Some girls shave it when they do their legs so it isn’t that unusual.” I reassured her.

“Betsy Tillman has so much hair it looks like somebody planted a hedge down there.”

“That sounds gross. Yours looks very sexy.” And it did. “Anyway it looks perfectly normal to me.”

“But you can’t really know unless you feel it like you did with my boobs.” She insisted.

“You’re right.” If she wanted a thorough checkout then I would give her one. “The same kind of erectile tissue that is in your nipples is also in parts of your pussy. We should see if those work correctly.” I know. I was pushing her along but she did ask me.

“Will you be able to tell if it is working right?” she asked doubtfully.

“I think so. I’m not an expert but I am willing to try. Are you sure you are OK with me touching you?” I wanted to make sure she was really ready for this.

She sounded dismissive. “Of course I am sure. It’s the only way to do it.” She paused and in a friendlier voice went on. “I trust you. And besides you let me touch yours so it is only fair, right?”

Like I said, my sister is the best. I nodded and then raised my hands up anticipating what I was about to do. Moving slowly, I was nervous and figured she would be too, I put my hands on her thighs. She didn’t seem bothered by my touch so I gently slid my right hand down to her edge of her pussy. One finger touched it and a thrill went through me like I had done something magnificent.

I started exploring the feel of her mound. The outer lips were like the rest of her skin but softer below the surface. The inner lips had an entirely different feel. I didn’t have to open her because with her legs spread she was completely available to my eyes and fingers.

Again she impatiently asked. “Well?”

“I am still checking. Let me know if I do anything uncomfortable.”

I was having the time of my life exploring her privates and did not want to be rushed. Eventually I found her clitoris and after exploring its look and feel I began rubbing the lips directly on either side of it.

Pat could feel that I was doing something different. “What are you checking?”

“This is your clitoris. It is supposed to get hard like your nipples. I am trying to stimulate it.” I kept rubbing as I spoke. She didn’t’ respond. “Do you ever masturbate?” Hey, she knew I did it.

“No.” I wondered if she would say more. “I heard about it and planned to try it some time but not yet.”

She wasn’t interested in sex enough to masturbate but did blow me and wanted to find out if her tits and pussy were normal. Like I said, color me confused. Well, if she didn’t see any reason to masturbate then maybe she just didn’t know how good it felt. The idea of giving her the first orgasm of her life took hold of my thoughts.

I continued to rub, increasing the pressure, and noticed that she was starting to respond. The inner lips were larger and darker and there was a distinct aroma of sex about her. “I think this is working. You’re starting to change. I’m not hurting you am I?”

“No.” her voice was almost a whisper. “You don’t have to stop.”

She was very wet down below and I dipped one finger into that wetting it. Up top I gently touched her clit and she flinched. I touched it again and she sighed so I began gently rubbing while dipping my other finger into her wetness. Her hips began to move in response to my rubbing.

My natural inclination would have been to press hard and fast. I had to keep reminding myself that this was a girl and her first time. I took it slowly paying attention to the motion of her hips, the rise and fall of her breasts, the sound of her breathing. I was so enraptured that my room seemed to fade away and all I saw was Pat.

When the movement of her hips increased I increased the pressure and speed of my finger on her clit. I was running my other fingers up and down her slit and when she began to pant I pressed the tip of a finger into her hole and then pulled it out. Her hips began to churn and I was having trouble keeping my finger working on her clit. I had to press my hand against the area just above her pussy to keep my finger in place. Pat began lifting her hips pressing against my hand.

I stopped for a moment to wet my finger and Pat groaned. “No, keep going!” I was already frigging her clit before she finished saying it. I thought she was really turned on and I kept thinking she would cum any second but I kept rubbing and she kept panting and moving.

Then I was thinking that maybe something was wrong. Maybe she can get turned on but can’t have an orgasm. That would be terrible. I thought how I would feel if I masturbated but could never experience that wonderful release when I came. Just when I was thinking this wasn’t going anywhere it happened. She stopped panting, her hips rose off the bed and stayed there, and I could actually see her pussy clinch.

I kept rubbing until her hips settled back on the bed and then reduced the pressure and slowed down. Finally I just pressed my hand against her pussy and held it there. Pat went limp and was panting again, trying to catch her breath.

I finally moved up on the bed next to her and gazed down at her contented expression. I was so proud of making her cum that I wasn’t even thinking of how turned on it had made me.

When Pat’s breathing slowed down she looked up at me and smiled. She raised her head and gave me a peck on the lips. “Thank you. If I had known it felt like that I wouldn’t have waited.”

I smiled back at her, happy thinking of what we had done. “Now you know why I jerk off so often.”

She nodded and then got serious. “That felt really good but was it supposed to happen like that? I felt like I was totally out of control.”

