Hunting Trip 1


“Are you kidding??” Was all Jacob could say to his father. The other three guys watching and finishing their dinner. His father would nod his no “you dint think you would be the youngster of the cabin forever did you? I mean let’s be honest now Jake your seventeen now.” Jake would just shake his head as big john spoke “you know I was kind of hoping you could help my kid out a little, we old guys aren’t what we used to be accept your old man.” Big john would continue talking as his laughed at Jake’s dad. “We all passed our best traits onto you Jake including me, your father, pops, and bear. Aw hell you might be one of the best all around hunters I know, just give my max a chance alright?”

There was old man sanders but everyone called him “pops” or “hey, old man” it was his cabin in the upstate New York woods in which the hunting party lodged at. Pops did all the cooking. Pops was also the best tracker ever, but he was nearly sixty. There was bear that mostly slept and occasionally did a little hunting; he was more of loner with plenty of survival tricks. Jacobs dad who spent a few years in the service and still probably had the best shot in the entire east coast, he was a marksmen for a short while. Big john was the knowledgeable one. He knew every kind of plant or animal. And last but certainly not least there was Jacob, who inherited a little of everyone’s traits. Jacob had been coming hunting since he was very young probably about 13 or so. But Jacob had just found out he wouldn’t be the youngster anymore, big johns kid was turning 14 this year so big john felt it was time to introduce max into the yearly traditions.
The yearly dinner meeting was over and all the plans made, they would be leaving in less than a week for a two week trip in the mountains. Jacob barely spoke to his dad on the way home but his dad spoke to him. He looked over at Jacob “I want you to drive up to the mountains with max, me and the old guys in big john’s jeep and you can drive the pick-up”. Jacobs dads truck was a brand new pickup truck. Jacob would shake his head “what ever dad, I just don’t want shit to be different up there” Jacob would say. His dad spoke again “change is good Jake…besides us old guys aren’t going to be around forever. It’ll be good to add some more young blood.” He’d reach over and shove Jacob slightly on the shoulder.

It was the night before the big trip and Jacob should’ve been sleeping but he couldn’t help himself as he sat in his girlfriend’s red mustang tapping slightly on the steering wheel as she spoke. “Aww my poor little baby isn’t going to be the young’ in anymore?” she teased “Don’t be so upset Jacob, it’s not that big of a deal, I’m sure your still be the best” he turned to look at her “your call was puling to the right ya should get it checked”. She would roll her eyes “are you even listening to me?” She made pouty eyes at him as she took his chin in her hands and forced him to look at her. “You want to act like a little boy then ill treat you like a little boy?” He would grin before leaning down and kissing her softly on the lips. They continued for a moments as Jacobs hands run up under her heavy sweat shirt, over her slim and toned body . She would stop him “babe I got to be home very soon… soo we really don’t have much time.” He would now do his pouty face with those dark puppy eyes, which matched his dark and rich Italian hair. She would smile as her hands ran over his baggy jeans and onto his crotch. She would unbutton his pants as he leaned the seat back some. She slides her hands into the waist band of those designers’ boxers pulling down onto his thighs. She would look at his member and then back to his eyes as she spoke “the reason while I have to fight in school all the time? Stupid sluts worrying about what is already mine. Jacob had an amazing reputation even though he has only been with a couple of girls, one of them being Sarah his current girlfriend. He would speak “yours huh?” She would grin ear to ear as she took hold of him, her fingers could just barely wrap around his thickness “Yes mine… this is mine” she’d give him a real seductive look before leaning down and kissing the enormous dick head. She’d kiss again and again, stroking him up and down. After a more kisses she put the head into her mouth as he tilted his head back and closed his eyes, one of his hands resting on the back of her head, the other on her back. Sarah wasn’t able to take much of Jacob but she certainly was trying. Jacob was breathing heavy. He bit his lip before speaking “Sarah… I’m… coming”. She’d pull off slightly and using both hands began to stroke his rough and fast, keeping her lips just over the tip as Jake began coming spurt after spurt of cum, filling her mouth quickly and drenching his member. She sucks on him for a few moments more before her pushed her off, his cock being too sensitive to handle the teasing. She’d sit up wiping her lips with her long sexy fingers, with the dark red painted nails. She’s smirk “oh yeah…its mine babe”.

Jacob woke up early the next morning as his dad was leaving the house with most of their stuff. Jacob knew he had to wait for max to get done school and then be there for the pick up around noon. Jacob had stuff to do before then so he needed to get started early, he went jogging first. When he got home Jacob would take off his tight black wife beater and stand in front of the mirror. He stared for a moment.

He started at his hair; it was typical stereotype Italian black spiked hair. He took very good care of his hair. His eyes being just as dark, matching his hair. His entire face was highlighted by that boyish grin. His shoulder wide and his arms strong. The definition of his chest and abs was extraordinary. His legs were strong with minimum hair. Next he took note of the bulge in his black, mesh, baggy shorts. He tilted his head to the side as he pulled open the waist band of shorts and checked himself out. Before totally stripping down and taking a shower and getting dressed, he had an hour before he had to go pick max up so he stop to eat first and then arrived at the school. Hopefully max remembered to look for the big white truck.

He parked in front of the school as students just started to be released. He turned the station stopping on one of his favorite songs “machine head” by the group bush. He was checking out a few of the girls because this wasn’t his school, but he wasn’t complaining about views as he heard his truck door open and turned to face a young girl.

“Um can I help you?” Jacob would say as the girl smiled at him. Her hair was shoulder length blonde hair, wavy and Sauv?ll in one. Her eyes were dark aqua blue. They matched her dark V-neck sweater. She crossed her tiny kaki covered legs and put her bag on the floor. She smiled a very adorable smile at him. She spoke “help me? Yeah ya can drive me to the cabin like you’re supposed too” she laughed a little “I’m Maxine…well max, most people call me max…” Jacob just stared for a moment before speaking “wait…you’re a girl?” she would nod “yeah, last time I checked”. She would once again smile.

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