“Yes, that is how it is supposed to happen. For a while I was worried because it was taking so long but I heard girls need more time.”

“I’m glad you didn’t give up.” Pat looked thoughtful for a minute and then gave me a mischievous grin. “I’m pretty horny. I might have to cum again.” She mimicked me.

I smiled back intrigued at the idea of doing her again. She kept surprising me with her calm acceptance of all that we were doing. I kissed her lips and moved back to the chair. As before I started rubbing her pussy lips to her warmed up.

In less than a minute Pat impatiently said. “You can do my clit now.”

I was surprised but did as she asked. Wetting my finger I began gently rubbing her clit. “You can do that harder.” She said. I slowly increased the pressure and speed of my finger and her hips began to move in front of me. My finger found its way to her opening and I poked the tip in and out stimulating her opening.”

She gasped and whispered. “Do that more.”

I kept teasing the tip of my finger in and out wondering what she meant. Did she mean more of he same, more fingers, or deeper? I was afraid to go too seep because I might bust her cherry. Instead I bent my index finger and pressed the knuckle into her opening stretching it. She groaned so I must have done it right.

I was frigging her clit madly while prodding her opening with my knuckle and her hips were churning. I settled into this remembering how long it had taken last time when I was completely surprised. Pat hissed. “Oh yes!” and her hips rose off the bed. I kept rubbing and poking and she kept her body arched twice as long as before. When she finally collapsed I slowed but her hips continued to move slowly as she wound down.

When she stopped I moved up to the bed and hugged her. “Wow!” I said. That was pretty incredible. I think she agreed but was still catching her breath.

I was really horny by that point and began idly touching her breasts through her shirt. She smiled and relaxed as I explored the feel of her tits and bra through the layer of a shirt.

Pat filly spoke. “Did it bother you doing me down there?”

I decided to be honest with her. “Actually I enjoyed it. Any time you want to I would be glad to do you again. I’ll do it right now if you want.”

She laughed. “I’m afraid that if you did that again I might pull a muscle. It was pretty intense. But I’ll let you know when I am ready for more.”

She rose up to look at the clock and then settled down and started up at me. “We have enough time for me to give you a blowjob. Two if the first one doesn’t take too long.”

Did I mention that I have the best sister ever? My answer was to start taking my pants off. I pulled off my shirt and lay back naked. Pat sat up and looked down at my body and then at her self. She was still nude from the waist down. Reaching down she pulled her shirt over her head and put it on the chair. She did that rotate the bra thing to unfasten it and then we were both nude. She gazed down at her tits and then at me. “Will this make you shoot faster?”

I stared at her. This was the first time I had seen her entirely nude. “Yes, I’m so horny I feel like I am going to explode.”

Pat pulled on my legs to spread them and then kneeled straddling my left one. Leaning forward she opened her mouth and poised it over my cock. My hips moved upward eager for her to take me into her mouth. Suddenly she plunged down on my shaft closed her lips and held me there. “Yes.” I hissed.

Apparently that was the all the warm up she thought I needed because her mouth began moving up and down my shaft sucking and licking furiously. I hadn’t been kidding about being ready to blow. In less than a minute I told her I was going to cum and started shooting ash she noisily sucked me dry.

She slowed but kept moving up and down. In a few seconds it started to be uncomfortable and I almost told her to stop for a minute but I just clinched my fists and soon it was OK. When I relaxed Pat speeded up. It was at this point I realized that her pussy was pressing on my knee. I don’t know wow long she had been doing that but it felt warm and wet from the contact.

Pat was sucking me hard and fast again and I wondered how long she could keep it up. I looked down at her naked body, her hair bouncing as her head bobbed and I could feel myself getting more turned on. As I watched her I remembered how her pussy had looked and felt. I thought about how it had felt to make her cum and remembered she had hinted that we would do it again.

I think I lasted five minutes the second time. Looking at her body and remembering her orgasm was so hot and I could feel pressure building. I didn’t try to hold back and finally told her “I’m getting close.” Pat pulled back until only the head was in her mouth and then her hand was on my shaft jerking up and down. I shot off and could feel her tongue lashing the head as she pumped my seed into her.

When I was done she gently took me into her mouth and then sucked as she withdrew. When I popped free she gazed down at my cock and pressed her pussy against my leg. I was limp and couldn’t talk.

Pat slid off the bed and started dressing. “I have to call Arlene to talk about homework.” When she was clothed again she leaned over the bed, a big grin on her face, and kissed me on the lips. Then she turned and bounced off. Yes, she actually had a bounce in her step.

I relaxed for a few minutes and then started getting dressed. I didn’t want to be sprawled out naked when mom got home.

Picking up the book I had to read and was surprised how easy it was to concentrate. Later at dinner Pat seemed very happy talking about school and her friend and mom actually seemed interested. I slept soundly that night with no visit from my sister.

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